The Blood Warrior Rebellion, Chapter 30

It finally happened. The soldiers were fueled, fully charged, and ready to take them on. The Blood Warriors were surprised to see an army gathered but quickly recovered and prepared to fight. There was a good distance between the two groups, but Kasmira could look into their greedy, hate-filled eyes. She thought of her new family and felt so much adrenaline pulse through her veins. Mac commanded, “Attack!” Everyone shouted a war cry and ran to the Blood Warriors. The Blood Warriors hesitated but then responded in kind. The two foes met, and the battle began.

Everything seemed to move in slow motion. Kasmira’s only concentration was on the enemies attacking her. Everyone had spread out, and she had no idea where her comrades were. The thought of anything happening to them made her fight harder. Time was impossible to track. It could’ve been seconds, minutes, hours…but at some point, both sides had drastically reduced in numbers. They seemed pretty evenly matched until a flash of light streaked the field. They looked over to see the witches and wizards that took over the peasant village, who were joining in. The soldiers who could do magic faced the witches and wizards, but that was a staggering blow for the Rebels since they were now outnumbered against the Blood Warriors. Kasmira cut down a few Blood Warriors to get to the magic-wielding enemies. The witch cried out madly, “I told you, didn’t I? Fools!” Ivan ran through the crowd. The wizard had been distracted by the witch, and he used that opportunity to cut off the wizard’s head. The witch used her magic to drive Ivan’s sword right into his heart. Ivan died as soon as he hit the dirt.

The witch cackled. Kasmira shouted, “You bitch!” The witch tried to curse her, but she made it reflect off of her, walked right up to her, and beheaded her. She had to continue doing magic to fight off the others.

Mac, who was close by, yelled to Kasmira, “We need help!”

As if on cue, a trumpet sounded from over the hills. Everyone looked to see Rosbly leading Halvor and other Outcasts to battle. With relief in sight, the Rebels fought harder. With people from the Outcasts’ Village in the fight, the Rebels were actually starting to win.

Victory seemed to be in their grasp. There were more Rebels than Blood Warriors, who looked quite frightened. Kasmira threatened, “Surrender now if you want to live!”

The remaining Blood Warriors looked ready to do just that, that is until a booming voice sounded, “No one surrenders!” A looming figure emerged amidst the smoke and debris. King Davidson stood before them wearing a royal robe that somehow made him look like an overgrown bat. He had a smile that exposed his demonic demeanor. Everyone came to a standstill. The Blood Warriors stood behind him, and the Rebels knew what he was capable of with the scepter. King Davidson looked bemused at the Rebels. He commented, “As I thought, you’re all blood-thirsty sprites capable of doing a lot of evil. Look at all the men you killed. Even the children, tsk tsk!”

“Well, it’s not like you gave us a choice,” Mac bravely said, “We did try to-”

King Davidson cut him off, “You injured them to rescue their innocent little souls. Don’t act like you didn’t have a choice. You could’ve just cooperated with me and my new regime for the kingdom, but instead you chose to rebel. All you care about is what’s best for you. Just like that murderous rat, Garlord. To think once I longed to be his apprentice! Good thing he rejected me; it opened up my mind to just how wicked magic is.”

Orlando interjected, “So, that’s why you hate witches and wizards. You’re still hurt by the rejection, and your desire for power-”

“You be quiet, you ungrateful nephew!” he hissed. “Am I afraid of witches and wizards stealing my power? Of course! You see what happens-look at all the evil that’s been done in their name!”

Anthony shouted, “You liar!” The Rebels murmur in agreement.

Everyone fell silent as King Davidson spoke again. “Too bad all that bravery will go to waste! I’m sending you all to the Spirit World!”

As he pulled out the scepter, Kasmira cried out, “No!” King Davidson looked at her with interest. “You don’t need to do that! We’ll cooperate with you!”

King Davidson laughed derisively. “Oh, now you want to cooperate? You sound so much like your father! I should have been suspicious of his intentions by his disgusting mercy for prisoners. ‘Why kill good workers?’ Both of you are fools!” He looked into her eyes and suddenly looked a little scared. “I know those eyes! You’re akin to Garlord, aren’t you?”

“Yes.” Kasmira garnered a lot of courage for this moment. “I’ll make you a deal; if you spare their lives, you can send me to the Spirit World, ending Garlord’s bloodline.”

A lot of protests emerged from her comrades, but King Davidson delighted in the idea. He asked her, “You would really sacrifice yourself for these people?”

Kasmira glanced at the people she would be leaving behind. When she saw Orlando and his sad, desperate face, she looked away quickly. Leaving behind the people she loved would be hard, but they were the reason she had to do this. She told King Davidson, “My grandmother sacrificed herself for the protection of Velorica, and now I do the same.”

Kasmira braced herself as did King Davidson. A tear rolled down her cheek, but she remained resolute. King Davidson raised the scepter and fiendishly exclaimed, “I banish you to the Spirit World!” Kasmira watched as the spell sped towards her…


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