Temca Academy II, Part 2


There are two chairs left, and the other chairs are floating with the table. The three remaining contestants are Victoria, one of her cousins, and Joshua.


Why am I still here? I’m not

even trying!


It’s not fair! I only got out because

I was distracted when someone elbowed

me in the face! This game gets very



Yeah, it probably had nothing to do

with the sombrero.

The music starts again. Joshua trudges along while the kids look excited. When the music stops, Victoria and her cousin fight over a seat while Joshua sits easily in the other. Victoria uses her hips and knocks him off the seat. Everyone laughs.


Okay, it’s between Joshua and the

birthday girl!


(to Joshua)

 Let her win.


What do you think I’ve been trying

to do this whole time?

Leila uses her scepter to start the music again. Victoria is actively trying to grab the chair while Joshua avoids it. Suddenly, a bang from the garage is heard. Joshua’s peace officer instincts make him stop playing. Leila stops the music, and Victoria grabs the seat.


I win!


Yes, it seems like this seat was

destined for you.

Ramone enters.


Psst! Joshua, you’re a peace officer,



Sort of. What happened?


Can you come here?

Joshua follows Ramone out. Toci, Anielle, and George curiously follow while Leila tends to the party.


Ramone leads them through the front yard.


I was in the backyard having a cigar

when I saw a man on a broomstick

zoom by the house. He was moving

too quickly to get a good look, but

he left us a message.

On the garage door, the words, “Do not interfere-I have your cat” are etched in glowing red.


“Do not interfere-I have your cat.”

You don’t have a cat!


I know! We have a chihuahua, but I’d

pay someone to take that pendejo-

pees on all the furniture!


It still sounds like someone’s trying to

threaten you, even if they’re not very

good at it.


Let me get a quick image of the graffiti

and I’ll bring it to my boss.

Joshua takes his scepter out and floats his spy camera to just the right angle to get a picture of the crime. He points at the garage again, and his broom comes to him.


(to Ramone)

Thank you for inviting me to the party.

(to Anielle)

I’ll see you soon, babe.


Bye hon!

They kiss.


(to George and Toci)

See you at school.


You won’t see us til the semester

starts in a week? Will it really take

you that long to solve this graffiti case?


I will say ah-dee-ohs per-drey!

Toci points her scepter at his sombrero, and it catches on fire. George takes his  scepter and puts out the fire. He takes it off and looks at the charred top.


Great, now it looks stupid!

Joshua laughs, waves to everyone, and takes off.


Why would anyone threaten us?


They’re probably not after you. If

they’ve got the right house, they’re

after me. I know who, but I don’t know how.


How could we not interfere if we

don’t know what it is that we’re

supposed to be avoiding?


I always knew fate would bring us

together again.

They start to head inside.


I still wanna know who’s cat he’s got!


CASSIUS ( middle aged, dark & balding hair, pot belly) is going through his files. BG-a cluttered office with files and papers strewn about the desk and various posters with moving photos of criminals line the walls. A group of young people, mostly male, wait in the room. Joshua enters.


Ah, there’s Frederick. Now we’re just

waiting on Chang.


I have another case for you.

Joshua hands him the photo of the garage. Cassius studies it.


What kind of cat do they-?


They don’t have a cat. It’s a young

couple and their infant. And

sometimes their sister.


I see. Well, I’ll process it and add it to

your pile most likely. First day on the

job and already your instincts are

kicking in. Very nice job.

The others took a little jealous at his praise. Chang enters the room.


Alright, everyone is here, so we can begin.

Welcome to your first assignment. Most of you

are training to solve crimes at Temca Academy.

Sometimes you’ll need those skills. For those of

you who haven’t been trained, don’t worry. These

petty crimes are so easy to solve that any person

with half a brain can do it. But please note that on

behalf of the United States Department of Magical

Affairs, we thank you. Your participation allows

crime solvers to work on more important cases.

Cassius lays out a few folders.


For your own knowledge, I’m going to tell you

the meaning behind the different colored labels

on the folders. Light green is traffic violations,

and dark green is environmental offenses. Purple

is failure to appear in court. Light blue is theft

under fifty pieces, medium blue is theft from

fifty to five hundred pieces, and dark blue is

theft valuing over five hundred pieces. Yellow

is misuse of magic. Orange is non-fatal violence.

This dark pink is rape. Light pink is prostitution

and drugs. Red-murder. And white is kind of an

“other” pile.

He puts the demonstrations away and plops a pile of folders on his desk.


These are your assignments. When you finish one,

fill out the paperwork and bring back here for your

new assignment. You can solve these on your own

time, just try to finish as quick as you can. Remember,

if non-magical people are involved in magical crimes,

call one of our memory modifying officers. Any

questions, call me. Okay, Anderson-purple. King-

white. Neehmed-light blue. Chang-green. Lopez-

another purple. Stevenson-yellow. Frederick-

white. Alright, if I’m not here, just leave your

solved in my inbox and pick a file on top of

this pile. Good luck!

Everyone but Joshua leaves. Joshua peers at the assignment pile.


Oh, you get to interview a swim suit model

about a restraining order. Nice!


I have a girlfriend.


So does she. What’s your point?


Sergeant, are you aware of a red label at

the bottom of the pile?


Oh that. Don’t worry about it.


But it’s a murder file!


Only technically. A prostitute was found dead on

Sepia Street. You know Sepia Street. Right smack

in the middle of the low income area. At first we

thought it could be drugs or alcohol, but the

coroner’s autopsy spell revealed murder. Looks

like another pimp thing. If they don’t make enough,

they get tossed aside. Serves them right for choosing

an illegal lifestyle. Drug dealers, prostitutes,

other low life criminals-they don’t deserve priority.


But that’s a human life! She may have made mistakes,

but she’s still someone’s family member! And who knows-

this could be a part of a serial killing, and anyone could

be next. Murder is murder-it doesn’t matter who the

victim is. If it is a pimp, we don’t him out there hurting

more girls. Or anyone else who gets in his way for that

matter. I signed up for this major because I believe that

every victim deserves justice, and to put one life so low

on the priority list is just…wrong!

Cassius looks at him quizzically.


Okay, mister humanitarian, if you think this

deserves a “high priority” to get solved, then

you can take the case.


wow, I get to solve a murder?


Yes, but it’s not a capitol murder or anything.

Do you know what kind of monsters you gotta

deal with on Sepia Street?


Don’t worry, I’ve got a lot of experience

fighting monsters.


Alright kid, if you wanna risk your life for

those low lives, be my guest.

Joshua leaves.


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