Amouraq III: The Secret of the Dagger, Chapter 8

She didn’t dare to speak or even move. Cara had never seen anything like the blue creature that stood before her, and she would have ran away, but she felt too shocked and terrified to move. She assumed that the awful voice she heard belonged to the monstrous entity in that room, but after listening to them speak more, she soon realized that the alien wasn’t the problem! Xavier growled, “I’ve already told you, I want the entire planet under one rule! We’ve all agreed that everyone would be better off this way! What’s the problem?”

Slentersel did not buckle under Xavier’s intimidation efforts. He spoke with passion, but his conviction had enough strength that he didn’t need to raise his speaking volume. “The problem is that innocent blood will get spilled! Loved ones will perish, and anyone left will only stay loyal from fear! What kind of perverse peace is that?”
“They’ll have their chance to cooperate!” Xavier snapped. “Those who perish do so by their own hands! And anyone who dares to defy me should feel fear! If they’re not afraid, then they’ll do whatever they want, and we’ll return to exactly the same spot we’re at now! The only way some people will cooperate is by force, so if they don’t fear the consequences of disobeying me, then they need to go! We only have room for obedience under my rule! If they value their life, they’ll get on the same page as everyone else! It’s the only way to get Earth under control!”

“So, you’ll take away their freedom for your control?” Slentersel surmised.

Xavier retorted, “Freedom is just another word for chaos! No one is ever truly free, we have rules to keep people safe from themselves! The average person isn’t smart enough to make good decisions on their own, so I, with my above average intelligence, must dictate their every move! For their own sake!”

Slentersel stared at Xavier incredulously. “That’s not how we do things in our colony! We persuade our inhabitants to respect and honor each other, and with these morals in mind, we don’t need to micromanage anyone! With friendship and familial loyalty, we can trust most citizens to do the right thing! When you run a society based on love, you don’t need to set a bunch of rules! Everyone knows what the right thing to do is! We don’t do harm to one another since it would create great anguish for ourselves to have hurt someone we care for! So-!”

Xavier spat, “You sound like that foolish cose! He and the ‘queen’ spread that propaganda to dull people’s minds into complacency! If our species is to survive, we need to keep moving, and we shouldn’t have any of that crap to distract us! Look, I’m done trying to convince you of this very simple concept! You work for me, so just do what I say! The consequences for-!”

“I’m telling Novem your true intentions!” Slentersel started to leave. “When he finds this out, he’ll-!”

“Dolete-!” Xavier began to chant as he raised his hands to curse Slentersel.

Cara instinctively called out, “No!”

Xavier and Slentersel whipped their heads in her direction when they realized she had been standing there. Slentersel seemed surprised, but Xavier’s eyes went wide and his facial expression looked as though she had violated some very sacred privacy. Cara tried to run, but Xavier was able to catch up with her in a couple of steps. He picked her up by her hair, and she moaned in pain as he dangled her in the air! “What are you doing? She’s just a child!” Slentersel objected.

Xavier sneered, “We can’t have you running off to tell anyone about me, can we?” He held up his hands and began to chant, “Exficio san-!”

Before Xavier could finish his spell, Slentersel chanted a spell of his own onto Xavier! Xavier lost his grip on Cara as he shrank down in size, and Slentersel seized the opportunity to scoop up Cara and fled out of the house.

In a cavern hall, two men in brown robes stood guard. They seemed pretty bored until they noticed some movement in the distance. They readied themselves to fight, but when they saw the perpetrator of the noise, they laughed. It was only a little, black chicken! One of them stopped laughing and nudged the other. “Wait! What’s a chicken doing here? It could be a decoy for another ambush!”

The other man agreed, “Oh, you’re right! Maybe we should kill it just in case.”

They raised their hands, but before they could chant a spell, Xavier’s voice came out of the chicken and yelled, “Don’t you dare hex me!”

The two sorcerers gazed in astonishment for a moment, but soon, they roared in laughter! Xavier scolded them, “This is not a laughing matter! Slentersel betrayed us! He’s escaped and, most likely, is heading to the castle to tell our enemies all of our secrets! Bring me to Novem to change me back, and then help round up the others! We’re no longer safe here!” As they carried him into the darkness, he glared menacingly.

“My dear child, why would you seek out someone as dangerous as Xavier?” Slentersel asked as they hastily made their way out of the woods.

“Xavier? Like, Xavier Ryder?” Cara answered with questions of her own.

Slentersel deduced, “Well, if you didn’t know who he was, then you probably didn’t find him on purpose.”

Cara told him, “I would never have gone in that house if I knew it was him! Xavier Ryder is the bad man who took over Queen Emily and made her do bad stuff! He got my parents killed, and he wants to kill me too! But… I thought he was dead!”

“He was,” Slentersel grimly confirmed. “He’s back now, and it’s partly my fault! He summoned my planet to help him, and I thought I was doing something good until today! I’m so sorry!”

“It’s okay!” Cara forgave him. “Xavier tricks a lot of people!”

Slentersel agreed, “That’s true! He’s about to fool a lot of people into waging war against themselves, and we’ve got to stop him before it’s too late! Wait, what am I saying ‘we’ for? You’re too young to get involved in such dark affairs!”

Cara argued, “But, but, but! I want to help! That’s why I left my house! My uncle Marcus is in the army, and he’s worried about this war! I went to the castle to get help, but I got lost! I still want to help Uncle Marcus! I don’t want him to die!”

“Well, I’ll do everything I can to make sure that doesn’t happen!” Slentersel assured her. “I just hope these other humans are willing to listen to me.”

“Why wouldn’t they listen to you?” Cara wondered.

Slentersel explained, “Well, I’m different, and that may scare them. Sometimes when someone is scared, they don’t always act smart. All they can think about is getting away from whatever is scaring them, and they’ll do whatever it takes to do that, even if that means harming the thing that frightens them. So, that means-.”

Cara exclaimed, “No! I won’t let them hurt you! You’re my friend! They can’t!”

That statement made Slentersel gaze at her in shock. “You consider me a friend?”

“Yeah!” Cara affirmed. “You’re good, and you helped me, so we’re friends! Don’t you wanna be my friend?”

“Well, of couse!” Slentersel looked touched by her sentiments. “I just… I don’t even know your name yet.”

Cara informed him, “I’m Cara. Cara Fenmore.”

Slentersel relayed to her, “I’m Slentersel.”

“Slentersel what?” Cara inquired.

“I only have one name,” Slentersel replied. Cara giggled, and they continued to chat as they walked through the woods.

As two guards stood outside of the entrance to the castle, they saw Cara approaching, so one of them rushed to go retrieve her. When Slentersel came into view, the two guards froze and just stared in confusion. Cara blocked as much of Slentersel as she could, and she hollered, “No! Don’t hurt him! We’re here to help you!”

The two guards turned to each other in bewilderment, and one of them dug into his pocket. For a moment, Cara and Slentersel feared the worst. But then, he pulled out his cellphone and instantly made a call. “Hey boss, we’ve got a situation here…”

Stephen and Emily peered into an interrogation room, and it stunned them to see Slentersel! Stephen could hardly believe he was actually viewing a creature like this in real life and not from a cartoon or comic book! His head got consumed just trying digest this new reality, and he couldn’t think about anything else until he heard Emily screech, “Is that Cara?”

Stephen saw Cara innocently sitting next to Slentersel, and it completely boggled his mind! “Cara went missing? Did she get taken by that… thing?”

One of the guards reported, “Actually, he brought Cara to the castle. His name is Slentersel, and he says he has some vital information about Xavier Ryder!” Stephen and Emily’s eyes widened at the possibilities of this revelation…

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  1. This one is very gripping. excellent

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