Crimes of the Fay II, Chapter 35

“It’s the rush of euphoria that did it!” Minna prattled on. “The endorphins that were released when I fell in love was so addicting! That’s why I neglected my medication and allowed myself to fall in love with practically every man I interacted with! Don’t feel bad though- you were still more special, Aidan!”

“Huh?” Aidan’s bored torpor got jerked away when she mentioned his name. When her words sunk in, he sarcastically murmured, “Oh, darn! What a shame that I wasn’t the only one you obsessed over and stalked!”

As our giant, reptilian ride began to grow weary from scuttling along the rocky coast, his patience grew thin and he beseeched Aidan and me, “Can I toss her into the ocean? Please!”

I responded to him, “You’ve already asked us that, the answer is still no! Unfortunately, we need her.”

Moe gritted his teeth, or whatever salamanders have in their mouths, and Minna went on, “It made no sense to take a supplement that took away my joy, so I-!”

“Don’t talk for the rest of the trip!” I commanded her. She opened her mouth to protest, and I insisted, “We need to concentrate! We’re looking for signs of Wade or the Island of Death, which could be real subtle! The fate of humanity is on the line, so will you please let us focus?” Minna’s eyes grew wide at that unpleasant prospect, and I could tell she was on the verge of objecting again, but thankfully, she decided against it and instead held her breath and nodded in agreement.

“At least those orange hues were just from the sun rising!” Aidan remarked. “That was a relief! It had me paranoid that we were too late! Damn those beautiful Hawaiian dawns!”

I commented, “Gosh, our poor family is out there working in the fields right now! Assuming Mother survived that… incident! Man, it seems such a shame to survive only to die in the apocalypse!” 

Aidan speculated, “I bet Jera abandoned him to go work on their doomsday project! I wonder if Mother ripped him a new one for his jaunt off the premises! I imagine he was originally ordered to stay there twenty-four seven in case of a code gray! How many codes do you think they have?”

“No idea! What I can’t figure out is why Mother wanted to restore Lake Ana Wai if she planned on destroying the planet afterwards!” I brought up.

“A few people realized that my gift was on Moku Oka Make,” Moe filled us in. “They wanted to tempt me back so I could help them find it in order for them to use the island’s healing power for their own benefit.”

I surmised, “Ah, so they were trying to maintain their goal of wiping out humankind by remedying their woes. Or they wanted to use it as a fundraising measure. Or both!”

Aidan consoled himself, “If we’re having this much trouble finding it, then Wade probably is too! And he’s on foot too! We should be okay! Ha! This is probably the most exercise that lazy slob has gotten in ages!”

“I dunno, prison yards have excellent workout equipment!” I joked.

“Oh!” Minna sharply gasped.

I warned her, “I swear, you utter one more sentence and we’ll drop you off and find a new Fay to help us!”

Moe requested, “Can we do that?”

“That’ll take more time, which we don’t have,” I decreed. “Who knows, Wade could pop up right when we decide to give up, and then we’d have to start this process all over again! We gotta stay the course, we’re bound to discover it soon! I mean, how much coastline does this state have?’

“It’ll have more in a minute, the tide is getting low,” Moe observed.

Minna couldn’t resist it anymore and burst out, “My tanning rock is visible then! You’ll see the sandar in a second!”

I directed Moe, “Stop here, please!” Moe obliged me, and I motioned for everyone to slide off. I then solemnly addressed Minna, “Listen, we-.”

“Eek! There it is!” Minn shrieked in delight as the land formation came into view while the sea began to recede.

“Minna, you’re… We… Can you look at me for a moment?” I demanded. She somewhat unwillingly took her eyes off of her coveted sight, and I remorsefully let her know, “We’re going to pursue this project with someone else.” Minna’s expression became sullenly shocked, and Moe celebrated in pure relief. I expounded, “We’re trying to save the world, and you’re distracting us from something vital to our existence! We’re gonna go into the nearby village and find another Fay to assist us in the Ploutonion.” I didn’t relish the minutes, hours, or even days it might take to accomplish this task, but at this juncture, Minna was doing more harm than good, so it didn’t seem like we had much of a choice.

All of a sudden, Moe cried out, “There are my flowers!”

With our intrigue peaked, Aidan and I whipped our heads in the direction that Moe was staring at. Just a bit distant from a few smaller rock formations, a mostly bare mass came into view with a ray of sunlight shining down at the grassy knoll, and in the middle of this terrain stood a modest bush with red flowers consisting of a bunch of tiny spikes in each bloom. It took a considerable stretch for it to register to us that seeing these blossoms signified that we had located our long awaited objective, but once it sunk in, I joyfully regarded Minna, “Yeah… so, I was obviously just kidding about firing you! Let’s go!”

We all ran down the sandbar, and Minna wondered, “Wow! If I had simply gone a bit further, I could have been cured of my disability while I was still alive?”

“Try not to think about it!” I advised her. “Like I’m not gonna think about the fact that if Aidan or I cared about getting some color to our pale skin, we could have found this locale several days ago!”

“Uh-oh! We’ve got company!” Aidan notified us. We gazed in the direction that he gestured to, and we beheld Wade and Jera in a tiny rowboat oaring their way to the Island of Death! “Huh! What are the odds that we’d all stumble across this joint at the same time?”

I exclaimed, “We can’t let them touch that site!”

Minna lamented, “If my wand hadn’t morphed into this teleportation headband, I could’ve magicked us over there!”

“We don’t need a spell! Climb on my back again!” Moe lowered himself down for us.

“Oh, you can swim?” Minna enquired.

Moe reacted rather indignantly to that, “Can I, a water guardian, swim? Is that a serious question?”

Minna lied, “No!”

We all mounted the immense lizard once more, and as he dog-paddled towards the spot, Wade and Jera increased their speed! The pair of them got ahead of us, and while Moe put more haste into his movements, it appeared inevitable that the dastardly duo would reach this destination before us! We got within inches of his vessel, and Wade taunted us, “Nah-nah-nah-nah-nah! I’m going to stop myself from dying, and then I’m gonna kill you!”

“Oh, the hell you are!” I shot back. I pulled Minna and Aidan into his craft, linked arms with both Wade and Minna, and then ordered Minna, “Take us to the Ploutonion!”

“No!” Wade growled. As Aidan linked arms with Jera and Minna, Wade pulled out his wand and threatened Minna, “You try it, and it’ll be the last thing you’ll ever do!”

Minna defiantly differed, “No, the last thing I ever did was sing out to this puff of mist I thought was the Night Marchers! I’m dead, obviously death threats don’t scare me! God, why does everyone try to do that?” She closed her eyes and concentrated as much as she could. Wade let out a cowardly scream, and we were instantly sucked out of this dimension!

It had been two years since I last visited the Ploutonion, and I almost forgot what an uncomfortable experience it had been! Traveling between voids felt like getting sucked into a narrow tube and being squeezed out the other side! It was worse than trying on skinny jeans! We landed on a surface as smooth as glass and as cold as ice, and I couldn’t see any of the fog because my face had planted into the ground! Or was it technically sky, I had no clue! I mumbled to Aidan, “Remind me again why this was a smart idea!”

“I dunno… Weren’t we trying to prevent him from going here too?” Aidan raised his dizzy noggin in an attempt to assess the situation.

“Wade? Brother, speak to me!” Jera shook a very limp body.

Aidan recanted his statement, “Nevermind! You got him killed, this plan was brilliant!” Wade started muttering incoherent phrases, and Aidan’s visage soured. “Damn!”

Wade marveled, “I got into Heaven? I knew murdering those imbeciles was the right thing to do!” He glanced up, saw us there, and changed his tune, “Oh, you’re here, so I haven’t arrived in an eternal paradise yet!”

“That’s okay though! You wanna become a Fay too and rule the new society!” Jera reminded him.

“Oh, yeah! It’s all coming back to me now!” Wade held his arm up so that Jera could aid him in gaining an upright position.

Jera grabbed his palm, and he strove to get him up, but he couldn’t budge him an inch! “Dude! No offense, but you need to lose some weight!”

Wade snapped, “I did! I’ve lost sixty pounds since I became sick! I’m not the problem! You need to gain some muscles!” He picked himself up, and when he espied the bemused smiles we bore, he sneered, “Go ahead, enjoy yourselves! I’m closer to the exit, and that leads to… Oh, crap! We were right by Moku Oka Make this whole time? Ugh! It’s fine, it’s fine! I’ll just go get completely healed, and then we can come back here to kick their-!”

“Cuff him!” I instructed my wand. A pair of silver shackles shot out of it and flew straight towards him! He ducked, but I still stared at the wand with a fresh realization. “They’re voice activated! No wonder it was so hard to get them to work in the usual manner!”

“Great! We’ve lost the element of surprise!” Aidan griped.

Wade brandished his weapon, but he lost some of his swagger when I pointed out, “You’ll use the last of your strength killing us, and then no one will be able to destroy humanity!”

Hope swirled within me upon seeing his bluster crumple, but then he broke out in a devilish grin that made my inner alarm bells fire off on all cylinders! He maliciously leered, “I’ll see you on the other side!”

“On the other side of what?” Minna queried, which annoyed me at first. Once I thought about it, it morphed into an excellent question! Our addlement only heightened as he aimed his wand to the sky, or whatever was above us in this instance, and suddenly, a poof of smoke billowed out! Prior to any of us having the ability to take action against him, a cloudy haze enveloped the entire vicinity!

“Well, if we can’t see, he can’t either, right?” Aidan posed to me.

I heard scuffling in the near distance, so I directed my wand, “Shine a light!” Once the space around us was illuminated, we discerned that Wade and Jera were gone! My initial theory was that he had gone to Moku Oka Make, and I mentally prepared myself to hex him the instant he returned, but when I heard his raucous laughter on the opposite end of the portal, I presumed, “He’s in the maze! He’s going for the Fate Particle! I doubt he’s strong enough to do the job, but we better go get him just in case he can destroy it!”

Aidan recommended, “Let’s search for the backdoor this time!” 

We spread apart and each felt around the structure in front of us. Minna eventually announced, “I found it! But it’s locked!”

“Not a problem! Aidan went to the entrance and bade his wand, “Unlock it!” The handle jiggled, but it didn’t become ajar. “My voice activation is busted!”

“Only I can access the backdoor! It’s a spell!” Wade shouted to us. 

I glanced at the entryway to the labyrinth, and I sighed, “We gotta go through this again! And once again, I’m in my sweatpants with no bra!”

Aidan encouraged me, “We got through this before, we can do it again! Let’s go outsmart some monsters and save the earth! But let’s pray he croaks faster than we can get there… just in case!” Minna and I nodded, and then we took a deep breath as we set foot into the intricate passage!


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