The Clearfront Balcony Club, Scene 6

Jessica and Drew sit on their balconies while doing more crafts. Drew rolls green paper into a tight cylinder while Jessica cuts red paper into petals. Brisa is standing on her balcony with a cloth tape measurer while Juniper gives her instructions from her balcony.

JUNIPER: Wrap the tape measurer around the fullest part of your chest.

Brisa does as she says and wraps the tape measurer around her chest.

BRISA: Like that?

JUNIPER: No, dear, the tape measurer needs to lie flat, and you have it twisted in the back.

Brisa tries to make the tape measurer flatter.

BRISA: Better?

JUNIPER: Yes. Now, what does it say where the numbers meet in the middle?

BRISA: One twenty. That can’t be right!

JUNIPER: The other side needs to go on top.

Brisa tries flipping it around, but she drops it. She tries wrapping it around herself again, but she sees that it’s twisted again. She groans in frustration.

BRISA: Owen!

Owen comes running out.

OWEN: What’s up?

BRISA: Do my chest!

She dangles the tape measurer from one hand as she holds her arms out so that Owen can measure her. Owen doesn’t see the tape measurer and gets confused.

OWEN: What? Right here? In front of everyone?

Brisa dangles the tape measurer in front of him.

OWEN: (laughs) Oh!

Brisa shakes her head but smiles as he takes the tape measurer.

JUNIPER: You need to wrap it around…

Another loud argument sounds from Carla’s apartment. Everyone stops what they’re doing as they listen to the argument.

BLAKE: (from inside) We can’t afford to waste food!

CARLA: (from inside) I’m sorry! It was an accident!

BLAKE: (from inside) What are you doing?

CARLA: (from inside) You said you didn’t want it if it was burnt!

BLAKE: (from inside) We’re not wasting it! You’re gonna eat it!

CARLA: (from inside) I’m not eating burnt food!

Nedra comes outside and watches Carla’s apartment with a worried expression.

BLAKE: (from inside) Oh, yes you are!

Some loud banging is heard from inside Carla’s apartment.

CARLA: (from inside) Stop it! You’re hurting me!

More crashing is heard from Carla’s apartment.

JESSICA: I’m calling the police!

BLAKE: (from inside) Eat it!

BRISA: We’ve tried that.

CARLA: (from inside) No!

BRISA: She just denies everything and nothing happens.

BLAKE: (from inside) Eat it!

JESSICA: We’ve gotta do something! We can’t just-!

CARLA: (from inside) No!

DREW: I’m calling anyway!

Drew pulls out his phone, but before he calls the police, a small drone flies out of Mendel’s apartment. They all watch as it hovers in front of Carla’s apartment.

BLAKE: (from inside) Eat it!

CARLA: (from inside) No!

BLAKE: (from inside) You stupid bitch!

More crashing is heard from inside of Carla’s apartment.

BLAKE: (from inside) What’s that?

Blake goes outside, and the drone flies out of his reach but still hovers by him. Mendel sticks his head outside.

MENDEL: It’s a drone with an aerial camera! You’re fight is getting live streamed to the police as we speak! Hope that burnt food was worth going to jail for!

Blake’s eyes grow wide, and he runs back into his apartment.

CARLA: (from inside) Blake? Where are you going?

The sound of a door slam is heard. Carla dashes outside and sees Mendel landing the drone.

CARLA: What did you do?

MENDEL: I got footage of your assault and sent it to the police.

CARLA: What? How could you?

MENDEL: How could I not? I hear him hurting you all the time! It’s not right!

CARLA: He’s on probation! Now he’ll go to jail for a long time!


CARLA:No, that’s not good! This baby is due any day now, and I can’t take care of her by myself! Then when the mall opens up again and I can go back to work, who’s gonna take care of her? Oh god, I’m so screwed! Thanks a lot, jerk! You ruined my life!

Carla runs inside crying. Mendel stands there with a hurt expression.

JESSICA: You did the right thing!

MENDEL: I thought I did! I didn’t think anything was worth going through all that, but…

NEDRA: Don’t worry! There are programs to help people in her situation. If you let that continue, that boy would’ve ended up killing her and her baby!

MENDEL: Yeah, that’s true. I just wish she felt better about it.

DREW: She will, in time. What he was doing was just plain wrong!

OWEN: If it weren’t for social distancing, I’d beat the crap out of him!

MENDEL: I couldn’t stand listening to it anymore! I’m learning to block out all of the noise you guys make while I work, but I can’t ignore that!

BRISA: I don’t blame you! If I had a drone that could film videos like that, I would’ve done the same thing! And we’re sorry for all the noise! We’re just excited because-

MENDEL: You’re getting married. I heard.

JESSICA: Hey, I’ve got an idea! If we promise to keep it down, would you be willing to film the wedding?

MENDEL: (mulls it over for a moment) That sounds fair!

OWEN: Oh, thank you so much! Uh…

MENDEL: Mendel. And don’t tell me, you’re Owen, Brisa, Nedra, Juniper, Drew, and Jessica.

DREW: Wow, I guess we really were loud!

MENDEL: Yes, you were! Well, I need to get back to work. At least it’ll keep my mind off of… (looks upward) everything. I’ll talk to you all later!

BRISA: Bye, Mendel!

JESSICA & DREW: Bye, Mendel!

Mendel waves and goes back inside as does Nedra. Juniper mimes to Owen how to do the tape measurer. Drew gestures to Jessica with a fist tilting up and down by his mouth. Jessica misinterprets what he meant and gives him a quizzical look. Drew shakes his head and his hands to indicate that’s not what he meant. He reaches into the cooler and point to a bottle of beer. Jessica laughs and accepts the beer. She holds it up in a tosst and points to Carla’s apartment. Drew nods, and they point their beers toward her in a silent salite. They continue to craft as Owen uses his hands to indicate Brisa’s measurement size. The lights fade.

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  1. Can’t wait to read about you in the newspaper one day, I loved this! Great post! By the way please join my blog too, if you find it interesting – let’s grow together!😊

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