Crimes of the Fay, Chapter 33

One good thing came out of that day- Sandra got too distracted to hound me about my relationship with Aidan! While I found Dahlia’s testimony interesting, I couldn’t see how it got us any closer to catching the killer. Oh sure, we learned a little more about his methodology, especially when it came to how he recruited Fay Folks to his side, but her refusal to name him put us right back to square one. We still had no idea who this murderer was, at least from a legal standpoint. I still believed that Aidan fit the role, and I refused to keep enduring this torment of not knowing dangling over my head! I didn’t want to keep repeating the cycle of finding new evidence, worrying it would reveal he did it, and then finding out our clues wouldn’t lead us to anyone least of all him. I certainly didn’t relish having a man who captured my heart go to prison for a heinous crime spree, but I also didn’t want this go on long enough for me to fall in love with him only to have us get torn apart in such a brutal fashion! Plus, innocent people were dying, and it struck me that I didn’t think about that first! The inward debate I had on whether or not I had a good soul tortured me enough, but I hated the possibility of having such strong feelings for an infinitely evil person too, so I left work with the fierce determination that I would unearth the answers I needed from him right away!

At least, I intended to do that anyway! I kept a full head of steam throughout the way home, but as soon as I arrived there, Travis popped out in front of me and repeated for the millionth time, “Where’s my bike?”

With the fury that consumed me at that moment, I couldn’t help but feel touchy by this constant nuisance! Following my immediate instinct of not wanting to deal with it anymore, I snapped, “You wanna know the truth? We did find your bike, but you can’t get it back! A hooker stole it so a murderer could make a sign about the doom of humanity! There! Happy now?”

“If you don’t know, you don’t have to make crap up!” Travis walked away in a huff.

“What did you just say?” From her nearby truck, Travis’s mom came barreling towards me with an irate confusion blazing in her eyes. “Why are you shouting about hookers to my son?”

I hadn’t considered rousing the wrath of a mama bear when I responded in the way that I had, and as she came towards me fully charged, I got completely intimidated in a matter of seconds! I backed away slowly and, as calmly as I could, I explained, “I’m so sorry! I shouldn’t have shouted, but I told your son the truth about his bike! A prostitute took it so a serial killer could tear it apart and use it to hold up a threatening message. I know it sounds strange, and I haven’t the faintest idea as to why they used Travis’s bike out of all things, but I’m being honest here! I’m so sorry!”

She appeared to have been mollified when she heard all that, and I felt an incredible wave of relief wash over me. Not just because she no longer wished to harm me, but I got a huge sense of alleviation to relieve myself of the burden of constantly having to lie! It didn’t solve all or even most of my problems, but it gave me one less thing to worry about! I can’t say that Travis’s mother felt the same way though! She seemed a little disconcerted, and after she took a minute to absorb it, she finally reacted, “So, it’s gone now, huh?”

“Well, you could get it back after we solve the case and convict the guy,” I relayed to her, “but I’m not sure if you’d want it back after…”

“No thanks!” Travis’s mom declined as she took out her wand and lit a cigarette. “I didn’t take my husband back after he touched a hooker, so I ain’t taking that thing back either!”

Her comment peaked my interest. “Your husband slept with a hooker?”

She leaned against my car as she took another drag. “Yeah. Happened when Travis was a baby. I came home one day, and there they were buck naked in my living room!”

“What’d you do next?” I curiously asked her as I joined her on the hood of my car.

“I took out my wand and blasted them out of the house!” she answered in a very matter-of-fact tone. “Then I put a spell on the house so he couldn’t come back in. He kept coming to the park though, and he kept hovering as close as he could! Even after he died too!” She saw my expression of puzzlement, so she clarified for me, “He turned into a Fay.”

With all of the mayhem the Fay Folks caused for my case, it hadn’t occurred to me that they had families out there. I couldn’t imagine how they must have felt to have a relative die in that way, and while some may have been comforted with their ability to still speak with them, I figured some wouldn’t have any desire to anymore. They committed a lot of great offenses to get to that state, so I imagined that their families would feel conflicted about having them still around! And after going through the betrayal of infidelity myself, I knew that having her ex return in that way must have been very painful! I sympathized with her, “I’m sorry! That must have been really hard!”

She let me know, “I didn’t give a damn what happened to him once he left! Of course I didn’t like him always being around, but it really bothered me to have him hang around my child! I didn’t want Travis to pick up on any of that shit that made him turn into a Fay! He’s a good boy, I don’t want him to follow in the same footsteps! Thank the heavens for Mister Okelani’s lawsuit or else he might never have gone away!” She could tell I was about to query about that last part, so she elaborated, “He was in the neighbor’s yard, the one next to the woods right there, when Mister Okelani’s chihuahua attacked him, and-.”

“Wait, was your husband a blue Fay that made such a big deal about his injury that the police had to get involved?” I probed.

“Yes… How did you know?” She gazed at me in surprise.

I revealed, “I was the officer that responded to that call!”

Travis’s mother laughed at that coincidence. “Damn, it is a small world! Well, anyway, Mister Okelani’s dog got real sick from biting him, something about swallowing undead blood, so Mister Okelani sued him. Thankfully, the bastard paid this place off before that suit, so Travis and I still had somewhere to go!”

“You’re lucky!” I remarked. “Well, all things considered anyways. My husband cheated on me with a prostitute too, and he stole all our money to pay for it! He even took the money to pay off our mortgage, so the bank took our house and I had to come here.”

“So, a hooker took your ex too, huh? That’s too bad! At least you didn’t lose anything that can’t get replaced! I dunno when I’ll ever be able to replace that bike!” She finished her cigarette and then regarded me, “Speaking of my kid, I better go feed him. Thanks for treating us like human beings! Most cops don’t care!” She gave me a grateful smile before heading inside her house. It really struck me that she had that sentiment, especially since the Fay Folks echoed a similar attitude. It made me wonder why the killer chose, out of all people to pick on, her to victimize. I could have seen the logic if she represented the type of person that caused him to bring on the apocalypse, but I would’ve thought seeing a kindhearted person like her would have been reason enough to cease his depraved mission! I didn’t understand how he could see the best of humanity and still justify this action! I knew I wouldn’t discover the rationale of it that night, so I shook it out of my mind and went inside the house.

Despite the grim topics of our conversation, I felt pretty good about myself afterwards. It was nice to make a new friend that I could relate to, though embarrassingly enough, I hadn’t learned her name yet! I enjoyed talking to someone who understood the pain I went through with Ben, and I might have spent the rest of the night savoring that gratification if it weren’t for the unpleasantness that the suspect in my case put them through! It mystified me why he would hurt a single mother barely scraping by like that! I considered the fact that she had a connection to a Fay, but he didn’t have access to the property. He did have access to ladies of the night though, and I began to speculate on who the one she busted him with might have been…

Without even realizing it, I had crawled onto my bed (my only option to navigate through my room since I stored so much of my stuff from the old house in there), and I had begun texting Aidan all about my day! Apparently, he had asked how it went, and I had given him a lengthy reply! I had to scroll through our conversation to make sure I hadn’t revealed any classified details about my case, especially since I didn’t want my unofficial suspect to know how much I knew, and luckily, I hadn’t divulged anything too precarious! I scolded myself for not exercising enough caution, and I vowed to behave more carefully going forward! With my focus renewed like that, I decided to use this opportunity to wrangle the truth out of him!

Easier said than done! I had the right intentions, but I lacked the concentration! Wade was in the living room (which my room shared a wall with) shouting at the television as if he were watching a sports game, but he just had the news on! He got so distracted by his outbursts that he failed to see my mom sneak some leftover dinner to me. Aidan started telling me about his day, and I couldn’t think of a way to tie in my murder case with his story about his latest heist, especially not with all of the noise around me and the food in front of me, so I responded to him with follow up questions to what he told me. I’m sure it must have felt liberating for him to be open with me about this subject, and it delighted me to think I made him happy in that way! I texted him that I thought he was wasting his talents in faux sales and suggested that he join the force as an undercover officer…

That prompted to me return to my original objective. I knew his reaction to my advice would be very telling on just how immersed he got in the criminal world. If all he did was hustle bad guys out of their money, then becoming an officer that pretty much did the same thing should have intrigued him. If he made up some excuse to not do it, I thought that I could assume that meant he didn’t want to give up his criminal ways. If he didn’t opt to do the right thing, I planned on pressing him and pressing him until he gave me the honest answer as to why he wouldn’t do it, which excited me! I felt like I had gotten so close to learning what I needed to solve my case, and my anticipation ran through the roof! A part of me hoped that he would say yes so that I could begin to accept his innocence and let myself develop more potent emotions for him, so it really disappointed me when he expressed his need to mull it over. He really loved sales, and he didn’t know what would become of his business if he left. I had to counter that, I had to find out his true motive for not moving forward with this! I got so close to finally gathering the evidence that I needed…

Then, my phone started ringing! I anguished in a surge of disappointment and hoped that the caller didn’t need something that would take me away from all of this progress I was making. Sandra had been the one to contact me, and I crossed my fingers that all she wanted was to gossip about my love life again! With a slight trepidation, I accepted her call, “Hello?”

“Are you watching the news?” Sandra queried.

“Uh…” I glanced over to the wall adjoining the living where I could hear Wade’s program blaring. “…I’m listening to it. Why?”

As if on cue, Wade exclaimed, “Dang ol’ bohunks! Defacing public property! You know it has to be one of them jackasses doin’ it!”

I sincerely doubted that Sandra would bother me for a random, possibly eastern European vandal, so I strolled over to the living room to get the full picture. I knew exactly why she had brought this to my attention as soon as I saw what the news crew captured…

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