The Blood Warrior Rebellion, Chapter 14

The snowball fight came to an abrupt stop when they heard the skinny Blood Warrior’s voice vociferate, “I knew you hens were up to no good!” Everyone stood still and stared at them like statues. The fat and thin Blood Warrior stood at the edge of the forest with their arms folded.

The fat Blood Warrior threatened, “You traitors will feel the king’s wrath!”

The others seemed scared, except for Mac, who was thinking furiously. Kasmira knew there was no time to be scared and got mad. “Right. The two of you intend to take all seven of us?”

“You don’t even have weapons!” the thin Blood Warrior sneered.

Kasmira countered with, “We were born with weapons! Do you really think the granddaughter of Garlord would really be intimidated by the likes of you?”

The confidence the Blood Warriors came with evaporated, but they still tried to maintain their swagger. The fat Blood Warrior drew his sword. “You look as pure as this snow! If you try to hurt us, I will…”

Kasmira pointed to heavy tree branch and held onto it as if she had marionette strings on her fingers. The fat Blood Warrior tried to use his sword to cut the branch, but Kasmira quickly brought the branch to the back of his head. He fell down and stained the snow with his crimson blood. The thin Blood Warrior tried to run for it, but Anthony, Amberline, Svetlana, Holly, and Ivan forced him to fall. Mac took the dead Blood Warrior’s sword, looked into the eyes of the thin Blood Warrior, called him “chicken!” and cut off his head.

The group was proud of their work. Mac commended Kasmira, “Thank you for keeping cool when the rest of us panicked! And what progress you made on your magic skills!” Kasmira humbly smiled.

Ivan inquired, “Are you really related to Garlord?”

“Unfortunately,” Kasmira admitted, “Although I think I inherited his fighting skills! Though I will only use my power for good, of course!”

Svetalana said, “Yes, I can only imagine he’d want to help you with that because he wouldn’t want to see his blood be spilled.”

Holly suddenly looked panicked. “Oh my god, Preston!” She bolted inside.

“Good idea,” Anthony commented, “Let’s go inside! I’m starving!”

“You still have an appetite after seeing two people get killed?” Amberline grinned.

“Yeah,” Anthony replied, “Suddenly I’m in the mood for chicken!”

Everyone laughed and went inside merrily. Kasmira took a last look at the bodies and felt worried. She wasn’t as troubled by the Blood Warriors as much as Garlord’s part in this escapade. She shook this notion off her mind and went inside.

Later on, as everyone was getting ready for bed, Holly told everyone, “I hope you all have pleasant dreams!”

Anthony said, “Oh, I know I will! Past few days, I’ve had the same beautiful dream.”

Mac surmised, “Let me guess, it’s about a girl?”

“A woman!” Anthony reminisced with a fond smile. “I rescue her, she falls madly in love with me, and then we-”

“Okay, we get it!” Amberline interrupted, “Who is it?”

Looking right at Amberline, Anthony told her, “Lydia.”

“My best friend!” She was a little angry, but she softened her expression a little and reasoned, “I guess that’s the only good thing about her being locked away in an I.W.T.S!”

“That’s why I want to rescue her!” Anthony explained, “Well, obviously I want to help everyone, but if I could only pick one…I swear, I’m going to marry her!”

Non-believing, almost sarcastically, Amberline told him, “Yeah, alright, if you get Lydia out of the I.W.T.S, then you can marry her.”

“Deal!” Anthony exclaimed.

Everyone chuckled and said goodnight. Kasmira was even smiling as she headed to sleep.

Kasmira dreamt she was riding with Orlando on a white unicorn. The sky was storm cloud gray, but they took no notice. They seemed to be on their way to someplace safe. Kasmira saw King Davidson’s dark and gloomy castle, which made her nervous, but Orlando assured her they were safe. After a moment, their surroundings completely disappeared and they stood in complete darkness. In the next second, they found themselves in the dungeons. The unicorn was killed, and Holly and Amberline were hanging in chains. From out of the right window, a view of an I.W.T.S where Anthony and Svetlana were worked to the bone. Out the left window showed a battlefield where Mac and Ivan were losing an intense fight. Worst of all, Kasmira saw Orlando getting tortured to death. King Davidson, who had long, dark brown hair but with a receding hairline, a small mustache, and the sickening pale skin of the dead, stood before Kasmira and growled, “You should have obeyed the curse!” He pulled out a golden scepter and hit her with a blinding light. Kasmira could hear her friends screaming…

Kasmira woke up quickly. She saw that everyone seemed quite content in their sleep. She knew it had been a nightmare, but it felt so real, and the images were unsettling. She groaned and silently wished she could stop the bad dreams. She felt her fingers touch a piece of cork. That’s when she remembered the potion Joseph gave her. She took a sip, and immediately a relaxing warmth spread throughout her body. She took a happy breath and fell asleep.

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