The Blood Warrior Rebellion, Chapter 5

Kasmira saw two armored men in the distance-Blood Warriors! She turned around to run, but she could feel them getting closer. She went down the rabbit’s path, which was dark and craggy. Suddenly, she found herself face to face with a steep cliff! She knew they were close, and just when she thought she was going to have to turn around, the ground beneath her crumbled! She managed to cling onto the edge. She stayed as still and quiet as she could, hoping the Blood Warriors would just go away. She could hear their steps getting closer, and she feared the worst.

At that moment, a third set of footsteps approached. A male’s voice as warm and soothing as honey spoke, “I will handle this. Hurry-find the man!” The Blood Warriors ran away to find Mac. Kasmira felt her sweat making her lose her grip. She wondered if she should jump or face the consequences of the mystery man.

Unexpectedly, a slightly tanned arm reached out to her. The voice kindly instructed, “Take my hand!” She did so without hesitation. His hand was smooth but strong. He pulled her up with fervor, and he moved her away from the edge. She found herself face to face with a man that shocked her. He had not expected to see a man so handsome. He had a strong physique draped in princely clothing. Kasmira couldn’t help but be mesmerized. She felt perfectly natural standing before him, as if he had always been there for her. She forgot everything else-all of her troubles, all of her worries…And since she was out of harm’s way, he no longer had to worry about her and found himself staring at Kasmira in the same way she looked at him. For a moment, the space around them almost glowed.

Their spell was broken when they heard a twig break in the distance. He snapped out of his reverie and told her, “Go find Mac. I’m going to try to deter the Warriors.” He ran off. When Kasmira saw him disappear among the trees, she did the same in the opposite direction.

She ran through the woods, her heart racing with her feet, worrying about Mac. She finally saw him in the distance, and her body flooded with relief. When she got closer, she saw he was kneeling before the two Blood Warriors. This made Kasmira angry. Full of adrendaline, she tore off a tree branch. The Blood Warriors were taunting him, ready to kill him. Kasmira put all of her fury into her newly forged weapon and marched right up to one of the Warrior’s back. She swung the branch hard against his head. The blow made him fall down dead instantly. The other Blood Warrior was completely scared of her and ran away. Kasmira grabbed a bow and arrow from the fallen Warrior and fired it at the one running away. Her aim was accurate, and the other warrior fell down dead.

After the fight was over, Kasmira’s adrenaline ebbed away. Her breath was short and rapid as the reality of it all sunk in. Mac too seemed to be in shock. Kasmira saw him get up, and suddenly she felt embarrassed. As he walked to her, she immediately apologized, “I’m sorry.” Mac hadn’t expected her to say this and was so surprised that he stopped in his tracks. “I’m sure you had a plan. I probably over-reacted, didn’t I? I-.”

Mac stopped her in mid-sentence. “Kasmira, you have no reason to apologize! You just saved my life-and watching you fight was pretty amazing! I owe you my life now. No, not like a sacrifice of my life, like your grandmother did. And it’s not like your father owing his life to the Blood Warriors. I’m forever in your debt, and I’m honored to be in your service.”

He kneeled before Kasmira and bent his head. Kasmira didn’t know how to react to a strong leader standing in a submissive position before her. He was bowing to her! Kasmira never had someone feel so grateful to her. She knew that Mac wasn’t kidding when he talked about the faith he had in her. Mac looked to her and said, “I see a lot of potential in you. I’ll lead the armies, but you are most likely to be the one destined to run the country. You’re going to deny that, but we’re here for you. We’ll teach you to get there. I’m so grateful to be alive and honored to be the one to teach you to reach your full potential. Thank you!” Mac hugged her tightly. Kasmira felt a little overwhelmed, but she was, perhaps for the first time, very proud of herself.

When they returned to the cottage, they found the others fretting about the place. Everyone turned to the door and were flooded with relief. Holly ran up and hugged her husband. Anthony and Amberline received Kasmira. Holly said, “Something happened, didn’t it?”

Mac told them, “I was ambushed by a couple of Blood Warriors!” The others gasped, but Mac assured them, “It’s okay. Kasmira came to my rescue. She killed the Blood Warriors before they could kill me.” Everyone turned to Kasmira in surprise, and Kasmira felt herself turn red. Mac commented, “She’s so modest!”

Kasmira sputtered, “I don’t know where it came from! As soon as I saw him in danger, my instincts took over! Just thank goodness for that mysterious man who saved my life when I was hanging off of that cliff!”

“Wait,” Mac said to her, “You didn’t tell me about this.”

Kasmira explained, “I forgot after what just happened. Before I found Mac, I was running away from the Blood Warriors. I fell from the cliff but managed to hold onto a tree branch. Either I was going to slip or the Blood Warriors would get me, but the man sent the Warriors away, pulled me up, and then was gone.”

Amberline inquired, “Was he wearing princely garb and have a dreamy voice?” Kasmira nodded. “Unbelievable! Your life was saved by Prince Orlando!”

Kasmira was stunned. “That was the Prince?”

Mac smiled. “Just make sure you thank him next time he stops by. Now, we should get going.”


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