The Blood Warrior Rebellion, Chapter 24

Through the morning fog, the camp came into view. It consisted mainly of unmarked buildings surrounded by a wiry fence. Two guards stood at the only entrance while a couple of men patrolled on foot. One guard by the entrance noticed something in the bushes. He motioned for the two men on foot to come over. All four stood by ready to fight. All of a sudden, Kasmira, Holly, Amberline, and Svetlana emerged looking their finest in beautiful cloaks and their hair done up. They came out very giggly and bubbly, and the men rested their weapons. Amberline pretended to be surprised to see them. “Oh my! We seem to be lost! Pray tell, where have we wandered to?”

One Blood Warrior replied, “This is an I.W.T.S, ladies. You should be careful-there are a lot of dangerous radicals working here!”

“Oh no!” Svetlana gushed. “What a sight to see that would be! You can tell you boys are doing a swell job because everyone seems so quiet!”

The men swelled up at the praise. One man remarked, “Where would such fine women be going at such an early hour?”

Holly pretended to be sweetly shy. “We had no idea it was so early! We fell asleep at a bar, you see. I dare say we had a wee too much of the drink!”

Kasmira went up to one Blood Warrior and stroked his chest. “Maybe it’s just the mead talking, but I find Blood Warriors very…intriguing.” The girls followed her lead, and the men put their weapons down to hold them.

One Blood Warrior told the women, “Ladies, we really do have a job to do…” They pretended to moan in disappointment, and they couldn’t help but give in. “Well, they don’t wake for another hour. We could spare a little time…”

The girls took them into their office, which was empty save for some desks and bookshelves. Holly asked them so silkily, “Now, there aren’t any other guards who could walk in on us, is there?”

Anticipating what he thought was coming, a Blood Warrior told her, “No, ma’am! It’s just the four of us until the day shift arrives.”

All four women smiled broadly. Kasmira said, “Perfect!” The ladies all picked a man and stood before them. They could see the men’s excitment at their peak. The girls simultaneously undid their hair. It wasn’t until it was too late that the men saw the women’s hair hide a knife! Each girl struck their men in the forehead. They died instantly.

Kasmira quickly directed, “We only have a little bit of time to evacuate before someone notices! Let’s go!” They ran out of the office.

The girls signaled to the male Rebels hiding outside to follow them in. Other Rebels ran to certain positions outside. The insiders each picked a building where the prisoners slept Kasmira was surprised to see everyone cramped onto bookshelves for beds. Her presence woke most of the people up. She ordered, “We don’t have much time! Leave now! Go!” They all scrambled out of bed and ran outside, where Orlando was waiting with a freshly cut hole in the fence. Kasmira guided people out of the hole as quickly and safely as possible.

When everyone was almost out, she heard an explosion come from the other side. They all stopped in worry, but Kasmira quickly recovered, “Keep moving! Go!” The last filed out, and Kasmira told Orlando, “Bring them home! I’m gonna see what happened.” He gave her a quick kiss and ran with the escapees.

When she got to the spot where the noise came from, Kasmira could see a few people on the floor. Amberline appeared to be fighting a wizard while Mac was in a sword fight with a Blood Warrior. Kasmira used her magic to slay the Blood Warrior Mac was fighting. Kasmira could see the wizard about to do the same to Amberline, so she pushed him. The spell missed her chest but got both her legs. She fell down at the same time the wizard did. Mac cut off the wizard’s head. Holly ran over and immediately tended to her leg. She shortly told them, “I think Orlando met some Blood Warriors in the woods.” Mac and Kasmira immediately ran to help.

They ran through the trees in the direction he was supposed to be heading. They found a couple of Blood Warriors dead on the ground. They heard swords clinging in the distance. They found a grifter and Orlando fighting two Blood Warriors at once. Mac and Kasmira joined in the sword fight. It was a tough battle, but eventually the four men were slain.

Mac looked at a piece of paper urgently and then breathed a sigh of relief. “It’s Ivan. He says all of the prisoners made it!”

The other three celebrated. Kasmira ran to Orlando and they embraced. Kasmira told him, “Thank God! I thought for a minute I might lose you!”

Orlando assured her, “Everything is okay!” They hugged, and he reminded her, “You never did answer my question last night.”

Kasmira felt a huge weight on shoulder. All of her fears and doubts about falling in love with a curse on her name came flooding down. It sounded like a reckless idea logically. She looked into his eyes, and he sensed what she was thinking. He looked incredibly hurt, which made Kasmira’s heart break. Suddenly, the answer was clear to Kasmira. “I can’t stand to see you hurting! I came to the Rebellion to help people, which includes you.” She saw his face light up, and all of her doubt about her decision disappeared. “Oh, who am I kidding! I love you, and I we both deserve a chance at happiness! Let’s do this! Yes, yes! My answer is yes! I’ll marry you! I want to be your wife!”

Orlando leapt up and kissed her tenderly. For a second, Kasmira was expected them to run off and do it right at this moment, but she remembered that they were finishing up something important. She looked at Mac, who was beaming. He told them, “We have enough soldiers to tend to the wounded.” He put a hand on each of their shoulders. “A love bonding in the midsts of this war gives me hope for the future of our country. We understand why you must go, so go now. And trust me, your happiness will inspire a lot of people to our cause. You have my permission to leave for a chapel, and please take my blessings with you!” Both Orlando and Kasmira hugged Mac. Almost giddy with excitement, they ran off to get married. Mac watched them scampering off and smiled optimistically.


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