The Terra-Belle Vampire, Chapter 5

Corvina emerged from the trees clustered at the end of the cul-du-sac! It was shocking enough to see a student from my class walking around my neighborhood, but to see someone surface out of the woods was alarming! She wasn’t exactly wearing hiking gear, so it perplexed me as to why she had gone in there in the first place! After that momentary panic, I then spotted a bus pass in her hands, and my jangled nerves got relieved. I didn’t think anyone who was up to no good would be clutching that, and I later found out that it wasn’t a real forest at all, just a cluster of trees blocking the main road! Apparently, pedestrians often cut through there as a short cut, especially if they used the nearby bus stop, so I jumped to conclusions for no real reason! That’s not the horrifying part though! She was about to walk into danger and she had no idea! I had no idea either or else I would’ve gone out there to lead her away from there! Instead, I tried to ignore her and prepared myself to call Lilith, but soon, I espied something that made me change my mind…

            Somebody came out of that vacant home! I almost had a heart attack from the sheer shock of it! I hadn’t lived in that neighborhood for long, but in the short time I had been there, I’ve seen people avoid that house like the plague, so to see a person stroll out of there like they resided there dumbfounded me completely! At first, I couldn’t tell who it was because they were all black, but soon I recognized that vintage, blonde hair-do- it was Damon! His voice confirmed it as he cat-called to Corvina, “Hey baby! Nice outfit!”

            “Uh, thanks!” Corvina tried to elude him as he crept closer to her.

            “You know what would look even better on you?” Damon asked her as he blocked her path.

            Corvina looked at him with the same dead eyes she gave me when I tried to get her enthralled about Hamlet, so I knew she had no interest in him. Completely unenthusiastic about the prospect of talking to him, she answered, “No, what?”

            With a toothy grin, he told her, “Me!”

            “Ugh! Bite me!” Corvina tried to slip past him on the pavement. I was proud of her for refusing his advances, and I wondered how he would take that rejection.

            “With pleasure!” Now, here’s where the true horror I mentioned cam in! It wasn’t just his cheesy pickup line that disturbed me! He lunged at her, and I raced to the front door to save her! As soon as I reached the front porch, I saw Damon’s fangs grow right before he sunk his teeth into her neck!

            A part of me still wanted to assist her, but the feeling at the pit of my stomach dictated my next move. I ran back inside and vomited into the kitchen sink, which was closer than my nearest toilet for some reason. I referred to my squeamishness around blood and guts before, right? Well, watching someone drink from a person’s body was too utterly repulsive for me to handle! I could tell I was on the brink of fainting, but I forced myself to stay conscious! Every fiber of my being fought my limbs from moving, but I wouldn’t let my perturbation stop me from doing the right thing! I did my utmost to march back over there and rescue Corvina! No one else seemed to have noticed the attack, so it was up to the hemaphobic cry-baby to come to her aid!

            When I got to the small mud room just outside my front door, I gazed out the window and watched Corvina’s limp body fall to the ground! Damon wiped the blood off of his face as he headed back to the abandoned house, and the wounds he inflicted on Corvina flowed into the street! I could feel myself ready to faint again, but I wouldn’t let myself do it! I erased Lilith’s number off of the intended call queue and dialed nine-one-one. As soon as they picked up, I relayed to the operator, “He… killed… her…!” I didn’t’ say anything else, I ended up passing out after all!

            While my eyes were still closed, I heard some scratching noises, and my thoughts went straight to what my realtor said about the strange sounds that came from that creepy house. I concluded that Damon must have been celebrating his victory in some demonic way, so I bolted up to investigate his nefarious actions! To my surprise, I woke up to see two bemused police officers staring at me from behind the screen door! One of them informed me, “Your kitty wants in. He must have been worried about you!”

            “I don’t have a cat!” I groaned as I picked myself up. When I had a better vantage point, I could see a black cat trying to get in, and I immediately panicked thinking it had something to do with that haunted house. “No! Go away, demon! You won’t get me!”

            “Are you okay, sir?” the other officer probed as he shined his flashlight onto my face.

            I shook my head and berated myself for buying into that folly, or at least what I believed was a faulty judgement at the time, and I inwardly reminded myself that the house wasn’t actually haunted except by the murderer who squatted in there. That thought propelled me into action, and I let the officers know, “Yeah, I’m fine! I must’ve bumped my head when I fell. How’s Corvina? Did she survive?”

            The first police officer inquired, “Who’s Corvina?”

            “The victim!” I replied exasperatedly. “Oh, come on! You must’ve seen her body on the way here!”

            “Where was this body supposed to be?” the second officer questioned.

            I barked, “Right there in the road! I wasn’t out that long, he couldn’t have moved her body that fast!” I rushed outside and my abrupt movement made the officers jump out of my way and caused that cat to howl and run into the “woods.” When I came into view of the street, I expected to show the police officers something obvious, but when I saw the street where Corvina had lain, I could see it was now completely empty! “Oh, damn! I guess I passed out longer than I thought! But there’s a man in that abandoned house, and if you talk to him, I’m sure you can get him to admit what he did!”

            The first officer’s eyes grew wide, and he nervously commanded to his partner, “Bill, you go in and check!”

            Bill emphatically refused to do that, “No way, Arnold! You go first!”

            We could send a k-nine unit in there to search the place,” Arnold suggested.

            “We tried that after the fire, remember?” Bill reminded Arnold. “He peed, ran away, and we were forced to retire him!”

            Arnold pondered, “Well then, what do we do?”

            Bill queried, “Are we sure that this guy doesn’t need medical attention first…”

            “I’m fine!” I spat. “But there’s a girl out there who isn’t, so if you two are too chicken shit to go in there, I’ll do it!”

            “Sir! No! Don’t do it! Stop!” both Arnold and Bill urged me to stop. I didn’t listen- I couldn’t, not when a young girl’s life and my own sanity were in question! As I got closer, I could feel that same cold chill in the air as I did in that classroom during third period, so I knew Damon was still there! I couldn’t wait to see his sniveling face cowering in the ashes…

            Before I could set a foot beyond the non-existent driveway, Damon emerged! And he wasn’t alone! Corvina strode alongside him! Her skin had gotten more pale, and her mouth appeared to have gotten more protruded, but she no longer was limp and lifeless as I saw her before! I stood there in total confusion as Damon and Corvina approached the officers, and Damon addressed them, “How can we help you guys?”
            Arnold wanted to know, “You live here?”

            “No,” Damon responded, “I just came here to neck my girlfriend.”

            “Girlfriend?” I cried out, totally ignoring his ironic use of necking. “She turned you down! She hated your guts ‘til you attacked her! I mean, I’m sure she still hated you after she got hurt, but she didn’t live much longer after that!”

            Corvina differed, “I don’t hate him! We were just role playing!” Everyone got quiet for a second, and she interpreted that as befuddlement, so she clarified, “It’s a sex thing!”

            I grimaced at the picture that raised, and Bill brought up, “This gentleman thought you died!”

            “Nope!” Corvina did a little spin to showcase herself and her continued existence.

            “Sorry if we scared you!” Damon apologized in a manner that wreaked of insincerity.

            Arnold evidently didn’t detect any deception, or he chose to ignore it because he advised Damon, “I won’t tell you what to do with your love life, but we can’t have you trespassing on other people’s property. Believe it or not, someone does own that creepy thing! Okay?” Damon nodded, but he never actually agreed to those terms he laid out.

            Bill checked in with me, “Are you gonna be alright? Can we get you anything? We’re here to-.”

            “I’m fine!” I snapped. I’m sure I didn’t sound fine to him, and honestly, I didn’t know how much truth there was to that! I swore up and down that Corvina had fallen to her demise, and yet here she was standing up and talking like nothing had happened! I supposed that she could have recovered from that assault, but it mystified me as to why she was going along with Damon’s story! I considered that she could have been forced to comply, but as the police headed back to their car, she held on to him tightly and gazed at him with adoring eyes! I had no clue what was going on, but as the officers prepared to themselves to drive away, I realized that I’d be alone with Damon and Corvina, and I didn’t feel safe at all with that notion, not until I figured out their motives, so I rushed back into my house.

            I locked the door behind me, and then I hurried over to the front window to observe their next move. I tried to be as discrete as possible, but that was a little hard to do without curtains! I made a mental note to put that on my shopping list as I watched the two of them just standing there. Once they seemed certain that the coast was clear, I saw Damon give Corvina instructions of some sort. I wished that I knew how to read lips in that instance, but not long after I had that inclination, his directions became clear. With a bit of concentration, a cloud of smoke enveloped them, and when that lifted, two bats stood in their place! I watched them fly away in total astonishment! They hadn’t performed any kind of magic trick, they thought they were alone! There was only one explanation, and it was almost too hard to fathom- they were vampires!

            The concept of vampirism boggled my mind, and for a minute, I wondered if I had gone crazy like the police officers implied. I didn’t know what to do with that information, and my head grew so rattled that I couldn’t take it anymore! I had to take a break! I walked down to the living room and turned on the radio, and as a classic rock station blared out, I sunk into my armchair and just zoned out. I stared at the ceiling not knowing how to react to this distressing turn of events…

            The last thing I imagined wanting to do at that moment was to fall asleep, but the next thing I knew, I found myself waking up to some more scratching noises! I feared it was Damon trying to get himself invited in, and my veins began to fill with dread! I worried that since Damon knew that I discovered his secret that he would put in some kind of effort to stop me, and I vowed to not go down without a fight! I sprung up and grabbed the closest object to me to use as a weapon, which just happened to be a television remote. Obviously, that wouldn’t have proved to be very helpful, but I didn’t think I had much of an option right then, I had to make it work! I steeled myself up for an intense takedown, but when I glanced out the sliding glass door leading to my backyard, I didn’t see anyone! I still heard the scratching though! I looked downwards more, and then I saw the culprit…

            That cat had come back! It held a small bowl in its mouth that had a rough appearance as though it had been sitting outside for ages, and it stared at me with sad eyes as it scratched at the door to get in. A part of me hesitated, still leery of this creature’s intentions. I was scared that something dangerous was posing as something innocent as some kind of scheme to lure me into my doom, but as I looked at its piteous face, I could tell it was sincerely hungry. I wasn’t a big animal person, but I certainly didn’t want the poor thing to starve! I let it inside, but I threw out that nasty bowl! I didn’t have any cat food (obviously, why would I?), so I grabbed some leftover Chinese food and hoped that it would eat that. Luckily, it did, and as I watched it happily munch away, I deemed that it would be nice to have an extra set of eyes to look out for intruders, well, mainly Damon. Arnold had called it a him, but it turned out to be a girl! I named her Jett after the song that had been playing right then, and I set my alarm to go off a little earlier than usual so I could get her some actual cat food. Caring for Jett wasn’t something I planned for, but it was a welcomed distraction from the whole vampire thing for a while!

            The next day, I expected Damon to come in and make some kind of vague threat to me, or I believed he would, at the very least, glare at me, but he didn’t! He didn’t seem angry at all! Actually, he stayed his normal bored and lazy self, which I found so odd! How could someone impale another human being and walk around like everything was fine? At the end of third period, I paid attention to him as he walked down the hall, and it was though nothing occurred last night! He hissed at a bit of sunlight that hit him, but then he proceeded to towards the cafeteria as if he didn’t have a care in the world! It puzzled me greatly until Phoebe walked by, and her ignoring me panged me greatly! I hated that I hurt that radiant beauty, but I couldn’t’ think of a way to make it up to her, not while Damon’s antics were plaguing me!

            I expected Corvina to show up and behave like Damon did, but she didn’t! I thought maybe she called in sick, but then her mother called the school to find her! The next day, another student failed to show up, and his parents came to the campus to search for him! The day after that, another girl went missing, and the police came in to investigate her whereabouts! I didn’t see any of them at that abandoned house, but each time a student went missing, I saw another bat hovering around the place! I couldn’t prove that Damon caused this, but I knew it had to be his doing! The cops would never buy my story, and if I tried to tell them, I could have guaranteed that this time they would have committed me! So, the problem haunted me intensely! How was I supposed to defeat Damon’s evil plot?

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