Complicated, Act II scenes 2, 3, 4, & 5

Scene 2

Set the reading room back to the Goodman’s setting. The Goodmans (minus Lacy) sit around the room looking gloomy.

ANGELA: I miss Lacy so much! She was my best friend!

MRS. GOODMAN: How could this happen to my baby?

MR. GOODMAN: We’ll find her soon, don’t worry.

Daniel walks in cautiously.

DANIEL: Hello. I’m sorry to walk in, the door was unlocked…

KATE: We left it open so Lacy could come home!

DANIEL: I’m so sorry! No one deserves to go through this, especially not such a nice family like you!

Mrs. Goodman bursts into tears. Jackie checks her phone.

JACKIE: Still nothing. I keep expecting her to write to us. As soon as we hear from her, I’ll know she’s okay!

DANIEL: Um, Jackie, can I have a word with you?

JACKIE: (confused) Alright.

Daniel and Jackie go into the t.v. room.

Scene 3

Jackie faces Daniel in the room, curious about what he has to say.

JACKIE: Is there something you know about Lacy?

DANIEL: No. Actually, I came here to talk to you about Phillip.

Jackie’s face falls. She suddenly feels awkward.

JACKIE: I’m sorry I hurt your friend’s feelings, but-

DANIEL: I think you have a few misconceptions about him.

JACKIE: What do you mean?

DANIEL: Neville isn’t the man you think he is. He never treated Neville like part of the family because he made his father miserable! He disobeyed his every word, did drugs, and slept around with a lot of girls. And this was before he was even an adult! Then one day, Neville slept with Phillip’s sister, Leila. Even my sister, Emma, if you can believe that! That was the last straw for Phillip and he had him kicked out of the house. I used to think that Neville was trying to make himself a better man by joining the military, but then I realized he hadn’t cleaned up his life at all-he still carries around that black leather journal of all the girls he’s ever slept with!

JACKIE: Oh my God, I can’t believe he fooled me!

DANIEL: I understand, I mean, he’s quite charming. Although that is how he usually convinces women to sleep with him.

JACKIE: I was next!

DANIEL: Maybe. Look, Phillip is a really good man. He gives up a lot of his fortune to charities and rarely buys anything for himself. He helps people whenever he can. He can be a little over confident, but that doesn’t mean he’s selfish. He’s my best mate! If it weren’t for him, I wouldn’t have moved to Surrey and met Kate. He has done so much good for people in this country, it’s inspiring!

JACKIE: Wow. I was so mean to such a good man! He did give a bad first impression, but I should’ve known better than to judge someone so quickly. I feel horrible! I’m so sorry!

DANIEL: Tell him that!

JACKIE: Where is he?

DANIEL: I don’t know.

JACKIE: When did you last hear from him?

DANIEL: Right after he left Lady Victoria De Bois’s manor a few days ago. He said he had some important business to attend to. I have no idea what-

They hear the family jump for joy in the reading room. They rush over to find out what happened.

Scene 4

Daniel and Jackie run over to the Goodmans, who are excitedly looking at Kate’s phone.

KATE: Oh Jackie, I just got an email from our aunt and uncle in the States. They found Lacy!

JACKIE: They did? Oh, thank God! She’s in the States?

KATE: (reads) Dear friends in England, we have good news! We found Lacy! She is at the CircusCircus hotel in Las Vegas, Nevada. The father of her child has agreed to marry her! Your plane tickets are paid for so you can attend. Lady Victoria De Bois is attending too, can you believe that? Breathe easier, you guys will be okay! With all our love, The Cathers.

Everyone rejoices. Dim lights and roll away the set.

MRS. GOODMAN: My baby is okay! And her baby will be too!

MR. GOODMAN: Thank God she doesn’t have to go through this alone!

JACKIE: They didn’t say who the father was. Why did he run away and then suddenly agree to marry her?

ANGELA: Oh, who cares?

Scene 5

Bring out the door used in Act I scene 4. Jackie goes up to the door and knocks. She is surprised to see Michael Perrins answer the door.

JACKIE: What in bloody hell are you doing here?

PERRINS: Oh, I’m guessing you’re here to see Gwendolyn. I’ll go get her and she can tell you the news.

Michael exits. Gwendolyn enters, grinning.

GWENDOLYN: Oh, hello Jackie! I was just about to phone you!

JACKIE: I can’t stay long, we’re about to leave for…okay, what is Michael Perrins doing in your house?

GWENDOLYN: Helping me pack my bags.

JACKIE: Oh, he’s kicking you out of your home too?

GWENDOLYN: No. We got married!

Jackie is shocked and then disgusted.


GWENDOLYN: We eloped yesterday! Can you believe it? It’s the wildest thing I’ve ever done!

JACKIE: But Gwendolyn, you’re married! To Perrins!

GWENDOLYN: I told you, all I wanted was a man with a steady job. Michael is doing so well both in real estate and in the ministry, so I’ll always be okay!

JACKIE: Except you have to snog that slimeball!

GWENDOLYN: Don’t talk about my husband that way!

JACKIE: Seriously? (pause) Wait, you’re married to our landlord, so technically the house is yours too, so you can stop him from selling our home!

GWENDOLYN: I can’t, it’s not my house or his. Someone bought it this morning.

JACKIE: So, when we get back from the States we won’t have anywhere to go?

GWENDOLYN: I don’t know. I didn’t see it happen, but Michael did say that the man said you guys don’t have anything to worry about.

JACKIE: Yeah, nothing to worry about, except losing our home!

GWENDOLYN: You can live with me if you like. Won’t it be fun to live together? Well, between my honeymoon duties. (giggles).

Jackie shudders.

JACKIE: I can’t think about this right now. I got a flight to catch.

GWENDOLYN: Where are you going?

JACKIE: Lacy’s getting married in the States.

GWENDOLYN: Oh, why wasn’t I invited?

JACKIE: I was about to, but I can’t now. You’re being so bloody stupid!

GWENDOLYN: Jackie! I thought you’d be happy for me!

JACKIE: Not when you’re married to that evil man who took away our home! Thanks a lot, slag!

Gwendolyn looks hurt. Jackie storms away.


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