Amouraq, Part 10


Stephen and Emily land on their stomachs in a small, completely white room. When they sit up, they find themselves surrounded by ten angry WARLOCKS in brown, hooded robes, including the head warlock, ORAGOC.

(without thinking)

Seize them!

They lunge for them, but Stephen and Emily roll out of their grasp (though they roll in opposite directions). Most of the warlocks were after Stephen, and while they try to grab him, Stephen pulls out his gun. Oragoc melts the gun with his wand. Stephen tries to move his legs and finds that he can’t. As the warlocks grab him, Stephen desperately looks around for Emily but can’t find her. He shouts as they tie him up.

Emily! Emily! Emily!

He gets no response, and as they drag him out of the room, Stephen worries for her safety.


The room looks like a normal office. It has mahogany walls with filing cabinets lined against it. It also has a dark brown desk with a computer, several papers, and even a green potted plant. A sleek leather chair is turned around. The warlocks drag Stephen in and shove him in front of the desk. His expression is defiant.

The cose is here, Master.

The chair sharply turns around to reveal XAVIER (a handsome man around Stephen’s age with slick, jet black hair, hollow brown eyes, a crisp black suit, and a charming but mischievous smile on his face.)

Xavier Ryder!

My, my, aren’t we clever?
Oragoc, fetch me my ladies.

Oragoc and a couple other warlocks leave the room and return a second later with a group of scantily dressed women.

Do you really need your
whores around to watch

I’m keeping them with me
for their protection since
that bitch could be anywhere.

Emily got away!

Yes, but don’t get too
excited, Mister Knight. She’s
a foolish little sorceress,
and we’ll find her.

I hope you didn’t set more
of your stupid booby traps!
I mean, if a simple cose
like me could outsmart them…

Xavier jabs his finger towards Stephen, who instantly feels a sharp pain in his stomach. He doesn’t want to give Xavier the satisfaction of hearing him cry out in pain, but he can’t help cringing a little. Xavier’s warlocks and bimbos laugh at him.

Take off the ropes; he
can’t escape with you
blocking the only exit.

The warlocks do as they’re told. Stephen boldly stands up. Xavier swishes his fingers, and Stephen eerily floats in the air.

How is it that a stupid
cose could help defeat
some of the most powerful
magical creatures on the
planet? How could you
escape and make it here
without even getting a
scar on your face? Why do
you do it? You could turn
your back now and escape
unscathed. This isn’t your
war. Go back to the United
States and don’t worry
about a thing; Amouraq will
be, ah, perfectly safe in
my hands.

Never! I will not ever turn
down a cry for help. Besides,
I couldn’t let an evil bastard
like you hurt an innocent
person or tear down an innocent
country! I’d rather die here
and now than collaborate with

Then so be it!

Xavier, quite livid, points his hand at Stephen. A bright cloud of green electricity surrounds Stephen, and he feels a pain so unbearable that he can’t help crying out intensely. After a minute or so of this pain, Xavier flings Stephen against the wall, and Stephen lands on his bottom on the floor. Stephen is too weak to stand up at the moment. Xavier turns to his bimbos smiling knowingly, and they smirk back. The warlocks softly chuckle.

This is my favorite part;
this is the part where I
kill you. This is how you’re
going to die: you’ll-

(weak but brave)
I know! All of my organs and
bones will slowly and painfully
be turned into liquid until
there’s nothing left but a
pile of muck. Then you’ll
make sure that no one ever
finds my remains just like
you did with many of your other
victims that you felt like
hurting just for the hell of it.

Ooh, Emily did her homework!
Well, too bad Emily won’t be
able to save your sorry ass
this time!

You’re sick!

That’s nice.

At least I can die with

And so you shall! Any last

You’ll never win, Xavier!

Watch me!

Xavier raises his hand. There is a moment of anticipation from him, the bimbos, and the warlocks. Stephen doesn’t want to believe that this is the end but is preparing for it. Right when Xavier is about to execute his deadly spell, all of his warlocks and bimbos disappear into thin air! Stephen is confused, and Xavier is bewildered. A cloud of smoke emerges, and a figure emerges from the doorway…


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