Complicated, Act II scenes 6, 7, & 8

Scene 6

Draw curtains. Flash multi-colored lights and play a jazzy Las Vegas song to give actors time to change into tourist wear. After the actors finish, draw curtains to reveal the bed from Act I scene 5 and set pieces that represent a hotel room. Jackie unpacks but does not look very excited. Phillip enters.

PHILLIP: Kate sent me up here to ask you to hurry up. Daniel and her are anxious to go get a drink at that bar across the street.

JACKIE: Oh, that must be what all those texts were about.

PHILLIP: Is something wrong?

JACKIE: Someone bought our house. Soon we’ll be homeless! It’s so unfair, and I don’t know what to do!

PHILLIP: Oh right, well, now is as good as time as any to tell you. You want have to move.

JACKIE: What are you talking about?

Phillip goes into his pocket and unfolds a piece of paper. He shows it to her.

PHILLIP: That’s why!

JACKIE: You bought the house?

PHILLIP: Yes. Kate told Daniel and Daniel told me about your situation. I couldn’t let him do that to you…all, so I bought the house. But I don’t want the house myself, so…

Phillip takes a pen that is on a table and scratches out his name. He writes in Jackie’s name and signs it.

PHILLIP: Sign here.

Jackie signs it.

PHILLIP: The house is yours now.

JACKIE: I own the house? Just like that?

PHILLIP: Yes. Look, I know you’re probably still mad at me, but I-

Jackie gives him a hug.

JACKIE: I can’t thank you enough! I’m so sorry for what I said to you before. You’re a good man!

Phillip is surprised by her response. Before he can do anything, Emma enters. She looks shocked by what she walks in on.

PHILLIP: Oh right, we’re due for drinks!

JACKIE: Yes, let’s go!

Jackie grabs her purse and they both leave. Emma looks livid. Lady Victoria walks by.

LADY VICTORIA: Something wrong, dear?

EMMA: I think Jackie is falling for Phillip!

LADY VICTORIA: And if she is, so what?

EMMA: So what? If she’s anything like her sister, Lacy…

LADY VICTORIA: Lacy is a fine young lady. Why else would she get married to Neville Hawley?

EMMA: They’re only getting married ‘cos she got pregnant! They’re both promiscuous!

LADY VICTORIA: Oh dear. Well, I’ll talk to Jacqueline and see if this is true. (pause) But even so, what business is it of yours? Oh! You love Phillip, don’t you?

Emma doesn’t respond. She simply storms away. Lady Victoria shrugs and keeps walking. Draw curtains.

Scene 7

Set the lights as if they are on the Vegas strip. Phillip, Jackie, Daniel, and Kate walk across the stage.

KATE: The lights are so pretty!

JACKIE: I think they’re gaudy!

KATE: You sound like Emma!

They laugh.

PHILLIP: She looked cross when we left.

JACKIE: When doesn’t she look cross?

They laugh again.

DANIEL: Would you guys excuse us for a minute? I’d like to talk to Kate in private. (to Kate) Let’s go over there.

Kate and Daniel walk off stage. Phillip and Jackie wait center stage.

JACKIE: So, you know French?

PHILLIP: Yeah. I’m not completely fluent but good enough to use in business and stuff.

JACKIE: I know very little. Just a couple of expressions I’ve heard in the cinema. Say something in French and let’s see if I know it.

PHILLIP: Alright. Bonjour! Comment allez-vous?

JACKIE: Hello, how are you? Come on, that was too easy.

PHILLP: Votre robe est rouge.

JACKIE: Something about red?

PHILLIP: Your dress is red.

JACKIE: Come on, this is like basic French. Say something really complex.

PHILLIP: Vous êtes plus belle que la mer de le matin. Vos yeux sont plus beaux que les étoiles. Votre voix est plus riche que la musique. Je vous aime très beaucoup!

JACKIE: What did you say?

PHILLIP: Nothing.

Jackie looks confused, but before she can say anything, Kate comes running up to them, excitedly. She puts her hand in front of them.

KATE: I’m engaged!

JACKIE: Oh, congratulations!

Jackie gives her a hug. Daniel enters.

DANIEL: My fiancee sure runs fast when she’s excited.

PHILLIP: Congratulations, mate!

DANIEL: Cheers! Let’s go celebrate! Champagne is on me!

They cheer and walk off stage.

Scene 8

Draw the curtains. The tables and chairs should be set up to resemble a bar. Emma sits alone at the bar drinking strong drinks. Other tables have Americans happily drinking. Phillip, Daniel, Kate, and Jackie pick a table. Daniel orders four drinks and sits down.

JACKIE: Hold on, it’s so hot here, I need some water before I start drinking.

Jackie goes up to the bartender, but before she can place her order, Emma interrupts her.

EMMA: Have you met Phillip’s sister, Leila, yet?

JACKIE: Oh, Emma! I didn’t see you there. Um, no, I haven’t. Why?

EMMA: Someday I hope to call her my sister in law.

JACKIE: How’s that?

EMMA: I want to marry Phillip!

JACKIE: (laughs) Sorry. It’s just that I got the impression that he doesn’t like you much.

EMMA: Look, you slag, I’m going to marry him, and you can’t have him!

JACKIE: I don’t think it’s up to you.

EMMA: I won’t let you!

JACKIE: You can’t tell me what to do!

EMMA: Oh yeah?


Emma takes a pitcher of water and throws it on Jackie. The people in the bar notice and watch.

JACKIE: Oh, that’s mature!

Emma gets mad and punches Jackie, who falls to the floor. Emma tries to punch her again, but Jackie kicks her with both of her feet, sending her flying to the wall. Emma tries to go after her again, but some American boys keep her away. Other American boys, who were nearby, help Jackie up. Daniel, Kate, and Phillip look deeply concerned. Kate runs over to help her sister.

KATE: Come on, let’s get you cleaned up.

Kate and Jackie leave. Emma, quite drunk, comes over to Phillip.

EMMA: Did you see that? She looks like a wet rat! And she’s got a bloody nose! Can you imagine if I broke it? It’d never be straight again. So, do you still think she’s “quite pretty?”

PHILLIP: No, I don’t. I think she’s most beautiful girl I’ve ever seen!

Emma makes a face of shock and disappointment. Hotel security whisks her away. Daniel shakes his head in embarrassment.


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