Crimes of the Fay, Chapter 32

I had a new appreciation for my body after removing that disguise! Though that sense of relief didn’t last long! The longer it took to get to Dahlia’s questioning, the more anxious I grew. I had this fear gnawing at the pit of my stomach that she would end up naming Aidan as the serial killer that she worked for, and I just couldn’t bear to see the hurt in his eyes as we accused him of murder! As the time grew closer, my nerves grew to their maximum height, and all I wanted was for that feeling to go away. I realized that the only way that would have been for me to obtain definitive proof one way or the other, so whether or not he turned guilty, I needed to find out the truth! With that in mind, I had renewed vigor as we headed out.

Sandra and I were informed that Dahlia would stay in a mental health institution for evaluation, and as we got into the car, Sandra remarked, “I’ve never interviewed anyone from one of these facilities! It feels kinda strange!”

“You’ve never had any suspects go insane before?” I asked as we buckled our seatbelts.

“Oh sure, I’ve had some crazy ones,” Sandra answered as she started the vehicle, “but usually they got some medication and served their time just fine. I had one guy deemed not fit to withstand trial, but we could already prove he did the crime we accused him of. All we can prove with Dahlia is that she sold heroine, and she probably won’t even do hard time for that if she’s institutionalized.”

As we drove towards our destination, I reminded her, “Don’t forget, we have a witness this time. She can claim another coincidence if she wants, but once Giada identifies her as the killer’s accomplice, she’ll get the punishment she deserves.”

Sandra somewhat bitterly responded, “Yeah, if we can find her! She’s not at her last known address, and we’ve been looking all over town for her. No one has seen her, and if we can’t locate her before Dahlia goes to trial, we can kiss this case goodbye!”

“I’m sure she’ll turn up once she finds out her drug dealer is in custody!” I wouldn’t accept defeat on this case! My entire future rested on whether or not I could trust Aidan, and I absolutely had to find out before it was too late! I didn’t want the case to go cold and then I marry Aidan, have kids with him, and then discover he had been guilty all along! Besides, if I couldn’t close this investigation, I felt sure that Chief Mazarine would demote me back to petty crimes, and I worked too hard to return to that again! I determinedly asserted to Sandra, “She’s probably in hiding so that the killer doesn’t get her for assisting us. I’d probably do the same if I were in her shoes! But I’d also hang around Anaknock so I could get my life back after this is all over. She’s around here somewhere, and I’m positive she’ll show up before Dahlia goes to trial!”

“I just hope the jury takes her seriously,” Sandra commented. “A drug addicted Fay isn’t too reliable of a witness to most juries!”

I refused to concur with that assumption. “We’ll have more evidence than just her word! Especially once we get the truth out of Dahlia!”

Sandra pointed out, “That’s assuming she’s sane enough to provide testimony for us.”

“She’s faking it,” I stated firmly. “She didn’t start acting unstable ’til we saw the other officers. Don’t you see, this was their plan all along! The main suspect and she obviously hatched this plot in case she got caught so that no one would take her word seriously. We can’t let their ploy stop us from doing our job! We gotta treat this like any other interrogation!”

“You’re right!” Sandra acknowledged. “We can’t go in there planning on failing! Let’s make it happen!” We gave each other a high five and started focusing all our energy on different techniques to win this.

We arrived at an antiquated building surrounded by iron bars and ivy, and if it weren’t for the sign outside indicating that it was a hospital, I would have thought that I had come to the mansion of an old, rich person! It didn’t begin to appear like a medical facility until we got to the back of the building where we saw uniformed staff escorting people into an automatic door. As we walked inside, we noticed a small patio area with a few chairs where patients were sitting and chatting. Sandra then observed, “They sure made this place look like home!”

Trying not to sound too condescending, I brought up, “It is home for some people.” I then added, “I can see why Dahlia would prefer this place to prison, but I hope she doesn’t get too comfortable here!”

We approached the front desk, and the receptionist paged the people who could show us to where they where holding our witness. A doctor led us down a sterile hallway, and we found her in a solitary room with softly cushioned walls and nothing else.. She wore a straight jacket as she rocked back and fourth while staring vacantly towards the room adjacent to hers. The doctor informed us, “If she becomes too agitated, we’ll have to put an end to your interview. Also, we have a couple of orderlies standing by in case things get out of hand.”

“How much trouble could a Fay without use of her arms give us?” I inquired.

“You’d be surprised!” the doctor replied. “We’ll be watching your conversation in the observation room. Just call us if you need anything!”

Once he left, Sandra consoled herself, “An observation room? It’s not that different than our station! We’re gonna be fine!”

I ignored the creepiness of the situation and boldly expressed, “If she thinks this’ll intimidate us, she’s dead wrong!” Not even pausing to take a deep breath or do anything I’d normally do to calm myself before I question someone, I barged into the room!

Sandra and I sat down in front of her, and Dahlia looked at me in astonishment. “You’re not a Fay?”

“No, I’m not. I’m almost as big of a liar as you,” I kidded her, but really, my allegation had an ounce of truth to it!

“I’m not faking my mental illness!” Dahlia reacted in offense. “How dare you suggest that! Isn’t there laws against these kinds of accusations?”

I smugly told her, “I said you were a liar, I never suggested you were faking your mental illness- you did!”

Dahlia made a face as though I had just slapped it, and then she pouted, “I’m glad you’re not a Fay! You don’t deserve to be one!”

“You consider it an honor to be a Fay?” I queried.

“Not in this society, but this society won’t last long!” Dahlia retorted. The end is near, and you’ll all be dead soon! Meanwhile, I’ll stay on Earth and live like a queen!”

I probed, “Is that what he promised you? You help him kill people, and you’ll get to live in paradise? You actually believe that?”

She explained, “It’s true though! Once the Ploutonion gets destroyed, the planet will become the gateway to the afterlife, and only the Fay Folks can survive that! They can’t take our life force since we’re technically not really alive!”

“That can’t be true though!” I differed with her. “If It were, then no human could enter the Ploutonion!”

“The Ploutonion is just the gateway, you idiot!” Dahlia spat. “It protects the Fate Particle, but once it gets released from its enclosure, it’ll have infinite room to spread! No human stands a chance against it!”

I exclaimed, “So, you’re working for some kind of martyr, huh? He’s selflessly gonna sacrifice his life so that murderers like you can stay out of Hell a little while longer, is that it?”

She argued, “I’m not a murderer! Turning someone into a Fay helps them live through the apocalypse!”

“What about Reed Radley?” I contended. “He didn’t turn into a Fay, he just died! You don’t consider that murder?”

“I don’t know what went wrong there!” She hung her head ruefully. “He was just as sleazy as the rest of them, I don’t know why the Fates didn’t send him back. Well, obviously he must have went to Hell, and in that case, he deserved what he got!”

I refuted that claim, “Reed Radley’s sins didn’t define him! He had more than one side to him and helped a lot of people. I can prove that! He went to Heaven and obviously the Fates aren’t as judgmental as that loser you devoted your life to worshiping!”

Dahlia bellowed, “He’s not a loser! He’s using his powers to do the world a huge service! There’s so much suffering out there because of people’s selfish and evil ways, and he’s helping us live in peace and harmony! He’s destined for greatness, not like you! You’re just gonna perish like the rest of the lousy humans on Earth!”

“Last time we spoke, you admitted you didn’t want to help us ’cause you were afraid of him killing you and dying before you had a chance to make up for all the misdeeds that you did as a human, and now you act like you’re proud to serve him. You can’t have it both ways!” Before she could deny anything, I relayed to her, “Don’t try to play innocent now! If conversation wasn’t enough, we have a witness who could place you at the scene of their death! You’re not getting out of jail this time! If you wanna get into Heaven, you only have one last chance! Tell us who this hero of the apocalypse is!”

“I did my part already,” she regarded me hollowly. “There’s not much time left. The seal of the Fates has already begun to wear away, so you have about a week, two at the most. If I give you his name, then the Fays would only continue to suffer for years and years. If I reveal my master, then they’ll never be free! They only have to put up with it for a little bit more, so if I can’t help him other than to protect his identity, then so be it!”

Sandra and I glanced at each other in exasperation, and we silently communicated that there wasn’t a lot of point in continuing this conversation. As we got up, I concluded our talk with, “Have it your way! I guess I’ll see you in Hell!”

This appeared to have incensed Dahlia. She growled and suddenly lunged at me! Her mouth landed just inches away from my skin, and if Sandra hadn’t been ready with her wand, she would have gotten me! A couple of orderlies rushed in and injected her with a tranquilizer, and the doctor ran in and asked me, “Are you alright?”

“I’m fine,” I answered him honestly. Somehow, her attacking me wasn’t the most disturbing thing that happened that day! “You guys were recording that, right?”

“I’ll have a copy sent you,” the doctor obliged.

I thanked him as we left the room. When we returned to the hallway, Sandra gazed out the window of an empty room and wondered, “Do you really think we’re on the brink of the apocalypse?”

I looked out the window and noticed the sky had an orange and gray tint to it. I would have normally attributed it to the sunset, but Dahlia’s story had me a little spooked! I shook off that precarious notion and expressed to Sandra, “I think she believes that, and the killer may or may not believe it too. Regardless of the case, he’s dangerous and we need to stop him!”

Sandra nodded, and we resumed exiting the building. “Maybe the killer will slow down without his faithful lackey by his side!”

As we headed to the car, I agreed, “Yeah, maybe!” Before I got into the vehicle, I caught another glimpse of the twilight again, and I got this feeling that Dahlia had told us the truth…

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