Crimes of the Fay, Chapter 39

“Did you find him?” My mother came outside to ask me. For a moment, I froze. With the shocking nature of this discovery, I had trouble believing it myself, and I hadn’t considered how I would tell her. I’ve had to give people bad news about their cases before, but this felt different. Telling civilians what happened to their loved one was never easy, but at least they had a clue that their family member or close friend had been involved in something dangerous. My mom had no idea that something was wrong until she saw me reacting to it! “What’s going on? Is Wade okay?”

“Wade is…” I had a hard time getting the words out. The truth hadn’t even full set in for me yet! But I knew I had to tell her something, especially with the knowledge I had of his dark intentions. My police instincts started to kick in, and I knew I had to take action! I didn’t want to discuss classified details out in the open in case anyone, namely my new top suspect, overheard how much I knew, so I directed my mother, “Let’s discuss it inside.” My mom’s concern heightened by this request, but she detected the amount of urgency the situation required by the one of my voice, so she complied.

Once we both returned inside our home and I shut the door behind me, I suggested to my mother, “Maybe you should sit down for this.”

She didn’t move far from the doorway, and I could tell from the way she stood that she surmised that something dreadful had occurred. “Just tell me what’s going on. Is he hurt?” she inquired.

“Not yet,” I replied. She looked surprised and confused to hear me say that, so I took a deep breath and revealed, “I’ve been trying to solve a serial murder case, and it looks like Wade did it!”

“Wade?” my mom echoed back to me. She clearly found the news as astonishing as I did, and I could tell she wanted to deny it, but with the somber expression on my face, she attempted to accept this fact. “Are you sure?”

I confirmed to her, “Very sure. His profile matches the killer’s! Neither of us knew the real Wade. He’s not morbidly obese, and he doesn’t talk with a southern accent. He’s not the bumbling fool he pretended to be, he’s actually very intelligent. And he doesn’t just hate eastern Europeans, he hates all human beings!”

My mother probed, “Is that why he kills them?”

“Sort of.” I explained, “He’s trying to destroy the world, Mom. He’s getting very close, and I’ve gotta stop him before it’s too late!”

“So what are you gonna do?” she asked.

I answered very honestly, “That’s a good question!”

I mulled it all over for a bit in order to think of my next move, but before I could think of anything, I heard my phone vibrate from my coat pocket. I picked it up and noticed several messages from Sandra. The first couple had a very casual tone to it, but without my reply, she obviously began to grow more worried. I had forgotten that I hadn’t updated her in a while, and so much had developed since we last spoke! As far as she knew, I went to that banquet and tried to wry information out of Aidan, and I certainly owed her an explanation, but I couldn’t fit everything into a text! I couldn’t call her right now either, not with a potential confrontation in the works, so I simply wrote: ‘Something happened, call you later!’ That response would only increase her anxiety, but at least she would know I’m still conscious! It comforted me somewhat that her instincts were in tune with my situation and her feelings let her know that something went wrong, but I couldn’t fill her in right then, not until I figured out where Wade was heading to!

I glanced at the time on my phone, and I noticed it grew close to sunrise. If Wade hadn’t seen me out there, which I didn’t think he had, then he would probably return to the house to put on the fat suit and maintain the ruse of the innocent hillbilly. If he hadn’t become cognizant of my awareness of his actions yet, then he would likely come through the front door totally unsuspecting. If that did happen, then it would make for an easy opportunity to ambush him! I instructed to my mother, “Get behind the couch!”

We both crouched on the other side of the sofa, and my mom wondered, “What’s happening?”

I whispered, “Shh! I need to hear him come in!” I rested my elbows on an end table and pointed my wand at the front door. I expected him to come in at any second, after all, my mother and I could have woken up early for whatever reason, and I really mentally prepared myself for the spell I would have had to to use to take him down. The longer I waited, the more my adrenaline pumped! I hoped that I could get the upper hand on him right away, but I also prepared myself for a lengthy fight. Now that I knew Wade was my suspect, I realized that he had quite formidable magical skills, so I knew I couldn’t underestimate him! After several minutes had passed by and the sun had started to come up, I started to wonder if I should call for backup or not. I could see the orange hue of the sky had reached a deeper level of saturation, and it made me ponder if he meant to return home at all…

All of a sudden, we heard a know on the door. Both my mom and I jumped, and my heart started to race rapidly. We hadn’t locked the door, so I didn’t think that Wade would knock unless he somehow figured out my plan and attempted to lure me away from cover. I slowly crept towards the window, contemplating who Wade might have sent to the door. A Fay? A police officer? A delivery driver? My nerves were on fire as I slowly peeked out the window…

“Who is it?” my mother softly queried.

“Stay down!” I walked over to the door with my wand hidden behind my back. I steeled myself up, and then I burst open the door…

It was Travis, who, once again, questioned, “Where’s my bike?”

After I searched the perimeter to make sure Wade hadn’t sent this poor boy to me as bait, I let him know, “Now’s not a good time!”

“Why’d you say a hooker stole it?” Travis challenged me.
“Not now!” I hissed. I needed him to go away in case Wade showed back up, I didn’t want his life to get endangered! Assuming Wade did decide to turn up, anyways. If he didn’t come back, then I needed to figure out what to do next, and this kid sure made it hard to think!

Travis persisted, “You said you were still looking, why aren’t you still looking? Why can’t you find it? Why would you-?”

I almost blew up at him again, but fortunately, his mom came running over and scolded him, “Travis, I told you to drop it! Why are you always bothering this nice-?” She took one look at me and then changed her conversation completely. “What’s going on?”

“I can’t…” I almost said that I couldn’t tell her, but her presence gave me an idea. “Get inside! Quick!” Travis and his mother dashed into the house, and his mom gave me her fullest attention. “Do you still know how to do that spell to keep certain people out of your house?”

“Course I do!” she affirmed. “Why?”

I entreated her, “Do me a favor, block Wade from coming back in here! You see…”

She agreed before I could finish my sentence, “No problem!”

“Wait, don’t you wanna know why?” I puzzled at her readiness to do such an atypical task.

“Don’t care why,” she stated, “He’s an asshole, he doesn’t deserve to come back!”

I got the impression that something may have transpired between the two of them, but I didn’t have time to ask. I hurried to my room and grabbed my purse. I then ran to the other bedroom and grabbed the first piece of dirty laundry that I recognized as his. When I came out into the living room again, my mother probed, “What are you doing with Wade’s underwear?”

I grimaced and stuffed it into my purse so I wouldn’t have to keep touching it. “I need it for evidence.” I rummaged through my wallet, pulled out a business card, and handed it to my mom. “I’m going to the station. If I don’t come back within a couple of hours, call Detective Nason. Once the house is sealed, don’t leave, and definitely don’t talk to Wade!” I gave her a hug and swiftly expressed, “Stay safe!”

Although my mother seemed bewildered, she agreed to comply. On my way out, Travis’s mother wished me, “Good luck!” I curtly nodded as I rushed to my car.

Prior to arriving, I wondered if anyone would have turned up to work on a Sunday, especially with Chief Mazarine stressing how most of us needed to cool it down with our overtime. When I walked in, I expected to find a quiet, mostly empty office, and instead, I stumbled into a cacophony of tumult! My colleagues were dashing everywhere, making a lot of harried phone calls, and chasing the various objects that they inadvertently tossed all over. I found Chief Mazarine standing near the break room staring blankly into the cubicles, and if I didn’t have an emergency to deal with, I wouldn’t have bothered him. I had no choice, so I gingerly approached him and tentatively spoke, “Chief?”

“Oh, Detective Vidette! I didn’t realize we called you in for this! Did one of those damn crime scenes match your case again?” Chief Mazarine surveyed.

“No, I-.” I started to explain the crisis at hand, but I couldn’t help but solicit, “What’s going on?”

Chief Mazarine filled me in, “The Fays are going on a crime spree! Nearly everyone on the force has come in to help with it, and we’re probably gonna need more than that! I don’t understand what’s going on with them! I guess they think this f’ing eclipse or whatever it is has given them a right to act like nihilists! I dunno, but our resources are getting stretched to the max! Well, since you’re here, could you hop on the phone and-?”

I interrupted him, “There’s no time for that, sir! I think I found my killer, and he’s-!”

“You found the guy?” Chief Mazarine gazed at me in shock. “Who is he? How’d you find him?”

“Well, he’s my mom’s husband, Wade.” Before he could question me on why I believed he did it, I summarized my findings for him, “He’s been lying to us about his identity! He wears a fat suit and acts like a total moron, but really, he’s an intelligent man with the same body type as the man we saw on the surveillance tape! He disappeared from the house in the middle of the night, and I tried to find him using a footprints spell, and he didn’t leave anything behind! When I found him outside, he was in the triangle talking to dark figures that sounded like Fays! They were planning something big! We gotta stop them before-!”

Chief Mazarine reacted doubtfully, “Please tell me you have more evidence than that!”

“What?” I couldn’t believe he didn’t accept my theory after all of the evidence that I presented to him! “What more do you need?”

“I need something we can present to the jury and get a conviction this time,” Chief Mazarine bluntly remarked. “We gave them circumstantial evidence in Dahlia’s trial, and look what happened! The defense is gonna jump all over the holes in your story! All of those things could get written off as coincidences! He could have been planning anything at that time of day! Like fishing or hunting are usually early morning activities.”

I acknowledged, “He has mentioned hunting for his restaurant’s stock before.”

Chief Mazarine responded, “Yeah, exactly! And don’t hunters sometimes do a footprint removal spell to gain more a stealth advantage?”

“That’s what he told my mom he did it for.. But what about the fat suit?” I argued.

“Having a weird fetish doesn’t make you guilty,” Chief Mazarine shrugged that off, and he could see that I was about to debate him further, so he cut me off with, “What about the bail money? The suspect is said to have paid a lot of money to bail Dahlia out. Does your stepdad make enough money to do that?”

That thought hadn’t occurred to me until right then. I felt sure that Wade had found a way to do it, but I had no proof. He lived in a trailer park and paid the lot rent through the scant amount he made at the Roadkill Diner, so I couldn’t explain where he would have gotten the money. “Well, not that I know of, but-!”

“And how is it that you could live with someone and not have any idea that he’s up to something like that until now?” Chief Mazarine accosted me. “Don’t you think his defense attorney will wanna know that?”

“Most serial killers operate without their family or roommates knowing it!” I refuted his insinuation. “If it was obvious what they were up to, no killer would become serial, would they?” Chief Mazarine didn’t have an answer for that, so I went on, “”And I do have more evidence than just my word! Look!” I pulled out Wade’s underwear from my purse, which made Chief Mazarine practically gag. “All we have to do is test his DNA with-!”

Chief Mazarine ordered, “Put that thing away! You can’t just test someone’s DNA without their consent or a warrant! And unless you have a way to find more evidence, we-.”

I proposed, “We could send a team to the Ploutonion. He’s there right now!”

“How do you know?” Chief Mazarine queried.

“Look at the sky!” I exclaimed. “The enclosure around the Fate Particle is breaking! He’s trying to induce the apocalypse! We have to go in now! We don’t have much time left!”

Chief Mazarine denied that idea. “Absolutely not! Even if I did have some free hands right now, the Ploutonion is out of our jurisdiction. Plus, I’m not about to use precious resources on a lunatic conclusion like that! You actually bought into that apocalypse crap that Dahlia was spewing?”

I waved my hands towards the window in the break room. “Look at the sky! This isn’t natural! Isn’t it obvious that-?”

“That’s enough!” Chief Mazarine barked. “See, this is why I didn’t want you helping with Detective Nason’s case! You’re not ready!”

“But… This is my case!” My heart stopped when he mentioned that. It couldn’t have been true! Sandra always treated it like it was my investigation, and I felt that I had proven myself capable of handling it, so I didn’t think he would have assigned it to anyone else. And yet, something about his tone made me think he told me the truth.

Chief Mazarine elucidated, “Do you really think I’d make a rookie detective the lead on a serial murder case? You don’t have the experience to handle it, and this little spat proves it! As soon as these Fay Folks settle down, you’re going back to petty crimes! Now, make yourself useful or go home!”

He stormed back into his office, and I stood there as still as a statue for a minute. It really hurt me get demoted like that, especially when I knew I was completely right! I wandered over to the break room window and glanced out at the horizon. The skies were getting worse right before my eyes! How could he deny what was happening? At that moment, I knew I was my mother’s daughter; just like she said, sometimes the law is just dumb, I bitterly thought! I knew what I had to do, but before I went rogue, I had to take care of a personal matter…

Forgotten Society, Part 10


CLOSE UP on the television, where Daniel is speaking to the crowd.

The problem with society is we have too
many people who succumb to sin. These
sinners are the reason there is so much
crime and moral decay. Therefore, we must
tighten the leash. It may seem harsh at first,
but with the improvements I’d make, you’d
see how much better off your lives are! You
can sleep sounder when all sinners have
been found and punished!

The crowd on the television cheers. ZOOM OUT to Renee, Curtis, and a couple others watching the television set. A worker in that area shoos them away.

Come on, guys! You know the new
rules. Don’t be lazy-keep shopping!

Curtis and Renee are forced to obey. Renee and Curtis see another employee boxing up a lot knick-knacks and decorations. They both feel disappointed by this site.


Tiffany sits alone on a park bench. Behind her is grass and a tree. There is a neat, winding path before her. PETITIONER ( a young man with long hair and hemp clothing) sits beside her.

Will you sign this petition to ban
Halloween trick-or-treating?

Uh, no. Why would you wanna do that?

This teeth decay festival will spawn
ideas for moral decay later on.

What? That doesn’t even make-

She stops when she notices his glossy eyes. She pulls out her nail file and pretends to file her nails.

Halloween is just innocent fun!

Innocent! There’s nothing innocent about-

Tiffany tries to stab him with the nail file. He grabs her fist and holds her back. They struggle for a moment. The petitioner tries to breathe fire on her, so she springs away. He gets off the bench and tries again, so she throws a rock at his head. While he is distracted by this pain, she runs across the bench to stab him. He pushes her down. She twists her ankle and cannot get up. She can roll herself away from the fire but cannot grab her weapon to fight. Renee appears and slits his throat. The dragon dies. Curtis kneels beside Tiffany.

Can you stand on it?

Tiffany tries.

Ouch! No!

Let me help you up.

She grabs his shoulder, and they both get up. Renee looks annoyed.

Can I get the keys to your car so
I can take her back to Crossgrove


She throws the keys at him.

I’m going to find Washington.

She leaves in kind of a huff. Curtis finds her behavior odd. He helps Tiffany walk to the car.


Miguel slumps in a small chair, looking dirty and exhausted. Curtis enters with Tiffany hobbling inside.

What happened?

I was fighting another dragon. I think
I broke my ankle.

Let me look at it.

Miguel has her sit in his chair, and he looks at her ankle.

It’s not broken, just bruised. All you
need is to rest it a little.

So, I see you got the generator going.

Yeah, it put up a good fight, but in the end,
I kicked its ass! Where’s Warner?

She went off to find Washington.

Yeah, she seemed pretty ticked off
about something.

She was alright until we got to the park.

Miguel raises his eyebrows with a knowing look.

I don’t get it.

I kind of thought this might happen.

What are you-?

William and Renee burst in with rain soaked clothes.

Turn on the radio, right now!

Miguel turns it on.

…like Daniel predicted. In other news,
a terrorist suspect who would give out
his last name, Abdul, was obtained
near City Hall earlier tonight. He
refuses to comment on his actions
and spat in a police officer’s face. His
accomplices are still unknown. So, he
will be going to prison alone.
In sports news…

Miguel turns off the radio, looking angry.

This is just because he’s Arab!

They saw me with him. They know he’s
not a terrorist. It’s just a great excuse
to arrest him.

He’s so brave to keep his silence about
us! I can’t imagine what kind of torture
they’re putting him through right now!

Think he’ll live?

After so much torture, I don’t know if
he’ll want to!

Everyone looks very gloomy.

Forgotten Society, Part 9


Curtis walks across campus with Simpson. The campus seems empty.

Do you think Cartwright is eighteen?

Why? You think she’s hot?

Hell yeah! Don’t you?

No. She’s got a pretty face, but I like
curves. Like an hour glass-big chest,
small waist, and big hips! Tiffany has a
girl’s body, but I like a woman’s body!

Like Renee?


Before Curtis could finish his thoughts, they find a campus monitor standing before them. The overhead lights cast a shadow over his face.

Are you guys students?

Uh, yeah.

It’s past curfew; get to your dorm!

Curtis steps closer, and he can see his eyes. They are glossy. He signals to Simpson, and they both draw out weapons. The campus monitor has a tazor, and he hits Simpson with it. Simpson is sent to the ground, twitching. Curtis tries to gash him, but the campus monitor moves. He tries to tazor Curtis, but Curtis moves, so it hits a tree. The tree catches on fire. Curtis tries again, but the campus monitor is barely nicked. He smirks at Curtis. Simpson trips him, which makes him fall. Curtis stands above him to stab him, but he shoots fire at him. Curtis moves, and it hits the tree again. A fiery branch falls down and hits Simpson, who catches on fire.


The campus monitor grabs Curtis from behind. Curtis manages to pry him off and throws him into the fiery tree. The campus monitor burns his skin off to reveal his dragon form, which also gets burned to death. Curtis turns to Simpson, but Simpson has died. Curtis hears a firetruck coming and, though he is out of breath, he runs away.


Miguel, Renee, William, Abdul, and Tiffany are all waiting outside the entrance of a small electronic store in Eastern Market. Tiffany and Abdul are peering inside the shops. William paces around while Miguel and Renee talk with their swords out and covered in green blood. Everyone looks tired. Curtis comes up to them. Renee and Miguel stop talking and William stops pacing.

Where’s Simpson?

Curtis tries to answer but cannot seem to get the words out.

Is he dead?

There was a fire…

William puts a supportive hand on his shoulder.

I know, man. I-

Hey, you guys should see this!

William, Curtis, Renee, and Miguel go over to the window and watch the television in the window display. Daniel is on there, greeting a bunch of media people with a grin.

…and with the momentum Daniel
Ramrod has produced with the case,
he has earned a lot of write-in votes
on the mayoral race…

The six look at each other gravely.

Let’s go.

They leave with Daniel’s face still on the screen.


William and Abdul are talking about Simpson’s death. Tiffany talks with Miguel, upset that her kidnapper is running for mayor. Curtis notices Renee is sitting by herself facing away from everyone. He sits beside her, and he sees that her tearful eyes are looking out the door and up at the stars.

Are you okay?

It all seems so futile…

Two people have died, but we gained
one. Not mention we’ve killed more of
them than they’ve killed of us.

Yes, but at the rate that it’s going, they’ll
kill us all. And if Daniel becomes mayor,
he will get so much more. We are
heavily out numbered. What’s the point?

The point is even if we all die, we will let
the world know that we stood up for the
forgotten society. We fought like heroes
to restore things to the way it used to be.
Anyways, I bet you anything we’re going
to gain numbers because the dragons
will screw up and people will look to the
only alternative, which is us. We’ll get
more numbers, you’ll see.

I used to be optimistic like you, but when
my parents fought and lost against a
dragon, I began to rethink my own future.
I keep wondering…why me? Why was I meant
to survive and be stuck in such misery?

Be glad that you were given a second chance,
and use every chance you can to help people.
You’re parents would’ve wanted it that way.
I believe you’re going to do great things
because you’ve already proven your
potential. Don’t just sit there and accept
bad omens. Defy them and do whatever
you can to prove them wrong. And
remember, you don’t gotta do this alone. I
can’t speak for everyone, but I can promise
I’ll always be there for you if you need me.

He holds her hand in a comforting way. She does not know how to react. Suddenly, the lights go out, and it is pitch black.

Damn generator! Does anyone got a lighter?

I got a flashlight!

Curtis digs in his pockets and pulls out a flashlight. He turns it on, and Renee sees that it is a Lion King flashlight.

Oh hell no!

Curtis laughs and shrugs. Miguel uses the flashlight to pull out some candles. Renee uses her lighter to light them.

Now what?

I’ll go take a look at the generator.

It starts to rain.

I’ll look at it in the morning. Let’s all
go to bed. Remember, tomorrow is a new
day. It could be the day we gain the
advantage over those creeps. Or, at least,
it’ll get us one step closer.

Everyone says goodnight to each other and picks out there spot to sleep. Curtis lays looking up at the ceiling, lost in thought. He sees Renee is still awake.

I’ve decided something.


I don’t care if everyone thinks I’m
a serial killer. I’ll be like Robin Hood!
I like that, actually!

Renee laughs, and so does Curtis.

Good night, killer!

Renee closes her eyes. Curtis lies down, smirking in a proud way.

Forgotten Society, Part 8


Renee and Curtis enter the shop. A gruff looking man stands behind the counter. The only other person in the store is an old lady riffling through some VHS’s.

What do you like?

Show us the swords.

He brings out two swords. One is a small, Japanese sword. The other is a medieval-looking sword. Renee hands Curtis the longer sword.

How does that feel?

Curtis holds it in awe. He pulls out the sword from the sheath and swings it around a little.

I love it! But how will we hide it
walking around the streets?

This isn’t for every day. You’re getting
Smith’s old dagger too.

Renee pulls out a credit card. While she pays, Curtis swings the sword a little. The old lady comes over with an armful of videos. Curtis almost hits her, which makes her drop the videos. Renee hits her forehead and shakes her head.

I’m sorry, ma’am!

He picks up the videos. Renee finishes paying and comes over to help.

Sorry, he’s still in training.

What would two nice young people
need with weapons training? God
should be your answer.

That’s a nice idea, but it’s not very
practical, especially if someone
evil is trying to kill us!

The way of the wicked shall perish!

That’s good, I guess. We have to-

The Lord shall show you the light!

Aw, but darkness is my closest friend!
Come on, Curtis.

Renee grabs Curtis’s shirt and leads him out.


Renee and Curtis enter with the weapons. Renee hands the weapons over to Miguel for approval. He looks at the Japanese sword first.

It’s a replica, but it’s a good replica.
It’s a good size for you.

He hands it over to Tiffany, who takes it calmly.

You know, I’ve always wanted a sword.
My father said it didn’t fit well with my
doll collection. My brother has a fencing
sword. I was so jealous! But look at me
now! I may not have any of the comforts
of home, but I like it this way! I wanted to
be a reporter, and they thought I was crazy
for wanting a real career. Money is fun, but
there are some things in this world that are
just more important. Thank you for this
opportunity! If we survive, I’ll make sure
my father rewards you!

Miguel responds by smiling and then turns his attention to Curtis’s sword.

Again, another replica, but it’s totally
what I pictured for you. Here you
go, Sir Curtis Stevens.

Curtis grins as he takes the sword.

Sir Stevens?

Yes. Go show them what you know,
Lady Warner.

Renee shakes her head but is half amused. She goes to the back and gets her own sword. She holds it in front of them.

This is how you hold a sword. Wow,
you’re a fast learner, uh…

Cartwright. Thanks!

Stevens, don’t hold it like a baseball
bat. Put your fingers like this.

Renee moves his hands for him.

Wow, you have soft hands!


She lingers for a split second. She shakes her head and continues.

Okay, first way you can use your sword…

Forgotten Society, Part 7


In front of a private school, a Cadillac is parked under some trees by the entrance. TIFFANY (a senior in high school with pulled up blonde hair, blue eyes, a skinny physique, and a prep school uniform) sits in the Cadillac talking on her car phone.

Yeah, this is Tiffany Cartwright. Yes,
that article I gave you is legitimate.
My housekeeper’s husband is in the
military, and she said he is busy
protecting the president from-

In mid sentence, Tiffany gets hit in the back of the head, which knocks her unconscious.


Tiffany wakes up and finds herself in the backseat of her own car. She sees Daniel driving. Daniel sees her and points a gun at her.

Don’t you dare try to escape!

If you need money, my father-!

Shut up!

Tiffany stifles a sob. Daniel continues to drive. Tiffany pulls a pin off of her uniform and holds her hands behind her back. She pricks her finger until it bleeds. She then leans against the window. She uses her head to block what she is writing from Daniel’s view.


Renee is driving with Curtis and William. Curtis, who is in the backseat, leans over to ask Renee a question.

Can I ask you a personal question?

(angry sigh)
Every guy wants to know if my
boobs are real, and yes they are.

Oh. I was going to ask you how much
you made at the coffeehouse.

Really? That’s all? Five an hour.

So, you’re a natural D cup?

Renee hits him playfully but still hard enough to send him into the window. William laughs. Curtis’s smile fades immediately as he sees something out the window.

Hey guys, look over there.

They all look to the car next to them, which is Tiffany’s Cadillac. The backseat window has the words “help me” written in blood. They are at a red light. As soon as traffic moves again, Renee slams on the gas, and she slams her car into the trunk of the Cadillac. The Cadillac is wedged between Renee’s Mustang and the car in front of the Cadillac. Daniel gets out of the car as does Renee, Curtis, and William. Daniel points his gun at them and fires. They all duck out of the way. Curtis and William move to the girl while Renee pulls out her gun and fights Daniel. Curtis and William pull Tiffany out of the car and sit her in the Mustang. Renee runs out of bullets and reluctantly runs into the Mustang. They speed away just as police arrive.


Miguel and Abdul are outside when they see William, Renee, and Curtis rush over with Tiffany.

What happened?

I don’t know! One minute I’m talking to
the editor of the school paper on my
car phone, next thing I know I’m in
the backseat of my Cadillac with a
gun in my face!

Who was it?

Daniel. The prick got away again!

He had these weird, red, glossy eyes.
I don’t think he was human! Oh God-
he must’ve been a dragon! They
must’ve found out about my article!

Your article?

My housekeeper’s husband is in the
military, and her husband said his
role is to protect President Clinton
from dragons. I know it sounds crazy,
but people need to know the truth!

She starts to cry. Miguel puts his arm around her.

We know about the dragons. I’ll
explain everything you should
know about them inside. Warner,
I still would like you to take Stevens
to get weapons. Get some for her too.

Miguel takes Tiffany inside. Abdul and William follow them. Renee leaves and Curtis quickly follows her.

Forgotten Society, Part 6


William, Miguel, Abdul, and Simpson are spread around the hideout looking distraught. Renee and Curtis enter. Everyone looks relieved but still sad. William looks especially morose.

Thank God you made it back!

Did you think we got killed?

No. Listen.

They turn their attention to the radio.

…tonight in Georgetown. Julie Nalice, a
local student, was brutally stabbed. The
suspects, Renee Warner and an unknown
male accomplice, are still at large. Our
source says they may be connected
to our recent serial killings.

I saw them running out of the Morning
Star apartments right after the
landlady’s body was found.

We’ll have more at eleven.

Miguel turns the radio off. Renee kicks a stool in anger. Curtis sits down, thinking.

See! I told you shit like this happens!
No one calls you a hero when you
deserve it!

Just be glad you’re alive! We ran into
a dragon at this liquor store. We
drove it out of the store into an
empty street, and I managed to
kill it, but as he was falling, he
shot out fire at Smith. Smith is
dead. I couldn’t save her.

He hides his face. Renee’s mood softens. Curtis looks shocked.

Does this happen often?

Yes. It’s war. Not everyone survives.

Curtis looks deep in thought. Everyone mourns the loss of Smith.


Curtis wakes up and sees that everyone but Miguel is asleep. Miguel is cooking oatmeal in a pot over a fire. Miguel smiles at him when he sees him.

How’d you sleep?

Alright, I guess.

I heard you talking in your sleep.

Oh really?

Yeah. Renee bumped into you, and
you said, “Do you want a mug or a
deck of cards?”

Oh. It was a promo at my old job.

Miguel laughs.

I spent way too much time there!
Eight hours a day with no break.
Minimum wage too.

Ouch! No wonder you were excited
to join us.

Not only for that; I believe in the cause!
Why did you start the Rebellion?

Me? Well, I used to live with my
boyfriend, Josh. One day, he comes
home, and he acted totally different.
He used to be so cheerful and nice,
then suddenly he became mean
and belligerent. I noticed his eyes
were glossy too. The day came when
I decided to confront him. I found him
in the parking lot in front of his work
at the gym and we argued. I grabbed
his hand, and he took it away, which
ended up skinning him. I saw the
scaly skin, and I knew the real Josh
was dead. I fought him, and I ended
up killing him with my pocket knife.
Washington, who was part of an old
Rebellion, had seen the body, and after
we talked, I decided to start a new
Rebellion. Just the thought of that
happening to other people’s loved
ones was enough motivation for me.

Wow. That’s horrible. I can’t imagine
having to go through that. But it’s
amazing you turned something so
negative into a positive!

Adversity brings out the best in some
and the worst in others. Most people get
destructive either to themselves or others.
Very few people get constructive. We all did.
Especially Warner.

Curtis looks at Renee, who stirs in her sleep.

When she was twelve, she watched her
parents get killed. That’s when she
first joined the Rebellion. Can you
believe that? I can’t imagine being
that age and…

Miguel sees Curtis checking her out and laughs. He snaps his fingers in front of him, which wakes Curtis out of his stupor.

Sorry, I was just…

She’s pretty, don’t you think?

I view her as a fellow rebel!
Totally professional!

William, who is laying with his eyes closed, laughs. He then wakes up.

Oatmeal! I thought I asked for
steak and eggs!

I’m putting you on a heart healthy diet!

William, Miguel, and Curtis laugh.

Oatmeal’s done. You guys can eat.

As they serve themselves, Abdul and Simpson hear the sound of food and wake up. Renee keeps sleeping while they eat. All of a sudden, she jolts out of her sleep with her dagger brandished. Everyone pretends to be taken aback by it.

Bad dream?

How’d you guess?

She gets up to go eat.

Before we go get the new weapons,
I need to get my car.

We got it. We, uh, sort of hot wired it.


Don’t hurt me!

Everyone laughs. Even Renee titters.

Forgotten Society, Part 5


Renee drives with a cigarette, Curtis and William are in the front seat, and Abdul, Smith, and Simpson are in the back. Renee keeps trying to get into the left lane, but every time she tries, the other car speeds up so she cannot get into that lane.

Asshole! I wish he was a dragon so
I could kill him!

Shh! If you’re going to talk about
that, at least turn on the radio
so no one hears.

Renee turns on the radio and tries again to get into the next lane.

(to William)
So, what’s worse-fighting in a war
or fighting dragons?

Oh, dragons, of course! The Iraqis
are human, so we had a lot in common.
These dragons are demons.

We’re going to miss our exit!

Renee growls and pull out her gun. She sticks herself out the window and shoots out one of the other car’s tires. He is forced to stop, and Renee pulls in front of him. She sees the strange look Curtis gives her.

Some people have no manners!


Renee parked the car, and everyone gets out.

So, I’m thinking Washington and I
go north, Simpson and Abdul can go
south, and Warner and Stevens can
go central.

Meet back here in a couple of hours?

Everyone agrees and seperates.


The street is full of shops that are now closed. A few seedy people walk by Renee and Curtis.

What if something happens to us?
How would the others get back?

They could take the bus. Don’t worry
about that. Keep looking out.

You know, at first I was nervous, but
this is kind of exciting! I feel pumped!
Yeah, bring it on, you creeps!

(half amused)
Shh! Dragons aren’t the only ones
who can attack us, you know.

If I gotta kill a dragon here and now,
these people will see I’m the hero!
And they can tell the world what
we did!

You have seen too many Disney
movies. Reality is we kill our
enemy, and the media along
with other dragons convince them
they something entirely different.

Before Renee can finish, she spots two policemen who are looking at them suspciously.

We’ve got to get out of here.
No, act casual.

They walk away, but they hear the policemen following them. Curtis spots a bus stopping, and he motions to Renee to get on. The police start to run, but Curtis and Renee get on the bus right before they can catch them.


Renee and Curtis pick a seat in the middle. Renee, who sits by the window, picks up a coffee cup left on the seat.

Someone from my old apartment
was here. It’s still hot! Eiww, they
spit their gum in it!

It smells Irish. I didn’t know your
shop offered that!

We don’t. I mean, they don’t.

Too bad. A blended, Irish mocha
sounds really good.

Renee rolls her eyes in a bemused way. The bus stops, and JULIE (a fair skinned girl with puffy, black curls) gets on. Renee tries to get a view of her eyes, which Julie notices and puts on her sunglasses as she sits.

Get up.

Is she a…?

Either way, be prepared to be banned
from taking the bus!

They get up and head over to the middle door, which is directly behind Julie. Renee, who has the coffee cup, points it towards Julie. The bus passes over a bump, and Renee intentionally loses control of the coffee cup. It spills onto Julie’s arm, which causes her to roar out in pain. The bus driver stops, and the other passengers on board stare.

You fucking idiots!

Do you need an ambulance, miss?

No! Don’t you dare!

Okay, but I still have to put your
damage in my report.

He pries her hand off the wound, and underneath the wound he sees reptilian skin.

What the hell?

Julie breathes fire on him. The other passengers scream and run off the bus. Renee pulls out her gun, but Julie knocks it out of her hand. She tries to breathe fire on them, but they weave out of the way. Renee uses the roof handrails to prop herself in the air and kicks Julie, which sends her falling, face up, onto the aisle. Before Julie can react, Curtis dives down and stabs her in the chest. With a reptilian shriek of pain, Julie dies. Curtis stands over her body in amazement. Police sirens are heard. Renee grabs Curtis’s wrist, and they run off the bus.

Forgotten Society, Part 4


Curtis enters looking proud. Renee enters looking angry and embarrassed.

Warner! You’re back!

Renee does not say anything.

She’s pissed that she didn’t get
to kill her boss. I told her to give
it time!

And I told you that now we’re
murder suspects and it’ll be
impossible to kill him. They’ll
increase security.

If he’s a dragon, we’ll find a way.
Seriously, it takes a lot of
courage to come back, so thank you.

Renee does not say anything.

I went out and got a tray of spaghetti.
Please, dine with us!

Renee and Curtis sit with them.

So, what’s your plan to get rid
of the dragons?

All we know right now is we’ve
got to get rid of the ones that
infiltrated society by disguise.
At the same time, we are
trying to find the source of
their origin.

So, the answer to your question
is we have no plan.

Don’t be so negative. The less of
these creeps there are, the
better off we are.

What makes them so evil anyways?
Is it just the desire for control?
I mean, what exactly are we
fighting against?

Our struggle is not against flesh and blood
but against the rulers, the authorities,
against the power of this dark world and
against the spiritual forces of evil. We are
fighting against an evil being in an arrogant
man’s body. In his arrogance, the
wicked man hunts down the weak,
who are caught in the schemes he
demises. His victims are crushed, they
collapse, they fall under his strength.
His grip will reach further and further.
His mouth is full of curses and lies,
and trouble and evil are under his
tongue. Beauty and self expression
will vanish, and we will become less
than servants. We are fighting for
freedom in our future.

You saw my apartment, and my job,
so imagine a whole society like that.

And you were going to stay there?

Let’s not judge each other. Now,
tomorrow I want you to buy
Curtis some weapons. Tonight,
we will patrol. Did you bring
your car, Renee?


Good. Take everyone to Georgetown.
I’ll stay here and guard the compound.

Maybe I should stay. You’re probably
better with weapons than I am.

Best way to learn is from experience.
We can teach you here too, but
trust me, it’s a hell of a lot
different out there.

Everyone nods in agreement.

Okay, I’ll give you a quick lesson now.

He takes out a dagger and throws it to him.

Step one, stab. Step two, stab again
if necessary.

Everyone laughs as they leave.

Forgotten Society, Part 3


The LANDLADY (a stuffy old lady) walks down the hall. She stops when she sees the butterfly on apartment 214. She takes it down and knocks on the door.

Renee? We’ve been over this! No
personal property in the hall!
Alright, if you won’t let me in,
I’ll use my key! You can’t
hide from us!

She unlocks the door and is immediately shot in the heart. Renee and Curtis come out.

See how the eyes look glossy?
That’s a dragon. Another sign-
green blood.

ZOOM IN on Landlady’s wound, which is trickling green blood. ZOOM OUT.

Oh, she’s a dragon? I thought you
just hated her and wanted to
off her.

Well, that too. Now that I’ve given
my notice, time to quit my job!

They both leave.


Renee enters a small coffee house that rests by a big staircase in the apartment lobby. There are only a few tables and chairs. The counter is small, and there is not a lot of equipment. from the back room DANIEL (an olive skinned man with bushy hair and glossy eyes) enters and sees Renee.

You’re late.

I’m sorry. My landlady died.

Yeah, I bet you’re real devestated.
Well, put on your apron and get
to work!

Renee puts on her green apron and stands behind the counter. Curtis enters holding some luggage and comes up to her.

What can I get you?

Can I get a blended mocha?

Sorry, our blender is broken.

No, it’s not!

He tries to turn it on, but it does not.

It’s probably unplugged. Did
you bother checking before
you refused this customer’s order?

He opens a cupboard to check. While he does this, Renee draws out a dagger. Before she can hurt him, she sees (via the reflection on the blender) three policemen enter. She puts her weapon away.

I quit!

What? You can’t quit!

Renee and Curtis run out the door as the police head upstairs. Daniel looks at them suspiciously.

Forgotten Society, Part 2


Curtis looks at the piece of paper Miguel gave him and looks back at the apartments. It is a very tall building with a bland white paint job. The window trims are navy blue as well as the door. Curtis enters the the building.


Curtis knocks on the door, and it opens on its own. He steps inside and is surprised to see the place is vibrantly decorated with modern-looking knick-knacks and glass sculptures. There is a big television on a black-wooden shelf, a glass coffee table, and two black leather couches. Curtis spots a glass butterfly that bleakly reflects the light coming from a rectangular window. He sees a figure sitting by the window wearing a black hood, which covers the face, sleek black pants, and black boots.

Excuse me, Warner? Trebla said that
you could help me.

He sees the figure take a drag from a cigarette.

He told me you were the best. I
want to fight against the dragons.

The figure dryly laughs.

I’m doing this with or without your
help. I may not have your training,
but I’m willing to go the distance.

Curtis turns to leave.


Curtis is surprised to hear a female’s voice. He turns back to see RENEE (who has a high, brunette ponytail, golden brown eyes, pale skin, and dark make up). Without her hood, her curvy figure is revealed. She takes another drag off of her cigarette.

You’re surprised I’m a woman,
aren’t you?

Well, yes. When Trebla said you were
a weapons expert, I assumed you
were a tough, old man, kind of a
Harrison Ford type. But this is
much better!

Renee is surprised by that remark.


Never mind. I want to know whether
or not you’ll join me now in the

Look, bud, I don’t do that anymore.

Why not?

I’m tired of saving the world and getting
no recognition or even respect for what
I do. This is a dirty, thankless job! People
use you. After the job is done, I’m back
to being forgotten. It might even be
worth it if all my efforts made a
difference. They keep coming, no
matter how many of them I kill
off. So, forget it. I’m done being
a worthless superhero!

So, you just gave up?

Yeah, I did.
Look, I’m not about to be
convinced to go back only
to be let down again.

What, you’re going to let them
take over?

What difference does it make who’s
in charge? It’s not like my life is
going to change. Even if we kill
every last one, I’ll still be
stuck here with my shitty apartment
and my crappy, go nowhere job.
I’ll probably die early, and my cat
will eat my remains before anyone
even notices that I’m gone.

That’s the life you want?

I don’t have a choice.

You do have a choice! You can
ditch your old lifestyle and rebel.
If you really think you’ll die
early, at least die like a hero!

I find it less tortuous to live a
mundane life, which promises nothing
than to be promised a better life only
to have it snatched away. Don’t
you dare get my hopes again!

Fine, have it your way.

He turns to leave but stops.

At least with us, you wouldn’t
be alone!

He starts to leave.


Curtis turns to look at her.

Fine what?

I guess I’ll give it one more try.

Thank you! Oh, you won’t
regret this!

Wanna bet?

Yes, I do.

Renee raises her eyebrows as she takes a drag.

I bet by the end of this, you’ll lose
all your reasons for being bitter.
Watch, you will come out of this
wearing brighter colors! You’ll
get a happy ending with a castle,
a handsome prince, and you’ll
live happily ever after.

Renee smiles in a way that clearly says, “Yeah right!”

I was partly kidding, but I got you
to smile, didn’t I? It’s already a
little better, isn’t it?

What are you, a Disney character?

Sort of. I sold Lion King stuff at
the mall.

Yeah. Well I guess when you’re around
kids, it’s hard not to share their hope
and enthusiasm. At the end, you’ll
see what I’m talking about.
What’s your name, anyways?

Curtis Stevens.

Renee Warner. I’m going to pack
a couple of things. I’ll need you to
hold my luggage while I go take
care of something…