Complicated, Act II scene 1

The reading room/tv room set should be pulled out, but only the living room should be lit. The paintings and lighting should be changed to reflect Lady Victoria’s living room. Lady Victoria sits alone on a couch with a notebook when Jackie enters.

LADY VICTORIA: Good morning.

JACKIE: Good morning.

LADY VICTORIA: Have a seat.

JACKIE: Thank you.

LADY VICTORIA: The other contestant should be arriving shortly. What is your name, dear?

JACKIE: Jacqueline Elizabeth Goodman.

LADY VICTORIA: What are your parents’ names?

JACKIE: James Scott Goodman and Barabara Ellen Goodman.

LADY VICTORIA: What are their professions?

JACKIE: Dad is an office manager, and Mum is a homemaker.

LADY VICTORIA: Do you have any siblings?

JACKIE: I have four sisters: Hailey Marie Goodman, Angela Catherine Goodman, Lacy Lydia Goodman, and Kathleen Jane Goodman.

LADY VICTORIA: Does Kathleen go by Kate?


LADY VICTORIA: Very good! She is dating Daniel Wallace, from what I heard. Very good connections! Are you currently dating?


LADY VICTORIA: That’s okay. I never married-no one to share my assets with!

Jackie chuckles slightly at that comment.

LADY VICTORIA: I’m assuming no criminal history.

JACKIE: Of co-

Jackie stops in mid sentence as Phillip enters.

JACKIE: Of course not.

LADY VICTORY: Ah, there’s my other contestant. Have a seat next to Jackie.

Jackie tries to hide her disappointment as Phillip sits next to her.

LADY VICTORIA: I was just getting background information on my finalists. Your full name?

PHILLIP: Phillip Darcy Attenwood.

LADY VICTORIA: What are your parents’ names’?

PHILLIP: I’m surprised you don’t know. You don’t recognize me?

LADY VICTORIA: I know you’re a member of high society, but I’m afraid-

PHILLIP: I’m your nephew!


PHILLIP: Your sister, Penelope, married a “commoner,” and you turned her out. Now my father owns a winery chain that’s acclaimed worldwide. Are we good enough to be in your family now?

LADY VICTORIA: Your family runs Attenwood Wines? I had no idea! I had no idea that his little farm would amount to anything! I thought for sure she would be financially ruined! I am most sorry! I cannot believe I have a nephew!

PHILLIP: And a niece. I have a little sister named Leila.

LADY VICTORIA: Oh my heavens!

PHILLIP: I wrote that essay hoping to get your attention!

LADY VICTORIA: And you did!

JACKIE: Should I see myself out?


JACKIE: Since he’s family, you’re going to give him the grant, right?

LADY VICTORIA: My grant shall remain unbiased. I will judge you each as if I knew neither of you. I simply must apologize to my sister though. Can you give me her number?

Phillip writes down her number in Lady Victoria’s notebook.

LADY VICTORIA: Excuse me for a few minutes.

Lady Victoria leaves the room. Phillip and Jackie sit awkwardly together.

PHILLIP: How are you?

JACKIE: Fine. And you?

PHILLIP: I…well…

Phillip looks like he struggles for a moment and then decides to tell her what’s on his mind.

PHILLIP: I’m just going to come right out and say it-I must confess how much I ardently and passionately love you. Despite your family’s problems, I fell for you! I could see myself marrying you someday! Can you see yourself with me?

JACKIE: I can’t believe you of all people have the audacity to practically propose to me! First of all, we barely know each other! But more importantly, I hate you! And you insult my family right in front of me?

PHILLIP: I meant that some people might be scared off when they find out about-

JACKIE: I know family doesn’t mean much to you. I heard what you did to poor Neville!

PHILLIP: Poor Neville? He-

JACKIE: The point is I could never love you, you arrogant, black-hearted twit!

PHILLIP: Alright. I understand.

Phillip looks like he is holding back tears.

PHILLIP: I’ll go.

Phillip quickly leaves the room. Jackie is fuming. She reaches into her purse and pulls out her cell phone. She looks as if she was preparing to rant to someone but something on the phone catches her eye. She reads an email and suddenly looks horrified.

JACKIE: Oh my God! No! No!

Phillip checks back into the room.

PHILLIP: I’m sorry, I know you don’t want to see me right now, but you sounded like you’re in trouble.

JACKIE: I’m not, but my sister is. I got an email from Kate. (reads) I’m afraid I have some terrible news! Yesterday, I didn’t realize Lacy was in the loo, so I walked in on her without any clothes. Her stomach is big, Jackie! I pressed the issue, and she shamefully confessed that she is pregnant! She begged me not to tell Mum and Dad, but of course I had to. When they went to go talk to her, she was gone! We phoned Scotland Yard, and they looked all over Surrey. No one could find her anywhere! I finally got an email from her, and all it said was she was looking for the father. We need to figure out who the father is, Jackie! We’re broke now, we can’t afford a baby! This stupid wanker that got her pregnant better do the right thing! I’m so sorry if this ruined your time with Lady Victoria! Love always, Kate.”

PHILLIP: I’m so sorry, Jackie! Is there anything I can do?

JACKIE: No. Well, yes, tell Lady Victoria I need to reschedule. I have to be near my family right now!

PHILLIP: I can use my family’s resources to try to find her. And the father.

JACKIE: Whatever. I need to walk home.

PHILLIP: It’s over three kilometers! Let me drive you…

Jackie storms out of the room.


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