Sabotage, Chapter 13

“Thank you kind sir!” Zartex waved to a trucker as he left an old gas station. He turned to Carmen and Garith, who had a look of discomfort mixed with surprise. “I don’t know why you were so worried about taking a ride from a stranger!”

Garith noted, “People are rarely that nice without wanting something in return.”

Carmen observed her surroundings and remarked, “Who decided to call this place Oasis? Were they trying to be ironic?”

“So, this is Nevada, huh?” Zartex also looked around. “This doesn’t look that different than Utah!”

“Wait ’til we get to Elko,” Garith responded.

As the three of them walked through the desert alongside the highway, they ate breakfast sandwiches that they got from the gas station they passed. Carmen commented, “I never imagined I’d be in a situation where gas station food would taste amazing!”

Garith nodded in agreement. “Yeah, and I can’t believe how excited I got about using a gas station toilet!”

“I got you guys some of these free samples.” Zartex pulled some beef jerky out of his pocket.

“Those weren’t free!” Garith pointed out. “You’re supposed to bring it to the register.”

Carmen burried her face in her hands and shook her head. “Stop stealing things! Like we need another reason for the police to come after us!”

They all heard a low growl, and Garith joked, “Gee, Carmen, you don’t need to get that mad about it.”

“That wasn’t me!” Carmen stood still and looked around. The other two stopped and joined her in the search. They heard some rustling from a bush with inverted, whip-like branches, so they huddled together in preparation for an attack. The growling grew louder as the perpetrator emerged. “It’s a dog!” Carmen exclaimed as a tan, coyote-looking dog reared its teeth at them.

“Run!” Garith started to flee.

Carmen grabbed his shirt to prevent him from sprinting. “You can’t outrun a dog! Why do you think they have canine units in the police?”

“You want to fight it?” Garith asked incredulously as the dog crept closer to them. Carmen studied the dog closely and saw something the other two didn’t. She slowly approached it, prompting Garith to shout, “Are you crazy?”

Without breaking eye contact with the snarling beast, Carmen informed Garith, “She’s hurt!” After she said that, Zartex and Garith noticed the dog’s limp gait.

The dog let Carmen kneel before her, which made Garith really nervous. “Be careful!”

“Duh!” Carmen gingerly reached for its paw, which made the dog snap at her a little. That didn’t ease Garith’s nerves, so she assured him, “It’s okay. She’s in pain and isn’t sure if she can trust me.” Carmen’s pulse raced as she picked up its paw. Despite her assurances to Garith, she got forcibly reminded of when a dog bit her before. Her instincts made her trust this one though. She really hoped her gut feelings wouldn’t betray her since she just vouched for this dog. She saw a thorn stuck in her paw with some blood caked on around it. “You’ve been hurt for a while! Poor baby!” As she removed the thorn, the dog snapped a little again. Finally, the thorn wriggled out. Carmen felt a wave of relief, and evidently the dog felt the same way as they watched it scamper around and enjoy full use of her paws.

She licked Carmen in the face, which made her cringe a little. “Not the face!” She laughed and pet it. She glanced over at Garith, who appeared to be recovering form a near faint. “You’re not gonna say that’s what she said?”

“Don’t ever do that again!” Garith breathed.

Carmen laughed and stood up. As they continued their journey, Carmen noticed the dog following them. “Go home, doggy!” The dog happily followed them still. “No, no, no! Don’t pick us as your humans! Your life will constantly be in danger! Plus, you wouldn’t even have a home to go to. You’re better off finding someone here. Go on! Shoo!”

Garith laughed, “You can’t reason with an animal!” He grabbed Zartex’s beef jerky and threw it. The dog scampered after it and enjoyed gnawing on it. “That jerky was hard as a rock, that’ll keep her busy for a while!”

Zartex chirped, “Well, we helped her nurse her injury, and she helped us dispose of evidence!” Carmen shook her head but smiled.

Hours later, the town of Wells could be seen in the distance. Carmen conversed, “Wasn’t it uncomfortable working with your ex-wife?”

“She moved to L.A. once I said I wanted a divorce,” Garith told her. “It’s something she always wanted to do but didn’t because of me. It’s not like I ever said I wouldn’t leave San Francisco, but she said I held her back. She accepted a high end position at our headquarters and left me behind. Actually, I was okay with her getting far away from me ’cause it was easier to pick up my life where it was before I met her. The only difference between my old life and my single life was nicer furniture and Phoebe.”

“Phoebe?” Carmen questioned. “You have a daughter? Or is Phoebe one of your ex’s friends that you hooked up with?”

Garith chuckled, “Phoebe was her cat. I didn’t like cats much, but she grew on me. I felt bad for her, actually. I mean, her mom just abandoned her. Who does that?”

Carmen felt a surge of guilt hit her heart. “I left my cat behind when we moved to Colorado. I couldn’t have pets where I lived, so I let my dad take care of Orlando. I didn’t think I’d be gone long. The Grand Junction office was new, and it was supposed to give me more opportunities for building my team and getting promoted quicker. I thought I’d get promoted in like a year ’cause that’s what they told me. I didn’t think I’d be away from him for so long, and once I became a manager, It never occurred to me that they could be wrong or mislead me. I never got that promotion. I just abandoned my poor cat!”

Before Garith could reply, a sheriff’s car pulled up to them. The three of them tried to remain cool, but they were silently praying that this officer wasn’t here to arrest them. They had nowhere to run or hide in the middle of the desert! “Hey! You look like you’ve traveled across this highway for a while. Tell me…” Carmen felt like he could hear her heart pounding because she could feel the tension from the other two. “…have you guys seen my dog?”

Everyone took a breath of relief. Zartex addressed him, “A brown, coyote-looking dog?” The policeman nodded. “Yeah, she was just outside of Oasis. She helped her nurse an injury and he gave her my beef jerky.”

The officer clearly felt overjoyed to hear this news. “I sure do appreciate that! Y’all are decent folks!” He made a quick u-turn and raced towards Oasis.

Sometime later, they came just outside the town of Wells where, once again, all they could see was a gas station. Zartex inquired, “Why are there people gathering here?”

Garith squinted his eyes to get a better look. “It’s a sign for the Red Lion Casino. Oh, they must shuttle people to Elko.” Carmen gave him a glance that non-verbally told him that she wanted to go on the shuttle. Garith objected, “Oh no! Don’t you remember what happened last time we took a shuttle?”

Carmen argued, “There aren’t any mountains going from here to Elko! Plus, after over a week of non-stop walking, it sure would be nice to get a break!”

Garith still seemed weary. “I don’t like the idea of endangering so many people in an enclosed…” He stopped mid-sentence as a nearby bush rustled. The other two also stopped and gazed at directly at it. “Maybe the police dog followed us here.”

Carmen differentiated, “I think there’s a different bitch that’ll emerge from that bush.”

As Carmen predicted, Lilith came out from hiding and pointed a gun at them. They threw up their hands, and she gently told them, “Guys, I’m not here to kill you.” She threw the gun to the floor. They slowly put their arms down, but they did not trust her. Each of them kept an eye on her. “You got me all wrong. I’m here to save your life!”

“A Mirage executive wants to help us?” Garith challenged. “I have a hard time believing you care about anyone but yourself!”

Lilith tried to appear as docile as possible and spoke softly, “Look, they need a high ranking member to watch over people, that’s why I’ll never leave. I don’t like hunting people down like animals. I didn’t come to commit murder! But, I did catch you. If I wanted to, I could turn you over to the police. I’m not gonna do that. Actually, I want to promote you!”

That statement took everyone by surprise. Mirage had spent over a week chasing them down and tried to assassinate them, and now she claimed that they wanted to promote her! Carmen didn’t buy it. “Even if you decide to bypass the rules of building a team, I don’t wanna be a manager!”

“Actually,” Lilith revealed, “We want you to replace Elden Gundulf as head of security.” Zartex and Garith got a jolt of surprise from this, but Carmen did not. She stared at her hard. She wanted her to keep talking to see what game she was trying to play. Lilith continued, “You beat us! You won! We threw every trick in the book at you and you made it through each time. No one has ever gotten this far! Instead of trying to destroy you, we want to use you. You can think like the most clever employee that goes astray, so you can help us humanely rescue them. We need someone like you to make sure what you went through doesn’t happen again. Think about it. You can dedicate you life to saving lives!”

Garith and Zartex looked to Carmen, who did not seem remotely tempted by this offer. In some ways, her argument made sense. If she was head of security, she could stop them from murdering and kidnapping people. Carmen’s gut instincts would not let her consider accepting this offer. Zartex spoke up first, “What about the way you treat your low level employees? Would you expect her to condone that?”

This touched a nerve for Lilith. “We do not mistreat our employees! We have a success plan that has been proven to work! Even our lowest level employees can make over a grand in a week! What other company offers that for people with no experience? We help people get careers and fabulous lifestyles, and that’s supposed to be a bad thing? We’ve also given hundreds to charity-does that sound like an evil, malicious company?”

“Lots of wealthy people do that for tax purposes,” Garith pointed out.

Lilith almost blew a gasket, but she closed her eyes and collected herself. “Carmen, you have a choice. You can choose to believe the lies this reporter has filled in your head and go to prison for the rest of your life. But, if you want a better life, listen up. We’ll get you a lawyer and get that murder charge thrown away at no cost to you. We’ll send you to luxurious training camp at Mirage headquarters. We have the best training! The classes take dull leadership lessons and makes them fun. And, after class, you can get spa treatments, eat fine food, all sorts of stuff! After training, you’ll make a six figure income and live in a nice place all on your own. You can help your whole family out too. Isn’t that what you always wanted? I don’t think I need to ask which life you want-prison or luxury? So, come on, let’s go!”

Lilith turned away and started walking to her car. When she realized that she hadn’t followed her, she turned back around. “What’s the problem? Is it all that walk you did? Don’t worry, I’ll bring the car to you!”

“I’m not going anywhere with you,” Carmen said firmly. “The only thing that you said that I believe is that you wanna use me. A few weeks ago, I was just like you. I defended Mirage like it was my own family. Whenever someone criticized us, I responded exactly like you did. How dare they! How dare they spout such hate and disrespect! I did the same thing as you-I seduced people into Mirage by waving these temptations over their heads. Who doesn’t want to live a life of luxury? Only a few people get that posh lifestyle, and it comes at the price of the lowest level employees’ blood, sweat, and tears! You exploit hundreds to help a few people live well. You keep people in by distracting them with things they want to make them forget what they stand to lose. You got me for over three years, but you’ll get me no more! I won’t by snared by getting shiny things waved at me! How dare you insult my intelligence like that! Believe it or not, I’d rather sit in a prison cell than sell my soul again!”

Lilith’s frown was so pronounced that her lips practically disappeared. “Fine, have it your way!” She bent down as if she was retrieving her gun. Before the three of them could react, she spotted something behind them that made her eyes grow round as dinner plates. She darted off and ran in the opposite direction. They tried to comprehend why, but everything moved so fast that they didn’t have time to question it. A flash of brown brushed past them and made a beeline to Lilith. The flash caught her, and now that it had slowed down, they recognized it as the dog they saw in Oasis!

As the dog continuously bit her, the officer that owned her pulled up. He exclaimed, “Atta girl, Trigger! Good girl, you got a bad guy?”

He got out of his car to get Trigger off of her, but he continued to praise her for a job well done. The other three saw the shuttle for the Red Lion Casino pull up, so they ran to it before Lilith talked to the police. As they boarded, Carmen playfully teased Garith, “See, didn’t I tell you that you can’t outrun a dog?”

Garith rolled his eyes but didn’t look bothered. He smiled as he said, “That’s your favorite phrase, isn’t it?”

“Yes!” Carmen grinned as they took their seat. Garith chuckled as he slumped against the seat, ready to take a nap.

As the shuttle took off, Zartex noted, “We weren’t there to tell the police officer the crimes she committed against you, so she probably won’t get charged with anything.”

“That’s okay,” Carmen responded thoughtfully. “I’ve been bit by a dog before, so, trust me, her injuries will be punishment enough.” Carmen, too, slumped against her seat to take a nap. Zartex shrugged, kicked back, and relaxed as the other two dozed off.


War of the Mystics: Frozen

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War of the Mystics: Frozen, the Novel

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Temca Academy II, Part 9


Anielle, George, and Toci are dressed in business wear and scan the hall. A group of extremely attractive men walk by, which gets the girls’ attention.

Wow, if something happens to Joshua,
I know where I’m finding my next man!

You shouldn’t look at other guys.

Why not? It’s not like a have a ring
on my finger!

Toci chokes on her drink.

K pass-o?

Another group of hot guys walk by.

Man, it must be some kind of hot
guy convention!

No way! I would’ve been invited
to that!

A group of guys stop for pictures.

It’s not fair! I’m attractive, so why
won’t they invite me to their convention?

MAN 2:
You wanna come?


George leaves with them. Meretrice approaches them looking messy and physically exhausted.

Whew! So many boys, so little time!

Toci grumbles jealously.

I’ll bet with that hot guy convention!

You mean the Gayzard convention?
You know, gay wizards conference?

Toci and Anielle burst out laughing. Anielle immediately stops laughing when she sees Babelsama in the crowd. Babelsama sees her too and runs away in a panic. Anielle follows him.


Anielle runs into the room, but Babelsama is nowhere in sight. The room is expansive and pretty packed.

Did you lose him?

No, I found him and captured him.
I think he’s gonna make a speech soon.

George appears looking ticked off. Toci and Anielle snicker.

You did that on purpose!

We could not have planned something
so hilarious!

Babelsama comes on stage, and the crowd becomes quiet and pays attention.

Welcome to the FLA. I was invited here
by the Future Apprentices of University


No, don’t call it that! Anyways, I wanted
to share with you my ideas for how to run
a university or even run a country more
efficiently. Now, I think it’s only fair the
hardest working people obtain the greatest
reward, and people who do nothing should
be punished. We cannot remain passive. One
should always strive for more and more. Loyalty
is important. The more people work for the leader,
the better their lives should be. If he’s a good leader,
and someone does not follow him, they should be
severely punished!

The crowd agrees with him. Babelsama looks directly at George, Toci, and Anielle, who glare at him. He turns back to the crowd.

If elected university president, I would make
several important changes. We’d start with the
budget. I’d cut…

A paper airplane lands by him. He reads it and frowns profusely.

I’m sorry but my girlfriend just
miscarried. I’ll finish this speech
another time!

He tries to leave but Anielle binds him. The crowd looks at her like she is insane.

This man is a murder suspect!

It was self defense! Please, let me go
to my girlfriend!

The crowd gets angry and helps him up. As he leaves, a peace officer comes and arrests Anielle.


Anielle sits in a corner alone. A few other women are in the small, dingy room with her but pay her no attention. A pink force field acts as a door. Some guards approach and Anielle looks hopeful. They throw someone in and leave. Anielle hangs her head in disappointment.

Never thought I’d share a cell with you!

Meretrice? Why are you here?

Why do you think? It happens every
few months or so. I stay a few days
and go back out. Never been to Arizona’s
Witches Prison though. Theirs is nicer.

This is nice?

Not as nice as the one in England though.
Theirs is the best. Well, that’s what I’m told.
Deirdre was originally from there. She would
go back and visit her cousinoccasionally. She was
so lucky to have family. I always wondered how
someone could abandon a baby.

Family is overrated sometimes. My mom
lives in Canada with her husband. Both of
them are too busy partying to really pay
attention to me or my sister. Leila and I
got disowned by our father because the
men and career choices we picked weren’t
approved by Neiman.

My foster parents never approved of my
career choice either. We’re a lot alike,
except your best friends are still here.

Some best friends! Where were they when
I was being arrested? Why haven’t they
bailed me out? I keep thinking about what
Madame Fate said-your friends will abandon you.

That’s not very nice. Most psychics tell
people good things so they’ll come back
and say nice things again.

She works for Babelsama.

Well then, why would you give any
merit to what she says? Anyways,
if you wanna get bailed out, I got
plenty of cash.

Thanks. But you’ll be coming back to
campus, right?

Uh huh! I usually don’t sleep with men
so attractive and young, so this has been nice!


Anielle is on her laptop and pouts. Toci enters and is surprised to see Anielle.

Oh, you’re here! So, they let you out
of jail?

Meretrice bailed me out. Thanks for
all of your help!

We were following Babelsama! He flew
to Mexico.

Mexico? But, he’s been all his time here.
If he has a girlfriend he knocked up, she
should be here. One of these days we gotta
disguise ourselves and just follow him all day.

George passes by.

George, come here!

George enters.


I have an idea of why Chad doesn’t
want a piece of this.

Oh, here we go…

Maybe he’s gay!

I don’t think he’s gay. Guys in denial
still act like gay guys.

But I wanna make sure. So, I want you
to go with us on our date tomorrow
and at the end of the night, ask if you
wanna do a threesome.

Absolutely not! I love you, Toci, but
in a platonic way. I never risk friendships
for a booty call…anymore.

We’re not really gonna do it! I just
wanna see if he likes the idea. If he’s
gay, he’d love to experiment with you.
but if he does go for it, I’ll take his
virginity and we’ll both leave!

Your schemes are getting more and more
senseless by the minute!

Please George! I don’t ask for a lot of

Fine! But you’ll have to buy me a
lot of drinks first!

George leaves.

What’s wrong, Anielle? Normally
you get a big kick out of this.

I have more important things on my
mind. Believe it or not, I don’t view
your sex life as top priority.

You miss Joshua, don’t you?

Of course I miss Joshua! I miss the way he
made me feel about myself. He made me
feel truly wanted. And I miss his sweet little
comments and his passionate kisses. Sure, he’d
drive me crazy sometimes, but I even miss that.
I miss the petty arguments we’d get into. I
remember a lot of times we’d lie in bed
together and he’d let out a huge fart, so I’d
kick him out of bed. I miss his smelly farts!

You miss his farts?!? Wow, you must
really love him!

I do. But I’m not just thinking about that.
It drives me crazy that Babelsama is so
close and we have no idea what he gets up
to! What did Joshua’s clue mean? I keep
wondering why they kidnapped him instead
of murdering him. I’m grateful he’s alive, don’t
get me wrong, but why would they keep him
around? Sometimes I fear that Madame Fate
will turn out to be right about me becoming
a crazy cat lady!

Oh, if you want to get a cat, there’s a
potion recipe for allergies on page
seventy two of my household cure book.

And there’s Toci with the big picture!

Look on the bright side-classes resume
tomorrow! Aren’t you excited about
what you may learn?

Anielle rolls her eyes and closes her laptop. She leaves the room with her toothbrush and a cup of tooth polish potion.

She really needs to get laid!

Temca Academy II, Part 6


George is sitting on his bed with ebbed attention to BLANCHE (long, light brown hair, moon shaped glasses, and a pale, frail body).

My uncle’s hazelnut isn’t very good,
but I quite like my mother’s hazelnut.
Yellow nut is quite tasty, though I can
only drink it in small doses…

Toci and Anielle enter and look at George quizzically. When he finally notices them, he bolts off his bed, relieved.

Hole-la guys!

You’re saying it wrong.

That’s how it’s spelled. Wait,
do you pronounce it hollah?

Hola, George. Sorry to interrupt such,
uh, stirring conversation.

Blanche gets up and goes over to them.

I’m Blanche. He asked me up for coffee,
and I was telling him which kinds I like.

You’re bats! What planet are you from
where you think a guy inviting you up
for coffee actually wants to give you
coffee? You are the most boring person
I’ve ever met! I thought you might’ve
been one of those scholars that’s a closet
freak, but no! I’m going to kill that Adam
guy for setting us up!

(to Blanche)
What he’s trying to say is that he
thinks you should just stay friends.

Okay. I can always use more friends!
Bye guys!

Blanche leaves. Anielle starts rumaging through Joshua’s desk. She finds the folder.

Let’s see…Deirdre Lenon, age twenty two,
found dead on a dirt road. Cause of death,
heart stopping spell. That’s it? That’s all
the regular crime solvers bothered to put?

It’s a crummy system, but what are we

I just have to figure out where Joshua
would’ve gone to solve this crime. Tomorrow
after work I’ll go down to Sepia Street and
ask around.

I’d go with you, but I have an oyseter
dinner with Chad.

I’ll go with you.

Just don’t try to speak or act Hispanic
there. You don’t wanna piss anyone off.

Why would they get mad? I speak
ess-pag-noll bu-eh-no!

Just let me do the talking, pendejo.

Toci busts out laughing. George laughs too but he does not know why.


The floor is covered with various shoes. A young woman (LINDA) tries on a pair of heels and thinks about it. Anielle looks bored to death.

Okay, I like these. I’m going to
come back Wednesday to get them.

Linda leaves.

Great! I’m so glad I stayed twenty
minutes after my shift for that!

That’s right! Keep up that positive

Anielle rolls her eyes. They bring out their scepters and clean up the shoes.

Alright, I’m leaving.

Wait! Before you go, take this!

She hands her a coupon with Madame Fate’s eyes and moving lighting in the background.

You get twenty percent off
with this coupon!


Anielle stashes the coupon in her pocket.

See you, batty!

Betty? I’m Circe!

Anielle rolls her eyes again and leaves.


The street has a almost decayed look. Scantily dressed women and sloppily dressed men roam the street. Anielle and George stand out and get a few stares. They arrive at a pile of rubble that once could have been a house or store. There is a lot of ashy dirt and hardware.

This is where Deirdre’s body was discovered.
A peace officer spotted her, they did a quick
autopsy, and it turns out she was hit with a
heart stopping spell. It’s a common signature
of pimps, so they assumed the same for her and
moved on.

(looking at the file)
She looks so sad. No one reported her
missing either. Did she have a family? or

DEEJAY (a ghetto man) is passing by and hears Anielle say that.

You’re looking for Deirdre’s friend?
Hey, Meretrice!


Come ‘ere!

I told you, Deejay, I don’t work
for free!

No, some people are looking for you.
(to Anielle and George)
She’s coming. Peace out!

Deejay leaves. MERETRICE (tall, skinny, crimped strawberry blonde hair, slutty clothes) comes over to see what Deejay was talking about. She sees Anielle and George and gets scared.

You’re with the Bureau of Magic, aren’t
you? Well, whatever you have on me
is a lie!

We’re not with the B.O.M. or the P.O.’s.
My boyfriend, Joshua, was investigating
Deirdre’s murder and now he’s missing.

He’s missing? That’s too bad. He was
he only P.O. that acted like he gave a
damn about what happened to us.

So, what happened to your friend?

No idea. I was working on a…book…

Seriously, we’re not peace officers. My
boyfriend’s captain isn’t going to spend a
lot of time looking for this killer, and I won’t
find him til I find the killer. So, be honest,
before you were working on your “book,”
did you notice anything weird?

Not really. Except the eyes.

Whose eyes?

I don’t know. When we were growing up,
Deirdre and I always felt like there was
an evil eye watching us. Like, the eyes
would make bad things happen to us. I
never see them, but I felt like they were
always there, just waiting to strike. But
what’s weird is when Deirdre died, they
went away.

So, do you think someone was plotting
to kill Deirdre?

Maybe. Deirdre and I always looked like
sisters, so maybe they couldn’t tell us apart.
It could’ve been me they were after. We’ve
felt these eyes since we were kids. A lot of
people wanna hurt us in this line of work, but
who’d wanna hurt a baby?

Does someone have something against
your family?

I don’t have a family. I was abandoned
as a baby and lived in foster homes til I
was twelve. That’s when Deirdre and I
started turning tricks.

That’s so sad!

Why? I love sex! It makes me feel good cuz
it’s what my talent is. I’d do it for free, but if
I’m gonna do it and get paid for it, then why
not? I make men feel good. Sometimes women.
Sometimes couples. I’ve thought about going to
college, you know, to be a masseuse, but now I
have too many clients to just leave them. Sex is
more than just fiddling around with your privates;
it frees the soul to animal instincts. And it makes
you sick less, so I view myself as a healer. Don’t
feel sorry for me!

She starts coughing and hacking for a minute.

What happened to preventing illness?

Okay, so occasionally it creates a few
diseases. I have metabulish.

Oh gross!
(to George)
It starts off as a rash in your genitals,
but it creates outbursts of fluids, like
hacking up mucus or worse, gushing
blood. Things like that.

Men say I’m worth it.

Right. So, you don’t think a pimp
did this? The murder, not the disease.

We don’t have pimps.

Did she talk about her last client?

Some bald dude flagged us down, so
Deirdre went to go see him. I followed this
rich executive to do him. Stayed all night.
Made five thousand pieces.

So, did this bald guy wear a long, brown
robe and talk about his plans outloud?

Meretrice nods but eyes a potential customer.

Here’s my card if you need to
contact me with more information.

Meretrice takes the card and leaves.

Ha ha, Babelsama can’t get laid on his
own, so he has to hire a hooker!

No, he was probably the “eyes” trying
to kill her. Someone wanted Meretrice
dead. But why would Babelsama care
about her?

Maybe he got paid for it.

But he likes to be a leader. He has a
partner, and I bet it’s Madame Fate!

She hasn’t done anything wrong though!

Well, now we know Babelsama did it, and
he probably caught Joshua here and kidnapped
him. We’ve gotta get out of here!

We should convince Meretrice to go
into hiding too.

Before Anielle can respond, a couple of guys eye her.

Let’s go before I gotta hex someone!

They leave.

Temca Academy II, Part 5


Toci is tending to one of her plants in a very skimpy outfit. Anielle puts on her sneakers to complete her cheerleader ensemble (which is red and black with a black cat logo). Toci hums.

Are you in a good mood because
you think your slutty outfit is
going to work?

I’m happy because the weekend is
here. Aren’t you?

I don’t get a weekend. I have cheer practice
tonight and work Saturday and Sunday. It’s
a pain, but I gotta work because my dad won’t
give me spending money anymore. Then again,
I wonder what the point of having spending money
if I don’t have time to spend it!

Joshua enters wearing a junior crime solver outfit. Toci is about to leave when she sees him.

Going to work, huh?

Yeah. I can give you a ride to
Sepia Street since it looks like
we’re both about to work there.

Toci does not seem offended but still glares at him.

Wish me luck!

No. It’s just too ridiculous.
But have fun!

Oh, I will. Believe me, I will have fun!

Toci leaves.

You’re going to work on Sepia Street on
a Friday night? Isn’t it one of their busiest

Yes, which is why I’m going tonight-more
potential witnesses. Plus, I wanna have my
Saturday night free to whisk you away to
a nice dinner.

What’s the occasion?

Your glamorous new job! Do I need
a reason to spoil you?

Just be careful, okay?

What’s the fun in that?
Now, I better go before I rip
that sexy outfit off you.


Okay, bye you!

See you soon, babe!

They kiss and Joshua leaves. George (wearing his broom football uniform) comes in.

Ready to go?

No. I mean, I will, but I kind of feel
rooted to the spot. It’s like that kiss
was the last one I’d have with him.

Oh, I see. Now you think you’re
Madame Fate?

Ugh! If I hear about that hag one
more time today…I’ll …
I don’t know!

Okay…let’s va-man-ohs!

Vamenos. Even I know that, and I’m

They leave.


BG-a small store with shoe boxes lining the walls and a few display shelves. Anielle is sitting behind the register looking really bored while Circe has her head against the wall.

That’s the third time today! Madame
Fate said this guy was going to work
for a glorious new leader that will
surface at Temca!
Oh, it’s so exciting to work next
door to a real psychic!

Anielle snorts in disbelief.

Everyone on campus is talking about
getting a reading done. I have her
booked in two weeks! When are you
getting yours?

When I sprout wings and fly into a rainbow!

I’ve always wanted to do that!

Anielle rolls her eyes. The door opens with a jingle and SCOTTERINA (a very large woman wearing designer clothes and carrying designer shopping bags) walks in. Circe doesn’t move so Anielle goes to tend to her.

Welcome to Dragon Heart Shoes. How
may I help you?

Yes, do you have the purple heels with
the dirt protection spell?

Yes, it’s right in front of you.

Oh, so it is! Can you hand it to me?


Anielle walks over and hands her the shoe that is right in front of her.

Do you have it in a size eight?

That is a size eight. You can try them on.

Scotterina sits down in a chair that barely holds her weight. Anielle grabs the shoe and stoops down. She raises her eyebrows as she sees her feet are obviously bigger than a size eight. She takes off her shoe and tries to hide her disgust at the smell. She barely squeezes the shoe on.

Oh, that’s perfect! I’ll take them!

Great! That will be fifty pieces.

Fifty pieces! No, thank you! If you
have any sales, go down to Scotterina’s
Furniture and ask for the owner. Then I’ll
buy them!

She puts her old shoe back on and leaves.

That is the sales price! She won’t like
it when they go back to eighty!

She picks up the shoes she tried on and sprays some cleanser potion on it.

Working hard is fun to do with a friend!

I hate this job!


Anielle is waiting on her bed in nice clothes. Toci enters carrying two small boxes, one of which smells badly.

You’re probably wondering what’s
in the boxes.

With you, I try not to ask.

I found some non-magical food that
will turn him on without it being date
rape! Dark chocolate and oysters!

Don’t serve them at the same time!

Duh. Hey, look at you all dressed up!
Where are you off to?

Probably nowhere. I haven’t seen or
heard from Joshua since last night.
He hasn’t come back to the Dog House
in almost twenty-four hours, and he
won’t respond to my messages.

Maybe he pulled an all nighter at work.

Sergeant Cassius hasn’t heard from him
either. If he doesn’t respond in an hour,
he says he’ll be considered a missing person
and his case will be turned over to a crime
solver to find him!

Oh, Anielle!

Toci tries to give Anielle a hug, but Anielle recoils.

I appreciate the thought, but you wreak!

What are you going to do?

I’m going to look for him. I don’t trust his
peace officer department. First, they hand
off a murder case to a junior crime solver and
then they let him work Sepia Street without any
back up or messages to check on him until a day
later. It’s like they’re trying to punish him for
caring about a crime they deemed unimportant!
Plus, I can’t say why yet, but I think Madame
Fate is connected to it.

She’s just a psychic!

She’s meddling with Temca! She puts up
posters in the middle of the night, becomes
popular on campus rapidly, and then starts
telling people they’ll work for a glorious new
leader. That’s the exact kind of thing Babelsama
would do!

Wait, so you think Madame Fate and
Babelsama kidnapped your boyfriend to
stop him from investigating the death of
that prostitute? That’s a little-

Don’t call me crazy! You’re the one
trying to seduce your boyfriend with
dead fish!

Fair enough. So, when do we start looking
for him?


You know George and I will help you.
We’re his friends too. Besides, even if
you do something nutty, we’ll be doing
it with you cuz we’re friends, and we
stick by each other no matter what!

Thanks! Where’s George?

He said something about a blind date…

Temca Academy II, Part 4


Anielle and Toci walk to class together.

Oh, I can’t wait for my classes this
semester! There’s so much I have to
learn about business! I’m so close to
owning my own apothecary! And Chad
is helping me out cuz that business stuff
is hard! Whew, I’m tired!

Yeah, you sound tired.

Yeah, I spent all night clearing the plants
in our room. It didn’t help that George passed
out on my bed. Oh, and I got an idea how I’m
gonna deflower Chad! I have this herb with
a seductive sedative-.

That’s date rape.

I know he wants to do it, but he’s
got these morals that don’t even…
What are you staring at?

Anielle looks at a flyer on the lamp post. It reads “See your future with Madame Fate.” The address at the bottom center has a picture of Madame Fate’s eyes.

I saw her putting up flyers around midnight
last night. It’s so strange! Why would someone
do that?

Maybe she didn’t wanna draw attention
to herself.

Then why would she put up flyers at all?

Oh well, we’re going to be late for class!

There’s something wrong with her. I just
got this bad feeling about her, like somehow
she’s connected to Babelsama.

That’s ridiculous! Come on! If we miss role
call, we could be marked as absent! I want
to pass this class-don’t make me fail!

Alright, alright. Don’t get your scepter in
a knot! But don’t say I didn’t warn you.

Warn me about what?

Danger of some sort.

Whatever. There could be cute guys in
the class too! What? I can still look.

Anielle rolls her eyes, and they leave.


BG-the room looks more like a green house than a class, but there are a few rows of seats and a blackboard at the end. Toci sits comfortably in this surrounding while Anielle looks at oddly.

Isn’t it wonderful?

It looks like a rain forest threw up in
a classroom.

I had half of my classes here last year.
I love it! Professor Rohan is like my
white twin.

Oh great, there’s two of you!

Wow, there’s some nice talent here
today. Look at those boys!

Anielle glances over to a group of obnoxious boys. One of them, ALBERTO (a guido) winks at Anielle. Anielle looks disgusted.

Ooh, you should talk to him!

Even if I was single, I still wouldn’t.

Alberto gets up and walks up to her.

Name’s Alberto. You must be Anielle.
I recognize you from “Broomstick Monthly.”
Your father made my broom.

Am I supposed to be impressed?

You wanna be impressed? Come to my
room tonight.

I have a boyfriend.

A three way, alright!

Ugh, go away you pig!

Alright, but I’ll be back. It’s gonna happen.
Madame Fate said I’d sleep with a famous
woman this year.

And you believed her?

She’s not some nobody making vague
predictions. She knows things, like for real.

PROFESSOR ROHAN (a hippie looking woman) enters the room. Alberto reluctantly returns to his seat.

Sorry I’m late. I had a problem with a
snapping lily. Welcome to Healing Herbology!
Toci, didn’t you already take this class?

Yes, as part of my required classes. I’m
taking the second level of this class too,
but I thought I’d take this as an elective.

Professor Rohan shrugs and begins her first lesson. Toci gives Anielle a thumbs up, and Anielle rolls her eyes.


Joshua is sitting at a desk looking at an engagement ring. BG-a classroom so neat and sterile that it almost looks like a hospital room. There is a large space in the front with a podium where PROFESSOR BETSERAI (stern looking, wearing a rescue healer-looking outfit) sifts through his papers. Anielle enters the room, and Joshua quickly stows away the ring. Anielle notices the secretive behavior.

What are you hiding from me?

Nothing. I mean, it’s just…evidence
from the case I’m working.

Then why did you bring it out in a classroom?

Because…I’m not that smart.

Can you show me later?

Absolutely, I will show you later!

Anielle raises her eyebrows but cannot say anything because Professor Betserai is ready to begin.

Good morning class. Welcome to the most
important class you’ll ever take. This is
Emergency Response. No matter what your
vocation is, chances are you’ll have to deal
with at least one emergency in the course of your
career. I will teach you the proper spells, potions,
and procedures you will need to get through an
emergency situation. These emergencies can range
from minor to severe. Chances are you’ve already
experienced an emergency. Who would like to
share an example? Yes, you.

One time I was getting a spa treatment, and I
broke a nail! And I had a hot date afterwards!

Wow. I have a feeling you’ll learn a lot from
this class. Who can give me a better example?
Yes, you, in the back.

Madame Fate told me I would be caught in
a fire before the semester was over. I don’t
know what to do in a fire!

Before the semester is over, you will know if
a fire should-

If? There’s no if, it’s gonna happen! She told
me things about myself I haven’t told anyone.
You can’t fight your destiny!

Anyways, why don’t I just start
with today’s lesson? Unless someone
has an actual story of life or death they’d
like to share?

Joshua and Anielle exchange looks but silently decide not to share their story.


Joshua, Anielle, Toci, and George sit at a small table by the kitchen. BG-a bunch of tables that are about half full. Students are eating while the workers prepare food.

I can’t wait to get started! The other guys
are having a blast. Like Anderson was called
over a domestic dispute. This woman kept
trying to cast her scale into a dumpster and
the husband kept summoning it back. Anderson
looks in the dumpster and, get this, finds a dead

The girls gasp.

So, he had to turn the case over
to a crime solver?

Yes, but he’ll be a witness at the trial.
So, both me and Anderson are involved
in murder cases, only I’ll be the expert
witness in mine.

But only if you live.

That’s not funny! I don’t like the idea
of him roaming around Sepia Street.

It comes with the job. When you’re a
rescue healer, you’ll have to go down
there too.

Yeah, but I’m there to heal, so they don’t
wanna hurt me. You know how they feel
about peace officers. This can’t be legal-
to hand a murder case to a junior crime solver!

Before Joshua can respond, a man at the next table jumps and panics.

MAN 1:
A bee stung me! It stung me! Madame
Fate was right-I’m gonna die from a
bee sting!

Toci reaches into her bag and pulls out an herb. Anielle walks up to the man, puts the herb on top of the wound, and rubs gently. She lifts the plant, which now holds the stinger. The wound itself begins to heal.

MAN 1:
But…but…she said…

Some “psychic” took your money and
said you’d die, and you’re disappointed
that you’re gonna live? Even if it was in
the cards or whatever, it can’t be
guaranteed because we have free will.

MAN 1:
Well, there could be another sting that
will be fatal.

Just get an anti-venom plant and you
won’t die.

MAN 1:
You weren’t there. She knows things.
But I accept my fate.

There is a small buzz in the cafeteria about Madame Fate. Anielle is annoyed as she sits back down.

Can you believe that? I don’t even
get a thank you for saving his life!

Why would he die though? He didn’t
seem allergic.

You and I have to prepare ourselves
for thankless rescues. Will I get a thank
you for solving the murder of a dead
prostitute? Probably not. But that’s
not why we do it. We do it cuz it’s
the right thing to do.

I do it cuz it feels good! Well, at least
I used to. Now it’s just a matter of principle.
If he expects me to me monogamous, he
has to start putting out!

For the love of Merlin, can you stop thinking
about your cooch for one minute?

I try, but it’s not easy!

Great, now I can’t finish my tacos!

Anielle rolls her eyes and sighs.