The Darkest Wishes of Melas, Chapter 19

One of the residents exclaimed, “Wow! That blizzard really picked up some steam!”

As Lisa and Delron watched the wind gain strength with knowing eyes, a young man peered out the window and opined, “It looks more like a hurricane!”

“Come off it!” another one of the other posh occupants dismissed his claim. “It’s October! Plus, how often do you get a snowy hurricane?”

“Get away from the-!” The receptionist ran to rescue the lad, but he was too late- a tree crashed through the glass and landed directly on top of him!

Abby shrieked, “This is all your fault!” She lunged towards Lisa’s throat, but Lisa dodged her attack. She couldn’t believe she had to fend off this aggression during a supernatural disaster!

The receptionist grabbed Abby’s arms and curtly ordered, “Miss Parris, get into the basement, now!”

Everybody flooded down a wooden staircase, and Lisa as well as Delron took the rearmost position in order to distance themselves from Abby. Before they could reach the bottom, the tempest’ force caused them to struggle! Delron attempted to close the door, but it wouldn’t shut! “We’re doomed!” a little girl wailed.

“We need to put something against the door!” Lisa asserted as she clung for dear life onto the railing.

“There’s no way we could lift anything up there in time!” an older guy objected.

From above them, they could hear a thunderous boom, and the volume of the storm increased! “Part of the building got ripped off!” an elderly lady howled.

Delron vociferated, “All we can do now is hold on and pray!”

“I’m slipping!” a small boy cried as the gale intensified.

“Do you have any rope?” Lisa asked the receptionist.

The receptionist pulled out a dusty, old box and answered, “I have these!”

He pulled out some antiquated shackles, and Lisa apprised, “That’ll work!”

As quickly as they could, each person grabbed a cuff and locked it onto a long guide rail that ran along the perimeter. The furor became more and more ravenous, and Lisa feared that her support may not reach her end before a fatal impact! Chains got passed in her direction, but she could barely hold on! When she finally grasped some, she could hardly maintain the fortitude to clasp it! She struggled to maneuver it towards the railing, and she moved in slow motion to attach it to her wrist! When it finally shut around her wrist, the door flew off its hinges! This was it…

And that was it! No sooner had the bluster come to its pinnacle, it disappeared! Everyone returned to the ground, and the atmosphere got quiet! Lisa’s brows furrowed; it was as though her connecting her constraints drove it off! She thought that concept was impossible… unless… No! What were the odds?

“Is it over?” a teen queried.

“Perhaps we should wait a minute in case this is simply the eye of the storm,” an elderly lady suggested.

Snowflakes surfaced on the stairs, and somebody puzzled, “It’s snowing again?”

The receptionist proclaimed, “I think it’s done! Here’s the key. Be careful as you head up there- you never know what that monster exposed!”

Lisa and Delron unlocked themselves first since they needed to shift and clear a path for everyone else. When they arrived back on the main floor, they gaped at the damage that had been done! The pristine lobby had vanished, and debris was strewed everywhere! They got a glimpse of the town beneath the hill of the edifice’s location, and nothing else suffered from this incident! “The hurricane didn’t get anyone else?” a young woman enquired.

“Our house!” a middle-aged fellow cried.

Now will you ban them from the premises?” Abby demanded to the receptionist.

The receptionist stated, “No one is coming back here until this infrastructure is examined and deemed safe!”

A weeping wife probed, “But… where will we go?”

No one had a response. Lisa and Delron began to walk away, but then the receptionist addressed them, “Please give back that historical artifact!” Lisa hesitated. If she could only keep it, she could end this nightmare forever! She couldn’t come up with a valid excuse other than the truth though, and that was not something she could share, so she very unwillingly handed the handcuffs back prior to their departure.

Lisa saw him standing under a hazy streetlight. Everything else was pitch black, which made her worry about their prospective endeavor this evening. When she got closer to Adam, he flashed her a grin, and she tried earnestly to reciprocate the gesture, but her nerves froze her facial muscles! Exploring a vengeful ghost’s former territory felt daunting enough, but in addition to that, she dreaded interacting with Adam after what happened with Abby. Oh sure, it didn’t sound like they were currently dating, but that didn’t mean he didn’t want to! She didn’t want to hang out with the man who would choose to pursue a girl who tried to strangle her, but his work towards their effort to eradicate this town from a terrible presence was valuable. She pushed herself to buy into the notion of a positive outcome from this undertaking, but her anxiety overruled her optimism!

Suddenly, Lisa detected movement in the darkness in front of her! She couldn’t discern what it was, so she could only assume it was some sort of spirit racing towards her! She looked to Adam for possible assistance, and it startled her to see him smiling! Did he send a wicked entity to her? She could hardly comprehend that, but she didn’t have a second to spare in analyzing anything! The obscure figure arrived in her proximity, and she braced herself for a paranormal battle…

“Oh, hello there!” Lisa merrily greeted the perpetrator of her panic- a mid-size, black dog with floppy ears and a sweet expression on its visage! “You scared me, little dude!”

“Peanut, down!” Adam commanded his pet as it put its front paws onto Lisa’s sweater.

Lisa laughed, “Oh, I don’t mind! Well,  I suppose I should since he could snag it and I don’t have very many clothes, but I’m just so relieved that he isn’t some ferocious creature coming to eat me!”

Adam chuckled, “That’d never happen! He chases the rabbits out of the pumpkin groves, but if he ever caught any, I’m certain he’d just play with them! He’s the gentlest animal I’ve ever met! But, having said that, I’m hoping that he’ll provide us with protection while we explore Blackthorn Orchards! I think if was in any true danger, he’d come to my rescue! Besides, Rebecca didn’t like that ghostly cat, so I was counting on him warding her off while we’re here. You never know when she might revisit her old place!”

“If this proves successful, then I’ll have to consider getting a doggy or kitty to take with us on deliveries! Maybe we could actually complete an order without almost dying!” Lisa joked. She instantly regretted making that quip though- it gave him an opening to pry into this morning’s incident!

“Yeah, I imagine that’s getting old!” Adam responded. They each guffawed at that, and then Adam smirked. “Abby told me about the freak hurricane. So, you attempted to murder her, huh?”

Lisa emphatically denied that allegation, “That’s a lie! She was the one who wanted to wring my neck in the middle of evacuating from the wind!”

Adam assured her, “I know! Well, I didn’t know that specific detail, but Abby’s claim didn’t make sense! Why would you do something like that when you allegedly sent the hurricane to do everyone in?”

“Thank you!” Lisa’s heart thumped with gratitude for his vouching of her character! “How much you wanna bet half of Melas will believe her b.s.?” 

“People believe a lot of dumb things! You’d be surprised how many idiots still think the world is flat!” Adam commented. They exchanged amusement in this tidbit, and then Adam got more serious. “Forget what they say! The important thing is you’re still here!”

He stroked her hair, and Lisa fought her instincts to inch closer to him! She didn’t want to fall victim to any tricks on his part to persuade her to let her guard down and provide her foes with invaluable insight, but he got right next to her body, and it became very hard to resist pulling her lips up to his…

Delron shouted, “Get back!” Lisa and Adam immediately jumped out of each other’s orbit and mentally prepared themselves to engage in a harrowing altercation, but they soon espied Peanut merrily greeting Delron! Delron cracked up, “Yes, yes! Nice to see you again, buddy!” Peanut scampered back to Adam, and Delron sheepishly regarded them, “Sorry! I didn’t wanna interrupt your, um, conversation…”

“The entrance to the estate is a few feet behind us,” Adam mentioned as if the bout of awkwardness had not transpired. “Shall we…?”

“Yes! The sooner we find an object belonging to Rebecca, the sooner we can evoke the magic of those witching bottles and finish this spooky shit!” Lisa ardently articulated. Adam led them on the route to their destination, and Delron as well as Lisa determinedly traversed behind him.

A battered-up old arch marked the onset to the property, and a padlock sealed up the slender, iron gates. Adam informed the other two, “They put this up later to discourage squatters, but no one is even tempted to trespass here!” Lisa couldn’t see anything beyond the obscurity, but she wasn’t about to let that discourage her! She used the gate’s setup as steps and began scaling the structure. Delron and Adam mimicked that move while Peanut squeezed through the gaps, and once they all reached the other side, they stood in silence for a moment to absorb the gravity of the occasion. Once they accepted the hallow oddity, they took a collective deep breath and went forth down the shadowy path.

Lisa, Adam, and Delron turned on the flashlight feature on their cellphones, and so far, all the trio could see was several deadened trees lining their trail. Delron wondered, “Do you imagine that this lot was ever nice?”

“Oh, look! There’s a house!” Adam indicated to a dilapidated dwelling ahead of them.

“It seems like it’s staring at us!” Lisa assessed as she viewed how the eaves resembled eyebrows, and the windows very much appeared like glaring eyes! Holes in its walls showed the inside of a fairly ordinary domicile, but the closer they got to it, the more it seemed like their existence in this area angered the current occupants of the land! “Remember why we’re here- don’t lose your cool!” Lisa advised the two men in addition to herself.

Delron reached the porch first, but when he attempted to open the door, it wouldn’t budge! Adam pointed to a sizable crack nearby, and he let the others know, “We can fit in there if we take out this board!” He yanked it from its position, and then he stared at the site guiltily. “Why does it feel like I pissed someone off by doing that?”

Lisa responded, “Because you’re overthinking it! Let’s go!”

She crouched low and shimmied into the shack, and Adam did the same. Delron almost followed suit, but then, unexpectedly, Peanut darted away and ran into an unclear detour to the rearmost section of the habitation! “I’ll go get him!” Delron volunteered.

“He shouldn’t go alone!” Lisa fretted.

“Aw, he’ll be fine!” Adam aired his vote of confidence. “Peanut doesn’t tear himself too far away from me. We should start searching for Rebecca’s possessions, who knows how long we have…” Lisa nodded in agreement, and they initiated a sweep of their surroundings.

Lisa peered at a pile of rubble, and she conveyed, “Man, it’s like one day, they just took everything out and never came back!”

Adam denoted, “No mice, no bugs, no birds- nothing touched this home in ages! What exactly were they trying to avoid?”

Prior to Lisa having the ability to reply, they heard a horrible scream from afar! They swiftly removed themselves from that locale and sped towards the origin of that anguished cry…


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