The Blood Warrior Rebellion, Chapter 2

Mac told her, “Introductions are in order. My name is Mac.”

Holly introduced, “I’m his wife, Holly. And this is our son, Preston.”

Amerline said, “My name is Amberline.”

Anthony stated, “I’m her cousin, Anthony.”

Kasmira smiled politely at all of them. “It’s good to meet you all.” She took a sip of tea, and then she looked inside the cup as if it was a mile long.

Amberline inquired, “Is there something wrong with the tea?”

“Oh no, it’s wonderful,” Kasmira replied, “It’s just that I got kicked out of my home so abruptly. I mean, it wasn’t much of a home, but at least it was a constant, something I thought I could count on until I figured out what to do next. Of all the hardships I had to endure, this has to be the worst. I have to go into secrecy and hiding because of who I am. They’re making us look like horrible people, and I know, not all of us are good, but I know I can’t possibly be this monster they’re making me out to be. Even my own mother never treated me right, but the misery she caused me by staying with that man…I kind of always knew something like this might occur, but now that it has, it’s just unreal. My future seems so uncertain. I’ve got this sinking sensation in the pit of my stomach. What’s going to happen to me now? I mean, I know I’m here, but if I survive this ordeal, what will happen to me then? I’m so scared of being just homeless and miserable my whole life. I’m sure you’re going to tell me that everything will work out fine, but I’ve got to be prepared in case it doesn’t work out that way. I’m sorry, I don’t want to sound ungrateful for your hospitality, but I’ve struggled my whole life, and it’s hard to keep up hope.”

Anthony’s mouth was the quickest. “It’s not so hopeless! We all left our homes in the hopes of a better life. I mean, I’ve done ten years of loyal service to the kingdom of Velorica, but I got treated like vermin because my birth records show that my grandmother was a witch. Doesn’t matter if she was a great healer, they were going to send Amberline and me to an Involuntary Work Training Site, and we all know what happens there.”

Amberline added, “My best friend was a witch. They caught her right away. I managed to find out they were taking her to the dungeons because she dared to speak her mind. Now she’s being tortured for information. Or executed for all I know. I know it’s a small cottage and we don’t have much to share, but believe me, this is paradise compared to what our friends our going through out there!”

Holly told Kasmira, “Thank God for Mac’s compassion. I’m a witch, and he hasn’t a trace of magical blood. He could’ve stayed behind-they never would’ve bothered him. In fact, I remember telling him this. I told him I got my notice to report to the I.W.T.S, and I was hoping that he would stay behind and live a normal life. He refused to let me go. He has always felt a universal compassion for everyone, and he just can’t stand to see innocent people suffering. He built this house just outside the peasant village and formed the Blood Warrior Rebellion to end this madness. He’s a hero!”

Kasmira looked at Mac, who looked humble despite his high praise. Kasmira felt induced to ask him, “So, you’re prepared to die for a battle that isn’t even really yours? I mean, I just find it amazing that you’re risking your life for people that-”

Mac held his hand up politely so that he could speak. “A lot of people ask me that, and I always give them the same answer. Of course it’s my battle! I’m not merely fighting for magical beings but humanity in general! People fear what they don’t understand. They think that all these powers are ill gotten, even demonic. Doesn’t any one see that magic is far from evil, it’s a blessing! It’s true, some may use their powers for very awful purposes, but magical beings have so much potential to do so much good for the world. So many honest witches and wizards are being tortured to death for completely unjust reasons! But forget politics-to see innocent people suffer so greatly is intolerable! So, I will not stand idly by and watch the pain and utter misery that human beings are feeling right now. They will not get away with this-I’ll see to it personally!”

He stepped up to Kasmira and told her gently, “Don’t believe a word the Blood Warriors say against you. You’ll be tested again and again. No, I can’t promise this is going to be an easy journey, but what I can tell you is that deep down, you know you don’t deserve that harsh treatment! You don’t think you’re evil, do you?”

“Well, no,” Kasmira admitted, “I think I’m a decent person.”

“Decent? Kasmira, you’re more than that! I’m going to make you see all of the wonderful qualities you possess. I asked God to send me a sign, and He sent me you.”

“I’m a sign of what exactly?”

“You can’t see all your potential, but I do. No, I don’t want to hear another pessimistic statement from you. No matter what kind of hardships you endure, remember that you have a good heart, and no one can take that away from you! You must do this if you want to fight with us! I’m going to do my best to make sure you always have shelter and protection, but you got to go that extra mile! I need you to do this for me. For us. We need you.”

“No one’s ever needed me before!”

“Well, get used to the idea. Everyone in this home is important, including you!”

Mac smiled warmly at Kasmira. Kasmira didn’t know what to say or do. She looked at everyone’s earnest faces and reacted promptly, “What can I do to help?”


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