Complicated, Act I Scenes 8 & 9

Scene 8

The reading room/tv room should be rolled back in, but only the tv room should be lit. Daniel and Phillip are having a nightcap in there. Emma, in her pajamas, sneaks by the tv room, overhears them conversing, and decides to eavesdrop. She stands by the entry to the tv room and listens.

DANIEL: Isn’t she wonderful?

PHILLIP: Please tell me you’re not talking about Emma! I know she’s your sister, but quite frankly I find her ghastly!

Emma is offended by his comment.

DANIEL: Well, we all hope that her nursing courses will teach her more therapeutic rapport. But I mean Kate! Such a lovely person, inside and out!

PHILLIP: Are you going to write her poetry?


PHILLIP: You sound like some bloke who would put on some tights and serenade to his beloved’s window!

DANIEL: She makes me happy, what can I say?

PHILLIP: If I start courting my dream girl, you won’t catch me writing her sonnets like you!

DANIEL: Jackie?

Phillip almost drops his drink in surprise.

PHILLIP: Kate’s sister? What about her?

DANIEL: Come on, you were staring at her all night!

PHILLIP: Well, I will admit I misjudged her at your party. She is smart but still has a sense of adventure that makes her intriguing. I find her fascinating!

DANIEL: And pretty?


DANIEL: That’s a yes!

PHILLIP: I never really thought about it. I suppose she has pretty eyes, and a nice figure…

DANIEL: Fair enough to tempt you now?


Emma is very jealous now.

DANIEL: Well mate, glad you finally humbled yourself to admit you were wrong. She’s already changing you for the better!

PHILLIP: If you say so.

DANIEL: And I do.

PHILLIP: Of course you do, you’re a romantic. And yet you have not officially asked out your lady.

DANIEL: I will soon. Do you think she likes me?

PHILLIP: I don’t think she would’ve put up with Emma for two days if she didn’t adore you!

Again, Emma gets mad.

DANIEL: (grinning at the thought) Well, I’m going to turn in now.

PHILLIP: Good night, poet!

DANIEL: Have lots of wonderful dreams of your secret love!

PHILLIP: Shut up!

Phillip leaves the opposite direction of Emma.

DANIEL: Hey Emma, next time pull up a chair and get a little closer!

Emma is embarassed and runs out of the room. Daniel laughs. Lights Fade.

Scene 9

The lights should go on for the reading room. The lighting and set pieces should return to the Goodman’s setting. Mr. Goodman is reading the newspaper. Jackie passes through.

MR. GOODMAN: Glad to be home again?

JACKIE: Oh yeah! I mean, Daniel is super nice, but his sister is quite the opposite. And that Phillip guy was annoying.

MR. GOODMAN: Growing up in this house, it takes a lot to annoy you! What did he do, say something chauvinistic?

JACKIE: No. He wouldn’t stop staring at me.

MR. GOODMAN: Maybe he likes you.

JACKIE: No, at the other party, he said I was “fair enough to look at but not enough to tempt” him. I think he was just making me uncomfortable. Anyways, I just wanted to throw away this muffin I forgot about! Kate coughed on it and…

MR. GOODMAN: And you actually considered giving it to her? I understand. I know how much it means to her for you girls to find a man, but getting yourself sick seems a bit drastic!

JACKIE: Well, let’s hope she got it out of her system and Kate’s courtship will be less thrilling to her.

Squeals of delight come from offstage. Kate, carrying a letter, comes in closely followed by Mrs. Goodman and the rest of her sisters. Jackie and Mr. Goodman silently agree that Jackie’s last statement was wrong.

JACKIE: Gee, I wonder who that letter is from!

KATE: It says Kathleen J. Goodman and family.

LACY: Oh, open it already!

Kate opens the letter and reads aloud.

KATE: Dear Goodmans, I am having a party in honor of my twenty-eighth birthday next Saturday from seven to midnight. Everyone but Mrs. Goodman may attend. Sorry, but I must comply with my butler’s restraining order. Just in case you were wondering, his arm is getting much better!

Mrs. Goodman pouts, and everyone looks to her for an explanation.

MR. GOODMAN: Do you really want to know?


KATE: See you all there! P.S.- Kate, I hope you will arrive early and come as my date!

Mrs. Goodman, Angela, and Lacy all squeal girlishly. Kate turns completely red, and Mr. Goodman and Jackie look amused at the scene.

KATE: Oh my goodness, I’m his date! I’m so nervous already! What do I wear?

MRS. GOODMAN: We’ll find you something when we go shopping. You all need to go shopping! Because you know there will be boys there and-

JACKIE: It would be an absolute tragedy if we all didn’t find husbands there, right?

MR. GOODMAN: It will be easier on everyone if you just go along with her mad delusion and be excited for the prospect of boys. Uh, just find one boy though.

Lacy and Angela grin miscellaneously.


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