The Terra-Belle Vampire, Chapter 10

I walked into that blood bank totally determined! Not only did I have allies who now totally believed my side of the story, but we had Damon cornered! He had nowhere to run from here, so nothing was going to stop us now! Or so I thought! Once we got past the foyer, I couldn’t focus on anything but the posters on the wall, all of which depicted needles and/or blood, so, you can probably guess, I got nauseous! “I think I’m gonna be sick!” I informed the others.

            Fletcher very confidently asserted, “You’re not gonna sick!” Immediately after he said that, I vomited! “Well, I’ll be damned!”

            “Oh, that’s just great!” the receptionist complained. “Everyone, clear the lobby area! Don’t go near it, it’s a biohazard!”

            “I’m so sorry!” I apologized to the receptionist as she got out a mop and bucket. I felt a little insulted by her referring to it as a biohazard though! I mean, I know it’s gross, but it’s not like the soup I had for lunch would create a toxic environment! But she was elderly, I didn’t want to put up too much of a fuss because it seemed as though this task stressed her out enough!

            As she began soaking up my mess, she grumpily told me, “You’re lucky you’re handsome! If I was forty years younger…”

            Awkward! I had no idea how to respond to that! Seriously, what on Earth was I supposed to do with that? As I contemplated the possibilities, Phoebe whispered into my ear, “Keep her distracted!”

            Keep her distracted? How was I supposed refrain from getting distracted when I had Phoebe stirring up my excitement by getting close to me and speaking breathily like that? I couldn’t help but get worked up by that occurrence, but not long after that titillating thought had tickled my fancy, I saw Phoebe give me an impatient face. I couldn’t enjoy that feeling long, which bummed me out, and I had no time to overwhelm myself with guilt for having images that weren’t conducive to staying loyal to Lilith either! I had to spring into action right away! But how? I certainly didn’t want to flirt with her, that’s all my tangled up love life needed! I decided to revert back to my old sales tactic of keeping a person interested by getting them to talk about themselves. “So, are you from here originally?”

            I hoped that she would be the type to become overly chatty without too much persuasion, and she did not disappoint! She started prattling on about growing up on some farm upstate, and I just had to nod and say an occasional “uh-huh” as she rambled on. Meanwhile, I could see Ellie and Fletcher shielding Phoebe as she pilfered through the front desk while Ginger and Aleck snuck into the hallway where I could only assume the phlebotomists drew their donations. It was a bit of a let down that I didn’t have an important role in Damon’s potential takedown, but after thinking about it for a while, it made more sense for me to entertain the gatekeeper. If I focused on anything else, I probably would have caught a glimpse of those posters again, and I figured that I would end up throwing up again. Plus, if anyone was going to impale the vampire, it made sense to send the biology teacher and a woman who showed no fear to do that kind of thing!

            “Oh, those were such good times! Well, it was nice talking to you, but I better…” She tried to end our conversation right there.

            “Wait, so how did you go from a farm girl to a healthcare professional? I hardly think that a rural town like that had any kind of medical program?” I wasn’t paying close enough attention to know what she actually told me about where her childhood took place, but that wasn’t important. I knew enough to make it seem like I drank in her every word! Besides, she had cleaned up everything a lot more quickly than I thought she would and my cohorts hadn’t finished their mission, so I had to keep her busy a little longer!

            She happily gave me every detail of her college life, and I fully appreciated her chattiness at that moment since it allowed me to watch everyone else out of the corner of my eye. Phoebe appeared to have found something noteworthy because I saw her taking pictures on her phone. I was insanely curious as to what she found, but I accepted that I would have to wait until we left to see what evidence she obtained. I had no clue how long our stay would last though since Ginger and Aleck still hadn’t reemerged from their role in this excursion…

            “Has the phone rang at all?” the receptionist tried to peek at her desk. Luckily, Phoebe ducked down in time! If Ellie and Fletcher hadn’t taken up their posts as guards, she probably would have been seen! The two of them pretended to show interest in some brochures nearby them, so the receptionist didn’t feel compelled to instantly check on them.

            “No, it didn’t. Speaking of phones, I have a ton of picture son mine of where I grew up…” First of all, I didn’t know whether or not I was lying about the phone ringing or not- I was too busy to think about frivolous noises going that went on in the background! Secondly, I had to show the receptionist my cellphone because Phoebe started tiptoeing out from behind the front desk. I had to swiftly shift to pretending that I couldn’t find the photos when I spotted Ellie and Fletcher guarding the hallway as Phoebe started exploring it. I assumed she wanted to check on Aleck and Ginger, and I began to worry about them too! I had no notion of how long it should take to slay a vampire, but if they took too long to resurface, it wasn’t a good sign…

            The phone at the front desk rang, and in this instance, I definitely heard it! I inwardly prayed that she hadn’t caught wind of this, but to my dismay, she let me know, “I have to get that.”

            I cringed, but fortunately, she didn’t pay much mind to Fletcher and Ellie as she dashed for the phone! I ran over to my colleagues and asked them, “What’s going on?”

            Before either of them could reply, I heard some loud crashing sounds booming from one of the rooms at the end of the hall! The receptionist put her call on hold and repeated what I just expressed, “What’s going on?”

            “We’re interested in donating plasma,” Ellie lied. I’m almost positive she was lying anyways, I sincerely doubted that she had any kind of inclination to do so in this circumstance! The crashing had stopped, so she decided to let it go and had Ellie and Fletcher wait while she finished up her call. I truly didn’t believe that Phoebe, Ginger, or Aleck were safe right then, so as soon as the receptionist’s eyes were off of the hallway, I purposefully kept my sight locked away from the posters on the wall and slipped inside of that corridor to search for them.

            “Phoebe?” I called out hopefully as I neared the end of the hall. I didn’t get a response, and it filled me with dread! Not only because I worried about my peers’ safety, but I really didn’t want to be the one to put a stake in Damon’s heart!

            I came to the room where the commotion had originated, and it was eerily silent! I was terrified at the prospect of this ordeal, but my instincts took over and put me fully into survival mode! I felt one hundred percent certain that a trap waited for me on the other side of that door, so I slowly turned the handle. Once it was slightly ajar, I used my foot to kick the door completely open. Apparently, Damon had assumed that I would burst into the room because pounced onto a spot near the front! When he realized that no one was there, he glanced up and saw me still in the hall. “Hey, you tricked me!” Damon exclaimed.

            I shot back with, “Well, you were trying to kill me, so forgive me fi I don’t apologize for your inconvenience!”

            Damon snarled at me, but then his head whipped around when he detected movement behind him. Aleck and Ginger were not only unconscious, but they were strapped to the two medical chairs in the room! Phoebe had hidden herself behind Aleck’s bed on the far side of the room, and Damon caught her trying to uno his restraints! He advanced towards her, and I wasn’t about to let him attack her! I punched him in the back of his head, and he toppled down to the ground! I didn’t manage to know him out, but he laid on the floor and moaned in agony. I remarked, “Wow! I didn’t know that vampires could feel pain!”

            “Really? We may not have blood running in our veins, but our nerves still work! How do you think we’re still able to walk and talk?” he challenged me. I didn’t have the foggiest idea how their bodies worked, so I could only assume that he was accurate on that! If Aleck had been conscious, I felt as though he would have a lot to say on that subject! I didn’t spend too long on that subject though since Damon had gotten up and lunged at me! I swiveled out of the way, and he didn’t slow down in time to avoid slamming his head into the wall! While he was dizzy from this tumble, I spun him by the shoulder and pinned him to the wall. I pulled out the stake Phoebe had given me on the previous day, and I could see him panic… for a second! I hesitated slightly just trying to picture how to actually accomplish this feat. I really should have studied so I knew exactly where a person’s heart is!

            “Nice try!” He smirked as he grabbed my wrists and pinned me to the wall. His fangs grew longer, and I refused to let him defeat me like that! I didn’t know if this would work, but I tried it anyways- I kneed him in the groin! Success! He doubled over in torment, and I could see Phoebe brandishing her weapon, so I held him up from behind…

            Before Phoebe could strike, a couple men in white coats poked their heads in! Phoebe hastily hid her stake behind her back, and I released Damon while I tried to make myself as innocent-looking as possible. One of the white coat men cried out, “Damon1 What do you think you’re doing?”

            Damon stuttered, “Oh, I just… I had to restrain my patients ‘cause… of… you know…”

            “You didn’t check these patients in!” the second white coat man bellowed.

            “Mommy?” Aleck groggily inquired as he woke up. That made me feel better about that din-din comment I made last night! No, I still hadn’t gotten over the shame of that!

            The first white coat man angrily stated, “You can’t accept anonymous blood!”

            Damon pleaded with them, “Please don’t fire me! They’re my teachers! They’re non anonymous! Go on, tell them you know me!”

            “Do you know this man?” the second white coat man asked.

            “Is that… Timothy Chalamet in a blond wig?” Ginger answered as if she really believed in her guess. I couldn’t tell if she meant to deceive them or if she had experienced a side effect of whatever had knocked her out.

            Damon tried to laugh that off, “Oh, they’re such fun, my teachers! We have such good times together!” He guffawed heartily, but between the insincerity of his explanation and our lack of frivolity on our faces, the white coat men weren’t buying it. He frowned and then queried, “I’m fired, aren’t I?” The white coat men nodded firmly, so Damon scowled before turning back to us and seething, “You may have thwarted me this time, but mark my words, I will find a way to make it happen again! Nothing will stop me! You hear me? Nothing!”

            He stormed out, and the first white coat man inquired, “What was that about?”

            Phoebe replied, “Actors! They always gotta be dramatic!”

            “Wait.. Are we at a blood bank?” Aleck wondered.

            “Do you need help out?” the second white coat man questioned.

            I scooped him up, and as I assisted him out of the room, I kidded with the white coat men, “I don’t know why you’d think something like that!”

            Fletcher and Ellie saw me supporting Aleck and Phoebe supporting Ginger, and they grew very concerned. “Don’t ask!” Phoebe regarded them between her labored breaths.

            Ellie rejoindered, “Oh, we’re not ‘cause you’re sure as hell gonna tell us what went on!”

            We scoped out the area for Damon in either his human or bat form, and when the coast was clear, we exited the blood bank. I had forgotten how far away our cars were, so I posed to Aleck, “Feeling better yet?”

            “He gave me a sedative!” Aleck blurted out.

            “So, is that a no?” Fletcher pondered.

            I informed him, “It means they’ll need a ride home! And we’ll have to wait until tonight or tomorrow to plan our next move. Damon got away, and he’s cooking up another scheme to harm our students!”

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