Sabotage, Chapter 7

“Come on!” Colt frantically flipped through a stack of paperwork, which sat on top a myriad of scattered files. When he didn’t find what he was looking for, he flung the file in frustration. He laid his hands on his temples and just sat there, trembling. He almost hit his head when Colt walked in with an intimidating man. This guy had dark skin, clean shaven hair, and cold, dark eyes. Seth greeted curtly, “Colt! You remember our head of security, Elden Gundulf?”

“Of, of course,” Colt replied shakily.

Elden, with a thick South African accent, asked Colt forcefully, “Did you find anything helpful?”

Colt groaned, “Carmen has been such a gypsy in the last five years! I have no clue where she went! She could be in Florida with her grandparents…”

“Bull!” Seth exclaimed. “Where did she say she wanted to open up a branch?”

“California,” he supplied unhelpfully.

Elden commented, “California is a very large place. Can you narrow it down?”

“No, I tried!” Colt said ruefully. “I never narrowed it down ’cause she wasn’t even close to getting promoted!”

“Where did she live before she moved to Grand Junction?” Seth asked swiftly.

“I don’t remember!” Colt wailed. “She lived near a beach. I know, I know, that doesn’t narrow it down much. I’m sorry! I wanna find Carmen as much as you do!”

Elden picked up a torn file and handed it to Seth. “Sir!”

Seth read the file, his face twisting into an angry confusion. “This is Carmen’s employee file. Her personal information is gone!”

“I know!” Colt showed him a couple more files which had similar tears. “I don’t know what happened!”

Elden eyed Colt suspiciously. He stepped up to just inches of his face and propped open his jaw. “Ink stains on the tongue!”

“You ate her personal info?” Seth shrieked. “You knew we needed it, and you purposely destroyed evidence!” He glared at all of the strewed documents. “You destroyed anything that may help us locate our fugitive!”

Colt abandoned all pretense. “Carmen is a good person and doesn’t deserve to go through this!”

“You know that this kind of defiance leads to termination?” Elden pointed out menacingly.

“I don’t care anymore!” Colt picked up a picture frame with his wife and son, staring at them forlornly. “I started with this company to make money, but I stayed ’cause I thought I was doing good for the world. I thought I could positively influence some of our erroneous policies. It’s clear that I’m doing more harm than good, so my time with Mirage is up. It’s time for me to go! I miss my family! It’s time to leave this place and join them!”

“Ohhh Colt!” Seth stood behind him and put his right hand on his shoulder. “You had so much potential! But I’m afraid that you’re officially terminated!” With his left hand, he shot Colt in the back of the head! Colt instantly died with head landing on top of the photo, his blood trickling down the desk. With a tissue wrapped around the barrel, Seth handed the gun to Elden. “You know what to do.” Elden nodded and left the room.

Hank came home late that night. He opened his front door with one hand while he held his cell phone with his head and while he cradled an armful of blueprints. “No, Mister Windshift! You misheard me! I didn’t say that I wouldn’t make your changes, I’m saying you’d put yourself in an impossible situation.” He took his keys out of the lock and used his leg to shut the door. He tossed everything but his phone onto a glass coffee table and sat on his sofa. He rubbed his forehead in frustration. “Listen, I’ve heard all of the reasons why you want to move the kitchen to the back. I know, I wouldn’t want to walk into my kitchen right when I got home either, but we can’t move it!” He turned on the light and rolled open one of the blueprints. “I’m looking at the floor plan now. The back of the house doesn’t have the equipment you need to function as a kitchen. There’s no pipes and no-” The man on the other end asked a question. “Yes, in theory, we can have them installed, but you’re already at the top of your budget for renovations. If you really want to move the kitchen, you’d have to finance it outside your home loan. If you come up with the money, I’d be happy to accommodate. But really, we toured the house before you purchased it…didn’t you have some idea of what you were getting into?” The man on the phone relented and said goodbye. “Alright, have a good night.” Hank chucked the phone and sighed.

A black cat hopped onto the back of the coach and meowed. Hank pet the cat, which reminded him, “Oh yeah, your mom got married today!” He picked up his cell phone and checked the time. “Well, it’s an hour ahead in Colorado, so the ceremony is definitely over. I’m sure the reception must be winding down too. Perfect, I can catch her before they take off for their honeymoon. You think she’ll answer?” Hank half expected the cat to answer, but it simply stared blankly. “Well, I don’t get a lot of chances to talk to my little girl, so I’ll always give it a shot, even if it’s a long shot.” He went to his contacts and dialed the number for someone named Mija. It came back as an operator saying the phone was out of service. “That’s weird! Well, I can always write to her online. I’m sure she’ll check it eventually.” He clicked onto the Facebook app, and his brow furrowed. He read aloud, “Traitor! How could you? Traitor! Traitor! You deserve what’s coming to you…”

A wave of fear washed over him, and his parental instincts kicked in. “Something is wrong!” He turned on the television, and it was at a commercial. “Come on, come on!” His nerves were completely on edge. Finally, a young anchor appeared on the screen. “Finally! Come on, give me a clue!”

The young anchor somewhat awkwardly informed the audience, “Breaking news from Colorado! A local businessman is dead, and the suspect is on the run. Carmen Alvaro ran out on her wedding, which is where she was last seen. The attendees searched frantically for her whereabouts only to find her former boss, Colt Duncan, dead at his desk. The police don’t have any leads as to where she’s fleeing to, but they believe that my colleague, Garith Kendric, may be connected to her. He, too, disappeared after attending the wedding ceremony. It is unclear whether he’s a hostage or an accomplice. Grand Junction detectives set up a hotline for anyone with information about her current location. Please, if you see them, call the number that is on your screen now.”

“Those bastards!” Hank fumed. He turned off the television and threw his phone across the room. The cat folded his ears, obviously alarmed. “She’s getting framed! I know my baby girl didn’t do this! She wouldn’t! I know it!” He stopped his pacing as he had a realization. “I’m an idiot! This place sounded fishy from the beginning, but Carmen always had an explanation for everything. I believed her! I thought she was happy! God, I could’ve prevented this! Now this cult is pinning a murder on her!” He slumped back onto the coach. “Well, she’s escaped. She might come here. We’ll have to prepare for it if she does.” He talked directly to the cat now. “They’ll come looking for her here, regardless if she’s coming here or not. We don’t know what they’re capable of, so we’ll have to prepare ourselves. Prepare for what? Well, clearly they’re capable of anything, so we gotta prepare for everything. We’ll keep our eyes and ears open, and if push comes to shove, we’ll be ready to shove!” The cat gazed at him blankly. The phone rang, and it made him jump. He picked it up and after he saw that it was one of his clients, he rejected the call and threw it again. He collapsed onto the coach in tears, and the cat curled up next to him to comfort him.

“Say cheese!” a man in a mid 1800’s outfit pointed a camera and tripod at a cardboard cutout of a train conductor, a man, and a woman at an old timey train station. Zartex, Garith, and Carmen stuck their heads in the cardboard cutouts, and while Garith and Carmen smiled awkwardly, Zartex beamed from ear to ear. After they took their heads out, the photographer informed them, “It’ll just be a few minutes while the picture prints.”

Zartex rejoiced, “This is great! I’ve never gotten to go on an adventure before! The other humans I observed were so dull. For the most part, they stick to the same routine every day. I literally don’t know what to expect next! What’s gonna happen tomorrow? No clue! How exciting!”

Garith responded less enthusiastically, “I’m glad you’re having fun. By the way, this will have to be it for souvenirs. I only had three hundred in cash in my wallet. This is so strange! We have to live like pioneers! No credit cards! No cell phones! No place to stay!”

“At least we won’t go hungry!” Carmen pointed out. “If we’re careful, we can use the last of our money on a bus so we don’t gotta walk the whole way. Jeez, after quitting my door to door job, I thought I would do less walking!”

They saw that the souvenir shop was still open, so they wandered inside. Zartex had fun playing with the various knickknacks that had the Greenriver, Utah logo on it. Garith looked at the clothing section while Carmen explored the small grocery area. “This souvenir shop is so small!” Garith observed.

“Well, Greenriver is a small town,” Carmen responded, “I think most just pass through it.”

Garith held up a pair of hiking sandals with a gawdy pattern. “What do you think of these?”

“They’d look great on you!” Carmen replied sarcastically.

Garith tossed them towards her. “Try them on.”

“What?” Carmen reacted, appalled. “I’m not wearing those things!”

“Well, they look like they’re the only shoes that will fit you.”

“Are you saying I have big feet?”

Garith held up a pair of children’s flip flops. “It’s either these or you can walk to California in your stilettos. I don’t care!”

Carmen refused to admit he was right, but she did try them on. “They fit.”

Garith took them from her. “You’re welcome!”

Before Carmen could argue, Zartex came over and said seriously, “Guys!”

He pointed to an old television set playing the news. The anchor informed the viewers, “The Runaway Bride was last seen at the train station in Grand Junction, Colorado with the missing San Francisco reporter and a very tall man. They could be anywhere tonight, so police are urging everyone to be vigilant. These people are considered to be armed and dangerous.”

Zartex whispered, “They’re accusing you of murdering Colt.”

Carmen felt her stomach drop. She knew Colt for almost two years now, and while they were never really as close as other coworkers at Mirage got to each other, but she liked Colt. He was always kind to her, and she just saw him at her wedding! She couldn’t believe that he was killed! “He’s dead?”

“And they think we had something to do with it?” Garith also appeared extremely troubled.

The cashier shouted, “You three!” Zartex, Garith, and Carmen all had their nerves shaken as they cautiously turned to the cashier. The cashier pleasantly told them, “Your picture is ready!”

They breathed a sigh of relief. Garith asked, “Can we buy it with some supplies here?”

Garith helped Carmen rinse her hair in a railroad bathroom sink. “Is it out yet?”

“Yeah, it’s out and I’m doing this out of sheer enjoyment,” Garith answered sardonically.

“This water is freezing!” Carmen complained.

“What did you expect? A four star hotel?” Garith finished washing her hair. “There’s an electric hand dryer over there.”

“I know that!” Carmen grumped. She squat under it but nothing came out. Zartex waved his hands below it periodically so it would dry her hair. When it was finished, she peeked at herself in the mirror. Her new hair color was extremely dark and clashed garishly with her pale skin. “I look like Snow White!”

“As long as you don’t look like Carmen Alvaro it’s perfect!” Garith handed her a tee shirt, and she begrudgingly took it inside a stall to change. Garith took off his suit jacket and put on a baseball cap with a picture of a train going up a mountain. “I’m sure ready to hit the road! We were seen in our old clothes and hair here, so we need to get out quickly! Which we will since now all that we’re waiting on is for you to get out of your wedding shirt thing.”

“It’s called a bodice,” Zartex put in.

“How do you know that?” Garith remarked.

Before Zartex could answer, Carmen awkwardly told them, “Uh, guys, we need to get one more thing…I need some, feminine items…”

Zartex inquired, “You mean like jewelry?”

“No!” Garith cringed. “Come on, man! Everyone on the planet knows that’s code for tampons.”

“I use pads,” Carmen stated.

Garith grumbled, “Are you serious? Why now? We’re about to go on a long journey and you get your period?”

“I didn’t do it on purpose!” Carmen disputed. “And believe me, I’m just thrilled about it!”

Garith moaned, “Ugh, my money is sure disappearing fast!” He left in a hurry.

Carmen asked Zartex, “You seriously don’t know about women’s menstration?”

“Is that a bathroom thing?” Zartex answered with another question. “I don’t observe humans in their private mode, remember?” Carmen laughed unexpectedly, so Zartex probed. “What’s so funny?”

She explained, “Tonight was supposed to be my honeymoon! I don’t know if you know the tradition, but it’s custom to have passionate sex on your wedding night. Teddy never did it with me during this time of the month, so he would’ve been so devastated!”

“And that’s comical now because you hate everyone associated with Mirage after what they did to you?” Zartex tried to understand.

Carmen had not thought about it before. “Yeah, I guess I do. It’s so strange to have these feelings come out when not that long ago I felt so much loyalty to them. How weird is it that I could fool myself like that?”

“You find that weirder than talking to an alien while you sit on the toilet?” Zartex asked curiously. Carmen cracked up, and Zartex even guffawed a little. “Is that a yes?”

Garith came back with a package of pads and slid it under Carmen’s stall. “I don’t know what kind you like, but the girl on the box looks happy, so…”

“Thank you!” Carmen told him sincerely. She came out wearing a purple shirt with a cat that had a train conductor hat on. She still had her tulle wedding skirt on, so that coupled with her outlandish sandals made her look a little goofy. “Wow!” she said while gazing into the mirror. “Well, I doubt anyone will associate me with murder! My only crime is against fashion!” She sighed, and then she declared, “Alright, I’m ready to go!”


War of the Mystics: Frozen

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War of the Mystics: Frozen, the Novel

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Forgotten Society, Part 10


CLOSE UP on the television, where Daniel is speaking to the crowd.

The problem with society is we have too
many people who succumb to sin. These
sinners are the reason there is so much
crime and moral decay. Therefore, we must
tighten the leash. It may seem harsh at first,
but with the improvements I’d make, you’d
see how much better off your lives are! You
can sleep sounder when all sinners have
been found and punished!

The crowd on the television cheers. ZOOM OUT to Renee, Curtis, and a couple others watching the television set. A worker in that area shoos them away.

Come on, guys! You know the new
rules. Don’t be lazy-keep shopping!

Curtis and Renee are forced to obey. Renee and Curtis see another employee boxing up a lot knick-knacks and decorations. They both feel disappointed by this site.


Tiffany sits alone on a park bench. Behind her is grass and a tree. There is a neat, winding path before her. PETITIONER ( a young man with long hair and hemp clothing) sits beside her.

Will you sign this petition to ban
Halloween trick-or-treating?

Uh, no. Why would you wanna do that?

This teeth decay festival will spawn
ideas for moral decay later on.

What? That doesn’t even make-

She stops when she notices his glossy eyes. She pulls out her nail file and pretends to file her nails.

Halloween is just innocent fun!

Innocent! There’s nothing innocent about-

Tiffany tries to stab him with the nail file. He grabs her fist and holds her back. They struggle for a moment. The petitioner tries to breathe fire on her, so she springs away. He gets off the bench and tries again, so she throws a rock at his head. While he is distracted by this pain, she runs across the bench to stab him. He pushes her down. She twists her ankle and cannot get up. She can roll herself away from the fire but cannot grab her weapon to fight. Renee appears and slits his throat. The dragon dies. Curtis kneels beside Tiffany.

Can you stand on it?

Tiffany tries.

Ouch! No!

Let me help you up.

She grabs his shoulder, and they both get up. Renee looks annoyed.

Can I get the keys to your car so
I can take her back to Crossgrove


She throws the keys at him.

I’m going to find Washington.

She leaves in kind of a huff. Curtis finds her behavior odd. He helps Tiffany walk to the car.


Miguel slumps in a small chair, looking dirty and exhausted. Curtis enters with Tiffany hobbling inside.

What happened?

I was fighting another dragon. I think
I broke my ankle.

Let me look at it.

Miguel has her sit in his chair, and he looks at her ankle.

It’s not broken, just bruised. All you
need is to rest it a little.

So, I see you got the generator going.

Yeah, it put up a good fight, but in the end,
I kicked its ass! Where’s Warner?

She went off to find Washington.

Yeah, she seemed pretty ticked off
about something.

She was alright until we got to the park.

Miguel raises his eyebrows with a knowing look.

I don’t get it.

I kind of thought this might happen.

What are you-?

William and Renee burst in with rain soaked clothes.

Turn on the radio, right now!

Miguel turns it on.

…like Daniel predicted. In other news,
a terrorist suspect who would give out
his last name, Abdul, was obtained
near City Hall earlier tonight. He
refuses to comment on his actions
and spat in a police officer’s face. His
accomplices are still unknown. So, he
will be going to prison alone.
In sports news…

Miguel turns off the radio, looking angry.

This is just because he’s Arab!

They saw me with him. They know he’s
not a terrorist. It’s just a great excuse
to arrest him.

He’s so brave to keep his silence about
us! I can’t imagine what kind of torture
they’re putting him through right now!

Think he’ll live?

After so much torture, I don’t know if
he’ll want to!

Everyone looks very gloomy.

Forgotten Society, Part 9


Curtis walks across campus with Simpson. The campus seems empty.

Do you think Cartwright is eighteen?

Why? You think she’s hot?

Hell yeah! Don’t you?

No. She’s got a pretty face, but I like
curves. Like an hour glass-big chest,
small waist, and big hips! Tiffany has a
girl’s body, but I like a woman’s body!

Like Renee?


Before Curtis could finish his thoughts, they find a campus monitor standing before them. The overhead lights cast a shadow over his face.

Are you guys students?

Uh, yeah.

It’s past curfew; get to your dorm!

Curtis steps closer, and he can see his eyes. They are glossy. He signals to Simpson, and they both draw out weapons. The campus monitor has a tazor, and he hits Simpson with it. Simpson is sent to the ground, twitching. Curtis tries to gash him, but the campus monitor moves. He tries to tazor Curtis, but Curtis moves, so it hits a tree. The tree catches on fire. Curtis tries again, but the campus monitor is barely nicked. He smirks at Curtis. Simpson trips him, which makes him fall. Curtis stands above him to stab him, but he shoots fire at him. Curtis moves, and it hits the tree again. A fiery branch falls down and hits Simpson, who catches on fire.


The campus monitor grabs Curtis from behind. Curtis manages to pry him off and throws him into the fiery tree. The campus monitor burns his skin off to reveal his dragon form, which also gets burned to death. Curtis turns to Simpson, but Simpson has died. Curtis hears a firetruck coming and, though he is out of breath, he runs away.


Miguel, Renee, William, Abdul, and Tiffany are all waiting outside the entrance of a small electronic store in Eastern Market. Tiffany and Abdul are peering inside the shops. William paces around while Miguel and Renee talk with their swords out and covered in green blood. Everyone looks tired. Curtis comes up to them. Renee and Miguel stop talking and William stops pacing.

Where’s Simpson?

Curtis tries to answer but cannot seem to get the words out.

Is he dead?

There was a fire…

William puts a supportive hand on his shoulder.

I know, man. I-

Hey, you guys should see this!

William, Curtis, Renee, and Miguel go over to the window and watch the television in the window display. Daniel is on there, greeting a bunch of media people with a grin.

…and with the momentum Daniel
Ramrod has produced with the case,
he has earned a lot of write-in votes
on the mayoral race…

The six look at each other gravely.

Let’s go.

They leave with Daniel’s face still on the screen.


William and Abdul are talking about Simpson’s death. Tiffany talks with Miguel, upset that her kidnapper is running for mayor. Curtis notices Renee is sitting by herself facing away from everyone. He sits beside her, and he sees that her tearful eyes are looking out the door and up at the stars.

Are you okay?

It all seems so futile…

Two people have died, but we gained
one. Not mention we’ve killed more of
them than they’ve killed of us.

Yes, but at the rate that it’s going, they’ll
kill us all. And if Daniel becomes mayor,
he will get so much more. We are
heavily out numbered. What’s the point?

The point is even if we all die, we will let
the world know that we stood up for the
forgotten society. We fought like heroes
to restore things to the way it used to be.
Anyways, I bet you anything we’re going
to gain numbers because the dragons
will screw up and people will look to the
only alternative, which is us. We’ll get
more numbers, you’ll see.

I used to be optimistic like you, but when
my parents fought and lost against a
dragon, I began to rethink my own future.
I keep wondering…why me? Why was I meant
to survive and be stuck in such misery?

Be glad that you were given a second chance,
and use every chance you can to help people.
You’re parents would’ve wanted it that way.
I believe you’re going to do great things
because you’ve already proven your
potential. Don’t just sit there and accept
bad omens. Defy them and do whatever
you can to prove them wrong. And
remember, you don’t gotta do this alone. I
can’t speak for everyone, but I can promise
I’ll always be there for you if you need me.

He holds her hand in a comforting way. She does not know how to react. Suddenly, the lights go out, and it is pitch black.

Damn generator! Does anyone got a lighter?

I got a flashlight!

Curtis digs in his pockets and pulls out a flashlight. He turns it on, and Renee sees that it is a Lion King flashlight.

Oh hell no!

Curtis laughs and shrugs. Miguel uses the flashlight to pull out some candles. Renee uses her lighter to light them.

Now what?

I’ll go take a look at the generator.

It starts to rain.

I’ll look at it in the morning. Let’s all
go to bed. Remember, tomorrow is a new
day. It could be the day we gain the
advantage over those creeps. Or, at least,
it’ll get us one step closer.

Everyone says goodnight to each other and picks out there spot to sleep. Curtis lays looking up at the ceiling, lost in thought. He sees Renee is still awake.

I’ve decided something.


I don’t care if everyone thinks I’m
a serial killer. I’ll be like Robin Hood!
I like that, actually!

Renee laughs, and so does Curtis.

Good night, killer!

Renee closes her eyes. Curtis lies down, smirking in a proud way.

Forgotten Society, Part 6


William, Miguel, Abdul, and Simpson are spread around the hideout looking distraught. Renee and Curtis enter. Everyone looks relieved but still sad. William looks especially morose.

Thank God you made it back!

Did you think we got killed?

No. Listen.

They turn their attention to the radio.

…tonight in Georgetown. Julie Nalice, a
local student, was brutally stabbed. The
suspects, Renee Warner and an unknown
male accomplice, are still at large. Our
source says they may be connected
to our recent serial killings.

I saw them running out of the Morning
Star apartments right after the
landlady’s body was found.

We’ll have more at eleven.

Miguel turns the radio off. Renee kicks a stool in anger. Curtis sits down, thinking.

See! I told you shit like this happens!
No one calls you a hero when you
deserve it!

Just be glad you’re alive! We ran into
a dragon at this liquor store. We
drove it out of the store into an
empty street, and I managed to
kill it, but as he was falling, he
shot out fire at Smith. Smith is
dead. I couldn’t save her.

He hides his face. Renee’s mood softens. Curtis looks shocked.

Does this happen often?

Yes. It’s war. Not everyone survives.

Curtis looks deep in thought. Everyone mourns the loss of Smith.


Curtis wakes up and sees that everyone but Miguel is asleep. Miguel is cooking oatmeal in a pot over a fire. Miguel smiles at him when he sees him.

How’d you sleep?

Alright, I guess.

I heard you talking in your sleep.

Oh really?

Yeah. Renee bumped into you, and
you said, “Do you want a mug or a
deck of cards?”

Oh. It was a promo at my old job.

Miguel laughs.

I spent way too much time there!
Eight hours a day with no break.
Minimum wage too.

Ouch! No wonder you were excited
to join us.

Not only for that; I believe in the cause!
Why did you start the Rebellion?

Me? Well, I used to live with my
boyfriend, Josh. One day, he comes
home, and he acted totally different.
He used to be so cheerful and nice,
then suddenly he became mean
and belligerent. I noticed his eyes
were glossy too. The day came when
I decided to confront him. I found him
in the parking lot in front of his work
at the gym and we argued. I grabbed
his hand, and he took it away, which
ended up skinning him. I saw the
scaly skin, and I knew the real Josh
was dead. I fought him, and I ended
up killing him with my pocket knife.
Washington, who was part of an old
Rebellion, had seen the body, and after
we talked, I decided to start a new
Rebellion. Just the thought of that
happening to other people’s loved
ones was enough motivation for me.

Wow. That’s horrible. I can’t imagine
having to go through that. But it’s
amazing you turned something so
negative into a positive!

Adversity brings out the best in some
and the worst in others. Most people get
destructive either to themselves or others.
Very few people get constructive. We all did.
Especially Warner.

Curtis looks at Renee, who stirs in her sleep.

When she was twelve, she watched her
parents get killed. That’s when she
first joined the Rebellion. Can you
believe that? I can’t imagine being
that age and…

Miguel sees Curtis checking her out and laughs. He snaps his fingers in front of him, which wakes Curtis out of his stupor.

Sorry, I was just…

She’s pretty, don’t you think?

I view her as a fellow rebel!
Totally professional!

William, who is laying with his eyes closed, laughs. He then wakes up.

Oatmeal! I thought I asked for
steak and eggs!

I’m putting you on a heart healthy diet!

William, Miguel, and Curtis laugh.

Oatmeal’s done. You guys can eat.

As they serve themselves, Abdul and Simpson hear the sound of food and wake up. Renee keeps sleeping while they eat. All of a sudden, she jolts out of her sleep with her dagger brandished. Everyone pretends to be taken aback by it.

Bad dream?

How’d you guess?

She gets up to go eat.

Before we go get the new weapons,
I need to get my car.

We got it. We, uh, sort of hot wired it.


Don’t hurt me!

Everyone laughs. Even Renee titters.

Temca Academy II, Part 14


The room looks like a dark, dank studio apartment. It has all the comforts of a home except for windows. There is a cage at the end of it where Joshua is. Babelsama is already there and smiles.

Welcome to eternity!

They here a whoosh outside.

I’m a resident here, and I welcomed
you, so your spirit guide went away.

But you’re not dead yet!

Yet? I will be immortal!

Anielle, George, and Toci pull out their scepters. Babelsama leers.

Don’t you think Dudley Dooright here
tried that already? Scepters don’t work
here! Only these!

Babelsama points a pitchfork at them, which sends them flying into the cage.

Hi babe!

I missed you!

No! No happy reunion scenes! You’re
going to wait here for my girlfriend.

Can’t you just kill us now and get it
over with?

No. I can’t interfere with Fate. We’re
just going to keep here so you don’t
interfere with the take over. Then you’ll
live out your lives of misery.

Not that I wanna die, but wouldn’t it be
easier if you just killed us?

No. On Earth, you can be miserable. But
if you die, you goody-goodies will go to
Heaven, and I’d rather see you suffer!

There is a knock on the door. Babelsama opens it to see Peace Officers.

Ugh! Why do you guys always call
the PO’s?

Meretrice appears.

They didn’t. I did. And I can let them
in since I’m half goddess.

Yes, well too bad none of you are
any use against this!

Babelsama points the pitchfork at them, and they all get crammed into the cage. There is not a lot of room left.

Now, as we wait for Fate, would you guys
like something to eat?

He shows them a tray of appetizers.

What? I’m not going to kill you. I’m an
excellent cook. Ask him!
(points to Joshua)

It’s true, he is.

A couple of people sample his platter. Madame Fate enters.

You all are fools! Even if you kill
my earthly body, I will be reborn
again as an entirely different person
but with the same spirit.

Hey! I’m your daughter-why did I
get trapped?

Babelsama’s mistaken murder of your
friend doesn’t matter anymore! You’re
in the cage, and I’m in control! Now
tonight I-

Babelsama burps. There is some spit, which he wipes off.

Gross. Anyways, tonight, it is foretold
that we will conceive a child again! And
this one will live! So, nice try, heroes,
but game over, we win! Come, Babelsama,
let us fornicate so we may take our rightful
place on Earth!

They head into the bedroom. Everyone except Anielle turns away in disgust, trying not to listen. Meretrice looks to Anielle.

You don’t think that burp was…?

Wait for it, wait for it…

Beat. Madame Fate screams in disgust. Babelsama comes out of the room with his clothes disheveled.

Where did you get that STD?

Oh no! That party! I got all hazy and
I thought I dreamt of sleeping with a
younger version of you!

Younger version of me?

She looks over to Meretrice, who smiles and waves.

I used to wonder why I was abandoned
as a baby and why I always felt like I had
eyes watching me. Now it all makes sense.
I’m glad I didn’t grow up here! But, one
question remains-who’s my father?

Oh, some other idiot that tried to take
over the world. I can’t control Fate, I
only interpret it. The Big Man upstairs
gives you options, and it’s up to you what
to do about it, how far you can reach.
(to Anielle)
You were gonna end up a crazy cat lady
only if I succeeded. I guess I can’t avoid
Fate any more than the rest of you. I’m
gonna scrap this rusty old body and be
reborn again in a hundred years when this
really hot guy wants to take over the world!

Madame Fate takes her pitchfork and releases everyone.

I’m gonna need a death certificate
from you.

Of course.

What about me?

You’re not gonna be popular
on campus anymore. Go ahead,
officers, arrest him.

The Peace Officers arrest him.

(to the main four)
Don’t get too comfortable;
I will be back!

Back in Hell, certainly.
(to the officers)
Oh, he can turn into a bat;
that’s how he escaped last time.

Babelsama growls. The Peace Officers leave. Anielle, Toci, George, and Joshua follow happily.


Everyone is waiting for the ceremony to start. Joshua gets on stage.

Hello! I’m still alive, but I’d like to
inform you that Babelsama was
responsible for not only my kidnapping
but the murder of an innocent woman.
So sorry, your cult is gonna have to

We’re not a cult! We are an organization
that moves to follow a glorious leader…
Oh damn, we are a cult!

Everyone walks away disappointed.

Does that mean I’m not gonna
sleep with someone famous?

Famous, no. But have you met
my friend Circe?

Circe hears her name and comes over to her.

Circe, meet Alberto.




Toci, George, Anielle and Joshua walk across the field, not seeing the Peace Officers on the other end.

I thought I was gonna be a year
behind on my classes, but they said
since I helped improve their policies
that they’ll omit some of my classes!
At least after all this they’re gonna
start treating every murder equally.

Cassius walks up to them.

I’m really sorry I put your life
in danger, Frederick. If it makes
you feel any better, I was demoted
to Crime Solver Assistant.

It helps a little.

Anyways, can you identify this body?

They walk over to see Blanche’s body.

We just know her name is Blanche. How
did she die?

It appears she fell off her broom
after crashing into that goal post.

(whispers to Toci)
Is it bad if I’m not sorry she’s gone?
I mean, we just saw how happy
she is now!

(to Anielle)
Psst! Let me steal you for a minute!


Anielle and Joshua leave. Chad enters, frantically looking for Toci. Toci finds him and runs up to him.


She throws her arms around him and kisses him.

I heard about your rescue mission,
and I was certain I was going to lose
you! Tell me, when you were in Hell,
did you notice if premarital sex was
still a sin or not?

As long as it’s consensual and we’re
not related.

She hugs him gleefully.


Joshua leads her to a bridge over a small botanical garden. Strings of lights are hung along the trees, making a romantic glow. Joshua faces Anielle.

Anielle, there was something I wanted
to tell you before our little adventure.
I love you so much! You save me from
eternal torment, both literally and
figuratively. No one else had made me
feel this happy, this hopeful, this loved.
Before anything else crazy, happens I
want to give you something so you know
that no matter what happens, I will always
feel this way!

Joshua reaches into his pocket and gets down on one knee. Anielle gasps in anticipation. Joshua fights back joyful tears.

Will you marry me?

Yes, of course!

He puts the ring on her, and they share a passionate embrace. There is a flash of light, and they look over to see George taking a picture.

That was hot! Can you kiss her like
that again so I can get it from a
different angle?

Shut up, you perv!

Congratulations dude!

He hugs Joshua then Anielle.

I’m going to throw you a fiesta,


A party unfolds to celebrate the engagement. Toci comes up to Anielle with a big grin on her face.

Oh no, why are you so happy?

I did it!


Ugh! You have to ruin everything!
Look, you don’t have to “act” Mexican
-you are Mexican! Just act like yourself
and stop trying to be a stereotype!

George sits down sadly as the girls go off to gossip. MARNIE (slim, Asian, good looking, casually dressed) sits next to him.

What’s wrong?

Apparently I’m not being a good

Oh, I hear that! My parents always
expect me to be a brainiac, like they
expect all Asians to grow up to be a
healer or accountant. But all I wanna do
is play Air Softball and drink beer! I’m
supposed to dress like a geisha, be all
proper and virginal. Sometimes all I
want is a good lay!

George looks at her with interest.

My name is George.

I’m Marnie.

They shake hands and smile at each other.


Anielle, George, Joshua, and Toci wake up on the lawn. George is in his boxers, Toci has a clump of plants in her hands and pockets, and Anielle and Joshua have switched clothes.

What happened?

Ooh, I got Marnie’s phone number!

Who’s Marnie?

I have no idea! She better be hot!

What’s this? A business card for Meretrice’s
House of Love. Oh, must’ve taken over Madame
Fate’s old shop and became a madame. I love
how it has bookstore in quotes.

Well, let’s go pack and go home. Hopefully
the skies are clear and Babelsama doesn’t
ambush us on the way home! I hope his
next lair is some place nice, like a tropical

As long as he doesn’t interrupt our wedding,
I’m good!

Do you really thing he’ll be back again?


They laugh, get up, and walk inside. There is a glimmer in the sky. Scotty walks by and hisses at it. The glimmer fades away.