Crimes of the Fay II, Chapter 33

“I’m dreaming! This is a dream! It has gotta be dreamt!” Aidan stammered while his widened eyes stared at the horror that had appeared before him.

“This is the kind of thing you dream about?” Wade snidely remarked to him. “Wow, that says a lot about you! Don’t you think?”

I defended my boyfriend, “Excuse me? You’re judging him? You’re a bonafide serial killer! You’re standing by the corpse of one of your victims now!” I indicated to Minna, who laid motionless by the wheelchair that had been slammed against the house.

Wade disputed, “That was an accident! I was just trying to move her out of the way so I could -.”

“Murder us?” Aidan guessed.

“No!” Wade claimed. Aidan didn’t believe him, so Wade went on, “Seriously! I came to this property to talk to someone! Don’t get me wrong, I’d love to do you in if I could, but I can’t touch you while you’re in that building’s perimeter. See?” He stepped forward and crashed into an invisible fence.

Aidan scoffed, “Oh, so it’s a mere coincidence that you were visiting one of your friends who happened to live adjacent to where your enemies live?”

Wade insisted, “Yes! I came to Hawaii ‘cause I read about the Island of Death from the prison’s internet, and I’ve been trying to find it so I could cure my heart failure. I nearly had a heart attack when I saw you at the airport in the same gate as me!”

“Well, it’s lucky you survived so that you could die at your self-inflicted apocalypse!” I sarcastically regarded him.

“No, I shall be reborn as a Fay!” Wade asserted. “I’m doing humanity a favor, so I won’t truly leave this earth! I-!”

Aidan interrupted, “Hold on a second! How were you on the same plane as us? The FBI screened the passengers thoroughly!”

Wade laughed, “They didn’t check the dog carriers in the luggage area! I wanted to ride in the cabin, but the flight attendants made Jera check me…”

“Jera?” I reacted incredulously. “He’s your contact here? But I would’ve noticed if a bright orange Fay was on board!”

“My foster brother was still alive when we got here,” Wade enlightened us. “He had… a little accident!”

Aidan theorized, “You killed your foster brother?”

Wade spat, “Of course not! I needed him! When we were sneaking around the rainforest, he tripped and hit his head pretty hard! Thank the stars he became a Fay! Actually, that worked out better than I hoped since he found this cult! Before our influence, all they did was pray for the end of the world! Now, Selene can recruit more people for my magnificent army to guard my palace when humanity is wiped out and I take over as the global emperor!”

“If your lackeys are the only ones who are left, why do you need an army?” I questioned him.

“Shut up!” Wade barked. “Okay, are we done with the interrogation? I’ve got things to do…”

I held my wand up and commanded him, “Don’t move a muscle! We’re not gonna hang back and allow you to destroy the planet! We’re lawfully detaining you!”

Wade snickered, “Oh, you got those sticks to function?”

“Shit! That’s right! He’s been watching us,” I grumbled. 

“You say that like it’s not a huge bombshell!” Aidan noted. “A deadly adversary was here this whole time, and that doesn’t freak you out?”

I contended, “No. I said he was here ages ago, didn’t I?”

Aidan bickered, “Couldn’t you wait ‘til after we foil the bad guy to throw that in my face?”

I shot back, “You brought it up! I-!”

Preceding the completion of my sentence, I espied Wade conjuring up a folding chair watching our banter in amusement. When he saw our attention shift sway, he taunted us, “Please, go on! I have all night!”

“You just said you have things to do!” Aidan pointed out. 

“Whatever!” he huffed. “I do have urgent business to attend to, but I gotta take care of you two meddlers, don’t I?”

I retorted, “No, you don’t! You really don’t! You could let us live- it’s been working out this entire duration, why mess with a good thing?”

Wade conjured up a snack bag, and as he munched, he relayed to us, “If I assassinated you earlier, everyone would’ve known it was me, but now that you know the truth, I can’t let you leave!” He maniacally laughed, and then he added, “You gotta leave that territory sometime! Or you could try facing me now and see if your twigs match my lovely, police-issued wand!”

“A wand you stole!” Aidan exclaimed.

“Psh! I’m already facing seven billion life sentences for my attempt to wipe out humanity! What do I care if they tack on another misdemeanor? Ooh, don’t you miss it?” Wade taunted us. 

Aidan and I wanted to have a private discussion, but we also didn’t want to let Wade out of our sight, so we resorted to whispering while he goaded us. “Maybe we can jinx him while he’s stuffing his face,” Aidan propounded.

I considered that notion briefly, but then I concluded, “If our spell didn’t work, then it would only take him seconds to grab Officer Pálido’s wand and take us out! We can’t risk leaving any of the others alone with him- they could get hurt!” Aidan glanced over at Minna’s body, and I iterated my argument, “Exactly!”

“What if one of us distracts him while the other attacks?” Aidan suggested.

“Hmm… Yeah, maybe! Maybe we could spread out a bit- he couldn’t get both of us at once!” I determined. “So, how do we distract him?”

Aidan recommended, “You should flash him!” I gave him a reproachful stare, and he stuck by his idea, “What? You have a nice rack- who wouldn’t get enticed?”

Prior to delivering a biting remark to that atrocious submission, I noticed someone else standing there from the corner of my eye. I swiveled in that direction, and it was Jera! He had an overly excited but dumb expression planted on his visage, and when he finally caught onto our focus on him, he commented, “What? I was waiting to see her go topless!”

Aidan’s mood soured at Jera’s ogling, and I was too furious to highlight the consequences of his terrible plan! I aimed my wand at Jera, and Aidan strove to stop me, but I was too quick! A flurry of sparks flooded his vision, not what I meant to do! He was able to wipe them from his scope fairly easily, which annoyed me at how far off my magic’s desired effect was! Aidan beseeched me, “Let’s not waste energy on perverts!”

“Jera! Come join me for the show!” Wade pulled out “his” wand to conjure another seat.

“If we’re gonna find that island, we gotta move!” Jera advocated. “You could kick the bucket before we stumble across the remedy to your illness, then how are we gonna demolish the wall around the Fate Particle? A Fay couldn’t do it, and I don’t know any magian with the balls to do it! Earth may wind up going on like usual- what happens then?”

I badgered them, “Then we’ll live our lives while you two go to Hell where you belong!” They both became affronted, but I ignored them as I posed to Aidan, “How did Agent Hearne let this idiot on the plane when he obviously has a connection to that prick?”

Jera filled me in, “I was a paralegal for his prosecutors. As far as they knew, I was a dedicated man of the law! They had no clue I’ve been helping my foster brother all along!”

“You have?” Aidan responded in shock. “Then how come I’ve never heard of you?”

“Um, ‘cause I didn’t wanna go to prison! Duh!” Jera sneered. “Everyone was so fixated on the murders, no one ever paused to dig into who made the drugs that funded his operation!” Aidan and I exchanged nov-verbal words of bafflement, and Jera directed Wade, “Come on! We’re wasting precious minutes here! In a few hours, I gotta make those morons do agriculture stuff!”

Wade argued, “We can’t leave them here! They’ll foil our scheme! They always do!”

Jera differed, “They can’t escape this compound! ‘Mother’ made sure of that! Now, let’s go!”

As they walked away, Wade turned around to bid us farewell, “I’ll see you later! Or maybe I won’t!” He guffawed thoroughly at his own joke throughout the course of their departure.

“Are we really gonna do this?” Aidan petitioned me as we watched the dastardly pair grow distant.

“We have to!” I persisted. “We can’t let him get healthy and obliterate the human race!”

Aidan reluctantly agreed, “That’s true! But still, I wish we had decently performing wands to stand more of a chance of winning! Or at least living!”

I debated that, “We don’t need wands! Remember how our first face-off ended? We won without magic!”

“Uh, I’ll have to take your word on that- I was unconscious throughout most of that confrontation!” Aidan articulated. “Okay, let’s-!”

“Hey, guys!” Minna popped back up as a purple Fay. “What’d I miss?”

Aidan muttered, “Wonderful timing, as always! We’ll be back, so watch over-.”

Minna stated, “Oh no, I’m coming with you! That guy murdered me, and…” She noticed feeling had returned to her legs, so she tested her mobility, and when she stood up, she proclaimed, “I don’t need a wheelchair anymore! It’s a miracle! I’m so blessed!”

“And you’re also dead!” I denoted.

“We’re gonna lose him! We need to hurry!” Aidan conveyed to me. We ran towards the wooded area behind the farm, and Minna tagged along too. Aidan told her, “You can’t come! It’s dangerous!”

Minna shrugged. “And? I’m not technically alive anymore, so…”

Aidan still seemed hesitant, and my initial thought was to leave her behind, but then another thought occurred to me. “If Wade goes into the Ploutonion, we’ll need to follow him in somehow…” Aidan growled, but he didn’t object any longer, which Minna and I took as consent. The three of us bolted for Wade and his cohort…

…For a few seconds! When we got to the edge, Adrian entered onto our path and blocked us from moving forward! “Get back to your home!” he snarled.

“That’s what we’re trying to do!” I riposted. I picked up a handful of dirt and threw it into his eyes. While he winced over his misfortune, we marched towards the exit of that land. “That was easy!”

“Mother, we have a code gray!” Adrian spoke into a walkie-talkie.

Minna inquired, “What’s that?”

Aidan replied, “Let’s not stick around long enough to find out!” All of a sudden, we were surrounded by various colored, rough looking Fay Folks, and Aidan shouted to Minna, “You had to ask!”

“Where are you going?” Merripen probed.

“Nowhere! We love it here!’ I sardonically uttered. They advanced towards us, so I whipped out my wand and threatened, “Don’t even think about it!” Aidan gawked at me in startlement, so I quietly communicated to him, “They don’t need to know it’s crap! And who knows, maybe I’ll produce more than sparks! I’ll do to them what I attempted to do to Jera!”

Aidan pondered, “What exactly was that?”

“We outnumber them! Grab it!” Merripen ordered.

“Hey! Isn’t anyone gonna mention my death?” Minna canvassed the lot.

She pouted as they ignored her and aggressively approached us. Aidan brought out his wand, and we stood back to back in order to get a 360 view of everyone. Theri guerilla tactics failed, and they were baffled on how to act next! I grinned, and then I instructed Aidan, “Let’s move sideways, and-.”

Suddenly, we felt the floor beneath us lift up, and we got enveloped by metal bars! This confused us until “Mother” came strolling up to our vicinity. “Nice try! Except that it wasn’t so nice ‘cause now I have to kill you!”

Minna verbalized, “Too late!”

“Mother” raised her wand, and for a moment, I feared we were done for! I wouldn’t let the transpire willingly though! Prior to enacting a fast defense, I observed the bushes beneath us begin to shake…

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