The Blood Warriors Rebellion, Chapter 29

Mac shouted, “Attention everyone!” The clamor hushed, and everyone turned to him. “The time has come for us to take a stand against an evil tyrant! I know fighting isn’t the most popular option, however, if we hide here or run away, they will find us, and our kind will perish. Our only chance is to fight. I know most of you have had little to no training, but with our powers and wisdom, we do have a shot at freedom. If you really don’t think you can fight, we do need people to tend to the sick and wounded. But we need most of you to fight. Remember how much you have suffered so far, and think how it will only get worse from here. King Davidson has a new weapon in which he could enslave us all. None of use want that. Battle is our only option. We will arm you, and use the night to prepare for tomorrow, when we must fight. Are you all with me?”

Everyone heartily agreed. Mac, Kasmira, Orlando, Anthony, and Joseph put the armor Svetlana made one and gave everyone a sword. People spent the night rehearsing sword techniques. Some even started to write out a will. Towards the end of the night, it got really quiet. No one bothered to feign sleep. Families stayed close together, spending what moments they had left with each other. Many people were praying. Most stood still, trying to comprehend the horrors that may await them. Mac and Holly cuddled together looking forlornly at Preston. Amberline, Noah, and others rested in the hospital feeling the same tension the others felt. Ivan and a couple of others paced outside. Lydia stared down at the floor rather blankly. Anthony put his arm around her, which she gratefully acknowledged. Orlando and Kamsira held each other tightly as if they would never get another chance to do so. Mac tried to remain brave as he croaked, “It’s time.”

Everyone marched through the woods as if they were headed to be slaughtered. No one said a word. They came to a clearing by the nearby Merchant Village where they saw the merchant that offered Ivan and Svetlana a room sleeping by a haystack. He jerked awake at the sight of them and blew a horn. Mac asked him, “What are you doing?”

He told him, “In the end, I decided that I wanted to do more than give you supplies.” A gang of armed people streamed out of the village and joined them. He explained, “We heard what happened to the Peasant Village and took preparations incase we were invaded. If you are fighting for our country, we will go with you all the way.”

Mac pat his shoulder in appreciation. They continued to march until they passed the Aristocrats’ Village. They were surprised to see about a dozen people of the village in arms ahead of them. Mac called out to them, “Hey! You up there! Turn around!”

The aristocrats turned around and were equally surprised to see their brigade. The tailor, who led the aristocrats, went up to Mac. She explained, “We were just on our way to save the Peasant Village. A lot of us depend on them for staples, and we’re not going to stand for their demise!”

Mac informed them, “We’re taking a final stand against the Blood Warriors.”

“Then it seems prudent for us to join you,” she assured him. Mac gave them a quick smile and they kept moving.

They passed the Peasant’s Village, but no soldiers waited for them this time. Instead, they saw the witch and wizard who ran the take over guarding the entrance. They stood up in shock, and the wizard asked them meanly, “Have you come to rescue your fellow vermin?”

Orlando told her, “We’re gathered to fight the Blood Warriors.”

The witch laughed derisively. “You? An army of peasants and farmers? I hope you realize that the Blood Warriors outnumber you two to one!” Mac motioned for them to keep moving, and as they left, the witch shouted, “You noble fools! You will perish, mark my words!” They ignored her and kept moving.

They came to a large field located behind the castle, nestled near some large hills. Mac instructed the group, “We will wait for the Blood Warriors right here. When they come out of the castle, we will attack. Use whatever weapon that’s in your disposal. Kill as many as you can, and if one of your friends falls, leave them and keep moving. We have medics ready to sneak onto the battlefield and treat the wounded. We’d like to reserve the medics for serious injuries only. No matter what happens, keep swinging that sword or use your magic if you have it. King Davidson is too cowardly to show his face right away, so we will be dealing with the Blood Warriors to start, most of which can’t perform magic, which gives us an advantage. If King Davidson comes out, he will have the scepter, so just avoid him. That is our plan; any questions?”

One soldier stated, “The reality of the situation is far more intimidating than I thought. Now that we’re here, it seems like such a foolish idea. Why are we here? Why are we doing this?”

Kasmira went before the group and enspeeched, “Why are we here? Did you already forget what he’s done to you? We are doing this not only ourselves; it’s so much more important than that. We are doing this for the future of the people we care most about. Picture a member of your family, a close friend, or even a lover, now picture them being tortured and killed. That’s what’ll happen if we don’t do this. Keep that image in your mind. If you saw someone you cared about in danger, wouldn’t you do anything to protect them? We cannot go into this battle feeling like we’ve already lost! Don’t give up-our loved ones are depending on us! King Davidson’s Blood Warriors are all brainwashed, but our minds are sharp. We can do this! We’re doing it because we have to. Just think about what’s at stake and get angry! Ready or not, the moment has come to fight for our right to live! So, let’s do this- for Velorica!”

“For Velorica!” Everyone shouted passionately. Figures approached the area in the distance. The Blood Warriors were approaching the field. The battle had begun!


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