Crimes of the Fay, Chapter 16

Before either of us could address him, a purple Fay popped into his office. “Hey, Aidan, I…” She noticed the police officer, Sandra, and me standing in there and became a bit flustered. “Oh, I’m sorry! I didn’t realize you had guests still…”

Aidan inquired, “Is everything okay, Jasmine?”

“Oh, fine!” Jasmine replied. “I was just gonna say I sold a wedding dress.”

“Oh, you made a sale? That’s great!” Aidan reacted joyfully. “We’ll do a bell ceremony in a minute.”

Jasmine seemed happy to have an excuse to leave the room and dashed out as soon as she could! Just as I was about to ask Aidan what in the world they did during a bell ceremony, the escorting police officer made a noise of disgust. “What?” I probed.

He looked alarmed by my question. “Oh, did I make that noise out loud?” Sandra and I both nodded. “Sorry, I meant to only think it.” We stared at him for an explanation until he finally relented, “I just don’t understand how you can work with the Fay Folks! I’d never be able to trust them!”

“Officer Finnigan, that’s rude!” Sandra reprimanded him.

“Well, you asked!” Officer Finnigan defended himself. “There’s a reason I wasn’t gonna say it out loud!”

Sandra remarked, “The Fay Folks may look different, but they’re not actually different than any other person! They’re just as greedy, selfish, and maniacal as regular humans! Just now they can’t do magic.”

I got a jolt of shock to hear her have such a callous attitude towards human beings! I had the impression that she had a very kind and generous nature, so to hear her say such a grim assessment of humanity really threw me off! “That’s not true!”

“No, they really can’t do magic,” Officer Finnigan corrected me.

“That’s not what I meant,” I clarified, “I’m talking about what you said about human nature. Not everyone has those sociopathic tendencies! There are good people out there!”

Sandra rectified her previous statement, “Oh, of course! I didn’t mean you! You’re a really good person!”

I differed with her, “I know that. Humans in general aren’t bad! Not everyone has strong morals, but most people will do the right thing when it comes down to it!”

“Really?” Officer Finnigan responded. “You’ve done this job for half your life and you still believe that most people are basically good?”

“Yes!” I affirmed. “There’s so many stories of people doing a lot of good for the community and the world! You’ve done this job long enough to see truly heroic acts happening! How can you believe such horrible things about people?”

Sandra put in, “There are a lot of decent folks out there, but if people were all basically good, then you and I wouldn’t have this job right now!”

I countered with, “If we had more bad than good, then Reed Radley would have turned into a Fay! He didn’t, he’s just plain dead, and his killer is on the loose right now! We may not be able to rid all of the world of evil, but we can restore a little justice to people who deserve it! That alone is enough to convince me to keep faith in humanity! How about you?”

Officer Finnigan and Sandra looked a little ashamed of themselves, and no one spoke for a moment. Eventually, Aidan broke the tension by asking, “So, am I going to jail or can I go back to work?”

“We’re giving you a conditional release,” Sandra informed him. “You had a presence at two murder scenes, so your activities are suspicious enough for us to put you under surveillance for the next forty eight hours. If you go anywhere that’s non-essential, we’re going to follow you to see what you’re up to.”

“Oh, goody! What a fun weekend!” Aidan retorted sarcastically.

This prompted Sandra to remember something. “Oh right, it’s Friday! My husband and I have reservations at Oberon’s tonight! You don’t have any plans tonight, do you Shannon?”

I told her, “I was gonna deal with my ex-husband, so if Mister Maddox makes me miss that… I won’t be mad! I’d love an excuse to not deal with that prick!” I saw a twinkle in Aidan’s eye, so I added, “That’s not a green light for you to misbehave!”

“Well, I could just misbehave at my home then and you’ll never know!” Aidan kidded.

“Do you want more surveillance put on you?” I prodded.

He answered with a wry smile, “Obviously, I totally meant that. It’s been so much fun so far!”

I curtly expressed, “If you wouldn’t do illegal things, then we wouldn’t need to keep watching you.”

“I didn’t do anything wrong and yet here we are!” He gestured to everyone in the room. I folded my arms in disbelief, and he pointed out, “If you found any evidence of wrongdoing, I’d be heading to jail right now!”

“Ugh, that’s true!” I regretfully acknowledged. He grinned triumphantly, so I pulled out my wand and reminded him, “It’s not over yet!”

He commented, “I never said it was.”

I regarded him, “You were thinking it though.”

“You can read minds now?”

“If I could, then I’d already know your secrets and surveillance wouldn’t be necessary.”

He grinned and told me, “Touché!” He posed in a way so that nothing obstructed him, and after I concentrated a little, I released the spell. As soon as he saw that it had taken effect, Officer Finnigan removed the other cuff. “Excellent! Well, it’s been a pleasure, really! But my team does need me, so if you’ll excuse me…”

“We’ll talk soon, I’m sure,” I shot at him as we left.

He didn’t seemed fazed by that. He simply waved to us as we exited and bade us, “Have a good weekend!”

He gave us a little wink before we took off, and I just rolled my eyes and marched out. Sandra girlishly giggled and simpered, “Bye now!” I gave her a peculiar look, and as we went out of the building, she came back at me with, “What? You’re allowed to flirt with him, but I can’t?”

“I didn’t flirt with him!” I vehemently denied as we got into the car. “He’s a criminal! I would never!”

“Is that why you’re mean to him?” she wondered as she started the car. “You wanna oppress your feelings of attraction to him in case he’s guilty?”

I claimed, “I’m mean because he’s trying to run his game on me and I won’t let him!” She didn’t look like she believed that, but she didn’t say anything else about it, which I felt grateful for. I considered her a friend, so I didn’t want to keep arguing with her. Oh sure, I thought Aidan had good looks, but I really thought he had criminal tendencies, so I didn’t accept her claim… At least not yet…

When I came home, I saw that my mom and Wade weren’t home yet, which meant the Roadkill Diner actually had customers! I couldn’t imagine who on Earth would want to spend their Friday night there, but I didn’t want to ponder that point too much since their livelihood depended on it. My mother requested that if I got home before her that I feed the cats. I always wondered why she fed them all (I actually counted eight!) in separate rooms until I aimed my wand at only the bowl in the kitchen. Cats from all different directions swarmed in, and aside from the displeasure of getting knocked into, I noticed that the cats were all fighting over who got to get to the bowl first. After fully comprehending her reasoning for doing so, I also fed the cats in the other two rooms that their bowls were stored in! I offered to help my mom out with chores using my magic since she had a hard time with hers, but she insisted on doing it herself. I didn’t fully comprehend why, but she had a good reason for her feeding method, so I figured she had a good reason for doing that as well!

After dealing with a complicated task like that following an emotionally taxing day, all I wanted to do was relax! Unfortunately, I promised Ben I’d call him to clear my intentions, so I sighed really loud before dialing his number on my phone, which I now relabeled his contact ID as Future Ex. It rang on his end, and I dreaded the instance when he’d pick up the call. To my astonishment, that moment never came! I got sent to voicemail, which ticked me off, so I yelled, “Really? You spent all that time and effort to get me to talk to you and now you’re not answering the phone? What, are you out screwing another whore? Well, fine, asshole! You’re the one that wanted to talk, not me! I’m perfectly fine communicating through-!” The voicemail system cut me off before I could say “my attorney.” I felt thoroughly vexed until I realized that I didn’t really want to talk to him anyways, so I just exhaled to release my ire, plopped onto a couch in the living room, and turned on the television.

The TV had a local news station playing already. With the kind of day I had, I really needed to watch something more relaxing. I hadn’t familiarized myself with their cable channels yet, so I pulled up the menu and started scrolling through to find something more cheerful and uplifting. The news program still played in the background, but I didn’t pay any attention to it… That is until I heard the anchor say, “…an increased number of Fay Folks attacks…” That caught my attention, and I turned off the channel guide to listen to this information. “Breena Alfred has the story.”

“Thank you, Shay! A number of viewers have contacted us regarding hostile encounters with this group. What used to be a few harmless nuisances has turned into a series of aggressive agitators.” Breena shifted to a nearby screen that played the scene she described. “Earlier today, a bystander caught this footage of two Fays harassing this elderly woman…”

“The Fays shall inherit this land! The Fays shall inherit this land!” the two Fays in the video repeatedly shouted as they pushed and poked an old lady, who could hardly defend herself.

Breena went on, “A lot of people are claiming similar ambushes with the same anti human rhetoric. Our sources at the Slygow County police department have revealed that in the last couple of weeks, reports involving Fay Folks have tripled! It leaves us wondering… What the heck prompted this sudden shift in tactics for them, and what exactly is their end game? Everyone is hoping for a peaceful ending. Shay.”

As Shay started talking about another news item, I sat there totally perplexed. The increased attacks from the Fay Folks started around the time that Reed Radley got killed, and the evidence left on the scene proved that the killer adopted a similar attitude. My double homicide had nothing to do with these other crimes at the moment, but I couldn’t help but think that my suspect had a little more than just murder on his or her mind! Maybe their goal had much greater stakes…

Before I could continue contemplating this possible connection, my cellphone suddenly rang…

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