Crimes of the Fay, Chapter 18

I had to use my magic to get back to Anaknock quickly, and coupling that with the flurry of different emotions I went through that day, I felt incredibly wiped out! As I drove to the coordinates that Sandra gave me, I struggled to keep my eyes open. I wouldn’t have the ability to sleep after all that, my body just wanted to curl up on the floor and do nothing for the rest of the night. Working overtime after dealing with an ex would have been draining enough, but getting my emotions played with bothered me the most! He managed to take a very deep and personal conflict of mine and made me believe that someone actually cared what I went through! I knew that there was a chance that they’d find Aidan totally innocent, but I didn’t have high hopes of that happening. The fact that Aidan skipped town right after another murder occurred seemed really fishy. It could have been just a coincidence, but until I heard evidence proving otherwise, I wouldn’t accept notions of his innocence! His DNA didn’t match the profile of the killer’s, but he certainly had the money and influence to persuade someone else to do it. As I pulled up to a spot in the woods by the Virginia border, I tried to collect myself in order to process this scene properly. I had so much anger built up about this whole situation, and what made me the most steamed was the fact that no amount of logic or reasoning seemed to dispel the romantic sentiments I now realized that I had for Aidan!

Sandra came up to my vehicle and gently knocked on my window. I hastily tried to disguise my feelings, but I guess Sandra had already seen what I was doing in there because she asked me, “Are you alright?”

“I’m fine,” I answered untruthfully. Sandra knew I had lied and gave me a disbelieving look, so I rectified my statement, “Okay, I’m not fine. Can we talk about this later?”

“Oh, you better believe we’re talking about this later!” Sandra responded as we walked into the woods towards the crime scene. “Aidan is at the station right now, and he’s probably telling us his side of the story, so, of course, we we wanna find out yours!”

I outwardly groaned upon that realization. I hadn’t considered it until right then, but naturally, they’d grill him about why he led me on a chase like that. That realization made me dread what he would tell everyone! We hadn’t done anything, really, but for a moment there, I thought I might! I didn’t want the whole world to know the story of what I went through with my family (Not at that time anyways! Obviously, this book shows I changed my mind later!), and I definitely didn’t want him to imply that the leading detective on this case developed an amorous interest in her top suspect! The possibility of that happening made me fret that Chief Mazarine would demote me back to petty crimes again! That would have been a nightmare! The more I thought about it, the more reckless I felt for doing what I did! As I wondered when the feelings for him would go away, I could tell that Sandra was dying to inquire more about the incident. Luckily, we stumbled across the crime scene pretty fast, and I felt so grateful to have a distraction in that instance!

We approached the public restrooms for the hiking grounds in the area, and a forensic investigator led us towards the women’s side of it. She advised us, “Hold your noses for this one, guys!” That’s never a good thing to hear before you go into a bathroom, but it sounded particularly stunning coming from someone who has had to deal with all kinds of odors from various crimes! When we got close, the the smell of sewage overwhelmed our senses! I didn’t think it was possible for something to wreak worse than Wade, but this proved me wrong! After she gave us a few seconds to regroup, the forensic investigator remarked, “It gets worse!”

She pointed her wand down to clear a path for us since the entire women’s room got flooded. Usually, my eyes got drawn right to the body, but the most eye-catching part of the scene was the message written on the wall: “The Earth is destined to get destroyed. Save yourselves and become a Fay!” The assertion’s creepiness would have scared anyone on its own, but instead of getting inked with blood, these words appeared to have gotten etched on by feces! “Holy crap!” Sandra exclaimed.

“I don’t know about holy, but it is, indeed, crap,” the forensic investigator confirmed. “The DNA from it matches your suspect.”

“They used their own poop?” I cried out in aghast and disgust. “Why didn’t they use the victim’s blood like usual?”

She pointed to a woman’s body lying on the floor. “I’m guessing it got diluted by all of the toilet water on the ground. It looks like the victim put up a fight, there’s several pipes that appear to have been burst open magically. Her pockets had some used needles and a wad of cash in it, but no ID or any other personal belongings.”

I noted, “So, she came for a drug transaction. That’s another deviation from the killer’s profile!” I remembered that Aidan mentioned working with former prostitutes and drug dealers, which I bitterly theorized didn’t bode well for him. “With all of this water, I’m guessing you didn’t find any footprints.”

Before the forensic investigator could reply, we saw the woman’s body suddenly convulse! It trembled as it slowly changed forms. It decreased in mass, and it shifted to a hue of green that reminded me of a crayon I had as a kid that the manufacturers dubbed “Electric Lime.” After her ears and nails elongated and grew more pointy, the woman abruptly bolted up! Sandra and I both raised our wands, and Sandra told her, “Don’t bother running! You’ve got no way out!” She looked around, and when she saw no other doors or accessible windows, she begrudgingly surrendered.

The woman now turned Fay refused to speak about her attack, she wouldn’t even admit that anyone went after her! Since we didn’t spot any other person there, we had no choice but to charge her with destruction of public property. We were hoping that she’d open up more after spending some time in jail, but we weren’t counting on it. You know who else spent the evening in jail? Aidan! They charged him with violating his conditional release and fleeing from an officer, and since he now had a history of escaping, he wasn’t even given the option of bail! I felt a little better since I knew it’d be a while before anyone questioned him, but I still worried about what he would say once our department questioned him. I wanted to be the one to do it, but I’d have to question my new witness instead, so the task would get handed over to another one of my colleagues. The one silver lining from all this woe was that I wouldn’t have been able to sleep that night even if I wanted to! Some of my new neighbors got drunk and rowdy, and I could hear a lot of hooting and hollering accompanied by loud bangs that lasted until sunup! The police officer in me wanted to have them all punished for all of the laws I knew they were breaking and all the ones that I probably didn’t know about, but I really didn’t want to deal with my peers again that day! If I had any desire to slumber that night, I would have felt furious about the constant disturbances, but if it had to happen any evening, I was glad it happened at that time! At least it temporarily distracted me from my nerves that got jangled just thinking about what the next day would bring!

The next day, I walked into the interrogation area, and I could tell what room Aidan got placed in because, once again, he had a large audience! It sort of amazed me that so many people found an excuse to come in on a Saturday, but I was sort of glad that they did because it made it easier for me to avoid Aidan’s section! I got another surprise when I saw that Sandra hadn’t participated in his fan club activities! She had been waiting for me outside of another interrogation room, and when she saw me and studied my appearance, she instantly concluded, “You look terrible!”

“Thanks! I feel terrible,” I rang out sardonically. “So, did-?”

“Wait, wait, wait!” Sandra interrupted me as we went into the observation room. “Before we talk about this witness, I wanna know what happened between you and Aidan that night! And don’t say nothing! You lost sleep over the matter, something happened!”

Sometimes it annoyed me to work with people who were good at reading other people’s behaviors! Nothing stayed private, it seemed! I really wanted to save my last remaining brain cells on getting as much information as I could out of this witness, and when I glanced into the interrogation room (looking for an excuse not to do it), I noticed that this Fay had a lawyer with her. So, I suggested to Sandra, “Let’s talk about that later. We don’t wanna keep her attorney waiting too long!”

Sandra saw the accuracy of my rationale, so she reluctantly relented, “Okay. But whatever happened clearly had an impact on you, which impacts the entire case, so when we’re done here, you’re definitely telling me what happened last night!” I didn’t say anything, and Sandra sighed as she was forced to move on. “This is Giada Midori. She was twenty-two years old when she got killed, and she has numerous arrests related to drug activity. That’s all we know so far.”

“Let’s go find out more!” As I walked out of the room, my curiosity boosted my mood. I didn’t want to rest all of my hopes on solving this case based on a witness who only cooperated out of her preference to not get incarcerated, but I had a feeling that we’d gather some clues that would propel us in the right direction!

As Sandra and I entered the interrogation room, the lawyer stood up and introduced himself, “Good morning, ladies! I’m Verne Bradshaw, and I’m representing Miss Midori.” He shook our hands and took a seat after we sat down. He then continued, “My client has some information for you on the condition that you drop the charges in her case upon receiving her statement.”

“As long as we can verify the information as accurate, then of course we will,” I assured them. “Okay, Miss Midori, if you didn’t destroy that bathroom, who did?”

With a sour face, Giada retorted, “What does it matter? Soon, your entire race will get exterminated! What does it matter if this scumbag gets arrested or not?”

“Well, I guess you’d rather spend your last remaining days in a federal prison then!” I shot back.

Her displeasure got heightened by my quip, and as Verne urged her to cooperate, I pulled out my notebook and pen, ready to write. She unwillingly revealed, “Fine! You really wanna know who destroyed that bathroom? I’ll tell ya! The guy who killed me did it, and he is…”

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