Complicated, Act II scenes 9 & 10

Scene 9

Chairs should be set up like a wedding hall. Play organ music as guests enter to give actors time to change into wedding clothes. Neville waits upstage. Jackie enters and pauses when she sees who Lacy is about to marry. Jackie shrugs as if she is saying oh well and sits down. Organ music changes to a wedding march, and Lacy walks down the aisle, smiling.

MR. GOODMAN: (whispers to Mrs. Goodman) Is Lacy wearing white?

MRS. GOODMAN: (whispers) Of course she is.

MR. GOODMAN: (whispers) Shouldn’t she have picked a more honest color?

Mrs. Goodman punches him in the arm, so Mr. Goodman pays attention. As Lacy and Neville exchange bows, Jackie looks around. She sees Kate and Daniel cuddled as they watch. Angela makes eyes with a boy across the room. She catches Phillip looking at her. She gets embarrassed and looks down, though she is smiling. Phillip smiles and turns back to the wedding. Emma sees this exchange and whispers to Lady Victoria.

PRIEST: You may now kiss the bride!

Neville and Lacy kiss. Everyone cheers. The guests put their own chairs against the wall to turn the stage into a dance floor. Play pop music and have couples dance together. Angela convinces Hailey to dance with her. Jackie dances alone when Leila approaches her.

LEILA: Are you Jackie?

JACKIE: Yes. Who are you?

LEILA: I’m Leila, Phillip’s sister.

JACKIE: Oh, nice to meet you! How did you know it was me?

LEILA: You’re mum was talking about you. She was surprised Lacy was the first to marry. She said Kate was the obvious choice given her relationship with Daniel. She said you were next and that you looked very pretty. Not as pretty as your sister but still pretty.

JACKIE: Wow, thanks Mum.

Jackie sees Leila stagger a little.

JACKIE: Are you okay?

LEILA: Oh yeah! (laughs) I always take advantage of an open bar!

JACKIE: I’m not going into the bar.

LEILA: No, I imagine you wouldn’t after what happened yesterday. Phillip told me. Yes, he was talking about you. He always talks about you. Oops, I probably shouldn’t have said that.

JACKIE: So, I heard about your history with Neville. Why did you want to come?

LEILA: I came to help Phillip make the arrangements.

JACKIE: Phillip made arrangements? What does he have to do with any of this?

LEILA: He’s the whole reason we’re having a wedding!


LEILA: When you said Lacy was pregnant and that the father disappeared, Phillip immediately knew that it was Neville. He knew that Neville came to Vegas to gamble a lot. He racked up a large gambling debt to a couple of hotels though, and they were going to prosecute him. Phillip went to the jail here to visit him. He told him that if he married Lacy that he’d pay off his gambling debts.He used up the last of his trust funds doing that. No, buying that house did that. Don’t worry, he still earns money from the factory! Whew, that’s a lot of words. I need to sit down.

Leila grabs a chair from the wall and sits.

JACKIE: Wait, if all this is true, then why didn’t Phillip tell me? He’s letting the Cathers take credit for this wedding.

LEILA: He just wanted the right thing to be done, not the credit. He’s changed. He used to want all the credit. He’s the hero, but he credits you.


LEILA: Yeah, you made him a better man. Oh no, the wine makes me say too much! I need to lie down!

Leila passes out. Jackie laughs. Phillip comes over and sees his sister.

PHILLIP: Oh lovely! So, I see you’ve met my sister!

JACKIE: She seems like fun!

PHILLIP: She’s an intelligent person, but not when she has too much liquor!

JACKIE: Well, that’s true of anyone. (pause) Phillip, I just wanted to tell you that-

Lady Victoria interrupts her by clearing her throat.

LADY VICTORIA: Jacqueline, may I speak with you privately.

JACKIE: Oh, alright.

Phillip grabs his sister and brings her offstage. Lady Victoria and Jackie walk downstage to talk.

LADY VICTORIA: I wanted to inform you that I’m giving the grant to Phillip.

JACKIE: That’s okay. He deserves it.

LADY VICTORIA: There is something else I wanted to talk to you about.

JACKIE: What’s that?

LADY VICTORIA: You and Phillip.

JACKIE: What do you mean?

LADY VICTORIA: Emma told me that Phillip is in love with you and you’re showing interest in him.

JACKIE: Would that be a bad thing?

Jackie is unaware that Phillip has reentered and can hear their conversation.

LADY VICTORIA: I do not consent it.

JACKIE: Excuse me?

LADY VICTORIA: I’m his aunt. I do not approve of your union.

JACKIE: Union? We’re not even dating!

LADY VICTORIA: If he ever asks you on a date, promise me you will say no.



JACKIE: I promise nothing!

LADY VICTORIA: Oh, I get it. You and your sisters seem to have a thing for affluent men. You will not use my nephew for his money!

JACKIE: You’re right about that, I won’t do that.

LADY VICTORIA: What do you mean?

JACKIE: I would never use him for his money.

LADY VICTORIA: Then what do you want from him?

JACKIE: His heart.


JACKIE: He has the biggest heart I know!

EMMA: You liar! You thought he was arrogant!

JACKIE: That’s true. I used to hate him for it. I assure you I feel quite the opposite now!

Phillip is overjoyed upon hearing that.

EMMA: Phillip belongs to me, so back off!

PHILLIP: I belong to Jackie!

Emma, Lady Victoria, and Jackie are all surprised.

PHILLIP: Lady Victoria, you’ve been my aunt for a couple weeks now, so don’t act like you have any right to influence the people in my life! Emma, I don’t love you. I don’t even like you! Both of you need to leave us alone! And I suggest you change your attitudes; arrogance and discrimination will end up destroying you!

The group was not aware the wedding party had stopped to watch this exchange. Lady Victoria gets mad and storms out of the room. Emma looks furious, so Daniel grabs her and takes her out of the room.

LACY: Okay, show’s over! Let’s get back to my wedding celebration!

The music starts up again, and the guests resume dancing. Phillip and Jackie stand face to face.

PHILLIP: So, is it true? Or were you just saying that to defy them?

JACKIE: I meant what I said. I couldn’t help it. I fell for you.

PHILLIP: You love me?

JACKIE: Yes, I do. I love you!

PHILLIP: Oh Jackie!

Phillip kisses her. Jackie throws her arms around him and kisses him back. Play the song Complicated by Avril Lavigne and draw curtains

Scene 10

Continue to play Complicated. The chairs should be arranged again in the wedding formation. Kate is facing Daniel downstage while Jackie and Phillip stand next to each other but watch Kate and Daniel.

PRIEST: Do you, Daniel, take Kathleen to be your lawfully wed wife?


PRIEST: And do you, Kathleen, take Daniel to be your lawfully wed husband?

KATE: I do.

Daniel and Kate stand side by side now and Phillip and Jackie face each other.

PRIEST: And do you, Phillip, take Jacqueline to be your lawfully wed wife?


PRIEST: And do you, Jacqueline, take Phillip to be your lawfully wed husband?


PRIEST: I now pronounce you and you, and you and you, husband and wife! You may kiss the bride!

Daniel sweetly kisses Kate while Phillip and Jackie passionately embrace. The guests cheer. Kate and Jackie throw their bouquets into the audience, and Hailey catches Kate’s and Angela catches Jackie’s.

MRS. GOODMAN: Oh, you girls are next to get married! You know what that means?

ANGELA & HAILEY: We’re going shopping.

The guests clear off the chairs, and everyone dances. When the song finishes, Jackie and Phillip kiss center stage. Close curtain.


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