Complicated, Act I Scene 4, 5, & 6


The stage should be empty except for a door (that can be wheeled on) The only lights on should be above the door. Jackie, who has mud all over her front side, knocks on the door. She waits for a minute, and Emma answers. Emma has a disdainful look on her face, and this off-puts Jackie a little.

JACKIE: Oh, you must be Emma! Hi, I’m Jackie!

Jackie extends her hand to her, but Emma looks at it contemptuously. 

EMMA: What is wrong with you?

JACKIE: Excuse me?

EMMA: Your front side, what happened?

JACKIE: Oh! Sorry, I fell in some mud on my way over here. I walked from-

EMMA: You’re here to see Kate? Come in.

Emma goes inside and leaves the door open for Jackie. Jackie finds her behavior strange but goes inside.


The door should be wheeled off, and a bed should be wheeled onto the stage. A couple of nightstands should be placed by the bed to simulate a bedroom. Kate lays in the bed, coughing. Jackie walks in.

JACKIE: I bet that coughing is driving Daniel wild!

KATE: Shh!

JACKIE: So, I see Mum’s brilliant plan worked.

KATE: Oh yeah, like a charm! Jackie, do me a favor.

JACKIE: Of course, that’s why I’m here.

Kate takes a muffin from her tray and coughs on it.

KATE: Give this to Mum!

Jackie laughs and puts the muffin in her pocket.

KATE: I’m glad you’re here! Emma is such a pill, and not the kind that would help me get rid of this cold!

JACKIE: I can’t believe she’s a nurse! She doesn’t seem that friendly. I thought nurses were supposed to love helping people.

KATE: She’s not like a normal nurse. Apparently she wants to work in a high class clinic that only services a certain type of person.

JACKIE: And this girl is related to Daniel?

KATE: He says she was very sweet when they were growing up, but she picked up a bad attitude at the boarding school she went to. Glad Mum and Dad let us go to a public school, jeez!

JACKIE: Well, at least she’s gone for a couple of hours. Maybe I should leave you alone so you can get some private time with Daniel.

KATE: Stop saying things like that so loud! Daniel is probably with Phillip in the entertainment room.

JACKIE: Oh no, Phillip is here too? Does Daniel have a taste for sour people.

Kate shrugs.

KATE: He’s a bit arrogant, but he’s nicer than Emma.

JACKIE: I hate anyone that discriminates against anyone! No one should be treated like second class citizens!

KATE: Daniel will probably ask you to stay the night so Emma can study. Please be nice to them!

JACKIE: You think I’m the mean one?

KATE: I mean, try not to spiel your equal rights speech to them. If they’re ready to change, they’ll ask you. But I don’t want to be in the middle of any feuds.

JACKIE: Kate, I’m not going to piss off your dream boat!

KATE: Why must you torture me when I’m sick?

JACKIE: We’re sisters, we get a kick out of teasing each other. I don’t know why.

Kate laughs.


The sitting room set should be wheeled in, but the painting should be changed and a card table should be put in. The lights should be shined so the walls look like a different color. Daniel is playing Gin with Emma, who is wearing a set of scrubs. Phillip is handwriting a letter. Jackie is reading a book. Phillip looks over and notices the book she is reading.

PHILLIP: (sounds surprised) Oh, you’re reading a book I like!

JACKIE: Does that shock you?

PHILLIP: Not a lot of people have my tastes.

JACKIE: I bet they don’t.

PHILLIP: Do you like to read?

JACKIE: Eh. Not as much as my sister, Hailey.

PHILLIP: Oh yes, I remember she did not wanna leave Daniel’s library at that party.

JACKIE: Yup. That’s Hailey.

PHILLIP: I’m sorry to interrupt your reading.

Jackie continues to read, and Phillip goes back to his letter. 

EMMA: Gin!

DANIEL: I’m sick of losing to you! I quit.

Emma laughs. As Daniel puts away the cards, Emma checks out Phillip. Emma sees Phillip looking at Jackie with new interest and gets extremely jealous. Emma grabs the cards from Daniel.

EMMA: Phillip, do you want to play me next?


Emma is mad but not deterred. She sits next to him silkily and looks over his shoulder.

EMMA: Who are you writing to?

PHILLIP: My sister, Leila.

EMMA: Oh right, Leila! How is she?

PHILLIP: How would I know? That’s why I’m writing to her.

Emma leans over his shoulder trying to show her cleavage.

EMMA: I think it’s so sweet you write actual letters! It really is a lost art!

PHILLIP: Can you go away? I can’t concentrate with you breathing down my neck…literally!

Emma sits back on the card table, pouting. Daniel suppresses a laugh. 

KATE (Off Set): Help! I can’t reach the tissue!

Emma rolls her eyes. Jackie puts down her book.

JACKIE: Coming Kate!

As Jackie leaves the room, Phillip watches her leave. Daniel grins and Emma is livid.

DANIEL: You’re slick, mate!


DANIEL: I see you looking at her. Is she fair enough to tempt you now?

Phillip shrugs.

EMMA: I personally don’t like her. Do you realize she still has those muddy clothes on?

DANIEL: She’s having a change of clothes brought to her. What is she supposed to do til then?

EMMA: I still don’t like her. She doesn’t seem to have an ounce of aristocracy!

PHILLIP: She doesn’t need any!

Emma pouts and leaves in a huff. Jackie returns.

DANIEL: How is Kate doing?

JACKIE: Why don’t you ask her yourself?

DANIEL: Me? Oh, okay!

Daniel practically skips out of the room. Jackie and Phillip hear a crash down the hall.

DANIEL (Off Screen): I’m okay!

Phillip and Jackie chuckle. Jackie gets back to her book and Phillip goes back to his letter, stealing a last glance at her before the scene ends.


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