The Blood Warrior Rebellion, Chapter 22

“You know who sold you the scepter now? Good! Wait, a Blood Warrior? Never mind!” The old man groaned in pain. Kasmira held her hands over his ankles. Warmth emitted from them and seeped into his skin. As she tended to his injury, she told him, “If you’re truly remorseful over what you did, then you’ll join our Rebellion. You don’t have to fight, but we need as many people as possible. Please, gather as many as you can! You owe me!”

Clearly, he wasn’t in favor of this, but he recognized the truth in her words, so he agreed, “You’re right, I do owe you. And I never liked those Blood Warriors. Okay, what do I do?”

Before she could answer, the Blood Warriors she had met in this village before saw her using magic. “Traitor!” one shouted. Kasmira leaped up and ran as fast as she could. They followed her, but she was in better shape than them. Again, she found herself on the road that led her to her great grandparents’ house. She turned around to fight back. She magically cut a slit in one throat, and she was surprised to see the same thing happen to the other Blood Warrior! She turned around to see Amberline standing at the gates.

“What happened?” Amberline reacted.

Kasmira told her, “I used magic to heal an old man’s wound.”

“That makes sense,” she bitterly commented. “You use your powers for good, and they call it treason!” She changed the subject, “I saw the room your family was cursed in.”

“So, we really are cursed?”

“It looks like it. Either that, or he made it seems as though you were cursed to create fear in your family. But if you use a scepter in an enclosed space, it leaves a mark, and in the sitting room, there is definitely a burn mark.”

Kasmira didn’t say anything. She always knew she was cursed, but part of her hoped it wasn’t true. Kasmira decided to tell her, “My father has the scepter.”

“Your father?”

“Yes. Apparently, he never was a drunkard. He spent all of our money buying it from the thief and used the drinking as a cover so no one would suspect he had it. Only, he didn’t have money to buy liquor, so a Blood Warrior must’ve seen him everyday at that bar and grew suspicious.”

“Wow. So your father used the scepter to send Garlord to the Spirit World. We have got to talk to him!”

“Do we really have to?”

Before Amberline could answer, the paper that Holly gave them glowed for a second. They each unfolded theirs to read Mac’s handwriting, which read-Go to the Peasant Village immediately. Puzzled, they set out for that village.

Before they even entered the village, they could see that disaster had struck. They could tell a couple of buildings had been set on fire, and people were fleeing the village in a panic. Kasmira and Amberline ran into the village and found a large crowd staring at someone who was speaking. They soon realized that it was a witch who was holding a young woman hostage. Two wizards joined her with devilishly smug looks on their faces. The witch threatened the crowd, “You see where your defiance has taken you? Your pitiful town hall and that wizard’s farm are being destroyed as I speak! King Davidson did try to warn you about us, but luckily you didn’t listen!”

“No!” Kasmria breathed. She could see where she was going with this.

The witch went one, “We have taken over this village! If you want to stay in your homes, you will work for us. If you don’t, take your chances in the real world! Go ahead, try and stop us! Her husband did, and we killed him. She tried to save his life, so now she must die!” She slit her throat magically, and the crowd screamed in horror.

The peasant farmer saw Kasmira and Amberline and cried out, “This is all your fault! You encouraged our village to make it more profitable, and it made them want it!” He went to strike them, but Amberline used magic to repel him. That was a mistake The throng now feared magic and rushed for them. The girls ran away.

On the outskirts of town, the Blood Warriors that Kasmira saw in the mansion recognized her. “That is the witch who killed those men! I can see it in her eyes!”

The other one shouted, “Prince Orlando, I think we should just let the townsfolk destroy her. What do you think?”

Kasmira and Amberline were surprised to see Orlando there on a white horse. His look was very grave. Kasmira feared the worst. Instead though, he had his horse kneel and told the girls, “Get on.” They squeezed on it. The anger from the village and the Blood Warriors was deafening, but Orlando’s horse took them away as fast as possible.

They got to the cottage to see everyone’s very sober faces. Holly commented, “Thank god you guys are alright!”

Orlando said, “My allegiance has been revealed, so I’ll have to stay here now.”

Ivan replied, “We all welcome you here! Especially Kasmira, I’m sure will be glad.”

“Glad?” Kasmira was upset. “This is all my fault!”

Amberline countered with, “He rescued both of u. If you weren’t there-”

Kasmira argued, “It’s the curse! He lost his home because he-”

Orlando interrupted her, “Kasmira, it was only a matter of time before I was caught.”

“Joseph was a mole too, and he-” she started.

Svetlana informed her, “He was captured last night. They put him in an I.W.T.S.”

Kasmira broke down. “You see! If Orlando hadn’t lingered with me, Joseph wouldn’t be there right now! It’s all my fault! All of this bad luck is just bringing you down! I should never have dared to make a difference! I should have-”

At the top of his lungs, Mac shouted, “That’s enough!” The room went deathly quiet. No one had ever seen Mac lose his temper before. He went up to Kasmira and grabbed her urgently. Still angry, he told her, “We would never have made it this far if it wasn’t for you! Something horrible has happened, and it has nothing to do with you! Do you think it’s your fault King Davidson developed an unceasing lust for power? Your curse had nothing to do with a few people siding with the devil and causing so much horror! No one really listened to our message before you. We were kind of a feeble joke, but you convinced a lot of people to ally themselves with us, and when the time comes, your gifted words will be the blazing light guiding them to help us win this war. More will come, thanks to you! Don’t you dare blame yourself for everything that goes wrong! If it wasn’t for you, there would be no Rebellion! I would have died had you not intervened! If we are to succeed, you have to believe these obstacles can be overcome! It’s essential you understand this! Never say any of that again! Please!” His voice grew shaky.

Hardly daring to move her lips, Kasmira told him, “Okay, I promise.”

Mac let go and turned away from everyone. They could see him using a table edge to prop himself up. It was so quiet they could clearly hear him trying to hold back his tears. Nobody knew what to do. Watching Mac breakdown was disturbing. Holly gingerly went up to him and patted him on the back. Orlando went to Kasmira and squeezed her hand. Orlando’s warm touch was like a stimulant to her. She felt compelled to do something. The time for action came as the door swung open…


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