Rebels of Darkness II, Chapter 3

Agent Cecilio flung the doors of the FBI’s transport van open, and it stunned him to see his potential prisoners sitting calmly. Gwynivara and her fellow Rebels did this by design. They knew that he expected them to show fear, and they figured that he would steel himself up for a war of words between the two sides, but they did not give him that. They gave off a calm demeanor, and while none of them actually felt any sense of serenity given what they had to do, they didn’t want Agent Cecilio or anyone who worked for him to think that they had any trepidation of losing their case! Agent Cecilio eyed them suspiciously, and Gwynivara could tell he noticed a considerable difference in their energy level. They exhausted themselves trying to summon an incantation with their hands still cuffed, and while they got close, no one could produce anything. Of course, Agent Cecilio would never know that. He probably knew that they had Venenatus Sanguis, but he had no idea what they could do with that. They planned ot only give him what basic information they had to in order to get what they needed from him. They obediently walked out when he ushered them to do so, and it amused Gwynivara to see how much this threw him off! As they entered the FBI headquarters, Gwynivara silently prayed that they would prevail and that she would see all of her fellow Rebels again!

As Kierram predicted, the FBI agents separated all of them. The motorcycle cops all got grouped together, but they placed each Rebel officer into their own interrogation room. Gwynivara saw a pale but very burly man shove Bernadette into her room, and while she felt disgusted by her suspicion that they wanted to use race to intimidate her, she smirked know what a mistake that would prove to be! She spotted a beautiful, female agent guiding Kierram into his room, and she knew that her man was too smart to fall for a gimmick like flirting to extract his secrets! She didn’t see where the others had gone to because Agent Ceilio took her into her own room. He didn’t scare her, she was ready for him!

The room had dark walls that matched a dark floor save for a two way mirror on one side. A small window on the opposite side of the door provided the only light, which illuminated a white table with two white chairs. Agent Cecilio pushed the table aside and sat Gwynivara on the chair furthest from the exit. He swiveled his own chair around so that he could sit backwards on it as he talked to her. Gwynivara didn’t really see a purpose behind this casual attitude unless he intended to project the same tone that the Rebels gave him. It didn’t phase her at all, she had a mission to accomplish!

For a moment, he just stared at her silently. She supposed that some people would get intimidated by the awkwardness, but it didn’t bother Gwynivara that much. She simply waited for his plot to unveil itself to her. Finally, he spoke up, “Nineteen sixty six.”

“I’m sorry?” Whatever Gwynivara expected him to say, it hadn’t been that! She stared at him in confusion, wondering where he was going with that.

“Nineteen sixty six, ten years ago, that’s when our records show that you contracted Venenatus Sanguis.” Agent Cecilio waited for her to react to that, but when she didn’t, he moved on, “How many monsters would you say you created in that span of time?”

Gwynivara gazed at him with raised eyebrows. “You think I kept records of it?”

Agent Cecilio surmised, “You lost count.”

“I didn’t lose count!” Gwynivara refuted. “I just didn’t count! I was focused on more important things, like-.”

“Did you know that the average person with Venenatus Sanguis produces about ten monsters a year?” Agent Cecilio probed.

Gwynivara challenged him, “Where did you get that statistic? The people you turned into guinea pigs in quarantine? They’re not in normal circumstances, and the people criminalized for avoiding quarantine wouldn’t be likely to answer any surveys!”

Ignoring her rebuke completely, Agent Cecilio went on, “Did you know the average monster infects at least five people before it’s taken out?”

“How do you know that?” Gwynivara questioned. “Are you following monsters around?”

“Five people for every ten monsters, that’s fifty people contracting the disease each year,” Agent Cecilio tabulated. “And since you’ve evaded quarantine for ten years, that’s at least five hundred people you passed Venenatus Sanguis to!”

Gwynivara denied that, “That’s not true! I took out my monsters before they hurt anyone!”

Agent Cecilio didn’t acknowledge her claim at all. “Did you know that Venenatus Sanguis has a seventy three percent mortality rate?”

“I didn’t infect anyone!” Gwynivara affirmed as she detected a dull pain in her lower stomach. She really hoped that it would pass quickly because their operation held too much importance for her to lose her concentration. Or worse. She didn’t know why she had passed out earlier, and she sincerely hoped that she didn’t have any kind of debilitating illness! Her team needed her leadership, and the fate of the world depended on their success, so she couldn’t let her health fail her!

“Really? Ten years of running around loose in your city and you didn’t infect anyone?” Agent Cecilio conveyed with deep skepticism.

Trying not to focus on her growing pain, Gwynivara let him know, “I wasn’t running around they city! I protected my city from the one who created the disease! She recruited people in our government to help spread it so she could… take over the planet!” She felt her pain growing stronger. Agent Cecilio started to see she had something going on, but she didn’t want to get sidetracked, so she pushed on, “I stopped her though, and she gave me the key to saving us all!”

Agent Cecilio reached into his pocket. “What? You mean this?” He pulled out the cure, and Gwynivara’s eyes grew wide. She knew no amount of reason could sway Agent Cecilio to do the right thing and give them the freedom that they deserved, and she had already mentally prepared herself to find a way to covertly pry the secret of where he had it, so to have it presented to her so handily shocked her a little. She had the cure right in front of her, and now she just had to find a way to reach out and take it so she could free the Rebels! As close as its proximity was to her, it also felt equally as far. She couldn’t do much with her hands tied behind her back, and her stomach pain persisted, so she didn’t know how she would accomplish the goal she sought. Agent Cecilio inquired, “How many people were you gonna kill with this poison? It’s not enough to take people’s lives with your disease, you gotta resort to this?”

“I didn’t…” She couldn’t finish her sentence. She felt herself getting distressed, and she didn’t want to create a monster while she was in a position where she couldn’t defend herself. She also had no idea if Agent Cecilio could fend one off. As much as she disliked him right then, she didn’t think his behavior made him deserving of death!

“We’re charging you with murder!” Agent Cecilio announced, and Gwynivara nearly doubled over in physical pain. “You’re responsible for multiple homicides and… What’s wrong?” Gwynivara wanted to deny any kind of malady afflicting her, but she couldn’t ignore the pangs that plagued her. He could see her clutching her stomach, so he got out of his chair to examine her. When he got close to her, he spotted something and groaned, “Damn it!” He then sighed, “Wait here a minute. I’ll go see if our first aid has anything for that.”

He pointed towards her groin, which Gwynivara found strange until she spotted a newly formed red stain. It then clicked for her- She had menstrual cramps! She felt relieved that was all that it was and grateful it didn’t carry as much severity as she worried it had. She wished that he would bring her an aspirin for the cramps, but she knew that he wouldn’t have even brought her a sanitary product if he didn’t have an obligation to take care of his prisoner’s basic needs! While he ran for her medical supplies, she decided to use the opportunity of her solitary status to try for an incantation. She closed her eyes and concentrated hard. After a minute or so, she felt the Venenatus Sanguis surging through her veins, and to her surprise, her cuffs started to loosen…

Agent Cecilio returned, so Gwynivara had to desist her efforts. He grabbed her arm and barked, “Let’s go!” He then led her down the hall, and Gwynivara tried to catch a glimpse of what the other Rebels were doing at this point, but their short trip didn’t allow her enough time to glean anything. He shoved her into a women’s restroom, but he kept her hands in the hallway so he could take off her cuffs. He eyed her in a mistrustful manner, and she maintained a poker face as if she had no guess as to how that happened. He decided to let the concept slide and took her cuffs off despite his misgivings. He caught a glimpse of a sparkle in her eyes because he warned her, “I’ll be standing guard in front of the only way out, so don’t get any funny ideas!” He handed her a pad and shoved her inside.

Once she was alone, Gwynivara took a quick look around. The bathroom had two stalls, two sinks, and no windows. She assesed that Agent Cecilio had been right about her having no way out, but he didn’t realize that she wouldn’t leave with out the others! She leaned against a sink and tried to come up with the best way to rescue the Rebels without damaging the cure. Her mind grew blank, and the pressure of coming up with something shook her nerves. She took a deep breath, and as she did so, she caught sight of herself in the mirror. The red stain really grew pronounced, and she might have considered actually putting on the pad in her hands if Rafeneita had clothed her in some underwear! She tossed it in the garbage near the sinks and shifted her focus back to her her next move. She had her hands free now, but not for long. It was now or never, but she didn’t feel sure on what to do!

The door cracked open, and Agent Cecilio addressed her, “I don’t hear any movement! What’s going on in there?” Suddenly, Gwynivara knew exactly what to do! She faced the doorway in a fighting stance, but she didn’t say a word or make a sound. She waited for Agent Cecilio to act, and sure enough, he did. He opened the door wider and began to ask, “Okay, what’s going-?” Gwynivara used an incantation to make the cure fly from his pocket to her hand! He just gazed at her with wide, startled eyes, too astonished to move while she closed her eyes and centered all of her thoughts onto channeling her energy in one direction…

With a blustering wind hammering down on each one, all of the doors in the hallway blew off of their hinges! The FBI agents all peered out of their interrogation rooms, and Gwynivara sent a ball of electricity down the foyer. The agents all dodged her trajectory, but she didn’t mean that attack for them! A giant hold formed, and while the agents all fixated on it, the building began to violently shake! One agent reached for her gun, and Kierram, unbound from his cuffs, aimed his palm at her and cautioned, “Don’t even think about it!” She obeyed him, and he passed her as he left the room.

Kierram joined Gwynivara’s side, and as the place continued to shake, they passed by each interrogation room. One by one, they freed each Rebel officer. When they reached the end where all of the motorcycle cops got held, they heard a gun cock behind them. Agent Ceclio ordered, “Freeze!”

Gwynivara turned towards him, standing back to back with Kierram, and she defiantly told Agent Cecilio, “No!” It stunned him to hear such impertinence, but before he could do anything about it, Gywnivara made his gun fly to one of the motorcycle cops, who pointed it at the FBI agent who guarded their room. She and Kierram then retrieved all of the FBI agents’ guns and gave it to each motorcycle cop who didn’t have a weapon. Once they were all armed, they formed a protective circle around the Rebels, who casually walked out of the interrogation area through the hole that Gwynivara created. It led to an administrative area, but all of the personnel were too scared to act against them. The Rebels found their way to the front entrance and marched out of there!

When they got outside, they faced a forest all around them. Before they could decide which way to go next, they heard a helicopter flying over their heads! Kierram deduced, “That’s a military bird! They called for back up!”

“What do we do?” John posed to Gwynivara, who didn’t feel entirely sure.

“You guys go that way!” One motorcycle cop pointed to their right. “We’ll go the other way so they’ll follow us!” Gwynivara started to object, but he assured her, “We wanna find our chief! You go! Get the cure out there!”

Gwynivara very graciously regarded them, “Thank you!” They simply nodded before they took off running. When the helicopter followed the motorcycle cops, the Rebels dashed off in the opposite direction through the thick of the trees.

After gaining enough distance from the scene, they paused to catch their breath. Bernadette queried, “Is everyone alright?” They all nodded, and then they all sighed in relief.

“Wait, Gwyn’s hurt!” Kierram looked at the blood on Gwynivara’s dress in horror.

“I’m fine!” Gwynivara politely refuted. “I’m bleeding but not wounded.”

Kierram blinked in confusion. “I don’t get it.”

Bernadette jumped in, “I do! Trust me, she’s fine!” It slowly dawned on him what happened, and he didn’t broach the subject any further.

After that lighthearted moment had passed, John voiced what everyone had been thinking, “So, what do we do now?”

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