The Darkest Wishes of Melas, Chapter 9

“There you are!” Melanie exclaimed as soon as Lisa walked in.

            “I’m so sorry!” Lisa apologized. She wasn’t sure how Melanie pieced it together, but it seemed as though she discovered that Lisa had unleashed the curse of the Proctor Bible, and Lisa was prepared to endure the consequences of her heinous accident! “I didn’t mean to! And I’ll do everything I can to make up for it!”

            Melanie appeared taken aback by her groveling demonstration. “Wow! You don’t have to act so dramatic about it! I expected you to get lost on your first long run like that! I’m just glad you made it back okay! I got a little worried when you didn’t call us for directions!”

            Lisa felt foolish for emoting so much without knowing Melanie’s true intentions with this discussion! Although John began to suspect her involvement rather quickly, so she reckoned that it would only be a matter of time until others would cast an accusatory glance her way! She considered biting the bullet and confessing to it right then and there, but she feared that Melanie would fire her for this misdeed! She wouldn’t have missed Melas if she got forced to leave, but she didn’t have anywhere else to go from here! Plus, guilt would have eaten her alive if she left town after unleashing a terrible evil over the land! She wouldn’t have been able to live with herself if she didn’t do all she could to stop this phantom’s malice prior to her departure! In that instance, it occurred to her that she needed to take action towards a solution in this matter! Especially in the present moment since she was the only one who knew any of the facts! She inwardly prayed that she could thwart this vengeful apparition before she did any serious damage to anyone!

            “Did you give Mister Farrington his book?” Melanie inquired.

            “Yes,” Lisa replied with a slight hesitation. Technically, Adam took the book back as he walked away from the crime scene, but he received his order, so she felt justified in giving her that confirmation.

            Melanie told her, “Then we’re square! No more worries, alright?” Lisa nodded, but she privately thought there was not a conceivable measure for her to take to erase her present apprehension! She had an extremely valid motive for letting her anxiety flourish, but if she was going to pull off solving this dilemma, she recognized that she was going to have to sharpen her acting skills and convince the community around her that nothing was wrong. She smiled at Melanie, and then Melanie instructed, “Why don’t you assist Delron with his project?” Lisa readily complied and was glad that she had a good reason to break eye contact with her!

            Lisa approached Delron by a short shelf, and she drummed up as much enthusiasm as she could as she posed to him, “What are we working on?”

            “We’re updating the new publications,” Delron explained. “Find any that are labeled as May or sooner and take them off of the…” He peered at her curiously, and then he probed, “Is there something bothering you?”

            “Nope!” Lisa lied. She discerned from Delron’s expression that he didn’t buy her claim, and she chastised herself for not exercising enough caution! Delron looked at her with genuine concern, and Lisa was tempted to divulge the details of her predicament, but with Melanie in earshot of them, she didn’t dare! She figured Delron was likely to be more discrete since he possessed authentic empathy, but Melanie most certainly did not! Still, she couldn’t fake like she felt fine in this juncture, so she decided to supply Delron with a fraction of her reality. “There was a fire in the neighborhood by Harvest Moon Hollow! A boy got carried out by ambulance! It was scary!”

            Delron reacted compassionately, “Dang! That’s awful!” As they scanned through the titles in this section, Delron interrupted a somewhat heavy silence by pressing her, “Are you sure that’s all that’s disturbing you?”

            Lisa adamantly stated, “Yeah!” It wasn’t honest, but she put force behind her conviction in hopes that Delron would drop it until they were alone. Delron seemed unconvinced, so Lisa changed the subject, “So, I heard your husband is a professor! What does he teach?” That got Delron chatting animatedly! Lisa was pleased he became so engaged, but it was hard to concentrate on what he relayed to her! She kept eyeballing Melanie and beseeching the universe to give her a basis to leave so she could swiftly search for an antidote to the poison that got released onto the world!

            “Welcome to Dullahan’s!” a clerk in the produce section greeted her in a fashion that did not make Lisa feel welcomed. With the level of unfriendliness in his tone, she didn’t think a response was warranted. A few other shoppers stared at her incredulously as they passed by, and Lisa tried to avoid eye contact with them. She didn’t want to account for her role in the Dennison fire until she had a plan to prevent another disaster, and a twinge of guilt ran through her due to her lack of progress in that realm! She had meant to immediately do research on that subject, but she didn’t even know where to begin! Brigfell had a lot of tomes that talked about ghosts, but she didn’t really see much on how to get rid of them! She wished that this small grocery store delivered food to their customers so that she could have kept working! She let out a frustrated sigh as she navigated through the market’s layout!

            “Hmm… sage…” Lisa gazed at a container of herbs and contemplated purchasing it. Some of the information she read about the supernatural swore that burning sage was an effective act of protection against unwanted specters, but Delron did not share that opinion whatsoever. She wondered if it was worth a shot right as a bottle of cooking wine got placed next to her. She glanced up to view who had become adjacent to her, and no one else was there! Nobody could be seen in her entire periphery! She wondered if this served as a sign that the spiteful essence had manifested there, but she dismissed that as implausible. Surely, she wouldn’t strike in such a crowded facility! She felt fairly confident that her theory had merit, but just to exercise prudence, she dashed to another sector!

            As she scanned through the coffee, Lisa overheard a familiar voice articulate, “Look, ladies! It’s her!” She rotated her head towards the sound, and she grimaced to verify the source of the chattering was, indeed, Abby along with Ann and Beth! At a stressful phase of life like this, she seriously didn’t want to deal with these three snobs! She strove to ignore them, but then Abby directed her cohorts, “Go tell her!”

            Ann objected, “She’ll know by my invoice that we’re no charging her for the session she walked out on!”

            “I know, but we need an excuse to start a conversation with her,” Abby conveyed to Ann. “You know, so we could find out more about… you know what!”

            “What?” Beth enquired. Abby and Ann ogled at her with admonishment, and after a short spell, it clicked for Beth. “Oh yeah! I’ll go over there! I’m not afraid!”

            Lisa broke off her pretense of not detecting their words and apprised them, “None of you needs to come over- I can hear you! Thanks for not charging me for that class! That’s all you’re getting from me!”

            She attempted to storm of somewhere else, but then Abby remarked, “You do realize that coffee is bad for you, don’t you? There are vitamins that do a better job of-.”

            “I’ll consider it!” Lisa fibbed as she made another bid for distancing herself from that trio.

            “I’m only trying to help!” Abby assured her.

            It might have been convincing if Ann and Beth weren’t snickering behind her. With a hint of vexation in her speech, Lisa affirmed to Abby, “I don’t need any help!”

            Instantly following that sentence, a can of coffee ruptured and shot myriads of grains onto the floor! The triad of termagants cackled delightfully, and Lisa successfully used their distraction to dart away from them. Her blood boiled at their callous antics, but her mind got more preoccupied with how that coffee burst. She couldn’t fathom how that could have occurred naturally, but she chose to believe it was possible so that she could carry on with her errand.

            “There she is!” a stocker very interestedly expressed to his colleague as they stacked jugs of cranberry juice into the shape of evil eyes. Lisa gritted her teeth- she very much doubted that they got so enrapt by anyone else in there!

            “I’m shocked she would have the gall to show her face in public like that!” The other stocker vehemently shook his head. Lisa grew miffed by their gossip until she remembered the near tragedy she unintentionally set in motion, and then she lamentably admitted to herself that their chitchat had merit! She speedily swiped a loaf of bread and started marching away from the scene… until…

            The first stocker shouted to her, “Why can’t you just leave Tommy alone?”

            Lisa’s veins returned to coursing with a burning animosity at the reference to her ex! Regardless of her unexpected release of a terrible spirit, she didn’t deserve to get vilified for what transpired at the proposal concert! He cheated on her, and she was getting punished for it? It didn’t seem fair! She wanted to rebuke their slander, but she also wanted to move on with her day so that she could return to her antidotal research that vitally needed to get done. She prepared herself to not pay attention to them and travel to an area far from where they were, but several onlookers grew intrigued by the stockers’ antics, and she no longer felt that she could shop there in peace! She begrudged the process, but she hoped to hasten the ordeal with a speck of cleverness! She smartly swiveled her heels, met their focus, and retorted, “I did! He’s on the other side of the country, isn’t he?”

            A handful of people chuckled at her riposte, but most were aghast at her audacity. The second stocker scowled and chided her, “You know what he meant! Why did you have to hurt him like that?”

            “‘Cause I’m wicked!” Lisa sardonically laughed like a stereotypical antagonist. “There! Is that what you wanted to her?”

            “You think this is a joke?” a nearby shopper catechized her. “The man was a saint!”

            Lisa folded her arms in defiance of that premise. “Have you ever listened to his lyrics? He literally sang about worshipping the devil!” Nobody relished absorbing that detail, but she sensed a obstinate attitude towards the truth that would make it impossible for anyone to side with her, so she announced, “I could give you my version of the event, but none of you want to accept that maybe Tommy Dane isn’t so perfect, so I’m gonna continue with my task! ‘Kay? Bye!”

            Feet away from her original position, Lisa froze- the wrathful entity from the library was floating above them! No one else appeared to have noticed though, and preceding her ability to call attention to it, the embittered shopper who had recently spoken out encouraged the stockers, “Give it to her, boys! I want you to bury her!”

            Based on the gleeful smile on the ghost’s malevolent visage, Lisa knew that his phrasing had given permission for mayhem to reign! She spun around as if she could warn the throng of the pending disaster, but it was too late! One by one, the bottles in the display exploded! Bystanders fled from the blasts, but it did little to benefit them- the aisle soon became a river of red juice! Lisa grabbed onto a support beam, and while she braced herself from getting swept off, she observed that the amount of fluid rushing through the building was far from what the broken vessels contained! It spooked her to realize that the otherworldly being could manifest materials from elsewhere!

            The liquid reached her waist and threatened to rise further, but Lisa wasn’t going to let herself or anyone else get buried in this swill! She spotted an emergency exit close to her, so she used all of her strength to kick it open! Her effort was successful, and the perilous stream drained out of there! When the danger elapsed, Lisa surveyed the vicinity. It didn’t seem as though anybody sustained any serious injuries, but they were quite shaken up! After a minute of stunned silence, Abby hollered at Lisa, “What did you do?” Lisa couldn’t give her an answer!


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    Interesting story.

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