Forgotten Society, Part 4


Curtis enters looking proud. Renee enters looking angry and embarassed.


Warner! You’re back!

Renee does not say anything.


She’s pissed that she didn’t get

 to kill her boss. I told her to give

it time!


And I told you that now we’re

murder suspects and it’ll be

impossible to kill him. They’ll

increase security.


If he’s a dragon, we’ll find a way.

Seriously, it takes a lot of

courage to come back, so thank you.

Renee does not say anything.


I went out and got a tray of spaghetti.

Please, dine with us!

Renee and Curtis sit with them.


So, what’s your plan to get rid

of the dragons?


All we know right now is we’ve

got to get rid of the ones that

infiltrated society by disguise.

At the same time, we are

trying to find the source of

their origin.


So, the answer to your question

is we have no plan.


Don’t be so negative. The less of

these creeps there are, the

better off we are.


What makes them so evil anyways?

Is it just the desire for control?

I mean, what exactly are we

fighting against?


Our struggle is not against flesh and blood

but against the rulers, the authorities,

against the power of this dark world and

against the spiritual forces of evil. We are

fighting against an evil being in an arrogant

man’s body. In his arrogance, the

wicked man hunts down the weak,

who are caught in the schemes he

demises. His victims are crushed, they

collapse, they fall under his strength.

His grip will reach further and further.

His mouth is full of curses and lies,

and trouble and evil are under his

tongue. Beauty and self expression

will vanish, and we will become less

than servants. We are fighting for

freedom in our future.


You saw my apartment, and my job,

so imagine a whole society like that.


And you were going to stay there?


Let’s not judge each other. Now,

tomorrow I want you to buy

Curtis some weapons. Tonight,

we will patrol. Did you bring

your car, Renee?




Good. Take everyone to Georgetown.

I’ll stay here and guard the compound.


Maybe I should stay. You’re probably

better with weapons than I am.


Best way to learn is from experience.

We can teach you here too, but

truest me, it’s a hell of a lot

different out there.

Everyone nods in agreement.


Okay, I’ll give you a quick lesson now.

He takes out a dagger and throws it to him.


Step one, stab. Step two, stab again

if necessary.

Everyone laughs as they leave.

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