The Hessian, Chapter 7

The whispers of the wind wafted by her eardrums and drowned out her footsteps as she traversed through the street. Clarissa knew that Alastor was attempting to spook her so that she would turn back and go home, but she would do nothing of the sort! Originally, yes, she had intended on skipping the funeral because yesterday was so emotionally taxing and she didn’t esteem that she contained the fortitude to withstand their intense negativity, but she thought about what Kenneth would have advised her to do if he had been able to stay, and she reckoned that he would persuade her to ignore the contentious lot in order to do the right thing. Saying goodbye to a neighbor was an incredibly courteous act of service to do, but she recognized a more urgent reason to attend this ceremony- she felt quite sure that if the majority of the town was all congregated in one spot, trouble was sure to follow! She didn’t believe that this evil specter could step foot inside of a holy site, but she had no way to verify this hunch! Plus, she feared what may come once everyone left the church! Clarissa anticipated that his letters would question the activities regarding the protection of Colfrith, and she wouldn’t have been able to stand it if she had to write anything that would show she did not try her hardest to keep them all safe! Her initial hesitation caused her to be late, but she became resolute in not allowing anything to prevent her from acting with righteousness in pursuit of their critical mission!

            As she grew closer to the chapel, she saw no other activity in the town square but a few carpenters fixing some slate shingles on a cottage next to the parish. When she passed them, they glared at her in a reproachful manner. She grimaced from the assumption that this would was a portent of her experience in this venture, but she reminded herself that she made this visit for motives far more vital than making friends! Still, she did not relish having to go through this ugly process! It would all be worth it one day, but not that day- this morning was bound to prove rough! While she stared at the heavy wooden doors of her destination, she crossed her fingers that an uncomfortable social situation would t urn out to be the worst issue she dealt with indefinitely, but she had a feeling it would never fare that way for her! She took a deep breath, and as she entered the building, she hoped her prediction would emerge as unfounded…

            “Dearly beloved, we have gathered here today to-,” Pastor Absalom ceased his speech as he detected the congregates’ attention waiver. He heard the tardy entrant, but he thought nothing of it until the crowd had evidently deemed it as noteworthy, and when he espied that the source of the disruption had been Clarissa, he could comprehend why their focus had swayed!

            “I’m shocked that she had the nerve to attend this!” one person quietly opined to the individual beside them. With the silence of the room coupled with the acoustic nature of the sanctuary’s walls, that remark clearly resounded throughout the space!

            The masses began to murmur in agreement of the previously stated comment, and Clarissa’s neck craned low in discomfort. She had guessed that no one there was likely to enjoy her company, but now she fretted that her presence would incite a ruckus that would ultimately have her kicked out of there! Pastor Absalom gazed at her piteously, and then he cleared his throat. When nobody’s awareness shifted back to the altar that he stood upon, he repeated that gesture more audibly and then sternly reminded his flock, “Remember, all are welcomed in the Lord’s house! Everyone, please have a seat so we can proceed…” The attendees obviously didn’t think highly of his decree, but they unwillingly obeyed and swiveled back to a more forward position. Clarissa gratefully smiled at Pastor Absalom, and he gave her a quick grin before returning to his sermon.

            Clarissa proceeded toward the front where she had normally sat, but each pew that she went by had people shifting so that it appeared completely full. Not a single person made eye contact with her, but their faces hardened as she neared them. Clarissa sighed and decided to watch the commemoration while standing in the rearmost section of the structure. She felt odd to get placed amongst the servants, but she strove to ignore her awkward inklings and channel all of her care into watching out for signs of Alastor.

            “Hmm! You don’t look like you’ve burst into flames!” Gabrielle, a laborer she had previously seen working at the coffeehouse, softly spoke to Clarissa.

            “Huh?” Clarissa responded with slight confusion.

            Gabrielle clarified, “Everyone is saying that you’re a witch, but from my understanding, a wicked soul cannot set foot onto sacred grounds, so you must be alright! Would you like to sit?”

            Clarissa was completely taken aback by somebody actually showing her some kindness, she almost didn’t know how to react to it! When Gabrielle scooted over and created a space for her, she was so touched that she simply had to accept her offer in order to avoid hurting this generous woman’s feelings! As Pastor Absalom narrated the details of the deceased’s life, Clarissa grew curious about Gabrielle’s knowledge. If she had that bit of information regarding sorceresses, then she deduced that perhaps she had more lore on the occult that she could share! She hoped that after the gathering disbanded, she could press her for recommendations on how to defeat a vengeful ghost…

            “Roger worked hard to provide for his family, but he also put considerable effort into assisting his community.” Pastor Absalom glanced around the area and peered into specific men and women’s eyes to really emphasis his point. “Whenever he could, he would stop what he was doing to lend a hand! He truly exemplified the spirit of giving, and it meant a lot to him to play a part in his community’s well-being! If Roger could communicate anything to us right now, he would plead with his neighbors to follow his example and do all they can to make the village, the entire village, thrive…” Most of the assembly seemed reluctant to adhere to this message, but before he could move on, an earsplitting scream reverberated from outside!

            “Nigel, what did you do?” a woman cried out hysterically. Everyone in the church glimpsed towards the root of the unrest with alarm, but Clarissa was the first to get up and see what was going on. Her foresight had already prepared her for a contentious battle, but she prayed that this conflict would not develop into a deadly dilemma in this instance…

            “Good heavens! Is that man dead?” Elmira gasped as she stood with her father on the stairs of the chapel. As the parishioners exited the establishment, they immediately beheld a man laying facedown on the ground, but they soon learned that the blood trickling out of his skull was the least of their worries…

            A small boy crouched on the rooftop with completely dilated pupils and his lips seething profusely! His mother frightfully commanded him, “Nigel, get down from there!” Nigel stood up and stretched out his foot as though he planned on casually walking off, so his mother urgently requested, “No, not like that!” The child let out a devilishly delightful laugh as he crouched back down again!

            Clarissa emerged from the place of worship with a wooden goblet and raced towards the scene! As Nigel’s mother struggled to convince her son to get off of his dangerous perch, one of the two remaining carpenters mutedly queried to the other, “Do we really want him down here while he’s still… in this condition?”

            Prior to the other carpenter getting a chance to respond, Clarissa pushed past them and darted to their ladder. She clasped the cup using her teeth as she ascended the rungs, and as she heard the astonished buzz emanating from the spectators below, it occurred to her that she had put herself into a potentially perilous position- no one was holding the base of the rail, so the evil inside of Nigel could have propelled him to push her so she would meet her doom! She opted to cast that ominous possibility from her mind! This had to be done, there were no alternatives around it! She told herself that if he charged after her, it would actually work out to her advantage since it would give her a window to strike! When she reached the pinnacle, all she could do was refuse to entertain the notion of any outcome where she didn’t escape unscathed!

            The air grew eerily quiet as Clarissa made eye contact with the besieged boy. Clarissa held on to the ledge with one arm as she took the chalice out of her mouth and clutched it in a fashion that would permit her to move it at the proper moment, and Nigel gawked at the contents of that vessel warily. She waited for a few seconds to see if he would grow inquisitive and approach it on his own, but when he didn’t, she beckoned him, “That’s for you, Nigel! Come over and get it!” Nigel turned to her and bristled, but Clarissa still went on, “It’s a gift! You’ll love it!” Nigel started to gutterly growl at her, but she continued, “Don’t you want to see it?” His snarling intensified, but he didn’t budge an inch, so she discerned that mere baiting wouldn’t suffice! “If you don’t want to retrieve it, I’ll bring it to you!”

            For a brief beat, Clarissa got the impression that he would grant her access to his perimeter, but before she could do that, he lunged towards her! He rapidly crawled like a spider in her direction, and Clarissa readied herself to hurl the essence of the basin at the afflicted youth, but the Nigel abruptly veered off of the side! His mother as well as the rest of the witnesses present screamed as he crawled down the walls of the abode like an insect! Clarissa clung onto the roof fully expecting to lose her solid footing, and it stunned her when he headed straight into the throng instead!

            Everyone tried to flee, but Nigel managed to pounce on one man and knock him to the floor! The man hid his visage, which prompted Nigel to bite his arm! As he tore apart his clothing, Clarissa grabbed the goblet and descended the ladder with as much haste as she could generate! Pastor Absalom reached the pair preceding the finish of her endeavor, and he swiftly propped open his Bible. Nigel gnarled at him, but despite that, Pastor Absalom read out loud, “And forthwith, Jesus gave them leave! And the unclean spirits went out, and-!”

            Nigel shoved Pastor Absalom with enough exertion to make him smack against the cobblestone surface! Clarissa was horrified at this sight, but thankfully, he landed on his limbs and did not seem gravely injured! She then viewed Nigel chasing more bystanders. Her earliest instinct had been to tail him so she could catch him and subdue him enough to endure her impact, but his movements were too fast to pull that off! Fortunately, she dreamt up another idea…

            “Nigel, no!” the kid’s mother desperately pled with him, but he ignored her as he terrorized the multitudes! He stumbled into an elderly fellow on a cane, and sensing his feebleness, he made a beeline for his body! The old gentleman sought to scurry, but he could hardly maneuver with nimbleness! Nigel roared as he reared his dentition, but prior to him sinking his fangs into his flesh, Clarissa popped out and put the chalice in his trajectory! Nigel attempted to free himself, but it was too late! Clarissa forced him to swallow it, and after a bit of writhing, Nigel’s alter-ego let out one last hideous howl! After that, Nigel’s pupils returned to normal, and he passed out! “Nigel!” his mother screeched.

            “Mama!” Nigel wailed as she cradled him. She sobbed uncontrollably as she held him, and he croaked out, “Mama! I feel ill! What happened?”

            No one had the heart to explain it to him! Clarissa surveyed the square, and several individuals were aiding one another in arising after their tumble. A few people nursed the wounds and abrasions that they got during the fracas, and Doctor Cuthbart examined Pastor Absalom. “It looks as though you’ve sustained a humerus fracture.”

            Pastor Absalom winced as he asserted, “I’ll be fine! Please, check on my flock!”

            “You attacked a child! Have you no shame?” Elmira hollered to Clarissa.

            “Is there nothing I could say to convince you that I bear no guilt in this crime?” Clarissa challenged Elmira. Elmira simply persisted in her cold stance, and Clarissa was in no mood to argue, so she shook her head in disgust and marched out of the vicinity. As she aimed to return to the inn, she totally disregarded the snickering that the bitter breeze brought her as it passed…

The Hessian, Chapter 5

“You’re asking me what to do in the future, and I’m still trying to comprehend what happened in the past!” Clarissa sunk into the bedside chair previously occupied by the doctor and relived the events from earlier that day. “I just can’t believe he came back! Once he was executed, I assumed that I would never see him again…”

            “Who is he?” Kenneth inquired. He suddenly recalled her prior nervousness upon the subject of his military adversaries, so he added, “Was that… Was he a Hessian?”

            Clarissa had to close her eyes and steel herself up in order to reply to him. After she had braced herself for this juncture, she revealed, “Colfrith had many merchants coming to purchase lumber from C.C. Asher Mill, but none of the regular clients ever became a part of the community except for Alastor Derstreich. He rubbed elbows with the town’s most elite members, and he charmed everyone he talked to. He became the most celebrated person in the village other than Cornelius Cole, the mill owner and governmental representative, or my late husband, Brenner! About a month ago, while Alastor was speaking to Brenner, a piece of paper slipped out of his pocket. It turned out to be an envelope that prominently displayed the Hessian seal! Everyone knew that no patriot would possess such a document, and he never denied the accusation that he was a spy! The hurt from this betrayal brought everyone’s vitriol to his hanging, and he vowed to unleash vengeance on us all from beyond the grave…”

            Kenneth asserted, “Well, that explains the motives behind that specter’s attack! But it doesn’t explain why that physician determined that my disclosure of this event signified that I had lost touch with reality! I couldn’t have been the Hessian’s first victim!”

            “No, you weren’t! After Alastor’s death, a lot of strange things started happening…” Clarissa narrated. “People heard music that wasn’t there. Random individuals would wander down Hallow’s Alley and have no recollection on how they got to that location. So much pain and so many ailments surfaced that no one could trace their origins to! Multiple neighbors got consumed by anger and hatred, and then a lot simply felt nothing whatsoever! Everyone could tell some abnormal force had taken over the area, but nobody believed that Alastor’s spirit was the culprit behind it all!”

            “Why not?” Kenneth puzzled. “He threatened to enact revenge after his demise, and then these inexplicable episodes began to frequently occur, so logically, wouldn’t the blame get cast on him?”

            Clarissa somewhat bitterly responded, “It would be if logic was the principal guiding most of their decisions! For one brief night, everybody was united by the outrage from a beloved figure’s double-crossing, but then some started to question the facts surrounding the incident. They no longer found it natural for somebody so well admired to suddenly turn on his allies like that. They were convinced that a supernatural commodity played a role in swaying his mind to commit such an atrocity! Then they treated that theory as truth when Brenner perished in a mysterious manner…”

            Kenneth cried out in disbelief, “They believe you cursed the region? How could they think you would benefit from damning the district that you rely on to function in your own life?”

            “I don’t know if they actually attached a valid reason other than pure evil and control. At least when it came to terrorizing them! They’re certain that I killed Brenner to gain control of the inn! They didn’t understand that I was always in control of The Leafy Taverne, just not on a legal basis! Once he passed, not a single soul could fathom why I didn’t pass the reins over to a man! We never had any children, so there were no sons to inherit it. And I refused to sell it to Oceanus Montgomery or Cornelius Cole or any other male with a large purse for that matter! Apparently, I’m skilamalink for not wanting to let this place go!” Clarissa looked away and sadly sighed.

            “Did you love him?” Kenneth probed.

            Clarissa’s head instantly whipped back towards him upon hearing that enquiry! “Who? Cornelius?”

            Trying his hardest not to make her feel foolish, Kenneth clarified, “I meant Brenner…”

            “Oh!” Clarissa blushed furiously from the topic he raised. “No one has ever brought that up before! Not even Brenner!”

            “I’m sorry for making you uncomfortable!” Brenner apologized. “I merely guessed that perhaps you held on to this establishment so ardently because you didn’t want to let him go. I know I had some difficulty getting rid of some of my wife’s possessions after she succumbed to her illness, but a year or so later, one of my daughters wondered why I never wore any of my pretty dresses in the closet, so out they went!”

            Clarissa giggled at his quip, which brought a smile to Kenneth’s face. She then grew curious and queried him, “How many kids do you have?”

            Kenneth gladly filled her in, “Five. My youngest is ten now, and the oldest is sixteen. They’re all living with my mother while I fight in this war, although my son is considering joining a militia. I don’t know if I’m ready for him to-.” Suddenly, another gust of wind blew by and shook the entire building once more! The echoes of irate whispers sounded throughout the entire space, and their brief instance of levity vanished! Kenneth recalled their more serious discussion and then articulated, “Alright, so we have the spirit of a Hessian spy haunting this borough. How do we stop him?”

            “Alastor abandoned his assault on you because of this.” She displayed her cross necklace for him to view it more clearly. “Most of the citizens belonging to this township are low-waged sawmill employees, so not everyone can afford this sort of protection. So, I’m not sure…”

            “Your cross saved me? How close were you to my body?” Kenneth petitioned her.

            With her cheeks flushing furiously again, Clarissa divulged, “I was shielding you from his dark magic. I couldn’t help it! I wouldn’t have been able to stand it if I had to witness your murder! You didn’t deserve to die like that!”

            Kenneth riposted, “Neither did you though!”

            “You risk sacrificing yourself each time you do battle for resistance against tyranny! Am I not allowed to do the same for a resistance against the paranormal?” Clarissa challenged.

            “That’s your choice to make; I just hope I never put you in a position to make that sort of decision again!” Kenneth had expressed that very seriously, but he gave Clarissa a meaningful smile. For a second, Clarissa pondered if he was going to kiss her… The howling draft returned and instantly shifted their mood straight away from anything remotely pleasurable like that! It hovered around their abode, and then it abruptly veered south! “We have to warn everyone!”

            Kenneth attempted to hop out of bed, but Clarissa kept him pinned down. “The doctor recommended that you rest! He may not know the true cause of our recent unrest, but he does know a lot about the human anatomy! Whatever Alastor put you through must have been tremendously taxing to your health!”

            Reflecting back on his arduous experience, Kenneth recalled, “He kept sending flashes of agony that would course throughout my veins as he condemned my troop’s purpose on the battlefield! He acted as if I deserved the torment that I got after committing this horrendous sin! When I went unconscious, I was so sure that he would bring about the end of me…” He shuddered as he relived this nightmare, but after the memory had elapsed, he made another bid for springing out bed. “We can’t allow anyone else to go through that! We must advise his intended targets of this impending calamity!”

            “They won’t listen to us!” Clarissa morosely disagreed with his suggestion. “No one trusts me, they’ll credit my claims to a pursuit of some sort of malicious spell that I want to spread! And as for you, well… Many people’s allegiance to the liberation front changed when Alastor was done away with. They started to believe his outrageous arguments that the fight for freedom was, in reality, a dangerous campaign to sow seeds of anarchy throughout the world! Some individuals had the audacity to blame the Continental soldiers for creating the circumstances that brought Alastor to his doom as if the message against tyranny gave birth to the madness that got him killed! I would dearly love to assist in the protection of Colfrith, but what good would it do to talk to those who won’t listen?”

            “Someone will listen to us!” Kenneth insisted. “Even if we only convince one person, it would be worth our efforts to save that one life!” Clarissa appeared doubtful still, so he further iterated his objective, “Hear me out! My military unit has received some of our finest officers from primarily loyalist towns! We may not be able to persuade them all, but if we can win over a few, we may find the allies we need to defeat this menace! We don’t have the ability or resources to take down this fiend, but somebody out there does! And it’s up to us to discover them! So, what do you say? Are you with me on this?”

            Once Clarissa’s mind had fully drunk in his words, she slightly grinned as she told him, “I can see why you were promoted to lieutenant! You could embolden anyone to charge into combat!” Kenneth beamed at her, and she concluded, “Let’s go!”

            Clarissa led Bailey by his reins as Kenneth rode on his steed and observed the bystanders around them. He spotted one man nearby and called out to him, “Excuse me, sir!” The man looked frightened to get addressed by him and scurried away as fast as possible. He took another shot with a woman walking with her youngsters, “Pardon me, madam! I-!” The woman scooped up her lot and glared at Kenneth prior to steering her little ones away from that area. Kenneth seemed rather put off by this behavior, but when he espied Clarissa’s skepticism resurfacing, he assured her, “The actions of a few do not dictate the rationale of the rest!”

            He could see her striving to dissuade her doubts, but before he could broach the issue any further, the wealthy coffeehouse owner emerged from his business and shouted, “You there!” Kenneth turned to him with a glimmer of hope in his eyes, but Clarissa grimaced. She sincerely mistrusted that Oceanus would have flagged them down on any amicable grounds! Oceanus scolded Kenneth, “You owe my daughter an apology for your blatant rudeness!”

            “Sir, I apologize if she construed any ill manners from my actions!” Kenneth graciously regarded him. “I truly didn’t mean to-.”

            “That hang in chains is yelling at Mister Montgomery!” one passerby infuriatedly noted.

            Clarissa defended him, “He didn’t even raise his voice! Just because they are having a disagreement doesn’t-.”

            Another onlooker decried, “Don’t give us this cockamamie story of civility on your part! You came here to cause trouble!”

            “No! We came to save you from it!” Kenneth retorted. “You see, an evil entity has besieged your village…”

            “Yes, we know! It’s standing right before us” a lady countered, which made the spectators around her titter.

            Clarissa exclaimed, “Abigail, you don’t have to like us, but if you don’t take heed of our information, something truly terrible will take place!”

            Abigail accosted her, “You dare to threaten us!”

            “We have no desire to harm you!” Clarissa contended. “But someone else does!”

            “You’re lying!” Abigail vehemently hollered. “You want to deceive us so we fall prey to your scheme!”

            Clarissa rebutted, “What motive would I have to do such a thing? The only maligner in these quarters is Alastor!”

            Abigail stepped within inches of Clarissa and growled, “Alastor was an honorable paragon to our society! How dare you besmirch his righteous name!”

            “He made plans to doom us all!” Clarissa feverishly disputed. “And he didn’t stop with spilling our secrets to the British!”

            “You’re a liar!” Abigail hysterically screeched.

            Clarissa went on, “His wickedness has overcome death! His wrath resumed in Colfrith by means of-!”

            With the speech of deeply timbred male, Abigail bellowed, “Silence, you snake!” She gutturally growled and then lunged her hands at Clarissa’s throat…!

The Obsessive, Part 13


Kora watches television despondently. Julian comes downstairs.

So, I see you’ve put trash
bags over all the mirrors in
my house…

Well, I’m not gonna make it
easier for him!

Fair enough, but just so you
know, I’m gonna have to use
the mirrors on my car in the

Oh, right.
Have you thought of any solutions?

Like I’d keep that from you if I
Wait, he wants to marry you. So,
what if you just got married?

Velos appears behind them.

Nice try! When you lived in
Ancient Greece, you were married.
You were a princess because you
married Emperor Keres’s son. You
did not love him, but you were

Keres? Isn’t that the name of
the guy you killed?

One of them, yes. He was an
important tool in the Order.
I was sad to see him go. But,
like I said before, I’ll kill
anyone who stands in the way
of our love!

If you want her, you’ll have to
go through me!

Oh, you want to join your ex-
boyfriend? I can help you drown
like he did!

You son of a bitch!

Julian rushes to him. Velos uses magic to us Julian’s lamp to knock him out.

Stay away from him, Velos!

Kora! Come with me! Now!

Kora pulls out a knife.


Okay, I’ll can go next door
and kill your family!

You wouldn’t dare!

You don’t think so?

Kora rushes to him, brandishing the knife. Velos grabs the arm she is using to brandish the knife and pushes her down. He goes after her, but she manages to grab the knife again and stabs him in the eye. He looks like he is in pain. Kora watches as his eye quickly heals/reforms. Kora tries to run, but he grabs Kora with both arms.

It’s time!

Suddenly, Velos is flung away from Kora. Julian has gotten up. Velos brandishes his dagger, but Julian holds him back. Kora is frantic, not knowing what to do. All of a sudden, Velos disappears. Andrew is in the living room with his gun drawn.

Where’d he go?

He disappeared.

Why did he disappear for you?

You’re injured.

I’m alright.

(to his radio)
We have some head trauma, we’ll
need an ambulance sent to this

Copy that.

(to Kora)
Are you alright?

I’m alright.

No, you’re not. But you will
be. We just gotta figure out
how to send this guy to the
dimension of hell he belongs
in! Yes, I know.

You don’t think I’m crazy?

Seeing is believing. I watched
him use magic to kill that
waiter. As soon as he knew I
was there, he disappeared. I
told you I’d figure it out. Like
it or not, I’m involved now.

Andrew had a slight grin. Kora looked away, slightly annoyed. Andrew put his hand on her back. She looked back at him more softly.

Damn it, Julian! I hate it
when you’re right!

Julian smirked. Before Andrew could ask what they were referring to, the paramedics enter. They escort Julian to the ambulance. Andrew and Kora follow them.


Julian gets put into the ambulance. From Kora’s house, Merna, Harold, and Dylan come rushing out.

Kora? Oh, thank God!

Merna gives Kora a hug in relief.

Go with your family, get some
rest. I’ll see you when Julian
gets released from the hospital.

Thank you!

Andrew smiles at her and then heads into the ambulance.

We’re glad you’re alright!

I’m glad you’re alright!

Why wouldn’t we be?

It’s cold out here-let’s go

Yes, we’ll go get some rest.
You won’t be alone, Kora. Your
mom doesn’t have a flight
leaving ’til the afternoon, and
I’m taking the afternoon off to
see your brother at the Homecoming
pep rally. And you can have your
brother in the room as you sleep.
You’ll be okay, Kora.

I hope so! He’ll never leave me
alone, but he better leave you alone!
(shouts to the air)
Leave them alone! You hear me? Don’t
you dare touch another loved one!

Everyone else had left, so the family is confused as to who she is talking to. They shrug and escort her inside.


Kora sleeps in her bed while Dylan sleeps on the floor in a sleeping bag. Velos strokes her hair. Kora wakes up and looks around everywhere. Velos is not there. Kora groans and tries to go back to sleep.


Kora wakes up groggily. She checks around the room. She decides to act quickly. She undresses as fast as she can. When she is in only her bra and underwear, Velos tackles her. He holds a hand over her mouth to muffle her. He looks at her with great interest. As he bows his head to kiss her, a knock is hear on her door.


I’ll take care of him!

Unable to move, all Kora can do is shake her head and plead with his eyes. He is about to use magic against Dylan when the DOORBELL RINGS. Velos looks a little frightened.

Damn it!

Velos disappears. Dylan bursts into the room protectively.

I used a paperclip to jimmy-open
your lock. I heard a man in here!
Where did he go?

He disappeared.

The man who’s attacking you really
is a demi-god, isn’t he? I don’t
think you’re crazy. I mean, why
would you be afraid of your cat
for now reason? And a man was in
here and then he wasn’t! Anyways,
I believe you.

Thanks Dylan.

Merna walks in.

What’s going on?

Kora fell down. I was just
seeing if she was okay.

Merna does not quite believe him but decides to not press the issue.

Okay. Well, there are people waiting
for you downstairs.

Merna and Dylan leave the room. Kora gets dressed.


Kora sits in the living room with Julian and Andrew.

I can’t believe how much glass was
stuck in my head! They were all in
little chunks too, so it took forever
to get out! The doctor ordered me to
go on bed rest. I could totally work
today if they’d let me!

You got a serious hit to the head.
I think it’s a good idea to monitor
your behavior to make sure you didn’t
get brain damage. Besides, it’s only
one day, and then it’s the weekend.

Merna and Dylan enter.

Niners are playing this weekend.


You love watching the forty-
niners play!

Mom, she’s a little stressed
out right now.

Merna looks deeply concerned.

You’ve given up everything you
loved-baths, music, dressing
cute, and now the Niners…
Are you gonna be okay?

Probably not.

She’s going to be fine. We’ll
stay with her. Go ahead and take
your son to school, Mrs. Nicodemus.

Merna still looks concerned but she and Dylan leave.

Velos almost got Dylan.


This morning. I was getting dressed
and he pinned me down. Dylan knows
about him. My family isn’t safe with
him around!

We need to end this! When I was in
the E.R., I had a lot of time to think.
We don’t have a solution, but I think
there’s strength in numbers. The more
people we have on our team, the better
the odds are of someone finding a
solution. If seeing is believing, we
just need to show people who Velos
is and what he’s capable of.

How are we supposed to do that?

Your brother has a pep rally
today, right?

Yes, but how would we get Velos
to surface with that many

Dress up really cute and go to
the coach. Give him a kiss, and
hang on his arm the whole time.
It’ll drive Velos crazy, and
eventually he won’t be able to
stand it and probably try to attack
someone. I mean, that’s how I
would react if the girl I loved
did that! It’s instinct that takes
over, not logic! He’s bound to
take the bait!

That will probably work, but what
if he kills the coach or some high
school kids?

Once he calms down, he’ll get
overwhelmed by the people that
saw what he did, so he’ll disappear.
then we will step up and recruit
people for help.

Kora looks skeptical.

Come on, you have to try! I
mean, how much longer do you
wanna live like this?

I can’t let him hurt my family.
Something must be done.


Andrew eyes Kora suspiciously. Merna returns.

I gotta go.

Me too. I really need a nap-
I got no sleep last night, if
you can imagine that!

We’ll see you at the pep rally…
right Kora?

It’s time for a final showdown!

The Obsessive, Part 12


Kora’s family is just finishing with breakfast when Kora walks in.

We saved you some pancakes.


We got a phone call. Someone
you know died.

Of course they did.

Harold and Merna both look surprised that she is not surprised.

It was your friend from Seattle.
He lost his battle with AIDS.

Oh! Oh no, that’s awful.

There is something wrong with
you! Tell us now!

You won’t believe me!

Try us anyways.

Okay, well, I have a demigod
trying to take me as his bride
and kills anyone who stands in
his way.

Merna and Harold exchange looks of concern.


Kora begrudgingly sits before a psychologist.

Tell me, Kora, who is our
current president?

Ronald Reagan.

Good. Do you know where we are?

A shrink’s office.

Do you hear voices that no
one else does?


Do you have any hallucinations?


Are you feeling paranoid?


How do you feel most days?

Fine as long as I’m not being

Who’s attacking you?

Some creep.

A Greek demi-god?

At least he thinks he is.

The psychologist writes some things down.

Okay. Excuse me.

He leaves.


Harold and Merna sit anxiously. When the psychologist enters, they stand up anxiously.

She seems normal, though whoever
is attacking her is not!

Normal? But there’s obviously
something wrong with her! In
the past few days, she has
completely changed her personality.

The psychologist shrugs. A CRASH is heard from inside the psychologist’s office.

Maybe her mind is fine,
but her soul is not…


Kora sits defiantly as a pastor performs an exorcism.

Satan, be gone!

Beat. The pastor grabs a vial of holy water.

The power of Christ compels

He throws the holy water on Kora. Kora finds it annoying but otherwise does not react.

I don’t believe she is

Are you sure?

Behind them is some stained glass, and only Kora can see Velos in the window laughing.

Can we go now?

Merna and Harold reluctantly agree.


Julian waits at a table at a restaurant by the bay. Kora arrives, looking annoyed.

Finally! You know I only have
like ten minutes ’til I gotta
get back to work.

Sorry, my parents were trying
to heal my mind and soul.

What’s that on your neck?

That would be holy water. My
parents missed a shift at work
for this crap.

Julian looks slightly amused.

Well, I have something that will
make you happy.

He opens up the library book back to page nineteen.

Oh my gosh! I forgot!
Deep in the Underworld rests the
Headquarters for the Order of the
Snake, a group that has existed
since the dawn of time. Named after
the snake that tempted Eve, the
Order’s soul purpose is to use magic
and manipulation to induce humans to
bring about the end of the world, when
they will be free to roam the Earth.

From the sounds of it, I think
this guy is your stalker.

Julian points to the book.


The waiter comes over to them.

Hello, beautiful! Can I get
you anything?

No, I’m fine.

Yes you are!

Oh god, don’t hit on me!
Seriously, you have no idea!

Sorry, you’re just so pretty…

Here’s the money for my meal.
Keep the change and get the
hell out of here.

The waiter raises an eyebrow but leaves. Kora stares at the bay. INTERCUT to the bay and CUT BACK to Kora.

That poor bastard!

Andrew enters.

Don’t worry, I’ll keep an eye
on him.

Oh good, then you’ll have to
leave me alone.

But you’re never alone, are you?

Shut up!

Kora, since your family still thinks
you’re unbalanced and you don’t wanna
sleep alone, why don’t you stay at my
place ’til this thing is over?

Good idea! Thanks, Skipper!

Skipper? Like Barbie’s friend?

No. He owns a small yacht, so he’s
nicknamed Skipper.

How do you know about Barbie

I had to buy a Skipper doll for
my niece’s birthday once. It was
super embarrassing!

Julian snickers. The waiter comes out and heads to his car.

Looks like our potential victim is
on the move. I gotta go-unless you
wanna tell me-


Then goodbye-for now!

Andrew goes to his car and follows the waiter.

Very nice! Does he have a gay
older brother?


Don’t be coy! I can cut the
sexual tension with a knife!

Sexual tension? With him? You’re
crazy! He makes me so mad!


First he accused me of murder,
and now he won’t leave me alone!
I can’t tell him what is happening!
You saw how my parents reacted when
I told them.

Alright, alright.

Kora looks out at the bay sadly. INTERCUT to the bay and CUT BACK to Kora.

The ocean used to give me hope.
Now I don’t feel like I have any!

Don’t say that! We’re a step
closer now.

So, we know his name now. And that
super creepy group he’s a part of.
What does that do to help me?

This guy is in love with your
soul. How do we stop this creep
from following you in this life
and next?

I can’t die-he lives in the land
of the dead. So, what do I do?

Julian hands her a ten.

Go buy some tequila and margarita
mix. I’ll make tacos and we’ll have
a fiesta for dinner!

Kora gives him a small smile.

I’m late for work. I’ll see
you later.

Kora watches him go to his car and leave. Beat. A few police officers race down the street. Kora drops her head to the table in anguish.