Complicated, Act I Scene 4, 5, & 6


The stage should be empty except for a door (that can be wheeled on) The only lights on should be above the door. Jackie, who has mud all over her front side, knocks on the door. She waits for a minute, and Emma answers. Emma has a disdainful look on her face, and this off-puts Jackie a little.

JACKIE: Oh, you must be Emma! Hi, I’m Jackie!

Jackie extends her hand to her, but Emma looks at it contemptuously. 

EMMA: What is wrong with you?

JACKIE: Excuse me?

EMMA: Your front side, what happened?

JACKIE: Oh! Sorry, I fell in some mud on my way over here. I walked from-

EMMA: You’re here to see Kate? Come in.

Emma goes inside and leaves the door open for Jackie. Jackie finds her behavior strange but goes inside.


The door should be wheeled off, and a bed should be wheeled onto the stage. A couple of nightstands should be placed by the bed to simulate a bedroom. Kate lays in the bed, coughing. Jackie walks in.

JACKIE: I bet that coughing is driving Daniel wild!

KATE: Shh!

JACKIE: So, I see Mum’s brilliant plan worked.

KATE: Oh yeah, like a charm! Jackie, do me a favor.

JACKIE: Of course, that’s why I’m here.

Kate takes a muffin from her tray and coughs on it.

KATE: Give this to Mum!

Jackie laughs and puts the muffin in her pocket.

KATE: I’m glad you’re here! Emma is such a pill, and not the kind that would help me get rid of this cold!

JACKIE: I can’t believe she’s a nurse! She doesn’t seem that friendly. I thought nurses were supposed to love helping people.

KATE: She’s not like a normal nurse. Apparently she wants to work in a high class clinic that only services a certain type of person.

JACKIE: And this girl is related to Daniel?

KATE: He says she was very sweet when they were growing up, but she picked up a bad attitude at the boarding school she went to. Glad Mum and Dad let us go to a public school, jeez!

JACKIE: Well, at least she’s gone for a couple of hours. Maybe I should leave you alone so you can get some private time with Daniel.

KATE: Stop saying things like that so loud! Daniel is probably with Phillip in the entertainment room.

JACKIE: Oh no, Phillip is here too? Does Daniel have a taste for sour people.

Kate shrugs.

KATE: He’s a bit arrogant, but he’s nicer than Emma.

JACKIE: I hate anyone that discriminates against anyone! No one should be treated like second class citizens!

KATE: Daniel will probably ask you to stay the night so Emma can study. Please be nice to them!

JACKIE: You think I’m the mean one?

KATE: I mean, try not to spiel your equal rights speech to them. If they’re ready to change, they’ll ask you. But I don’t want to be in the middle of any feuds.

JACKIE: Kate, I’m not going to piss off your dream boat!

KATE: Why must you torture me when I’m sick?

JACKIE: We’re sisters, we get a kick out of teasing each other. I don’t know why.

Kate laughs.


The sitting room set should be wheeled in, but the painting should be changed and a card table should be put in. The lights should be shined so the walls look like a different color. Daniel is playing Gin with Emma, who is wearing a set of scrubs. Phillip is handwriting a letter. Jackie is reading a book. Phillip looks over and notices the book she is reading.

PHILLIP: (sounds surprised) Oh, you’re reading a book I like!

JACKIE: Does that shock you?

PHILLIP: Not a lot of people have my tastes.

JACKIE: I bet they don’t.

PHILLIP: Do you like to read?

JACKIE: Eh. Not as much as my sister, Hailey.

PHILLIP: Oh yes, I remember she did not wanna leave Daniel’s library at that party.

JACKIE: Yup. That’s Hailey.

PHILLIP: I’m sorry to interrupt your reading.

Jackie continues to read, and Phillip goes back to his letter. 

EMMA: Gin!

DANIEL: I’m sick of losing to you! I quit.

Emma laughs. As Daniel puts away the cards, Emma checks out Phillip. Emma sees Phillip looking at Jackie with new interest and gets extremely jealous. Emma grabs the cards from Daniel.

EMMA: Phillip, do you want to play me next?


Emma is mad but not deterred. She sits next to him silkily and looks over his shoulder.

EMMA: Who are you writing to?

PHILLIP: My sister, Leila.

EMMA: Oh right, Leila! How is she?

PHILLIP: How would I know? That’s why I’m writing to her.

Emma leans over his shoulder trying to show her cleavage.

EMMA: I think it’s so sweet you write actual letters! It really is a lost art!

PHILLIP: Can you go away? I can’t concentrate with you breathing down my neck…literally!

Emma sits back on the card table, pouting. Daniel suppresses a laugh. 

KATE (Off Set): Help! I can’t reach the tissue!

Emma rolls her eyes. Jackie puts down her book.

JACKIE: Coming Kate!

As Jackie leaves the room, Phillip watches her leave. Daniel grins and Emma is livid.

DANIEL: You’re slick, mate!


DANIEL: I see you looking at her. Is she fair enough to tempt you now?

Phillip shrugs.

EMMA: I personally don’t like her. Do you realize she still has those muddy clothes on?

DANIEL: She’s having a change of clothes brought to her. What is she supposed to do til then?

EMMA: I still don’t like her. She doesn’t seem to have an ounce of aristocracy!

PHILLIP: She doesn’t need any!

Emma pouts and leaves in a huff. Jackie returns.

DANIEL: How is Kate doing?

JACKIE: Why don’t you ask her yourself?

DANIEL: Me? Oh, okay!

Daniel practically skips out of the room. Jackie and Phillip hear a crash down the hall.

DANIEL (Off Screen): I’m okay!

Phillip and Jackie chuckle. Jackie gets back to her book and Phillip goes back to his letter, stealing a last glance at her before the scene ends.

Complicated, Act I Scene 3 & 4

Scene 3

Strike the tables from scene 2. Roll out a kitchen table for the next two scenes. The chairs will be set around the table. The lights should reflect the morning. Mr. and Mrs. Goodman eat breakfast with their daughters.

MR. GOODMAN: So, how did everyone enjoy the party?

ANGELA & LACY: We had fun!

Lacy and Angela giggle mischieviously.

MR. GOODMAN: I don’t want to know! So, how was it for the rest of you?

HAILEY: Splendid! Mr. Wallace let me go to his library, and, oh my goodness, it was huge!

MR. GOODMAN: My dear girl, you’re the only one I know that reads at a party! So, Kate, Jackie, how did you enjoy yourselves?

JACKIE: It was nice seeing Gwendolyn again!

KATE: (blushing) I had fun.

MRS. GOODMAN: You’re blushing!

KATE: Yeah, I, uh, drank too much last night!

LACY: Was that before or after you met a boy?

Kate glares at Lacy, who looks smug.


MR. GOODMAN: Oh God, here it comes!

KATE: (sighs) Daniel Wallace.

Mrs. Goodman squeals in delight, which makes the girls and Mr. Goodman cringe.

MRS. GOODMAN: Tell me everything!

KATE: Well, his sister is training to be a nurse and doesn’t know anyone in the neighborhood, so Daniel invited me to dinner tonight.

MRS. GOODMAN: Oh Kate, congratulations! I’m so happy for you!

JACKIE: Shocking, right?

KATE: Dad, can I take the Mercedes?

MRS. GOODMAN: No! Kate, you’ll take the Porsche and you’ll leave the top down.

KATE: The top down? But Mum, it’s freezing outside!

MRS. GOODMAN: Exactly! You’ll catch a cold and since Daniel’s sister is training to be a nurse, so she’ll want you to stay there so she can practice. That way, you’ll stay a few days at Daniel’s house!

Everyone looks at Mrs. Goodman like she is insane.

KATE: (sighs again) Okay.

MR. GOODMAN: And if you catch pneumonia and die instead, make sure you haunt your mother and remember that I am against this idea!

Mrs. Goodman glares at Mr. Goodman.

JACKIE: So, Dad, you never told us how you two enjoyed the party.

MR. GOODMAN: I had a long night of keeping an eye on your mother. I ended up paying the butler more money after she started pushing and shoving him!

Mrs. Goodman pouts. The girls laugh.



Kate leaves. The lights should change to an afternoon tea time. Mr. and Mrs. Goodman have tea with Jackie, Hailey, Lacy, and Angela.

MRS. GOODMAN: My plan worked! Emma called and said that she would take care of Kate while she is sick!

MR. GOODMAN: Cheers! Our daughter is sick and surely this will make Daniel propose to her!

Mrs. Goodman acts like she did not hear that comment.

MRS. GOODMAN: She said that she needs someone to come take care of Kate while she is in class though. Any volunteers?

JACKIE: I’ll do it.

MR. GOODMAN: Please take the Mercedes.

JACKIE: No, I’ll walk.

LACY: Why? Are you hoping that Daniel has a brother for you?

JACKIE: No. I will wear a jacket, and the walking will warm me up.

MRS. GOODMAN: The walk is over three kilometers!

JACKIE: I need the exercise.

MR. GOODMAN: If you’re allowed to execute a crazy plan, then so can she.

Everyone laughs.  


Complicated, Act I Scene 2

The stage should be empty except for a couple of chairs and a couple of tables with hors d’oeuvres and the party guests, who are wearing upscale clothing. There is music playing and people are dancing. A butler stands at the beginning of the room. Mr. and Mrs. Goodman arrive with their daughters.

MR. GOODMAN: (to Mrs. Goodman) If this is just one of your attempts, then why do I need to go?

Mrs. Goodman gives him an annoyed look but says nothing.

BUTLER: Good evening! There are two rooms of the party. The young people are here and the adults’ party is down the hall. Mister Wallace will periodically attend each one.

Mr. Goodman pulls the butler aside.

MR. GOODMAN: (whispers) I’ll pay you twenty pounds to keep my wife out of the young people’s party.

The butler discretely takes the money.

BUTLER: Yes sir!

MRS. GOODMAN: What? What did you just tell him?

MR. GOODMAN: Come on, darling.

Mr. Goodman takes her arm.

MR. GOODMAN: Have a good time, girls!


Mr. Goodman escorts Mrs. Goodman to the other party.

MRS. GOODMAN: (offstage) Wait! I want to go to the other party and see how it goes!

Once their parents are gone, the girls disperse. Lacy and Angela immediately find a group of boys to flirt with. Hailey sits down and takes out a book. Kate and Angela go to the food table to greet Jackie’s friend, Gwendolyn.

JACKIE: Hello Gwendolyn!

GWENDOLYN: Oh, hi there! So glad you guys came! Erm, what is your sister doing?

Gwendolyn points to Hailey, and Kate and Jackie shake their heads. The three walk over to Hailey.

KATE: Come on, Hailey! Have some fun!

HAILEY: I am having fun!

Jackie snatches her book away.

JACKIE: I’m not like Mum, I do believe in the importance of reading, but sometimes you need to stop reading about life and start living it!

Hailey takes back her book.

HAILEY: I’m fine, thanks.

Daniel passes by and sees the conversation. He intervenes.

DANIEL: Don’t worry, ladies, I know what to do! (to Hailey) If you dance for an hour, I’ll let you stay in my library for the rest of the party.


Hailey leaves her book on the chair and goes to the dance floor. Her movements are awkward but no one minds.

GWENDOLYN: (to Daniel) So, you must be our party host.

DANIEL: Sorry for not properly introducing myself. I’m Daniel Wallace. May I have the pleasure of knowing you three ladies’ name?

GWENDOLYN: I’m Gwendolyn.

They shake hands.

JACKIE: I’m Jacqueline, but you can call me Jackie.

They shake hands.

KATE: (blushing slightly) I’m Katherine, but please call me Kate.

Daniel looks at her as if he is seeing her for the first time. He recovers his charisma quickly.

DANIEL: Such a pleasure!

Jackie and Gwendolyn smile knowingly at each other.

JACKIE: Why don’t you two dance together and maybe we’ll go over and teach Hailey how to move!

Kate and Daniel smile shyly at each other and go off to dance. Jackie and Gwendolyn watch.

JACKIE: Ugh, Mum will be revolting when she finds out!

GWENDOLYN: Don’t say anything! She’ll start making wedding arrangements!

JACKIE: I know you’re joking, but that’s probably true!

Jackie and Gwendolyn want to go to the punch bowl but see that Lacy and Angela are talking to their gaggle of men in that area.

GWENDOLYN: Who’s going in there?

JACKIE: I’m used to their antics, so I’ll do it.

Jackie makes a beeline to the punch bowl, ignoring the giggly group. Lacy and Angela talk to her still.

LACY: Jackie! Have you met George, Stephen, Thomas, Neville, and Taylor?


ANGELA: How about Peter, John, Scott, Chris, or Jack?


LACY: Well, this is George-

JACKIE: That’s nice!

Jackie starts to leave with two cups, but Angela grabs her arm.


When her arm is grabbed, Jackie spills punch on Gwendolyn’s outfit.

ANGELA: Oh, I’m so sorry! Maybe you can find a boy to-

GWENDOLYN: Clean it up? Is that a joke? I’ll go to the bathroom and wash it out myself.

JACKIE: Do you want me to come with you?

GWENDOLYN: Maybe you should stay here and keep an eye on certain people.

JACKIE: Good point!

Gwendolyn leaves. Jackie finds Hailey and dances with her. Jackie looks around the room and sees Daniel talking to Phillip, who is handsome but has a very disdainful look on his face.

DANIEL: Come on, dance! There must be at least ten dozen beautiful women here!

PHILLIP: No, I don’t dance. Besides, I don’t see any “beautiful” girls. They look pretty average to me.

DANIEL: What about Kate’s sister over there?

Jackie pretends like she is not listening.

DANIEL: She is almost as gorgeous as Kate!

PHILLIP: Eh. She is fair enough to look at but not good enough to tempt me.

Jackie laughs at his arrogance.

DANIEL: Well, Phillip, why did you come to my party if you weren’t going to dance?

PHILLIP: I don’t know. I’m going with you to the adults’ party.

DANIEL: (to Kate) I’ll be back in a little bit.

KATE: ‘Kay.

Daniel and Phillip leave. Kate joins Hailey and Phillip.

KATE: Whew! Is anyone else hot?

Hailey and Jackie laugh.

KATE: You know what I mean!

JACKIE: So what’s the deal with Prince Charming?

KATE: You mean Phillip? I’m not sure, but I do know that he’s Daniel’s best friend. They met in boarding school as children.

HAILEY: Did he ask you out?

KATE: Uh, kinda. His sister, Emma, just moved to Surrey for nursing school, and she doesn’t know anyone in the area, so he invited me to have dinner with them tomorrow. But it’s not a date!

JACKIE: Has he invited anyone else to dinner?


JACKIE: He wants you to meet his family?

KATE: Yes.

JACKIE: It’s a date!

They laugh girlishly. Gwendolyn rejoins the party.

GWENDOLYN: The stain won’t come out!

KATE: Club soda should get it out. I bet Daniel has some. Let’s go ask!

Kate eagerly escorts Gwendolyn to the adults’ party. As they pass the butler, they see Mrs. Goodman struggling to get past the butler.

MRS. GOODMAN: I just want to see my daughters! Ah, there’s one of them there!

KATE: I don’t know her!

Kate and Gwendolyn speed past her. Mrs. Goodman continues to struggle with the butler. Angela, Lacy, Hailey, and Jackie pretend like they cannot see her.

Complicated, Act I Scene 1

The play is set in Surrey, England. The set should be on wheels so it can be rolled on and off stage at various points in the play. The opening set should be two rooms. One is a reading room with various couches, chairs, and bookshelves. The other is a t.v. room, which is smaller than the reading room and consists of a couch, a couple of chairs, and a television on an entertainment center. The t.v. room should be darkened at this point, but the sisters should be in there with the music “Just a Girl” by No Doubt playing. There are interchangeable paintings on the wall of the reading room to be used as different rooms throughout the play. The walls should be white so that lighting can change the color for different scenes. The walls can be white for the opening scene. 

The scene opens with Mr. Goodman sitting on a chair reading a Surrey newspaper. Mrs. Goodman enters the room in excitement.

MRS. GOODMAN: Mr. Goodman! Where are our daughters?

MR. GOODMAN: Who else do you think is making all that noise in the next room?

Mrs. Goodman starts to go into the next room, but Mr. Goodman stops her.

MR. GOODMAN: No, don’t bother them. They’re having fun and getting along. Why spoil it?

MRS. GOODMAN: I wouldn’t be spoiling it! I’d be making it better! I have some great news I simply must tell them!

MR. GOODMAN: Before you tell your husband?

MRS. GOODMAN: Fine. If you must know, we have a new neighbor, Daniel Wallace, who is about Kate’s age, single, having a house warming party this Saturday…

MR. GOODMAN: Oh no! Don’t tell me this is another one of your pathetic attempts to marry off our daughters!

MRS. GOODMAN: So what if it is! I just want my daughters to be happy!

MR. GOODMAN: They are happy! Just happy and single. And if you really are committed to having five weddings before they’re thirty, you really should try setting them up with men of all financial statuses, not just aristocrats!

MRS. GOODMAN: I know, they can marry any man they want, but if they did marry a man of high status, it would solve all of our money troubles…


MRS. GOODMAN: The music is so loud, they can’t hear me! Look, Daniel is handsome and charming and-

MR. GOODMAN: and rich?

MRS. GOODMAN: Still a good catch for one our daughters! I don’t know how we have five daughters in their twenties and not one of them shows any sign of committing to a man!

MR. GOODMAN: From the sounds of it, Lacy and Angela are committed to about five men at a time!

MRS. GOODMAN: That’s not true! At least, that’s how I like to think of it. Hailey, Kate, and Jackie never talk about boys. They do like men, right?

MR. GOODMAN: Yes, dear.

MRS. GOODMAN: Well, Jackie talks a lot about feminism…

MR. GOODMAN: She wants equal rights, that’s all. And even if one of them was that way, why does it matter?

MRS. GOODMAN: If one of them was, then I’ve been trying to set them up with the wrong set of people!

MR. GOODMAN: Fair enough. If you want to interrupt their good time to talk about this subject, again, be my guest.

Mrs. Goodman gives him a defiant look and heads towards the t.v. room. Mr. Goodman shakes his head in a bemused way. As Mrs. Goodman enters the t.v. room, the reading room should darken and the t.v. room should be lit up. Kate, Jackie, Lacy, and Angela are all standing on the couch dancing to the music while Hailey sits and reads Pride and Prejudice. 

MRS. GOODMAN: Girls! Get off the couch! You’re going to break it!

JACKIE: Sorry Mum! We were just having some fun!

MRS. GOODMAN: Fun! You guys are not acting like ladies with class!

The girls roll their eyes and get off the couch. Angela turns off the music. Mrs. Goodman sees Hailey reading and snatches the book away from her.

MRS. GOODMAN: All you do is read, read, read! You really must stop that! Men don’t like women who are smarter than them!

Hailey silently disagrees.

LACY: What do you want, Mum?

MRS. GOODMAN: I’ve got good news, girls!

ANGELA: You’ve got laryngitis!

All the girls laugh, and Mrs. Goodman looks a little annoyed.

MRS. GOODMAN: We have a new neighbor! He just moved into the Clearwater Mansion three blocks down. His name is Daniel Wallace, and he is about Kate’s age, I think. He invited us to a housewarming party…

All of the girls groan.

KATE: Not another attempt to marry us off!

MRS. GOODMAN: What? You don’t want to get married?

HAILEY: Yes, but we want to fall in love at our own pace, not shown off at parties like goods at a market.

The other girls agree with Hailey.

MRS. GOODMAN: You’ll never fall in love if you don’t get yourself out there and try!

KATE: But what if this Daniel bloke isn’t a nice person?

MRS. GOODMAN: He invited all of his neighbors to this party, he sounds friendly enough.

JACKIE: Will there be alcohol at the party at least?

MRS. GOODMAN: I think so. Why?

JACKIE: What a relief! If this attempt doesn’t go well, at least we can drink and forget about it!

MRS. GOODMAN: Oh, what rubbish! Now come on, we have to-

ANGELA: Get dressed and go shopping for something that will make all the men fall madly in love with us.

LACY: We know the routine; we’ve been through this a million times!

Mrs. Goodman shakes her head and leaves the room. The girls reluctantly leave the room as well. The set should be rolled off for the next scene.


Heaven’s Headquarters, Part 7


Joseph talks on his cell phone as Ethan reads the epitaph on the grave he was drawn to.


Sounds like a great party!


Yeah. I’m watching Ethan!

What do you mean, where is

he? He’s in the graveyard and…

oh shi-! Shoot!

CLOSE UP on the epitaph-which reads “Here lies Ethan Jacob Miller, who sacrificed his body to save his sister’s life. Even in death, he encourages his loved ones to live life to the fullest. God rest this brave soul!” Ethan closes his eyes, remembering.


Cally and Ethan come out of the restaurant, laughing and conversing pleasantly. As they walk down the street, a man comes up from behind them with a gun and pushes them into a nearby alley.


Ethan and Cally are pushed to the ground by the gunman. They stand up and face the gun man.


Hand over all your money!

Ethan hands over his wallet, but Cally does not move.


Your money too, you dumb girl!


I don’t have any money, so I didn’t

bring my purse! I don’t have anything!


Give me your jewelry then!


I don’t have any jewelry!


Ugh! Quit playing me, bitch!


I don’t have anything, honest!

Cally is in tears. The Gun Man lets out a roar of frustration. He aims his gun at Cally and fires. Cally winces, expecting to get hit. Ethan throws his body in front of her and takes the bullet. The weight of Ethan’s body knocks Cally to the ground.




Was that a gun? Call nine one one!

The Gun Man runs off as witnesses pour in to see what happened. Cally turned Ethan’s body around to face her. She looks at his wound and sees Ethan’s labored breathing.


No! Ethan! Don’t die! You’re

gonna make it! Hang on!


There are some things worth dying

for! I don’t want anyone to be sad

for me. They’ll show me they care

by having fun and achieving their

potential. Tell Diana not to become

an old maid! Tell Dad to quit drinking

and get ahead at work! Tell everyone

we know to live life to the fullest! Cally,

you’ll be getting a lot of money. Use it

to go to school in France like you’ve

always dreamed of! Don’t cry! It’s my

time! I love you, sister! Tell everyone!

Ethan stops breathing. Cally tries to hold back her tears as her brother requested. The paramedics come to take away his body.


Joseph comes running up to Ethan, who is in tears.


Are you okay?


You were right, I needed to

 die! Everyone moving on was

honoring my last wishes! I

inspired them! I wouldn’t

change a thing!



Ready to go now?



Joseph is about to snap his finger, but Ethan stops him.


Wait! I got an idea.


Ethan takes over the empty reception desk at the entrance to Hell. He uses his office phone to call the Big Guy.


Whew! What a busy morning!

A group of Somali pirates’

boat went down, that’s a lot of

paperwork! No really, I’m loving

this! I get a lot of satisfaction

sending evil people where they

deserve to go! Oh, someone is

coming, gotta go! Thanks again

for everything, Big Guy!

Ethan hangs up the phone and waits expectantly. A portal appears and spits out the Gun Man. Ethan smiles triumphantly at him.


Ah, Mister Gun Man! Thought

you could out gun the SWAT

team, huh? Wow, you’re a lot

more evil than just murdering

me! Please go straight to Area 666!

Ethan pulls a lever and flings the Gun Man away. He then puts up his feet, relaxes, and sighs happily.


Heaven’s Headquarters, Part 6



Joseph and Ethan pop inside a pub where they see a group of his friends toasting to a victory and celebrating with cocktails. Ethan folds his arms in annoyance. Joseph snaps his fingers and they disappear.


Ethan stands outside in his old neighborhood.


I see someone bought my house!

Ethan watches a mother load her infant in the driveway where he used to live. The mother waves hello to the across the street neighbor, who is dressed in a suit and obviously leaving for work. One of his next door neighbors is working on a garden while the other waters his lawn. He walks down the street and sees everyone getting ready for their day. Ethan pouts. Joseph snaps his fingers and they disappear.


Ethan and Joseph watch his dentist smiling while working on a patient. Joseph snaps his fingers to make them disappear.


Ethan walks down a street that is full of shops and restaurants. He walks around listening to several conversations. When he realizes no one is talking about him and everyone seems to be in a pleasant mood. Ethan shakes his head despondently. Joseph snaps his fingers to make them disappear.


Ethan watches as travelers go to the baggage claim, head towards their gates, get food and drink at a nearby coffee stand, and wait for their friends and loved ones. He is desperate to hear one person mention him.


Did you hear about Ethan?

Ethan looks hopeful.


He’s directing a new movie in L.A.

Ethan gets let down. Joseph snaps his fingers to make them disappear.


Ethan watches the mayor gives a speech about public safety. The crowd seems enthused. Joseph looks at Ethan, who is walking away from the scene with his head down. Joseph follows him.



Joseph catches up with Ethan and puts a reassuring hand on his shoulder.


I get it. I guess no one misses me.


That’s not true!


Clearly the world is better off

with me not in it!


Don’t say that!


It’s true! If it’s not true, then you

wouldn’t have shown me all this!


You were missed! But you needed

to die! I can’t tell you why!


Whatever. Maybe Heaven can cheer

me up.


You ready to go?


Can I have a minute?


Of course.

A cell phone in Joseph’s pocket rings, and he answers it.


Hey, it’s J.C.!




Jesus Christ.




Yes, we’re almost done. How’s

the party? George Washington

did what?

As Joseph talks on the phone, Ethan looks forlornly at the graveyard. Suddenly, something catches his eye. He sees a statue with a huge angel on it. He reads the epitaph and his eyes widen in understanding.

Heaven’s Headquarters, Part 5


Joseph and Ethan appear in a row of cubicles, and it appears the office is in the middle of a huge party. People were dancing, drinking cocktails, laughing, and conversing animatedly.


Sure doesn’t look like they’re



We’ve never had an office party

before! What’s going on?

At that moment, the boss (GREGORY) turns off the music. Everyone pays attention as he prepares to speak.


I just wanted to take a moment

to remind you all why we’re here

and we’re celebrating today. Exactly

one year ago we lost a brave hero.

Ethan Miller died tragically. He

was certainly an asset in his life, but

he proves to be an even greater

influence through his death. His

actions have inspired us to be the

company we are today. Profits

have soared higher than ever, thanks

to his philosophy! So, let’s all have

a toast!

(raises glass)

To Ethan!


To Ethan!

Gregory turns on the music, and everyone resumes the party.


Don’t even ask. I’m not ready

yet. Just because the company

doesn’t miss me and is more

profitable than ever since I died

doesn’t mean my coworkers don’t

miss me.

Joseph shrugs and lets Ethan listen to his coworkers chat.


I hope this party makes Ethan



You know it does!


Didn’t I replace him?


You didn’t replace him. No

one could replace what he

did. But essentially you took

over his duties when he was



You were the only one that was

not intimidated by taking his old

cubicle. No one thought they could

fill his shoes. Lucky you did! The

company is doing so well now!


Thanks guys! Hey, John! Isn’t

that the girl you like over there?





Yes it is! Look at Sarah standing

by herself. Go ask her to dance!


Oh, I couldn’t!


Do it dude! Or someone else will!


Why would she say yes to me?


You’re a nice guy. Girls love nice

guys. Go be charming and she has

to fall for you!

They urge John to go ask Sarah to dance. He hesitates, but eventually they convince him to go. They watch him from a distance. She says yes, and they all cheer. The group talks about their favorite cocktails. Ethan looks crestfallen.


Your fiancee moved on. Your

parents are doing well. Your

sister turned out fine. Your

coworkers are flourishing.

Is there anyone else you want

to see going on, or can we finally

go back to Heaven’s Headquarters?


I’m not a quitter! Someone in this

town must miss me!

Joseph groans but snaps his fingers to take them away anyways.

Heaven’s Headquarters, Part 4


Joseph and Ethan appear at the end of a lecture, which is done in French.


Hold on, I can get subtitles.


Cally went to another country to

study? She probably had trouble

making friends so wanted to get

a fresh start in France. She was

really shy, I was trying to help

her with that. She must be so

lonely and miserable here!


Sorry to disappoint you, but she

doesn’t look so sad.

CALLY (brunette, medium build, golden brown eyes) listens to the lecture with a lot of interest. The lecture concludes, and Cally gathers her things and walks alone.


See, alone and miserable!

Cally soon gets joined by JEAN (young, handsome blonde French man).


Bonjour Cally!

(Translation: Hello Cally!)


(smiles big)

Salut Jean! Ça va?

(Translation: Hey Jean! What’s up?)


Oui, ça va. Et toi?

(Translation: I’m good. How are you?)


Oui, ça va. Où est-ce que tu vas?

(Translation: Yes, I’m good. Where are

you going?)


Chez moi.

(Translation: My house.)


Je vais aller au café. Tu veux

venir avec moi?

(Translation: I’m going to a cafe. Do

you want to go with me?)


Mais oui!

(Translation: Yes, of course!)

 Jean and Cally leave the class together.


She asked a guy out. Sounds like

she got out of her shyness.


Hold on. Let’s see how well she

does on this supposed date.

They follow Cally and Jean.


Jean and Cally sit outside and look at a menu. Joseph sits down casually but Ethan watches them anxiously.


Qu’est-ce que tu veux manger?

(Translation: What do you want to eat?)


Un croissant et des thé.

(Translation: A croissant and some tea.)


C’est toût?

(Translation: That’s all?)


Oui. Qu’est-ce que tu vas manger?

(Translation: Yes. What are you

going to eat?)


Je pense que je vais manger un

sandwich et un chocolât.

(Translation: I think I’m going to

eat a sandwich and some hot


(to the waiter)

S’il vous plaît, Monsieur!

(Translation: Please, sir!)


Vous desirèz?

(Translation: What would you like?)

As Jean repeats the food choices they just made, Joseph nudges Ethan.


What? I’m trying to read!


Just checking on you.

The waiter brings Cally and Jean their food.


Qu’est-ce que tu faire avec

ton vie?

(Translation: What do you want

to do with your life?)


Je suis acteur.

(Translation: I’m an actor.)


Ah bon? C’est cool.

(Translation: Oh really?

That’s cool.)


Et toi?

(Translation: And you?)


Je veux être employée de

bureau. C’est quoi mon frère

a fait.

(Translation: I want to be an

office worker. It’s what my

brother did.)


Qu’est-ce qu’il fait maintenant?

(Translation: What does he do now?)


Il est mort.

(Translation: He is dead.)


Je suis très desolé.

(Translation: I’m so sorry.)


Ne suis pas. C’est parce que de

lui je suis ici.

(Translation: Not me. I’ts because

of him I’m here.)


J’aime toi beaucoup.

(Translation: I like you a lot.)

Jean smiles big at that.


J’aime toi aussi. Est-ce que tu

es ma copine?

(Translation: I like you too. Will

you be my girlfriend?)


Oui, bien sûr!

(Translation: Yes, of course!)

Jean grabs her hand, which is on the table. Cally holds it back, and they smile at each other. Ethan is furious.


Wow, not only is she not shy,

but she’s gutsy, asking a guy out!


She’s using my death as a way to

pick up men! Well, I guess she’s

okay with my death!


Ready to give up yet?


No! Let’s go to my old work. They’ll

miss me for sure!

Joseph dully snaps his fingers, and they disappear.

Heaven’s Headquarters, Part 3


Joseph and Ethan appear in his parents’ living room, which is neat and has a lot of comfortable and clean furniture. MRS. MILLER is knitting on her flowery couch with her orange cat curled up beside her. She has a faint smile on her face. MR. MILLER enters the front door with a huge smile on his face.


Good news, honey! I got a huge



Oh really? What’s your new position?


You’re looking at the new manager

of the Animal Buffet Pet Food factory!


Oh honey! That’s wonderful!

 Mrs. Miller gets up and gives her husband a huge hug.


Ethan would be so proud of you!


Before he died, he kept trying to

get me quit drinking and worker

harder. If only he could see his

old man now! If he lived, he could

have stopped loaning us money.

Now we can use the inheritance he

left us to treat ourselves! Maybe

we can visit Cally in France!


That would be wonderful! Instead

of selling these blankets to supplement,

our income, I’ll give it charity! Oh,

I’m so glad we’re going to be alright!

I dreaded what life would be like

without him, and I’ll always miss

my baby boy, but I’m so glad we

will be okay without him! He is

probably looking at us now, smiling.

Ethan is frowning.


Now they don’t need me? They

just said it! My fiancee has moved

on, and my parents are happier

than ever with me being gone!


Let’s go out to a nice restaurant

to celebrate!


Wow, this will be the first time we’ve

really dined out since Ethan died

six months ago!


So, every time you snap your

fingers, it’s been three months

on Earth?


I guess. So, your fiancee and

your parents can live without

you. Are you ready to admit

that the world doesn’t need

you to go back?


No! My sister must need me!

We were best friends-how could

she live without me?


Let’s find out together, shall we?

Joseph snaps his fingers, and they disappear.

Heaven’s Headquarters, Part 2


The Big Guy summons JOSEPH (a young man with a gray suit and a white tie, black hair, muscular build). Joseph enters and looks at the Big Guy awaiting his wishes.


Show Ethan his world without him.

I gotta go. I’m helping my son throw

a party tonight!

The Big Guy disappears.


Thanks a lot, now I’m going to miss

that party!


So, who are you? Saint Joseph?


No! My name is Joseph Love. I

was a soldier in the Revolutionary



Oh, you got killed in battle?


No, after we won, my friends and I

had a party and I died there.


How’d you die?


I don’t know.


Wait a minute, how’d I die?


No one in Heaven is supposed to

know. If they think about their

death, they’ll never stop dwelling

on it. Though the last thing I

remember is swimming, so I think

I drowned. But who knows! Anyways,

you think the world can’t survive

without you? Who depended on you?


My fiancee, Diana Shaw. She’s in

love with me, so there’s no way

she’ll survive without me!


Is that right?

Joseph snaps his fingers, and they both disappear.


Joseph and Ethan appear in a gourmet restaurant that is mostly full.


Can anyone see me?


Nope. Where’s Diana?

Ethan scans the restaurant and sees DIANA (strawberry blonde hair in a bun and wearing a chic red dress). Diana is sitting with a very handsome man, FRANK. Ethan stands next to her, listening to her dialogue.


It’s the first date I’ve been on

since my fiancee died three

months ago.


Three months?


Sorry, Heaven doesn’t have a real

concept of time.


I have to confess when I befriended

you at work, I always hoped that you

would break up with your fiancee. I

mean, he’s the greatest guy I know, but

I had such a crush on you for a long time.

I only hope that I can give you as much

happiness as Ethan did.


I think you will. I have to also make

a confession. I loved Ethan with all

my heart, but ever since I met you,

my heart was torn between two men.

I know that he would’ve wanted me to

move on and be happy. I could really

see myself have a future with you. I

think I could be falling for you.


Are you afraid of moving too fast?


Ethan will always be a part of my

past, but you are my future!

Frank beamed, and Diana smiled back.


That bastard! This whole time he

was trying to steal my woman! I’ll

kill him!

Ethan tries to strangle Frank, but his hands go right through him.


A few things. First of all, remember

you’re not supposed to swear. Second,

you’re invisible, so he can’t see or feel

you. And lastly, I doubt the Big Guy

will let you into Heaven if you actually

did kill someone. I know you’re hurting,

so I’m gonna pretend I didn’t see that.


Okay, so maybe she’s move on, but

my parents will be devastated.


If you say so.

Joseph snaps his fingers, and they disappear.