Forgotten Society, Part 7


In front of a private school, a Cadillac is parked under some trees by the entrance. TIFFANY (a senior in high school with pulled up blonde hair, blue eyes, a skinny physique, and a prep school uniform) sits in the Cadillac talking on her car phone.


Yeah, this is Tiffany Cartwright. Yes,

that article I gave you is legitimate.

My housekeeper’s husband is in the

military, and she said he is busy

protecting the president from-

In mid sentence, Tiffany gets hit in the back of the head, which knocks her unconscious.


Tiffany wakes up and finds herself in the backseat of her own car. She sees Daniel driving. Daniel sees her and points a gun at her.


Don’t you dare try to escape!


If you need money, my father-!


Shut up!

Tiffany stifles a sob. Daniel continues to drive. Tiffany pulls a pin off of her uniform and holds her hands behind her back. She pricks her finger until it bleeds. She then leans against the window. She uses her head to block what she is writing from Daniel’s view.


Renee is driving with Curtis and William. Curtis, who is in the backseat, leans over to ask Renee a question.


Can I ask you a personal question?


(angry sigh)

Every guy wants to know if my

boobs are real, and yes they are.


Oh. I was going to ask you how much

you made at the coffeehouse.


Really? That’s all? Five an hour.


So, you’re a natural D cup?

Renee hits him playfully but still hard enough to send him into the window. William laughs. Curtis’s smile fades immediately as he sees something out the window.


Hey guys, look over there.

They all look to the car next to them, which is Tiffany’s Cadillac. The backseat window has the words “help me” written in blood. They are at a red light. As soon as traffic moves again, Renee slams on the gas, and she slams her car into the trunk of the Cadillac. The Cadillac is wedged between Renee’s Mustang and the car in front of the Cadillac. Daniel gets out of the car as does Renee, Curtis, and William. Daniel points his gun at them and fires. They all duck out of the way. Curtis and William move to the girl while Renee pulls out her gun and fights Daniel. Curtis and William pull Tiffany out of the car and sit her in the Mustang. Renee runs out of bullets and reluctantly runs into the Mustang. They speed away just as police arrive.


Miguel and Abdul are outside when they see William, Renee, and Curtis rush over with Tiffany.


What happened?


I don’t know! One minute I’m talking to

the editor of the school paper on my

car phone, next thing I know I’m in

the backseat of my Cadillac with a

gun in my face!


Who was it?


Daniel. The prick got away again!


He had these weird, red, glossy eyes.

I don’t think he was human! Oh God-

he must’ve been a dragon! They

must’ve found out about my article!


Your article?


My housekeeper’s husband is in the

military, and her husband said his

role is to protect President Clinton

from dragons. I know it sounds crazy,

but people need to know the truth!

She starts to cry. Miguel puts his arm around her.


We know about the dragons. I’ll

explain everything you should

know about them inside. Renee,

I still would like you to take Curtis

to get weapons. Get some for her too.

Miguel takes Tiffany inside. Abdul and William follow them. Renee leaves and Curtis quickly follows her.

2 thoughts on “Forgotten Society, Part 7

  1. I really like how Tiffany was introduced. I keep meaning to comment on this story. I think the plot is great! I love the dragon idea and how people can tell they are dragons by their eyes or if the scales show. I think so far my favorite scenes are this one with Tiffanys intro and the first with the dragons talking to each other. I hope more of that dragon comes into the story later on. He intrigued me. 🙂

    • Thanks! I really like Tiffany cuz she doesn’t embrace a rich girl stereotype. The dragon battles get more and more complex as the story goes on. I won’t give away much more than that without spoiling. Thank you so much for reading!

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