The Darkest Wishes of Melas, Chapter 24

Marilyn dropped an egg to the floor as she heard Marcy let out a shrill scream! She cringed when she realized her daughter’s shriek stemmed from her joy of bouncing from one piece of living room furniture to the other, which she had repeatedly warned her not to do, but before she could scold her for this behavior, the dog made a bid to lap up the yolk. “Billy, no!” Marilyn attempted to bar her pet from partaking in this dangerous delectable, but Billy was persistent! As she struggled with the pooch, Marcy’s commotion hadn’t subsided in the slightest! “Marcy, knock it off!” she shouted, but Marcy either couldn’t hear her or chose not to! She gritted her teeth, and meanwhile, Billy still fought against his restraints! She could feel her blood pressure rising, and she tried to compose herself in order to clean up this mess and finally prepare breakfast, but no one was cooperating! Suddenly, the phone rang, and Marcy’s antics increased their volume! She couldn’t take it anymore, so she hollered, “Man, I wish someone would permanently duct tape your mouth shut!”

As soon as those words left her lips, she heard Marcy let out a muffled yelp, which immediately preceded a loud thud! Marilyn and Billy raced into the living room only to find Marcy on the floor with adhesive covering her jaw! Marilyn agitatedly asked, “Marcy! My poor baby! Who did this to you?” Marcy answered by shaking her head in a manner that indicated confusion, and that mystified Marilyn- how could she not know who attacked her? She tried to remove the tape, but it wouldn’t budge! She grabbed a nearby nail file and punctured a hole in the gag, but to her bewilderment, the material instantly grew back! Tears formed in Marcy’s eyes, and Marilyn’s eyes grew wide with fear! Billy whimpered, and Marilyn posed to him, “What do we do now?” Silence ensued.

Tara used her copy of the meeting notes as a fan while her boss, Giles, prattled on, “In addition to this drop in online engagement, our analysts have concluded our profit margins fell from a decline in consumer-employee engagement…” Tara inwardly groaned at this unceasing lecture! This easily could have been an email! As she gazed at the packed space, she could see her colleagues were sharing her sentiments! Why did Giles think this was a good idea? Surely, their production would increase if the sales leads could spend their Sunday mornings relaxing instead of listening to this old dude babble! Her feet ached from standing in high heels for too long, and she thought about how blissful her partner looked as she peacefully slumbered throughout her period of getting ready for work… She reckoned that she was still serenely sleeping in their soft, cozy bed, and it just didn’t seem fair that she could join her! This conference showed no signs of subsiding, and she wistfully stared out the window. It felt so tempting to hurl herself right out of it…

In that instance, a warmth overtook her legs, and the compulsion to run overwhelmed her! It startled her peers to watch her take off like that, but she didn’t care! It was as though this action was the best plan in the world, and she had to go through with it! A couple of her coworkers strove to stop her, but she brushed past them and flung herself through the glass! Passersby voiced their fright as she flew out of the skyscraper, and she ignored them until the sidewalk got closer and closer! There was nothing for her to grab on to, nothing to halt her movement, and she howled as she braced for impact…

Maks scrolled through his social media page with his chin resting in his palm, and he emitted a long yawn. At that juncture, he heard his upstairs neighbor merrily greet her husband, and he perked up. He pulled up her page, and he longingly touched the screen. “Oh, Ally! You try so hard to make him happy, but he’ll never care! Not the way I do! You need to get rid of his ass and be with me!”

As if on cue, a tormented cry sounded from above! A voluminous thump echoed onto his ceiling, and Maks grew perplexed as to what transpired! There was a knock on his door, and it surprised him to see a broadly smiling Ally on the other side! At any other time, this would have been the opportunity of a lifetime for him, but something seemed off about her distant gaze… “Hey, Maks! I need your help!” she notified him.

“Of course I’ll do it! Whatever you need!” Maks obliged, though he was leery to do so because of the vacant expression etched on her face.

“Can you take my rug down to the garbage for me?” Ally sweetly requested.

Maks found the timing of that question suspicious. He didn’t want to believe that this innocent darling he once knew was capable of a heinous act, but then he espied red stains near the wrist of the hand she had behind her back! “Oh my god, you killed him?”

Ally let her hidden limb emerge, and this gesture revealed blood-soaked skin and a butcher knife! “Yes, fine! I did it so we could be together! It’ll be okay though! We’ll get rid of the evidence, and no one else will ever know!”

“I… I can’t do that!” Maks used all of his willpower to prevent himself from vomiting! He may not have liked the guy, but he didn’t commit any violation so horrendous that he deserved a brutal slaying! 

“Whatever! Let’s leave his corpse there and live out the rest of our lives in Mexico!” Ally lovingly wrapped her arms around his waist.

Maks removed her grip and objected, “What about your kids? They just lost their dad, and you want them to lose their home too?”

Ally shrugged that off. “My sister or somebody can get custody of them, so they’ll stay in the same school and stuff! In the meantime, you and I can spend the rest of our lives basking in the sunshine of sandy beaches!” She expected him to revel in the glow of the romantic hue she threw out there, but instead, he braced his couch to quell the shaking! This behavior incensed her, and she spat, “Hey! I did this for you! You better start showing more appreciation!” She brandished her weapon, and Maks didn’t know how to proceed…

Delron gestured to the abode behind the sign that read: “Ingerturn Gable,” and he glumly proclaimed, “We’re too late!”

As Lisa watched the police tape getting put up, she queried, “Did anyone die here?”

“Like you don’t know!” the officer disdainfully regarded her. Lisa turned away in disgust- she was done trying to convince these close-minded individuals that she didn’t have any dark powers and had no desire to do anyone any harm!

“We could visit the Jeffrey Draw House, but with that imbecile doing her dirty work, I doubt she’d strike there!” Delron commented to Lisa. “Marshal probably has no inkling that he lives in the home of the attorney who aided in the effort to condemn guiltless souls!”

Lisa bitterly remarked, “He’d probably be proud of that fact! And if he knew the notorious Sheriff Garet Crowin once resided in our library, he’d probably grow the balls to come inside it for once! Do you think that Ms. Bell knows she owns the property that my ancestor used to occupy?”

Delron signaled his lack of insight into that subject. “I imagine that the person she bought it from would have disclosed it to her. I guess it doesn’t matter to everybody! Like, I’m positive JT’s knowledge of history would have provided him with the fact that he owns the land where Rebecca’s main accuser once lived!” He checked his phone, and he reported to Lisa, “Harlow County P.D.’s  site says it was an assault resulting in hospitalization.”

“They probably can’t fathom how lucky they are to have survived this rampage! If they-.” Lisa cut herself off when she received a notification on her cell. “Adam says a skateboarder who knocked a rock into someone’s car got crushed by a billboard seconds later!”

“You three are heartless!” a woman raking leaves in her backyard muttered as they passed her in the alley.

Lisa readied herself to ignore her slander and move on, and then something on that woman’s roof caught her eye! She did a double take and confirmed her hunch- the ghostly mist hovered over her home! Delron obviously noticed it after she did, and they didn’t have to outwardly communicate with each other to recognize the obstacle obstructing the path to get to her! Lisa decided to move forward with the spiel they prepared for this event, but she didn’t have much optimism about it. “We’re spending Halloween going to our neighbors not for treats but for good deeds! Tell me, is there anything we can do to assist you today? Need extra hands with your yardwork, perhaps?”

The woman scoffed at her, “Psh! Even if you picked up each and every leaf, it wouldn’t make up for all of the misdeeds you’ve done! Besides, it isn’t gonna do much for me long term! Whenever it’s time to do any sort of chores around the house, my lousy roommate will always be conveniently buried in paperwork!” Lisa and Delron exchanged glances at the mention of this violent imagery, and the woman perceived their sentiments. “What are you gonna do? Actually bury him in paperwork?” She laughed derisively, “Go ahead! It’d serve him right!”

In unison, Lisa and Delron shouted, “No!” It was too late though- a frightened yell followed by a large crash commenced inside! Rebecca’s cloud disappeared, and Lisa groaned! Their attempt for peace yielded the opposite result! Plus, their nemesis escaped their scope, making this entire occurrence a total waste of precious minutes! The woman guiltily gazed at her dwelling, and Lisa irately articulated to her, “And you called us heartless!” She glared at her, and then Lisa as well as Delron walked off in a huff.

Gretchen twirled around in her princess costume while watching the full length mirror that her parents hung on their bedroom wall. It was almost flawless! It would have been perfect if they would let her put on some cosmetics! She was thirteen years old, and that should have been a perfectly acceptable age to do some blush and mascara! She figured that she could try asking them again when she showed off her gorgeous getup, and the excitement of the concept made her speed down their stairwell!

Her mom was concentrating quite a bit on a garment for her brother’s ensemble, and her dad’s replacement of their porch lightbulb kept him distracted. Her older sister munched on some popcorn while a scary movie played, and not a single soul bothered to crane their necks up to view her arrival! She cleared her throat, and everybody took a second to peek. “That’s pretty!” her mom told her prior to shifting her eyes to focus back on her project.

Gretchen grumbled, “That’s it?” Nobody spoke up, and she pouted until she spotted a headline popping up on her father’s tablet… She closed her eyes and prayed, “Make them pay more attention to me!” In a flash, her whole family came over and proudly praised her appearance! It gratified her very much… for a small stretch. After a while, they were still ogling her, which prompted her to remind them, “You can quit now” They didn’t! She fled from them, and that only strengthened their admiration! She sprinted outside, and bystanders joined in with the extravagant fawning! Their pandering amplified, and their vigor became more feverish! “Don’t! Don’t!” They didn’t cease, and she wasn’t sure how to fix this!

Tristan picked up the platter with a pronounced frown. It was the third instance that contemptible Melot fellow sent back his entree, it was never to his liking! And he was far from polite about his refusal too! Tristan very much doubted that he would get a very high tip, and due to his shenanigans, the opportunity for more and probably nicer customers to have a meal was getting taken away! He planted a smile on his face and begrudgingly headed over to him. “Enjoy your lunch, sir!” 

“Hmpf! We shall see!” Melot sniffed in disapproval. He began munching on it, and Tristan turned back to the kitchen. He didn’t get far though… “Bleck!”

“A problem, sir?” I wanted the onions in my samosas to be smaller, not grated! Take it back! And bring me a refill of wine! At least you got that correct!”

As Melot guzzled his beverage, Tristan glowered and willed him to choke on his drink! And he did! He collapsed onto the ground before anyone could rescue him, and a patron announced, “He’s dead! Oh no! Who will run the homeless shelter now?” Tristan wrung his coat jacket around as his insides twisted…

Morana forlornly pored over photos of her departed husband, and then she clasped her hands together while beseeching the universe, “I beg of you, let me be with my Mortimer again!”

Moments later, Mortimer manifested himself in front of her! Her heart was elated with joy until she realized he was nearly transparent, and his visage bore a morose demeanor. He dejectedly addressed her, “Oh, my dear Morana, why did you do that?” Morana slanted her vision down, and it shocked her to see that her complete anatomy had morphed into a translucent and floating entity…


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