Crimes of the Fay II, Chapter 12

With a slightly shaky voice, Kalani responded to me, “Fay Folks with the power to make a large body of water disappear? I never heard of that! I may be new to this whole undead thing, but last I could tell, we only have one power, and that is to go into the Ploutonion! I never do though! Well, not anymore! It’s a dreadful place! It could be really nice with the peaceful clouds covering the floor, but the other Fays let all sorts of riffraff in there! It’s supposed to be our chance to appeal to the Fate Particle to get into Heaven, and here some Fays want to bring in monsters! Can you imagine?”

In unison, Aidan and I uttered, “Yes!” We both vividly recalled facing off with Wade as he tried to destroy the Fate Particle’s seal and doom all of humanity, but we certainly couldn’t admit that to the Hekekias! We both laughed it off, and while we did so, I racked my brains on how to unearth a new route to veer back to the original subject of the vanishing lake. The apprehension that this topic created for Kalani and Kaleo was practically tangible, and I had to figure out what information they were hiding in relation to this! Unfortunately, prior to me coming up with anything…

“How did you guys die?” Kinsey blurted out.

“Danielle! It’s not polite to just ask people about their deaths!” Laraleigh chided her.

Kaleo assured her, “No, no! It’s fine! I was on my way to work one day, and I got attacked… I ran into a pack of… feral pigs!”

I cried out, “What?” With the manner in which he built that story up, I was expecting a pack of gangsters or perhaps some sort of formidable creature that I wasn’t familiar with, but not this! The idea sounded so implausible! “Aren’t pigs friendly animals?”

“They can get very territorial!” Kaleo defensively asserted. “It was the last time I took the scenic route to my job! Literally! Then Kalani went looking for me, and she ran into the same pack!”

“It was awful!” Kalani recalled. “Then when we became Fays, no one wanted to visit our general store anymore! Everyone views our kind as bad luck, so they vacated the premises faster than they quit going into the feral pigs’ rainforest! We couldn’t afford to keep our shop or our home anymore, and we wound up here! That’s how I went from a pampered housewife to a farm girl in a matter of months!”

Based on the timeline established by their narrative, I deciphered that they arrived at Lani Noni sometime after the pond evaporated. So, why were they behaving in such a guilty fashion then? I aimed to delve into that, but then Jackson brought up, “Y’all seem so nice! Why’d you turn into Fays?”

Kaleo rather uneasily explained, “I did some bad stuff when I was younger, stuff I probably shouldn’t mention in front of kids…”

“Oh, please! I’m sure we’ve heard worse on social media!” Kinsey asserted. “I saw this post once where there was this dude that cheated on his wife- she killed him by taking his mistress’ curling iron and shoving it in his-!”

“Don’t you dare finish that story!” Laraleigh warned her. She sighed and added, “We’ve gotta monitor your browser history more closely!”

Kaleo went on, “Well, let’s just say I pulled tricks on men and women that I thought deserved it but probably didn’t in reality.”

Jackson remarked, “Hey, Uncle Kennedy! That’s like what you do when you…” He beheld our drastic expressions, and when he realized he was about to reveal something about Aidan’s true identity, he amended his sentence, “…when you play that life simulation game…”

“Oh yeah, I love that game! Too bad we don’t have a gaming system here…” Aidan went along with the scenario his nephew developed, but it was obvious that he wasn’t happy about it.

“So, Kalani, why did you become a Fay?” my mom casually asked with the intention of switching the discourse in this conversation.

Kalani answered, “Honestly, I was just a huge bitch! Apparently, it is a sin! Who knew!” Kinsey opened her mouth to contend with that, and Kalani accurately inferred what she was about to say. “Oh right, you’ve seen worse profanity on the internet!” Kinsey nodded, and we all chuckled. 

The planting we spent our shift doing was difficult, but we had so much fun getting to know our new bosses! We all left the field that day in good spirits… until it dawned on me that we never got back to Lake Ana Wai disappearing…

When we got home, we cautiously crept up to the front door so we could gauge whether or not we would be walking into as much chaos as yesterday, and what we discovered was that while they weren’t manufacturing any booms or bangs, they did an extensive amount of shouting! Aidan and I cringed, but Laraleigh reassured us, “Don’t worry! This is a good sign ‘cause we know where they are! If we went into complete quiet, then we should get worried! We indicated that we accepted her reasoning, and then Aidan made his announcement of his entrance for Minna and we went inside.

“Marco!” Mason called out with his eyes closed and his arms straight out in front of him.

“Polo!” Harper and Willow each articulated with a giggle.

They repeated this chant a couple more times, and then Laraleigh pointed out, “That game is meant for the pool!”

Willow petitioned her, “Okay! Can we go swimming?”

“Where do you expect to go swimming at? The vanishing lake?” Laraleigh retorted.

“Cool! I wanna play!” Jackson avidly expressed.

At that moment, Mason turned towards him but then accidentally tripped over a chair leg at the dining room table, which made him grab onto the tablecloth as he tumbled! This action propelled the vase in the center to collide with the ground, and the loud crash of glass breaking spooked the cats enough that they all zipped out of the perches and ran indiscriminately throughout the building! As Mom was fretting about her pets, I decided I couldn’t take this mayhem anymore and declared, “That’s it! I’m going in my closet!” I paused and invited my boyfriend, “Aidan, you should go too!”

Kinsey grimaced at that notion. “Gross!”

I corrected her misinterpretation, “It’s not like that! I just wanna talk to him about something, something totally innocent!” She appeared skeptical, but I let it go since it wasn’t as though I had to appease one of the younglings! Aidan’s intrigue over my request piqued, so he willingly followed me into the closet.

It was fairly cramped with both of us in there, and with my mind reeling so rapidly out there on other stuff, I hadn’t entirely calculated the consequences of this choice! I wrinkled my nose and commented, “Ugh! You could really use a shower!”

“Hey! It’s not like you smell like a bed of roses!” Aidan shot back.

“Touché!” I acknowledged as I got a whiff of my underarm. “Well, anyways, that’s not what I wanted to chat about…”

Aidan deduced, “Obviously! You would’ve sent me straight to the bathroom if that were the case! I’m guessing you wanna discuss Lake Ana Wai.”

I confirmed this, “Uh-huh! As vulgar as Lopaka’s views on Fay Folks is, is there any validity to his claim that they doomed everyone in this area?”

“I didn’t believe it ‘til the Hekekias reacted so nervously when you told them about it. They know something about that incident!” Aidan stated.

“When I asked Kalani if it was possible for Fays to effectively drain a large body of water, did you notice how she didn’t say no?” I queried.

Aidan affirmed, “That’s true! It’s very suspicious! But, the only issue here is how could they have been involved in a crime like that? It’s not like they can pull out a stopper and let it all go down the pipes! I could picture a jerk like Wade pulling a stunt like that, but it would still take forever for a magian to hex the lake dry! Somebody in the neighborhood would’ve seen them do it and would have put a stop to it! So, it doesn’t appear likely that they witnessed this atrocity. But then they must’ve been privy to some sort of knowledge on how it all went down if they’re this on edge about the whole circumstance!”

I ardently advocated, “We need to do some digging! For clues, not dirt! I’ve had enough of doing that! Somehow, we gotta get them to confess to their involvement!” Aidan clearly agreed, but before he could air his opinion on what to do next, we overheard Minna getting shocked from above us! I exasperatedly exhaled, “Let’s get out of here!”

“Out of the closet or out of Lani Noni?” Aidan kidded.

“Both!” I joked. Kind of. When we exited that room, we observed Kinsey still standing in our proximity, so I told her, “We didn’t do anything!”

She didn’t act very concerned. “I know! It’s not like the walls of the closet are thick enough to soundproof what you do in there! Besides, I doubt y’all could get past each other’s stench right now!”

I wanted to argue with that, but as much as I craved his touch, I couldn’t deny the odor would have turned me off! Aidan instantly decreed, “That’s it! I’m bathing immediately! Minna, I’m going upstairs!” As Minna jinxed herself down, she got into the path of the children’s game and made Jackson fall over! With the renewed pandemonium afoot, I let out another exasperated exhale and retreated to the closet.

“Woohoo! We managed to finish the week by planting the last sapling!” I celebrated as I placed the last tree into the ground.

“Great! Now you can help us with this shit!” Jackson suggested as he spread a bag of fertilizer around some crops.

Laraleigh scolded him, “Joey! Watch your language!”

Jackson protested, “But that’s what it is!”

“Manure is more than just poop!” Laraleigh argued.

“Oh yeah? What else is in there?” Jackson challenged her.

Laraleigh mulled it over and then concluded, “It’s good for the earth, that’s all that matters!”

Jackson nudged Kinsey and snickered, “It’s poop!”

“Oh, come on! It’s not like there’s only cow dung in there!” I contended. I second-guessed myself and then whispered to Mom, “Right?”

“Actually, it kinda is!” Mom discretely informed me.

Jackson probed, “What’d she say?”

I glanced around for a distraction, and eventually, I spotted something in the dirt and exclaimed, “Oh look! Worms!” 

“Neat!” Jackson dove to retrieve it.

“No! Don’t move it!” Kalani pleaded. “They’re beneficial to the soil!” 

Jackson pledged, “I’ll put it back!”

When he brought it out, it unexpectedly began to grow and change into a yellowish green color! “What the heck!” I shrieked. I started studying it, and fairly soon after I made that decision, it shrank back to its original size and returned to its typical hue. “What in the world?” It quickly registered to me what had transpired, and I seethed, “Aidan!”

Aidan emerged from behind some trees chortling quite heartily! “That was great! Though not as great as it should have been! I was trying to turn it into a ten foot gummy worm!”

“Spectacular! It’s a genius equal to the shovel you tried to make into a tap dancer or making the rock Kinsey was attempting to sit on migrate! “ I sardonically conveyed to him.

“Ah, well, I didn’t wanna do that! It was supposed to morph into a bean bag chair! I thought it’d be funny to watch her sink in, but then she’d benefit from having a more comfortable seat!” Aidan justified himself.

Kinsey avowed, “You’re gonna pay for that as soon as Mama gives us our wands again!”

I begged everyone, “Oh, please don’t instigate a prank war!”

“I agree!” Aidan concurred. “It wouldn’t be a fair fight ‘cause these wands don’t work very much! That’s punishment enough!”

“That’s it!” A lightbulb went off in Laraleigh’s head. “I know how to punish your siblings for the water balloons now!”

Kaleo rather concernedly enquired, “Water balloons?”

Laraleigh fibbed, “Something they did in Kentucky!”

“Oh, alright…” Kaleo didn’t seem to buy her assertion, but he didn’t appear to have the energy to investigate it either. “Okay, how about we call it a day, huh? Go enjoy your weekend, and report to the fields on Monday!”

“Yay!” Kinsey and Jackson sprinted towards the cottage like kiddies scampering to the playground at recess.

The adults very much shared their sentiments, but our bones and joints ached too greatly to speed our gait even a little bit more! When we reached our stoop, I pulled Aidan aside with a somber expression on my face. Aidan grew somewhat frightened and questioned me, “Is something wrong?”

Mom put in, “Ooh, I know what this about! Let’s give them some privacy!”

“What’s going on?” Aidan fretted.

“We need to address a recent development…” I relayed to him.

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