Complicated, Act I Scene 3 & 4

Scene 3

Strike the tables from scene 2. Roll out a kitchen table for the next two scenes. The chairs will be set around the table. The lights should reflect the morning. Mr. and Mrs. Goodman eat breakfast with their daughters.

MR. GOODMAN: So, how did everyone enjoy the party?

ANGELA & LACY: We had fun!

Lacy and Angela giggle mischieviously.

MR. GOODMAN: I don’t want to know! So, how was it for the rest of you?

HAILEY: Splendid! Mr. Wallace let me go to his library, and, oh my goodness, it was huge!

MR. GOODMAN: My dear girl, you’re the only one I know that reads at a party! So, Kate, Jackie, how did you enjoy yourselves?

JACKIE: It was nice seeing Gwendolyn again!

KATE: (blushing) I had fun.

MRS. GOODMAN: You’re blushing!

KATE: Yeah, I, uh, drank too much last night!

LACY: Was that before or after you met a boy?

Kate glares at Lacy, who looks smug.


MR. GOODMAN: Oh God, here it comes!

KATE: (sighs) Daniel Wallace.

Mrs. Goodman squeals in delight, which makes the girls and Mr. Goodman cringe.

MRS. GOODMAN: Tell me everything!

KATE: Well, his sister is training to be a nurse and doesn’t know anyone in the neighborhood, so Daniel invited me to dinner tonight.

MRS. GOODMAN: Oh Kate, congratulations! I’m so happy for you!

JACKIE: Shocking, right?

KATE: Dad, can I take the Mercedes?

MRS. GOODMAN: No! Kate, you’ll take the Porsche and you’ll leave the top down.

KATE: The top down? But Mum, it’s freezing outside!

MRS. GOODMAN: Exactly! You’ll catch a cold and since Daniel’s sister is training to be a nurse, so she’ll want you to stay there so she can practice. That way, you’ll stay a few days at Daniel’s house!

Everyone looks at Mrs. Goodman like she is insane.

KATE: (sighs again) Okay.

MR. GOODMAN: And if you catch pneumonia and die instead, make sure you haunt your mother and remember that I am against this idea!

Mrs. Goodman glares at Mr. Goodman.

JACKIE: So, Dad, you never told us how you two enjoyed the party.

MR. GOODMAN: I had a long night of keeping an eye on your mother. I ended up paying the butler more money after she started pushing and shoving him!

Mrs. Goodman pouts. The girls laugh.



Kate leaves. The lights should change to an afternoon tea time. Mr. and Mrs. Goodman have tea with Jackie, Hailey, Lacy, and Angela.

MRS. GOODMAN: My plan worked! Emma called and said that she would take care of Kate while she is sick!

MR. GOODMAN: Cheers! Our daughter is sick and surely this will make Daniel propose to her!

Mrs. Goodman acts like she did not hear that comment.

MRS. GOODMAN: She said that she needs someone to come take care of Kate while she is in class though. Any volunteers?

JACKIE: I’ll do it.

MR. GOODMAN: Please take the Mercedes.

JACKIE: No, I’ll walk.

LACY: Why? Are you hoping that Daniel has a brother for you?

JACKIE: No. I will wear a jacket, and the walking will warm me up.

MRS. GOODMAN: The walk is over three kilometers!

JACKIE: I need the exercise.

MR. GOODMAN: If you’re allowed to execute a crazy plan, then so can she.

Everyone laughs.  



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